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Rhyme Pays, Ice-T
Rhyme Pays
Release type: Album
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Duration: 68:49  
Size, Mb: 94,74  


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Intro - Rhyme Pays Lyrics 06:32 192 8,98 0.10
6 In The Morning Lyrics 07:18 192 10,03 0.10
Make It Funky Lyrics
(Make it funky)
So the people can get down to the funky sound
Cause my crew don't mess around
(Make it funky)
So the girls can get busy,dog the dance floor
Make the guys get dizzy
(Make it funky)
Totally def as Evil E guts the records and the beat is kept
(Make it funky)

Stupid fly,it's got to the F-U-N-K why?
So that you can get loose as I produce sounds hard as the deuce
Manipulate the bass gain give the level's a boost
The lyric layer rhyme sayer,born to be player
If politics were my kick then I'd be your mayor
Governator,Senator,I'm your mentor
Rap rhythm is erratic,time is four, four
I'm the microphone scholar,clockin' long dollars
Here to make the place funky while the fly girls holler
Genius vocalist,rhyme style priceless
Pound of gold around my neck,mic in my first
The microphone virtuoso crazy insane I'm loco
With the speed to exceed,make other MC's look slow mo
Un-lease release words mean as a beast
I eat MC's for lunch and dinner,I can serve for a feast
Their rhymes are elementary,mine deserve a PH D
This beat is F-U-N-Key my name is Ice T

Make it funky

Undoubtedly you recognize this jam is the ultimate cut
Uncontrollably you motivate and move your butt
It's rough the beat is gangsterous,call it tough
If you're diss'n stop frontin',come on whats up?
Complicated voice gymnastics are all in your face
Vegas got my highs,E.V's got control my bass
My break is comin' get busy no time ta waste
Now's the time do body work here's the place

Make it funky

Make it funky enough so the tracks lay tough
'Cause I'm tossin' it up and the Ice don't bluff
The girl charmer toy Harmer,juice strong as armor
When I stand upon the stage you could call it melodrama
Intense suspense my voice emcee
I wouldn't have you come and see me under false pretense
The girlies do be wild'n'as I'm profilin'
Limos lined around the block for about a mile'n'a half
Autographs the list goes on
If you forgot it "make it funky" is the name of this song
Stupid dope and you know it,it rates a ten
You pray my DJ cuts the records so it starts again
'Cause I can keep the mic cookin' for an entire month
My rhymes are always hard hittin' I don't know how to bunt
My DJ cuts like a laser E-V-I-L-E
Put your finger on the records
Make it,Make it funky

Make it funky
05:13 192 7,16 0.10
Somebody Gotta Do It (Pimpin' Ain't Easy!!) Lyrics 03:07 192 4,28 0.10
409 Lyrics
It's time to start the party if ya'll don't mind
Me and "E" clean our Adidas with 409
He rocks the highs,I dog the bass
Ya wanna hear us rock?
Here's a taste!!!

Every day I make a sandwich with ham and cheese
Use miracle whip,I don't like mayonnaise
I eat a can of beans,good for my heart
About 1 a.m.,I always.....
Far from me to bite anothers rhyme
They're just too easy to write
I do'em two at a time
Like doggin' the wax and ya don't quit
And if you didn't like that then suck my....
Dictations how I write my raps
Cold maxin' with two freaks upon my lap
Chillin' on the phone,bookin' more def shows
An' if the freaks get illy I smack the....
Whole days of my life are spent inside my bed
Just maxin' an' relaxin' like I'm at club med
Ya say you like this record,you think it's fun?
Party people get stupid we just begun!!!


You're get,get,gettin' real stupid
As the beat hits your body get ill!!!
You ain't dumb you paid dollars to party go off!!
The girl you're dancin' with has got great hips bug out!!
Go on homeboy and grab her.....
Tape recorder turn up the bass
No time to waste just dog the place
R-R-R-Rocket like a missile in space
Evil E keeps his 1200s in an anvil case
We fly T.W.A.,Pan Am,P.S.A
To places close to home,far away
L.A.,New York,Detroit,Miami
If I see a girl and like her then I let her see my....
Jam rockin's how I got my fame,Ice capital T
Evil E's his name
If you can't see who's rockin' you must be blind
You better clean your gazelles with some 409!!!

Go Ice get busy [X2]
Go Evil Get busy [X2]

Turn up your stereo,equalize treble
Bass be kickin' stupid hard as metal
On the mic tonight that's right your rhyme opponent
M.C. Ice T just microphonin'
33 and 1/3 revolutions per minute
This record is def because my heart is in it
Vocals laid by the Ice,tempos tight and precise
Special effects will be created by an editor's splice
The funk is in it,ya dig it so stop that frontin'
Bust a move to my groove work your body do somethin'
No way in the world that you can deny my method
As my record rotates,my words get more impressive
I'm an M.C., Evil's my Dj on Sire Records not M.C.A.
C.B.S.,Capitol,cause they move too slow
Now Sire/Warner Bros. clocks all the dough
As the record revolves money's gettin' made
A.S.C.A.P. pays me every time it's played
I chill in def leathers pure silks and suede
And the gold around my neck will never fade
Down with my Syndicate organized rhyme
Kickin' def tempos that I design
And if you can't hear'em thats such a crime
You better wash your dirty ears with some 409

I always rhyme elite,stay on beat
Travel in a posse when I walk the street
Loved to say my rhymes when I used to max
Now I don't speak much,I save my words for wax
I just wanna make a little point in this song
With a little nonsense we can all get along and on and on
Till the break'a break of dawn
This jam will never play out because the grooves too strong
Guys grab a girl,girls grab a guy
If a guy wants a guy,please take it outside
I wanna make ya enjoy yourself
On the mic tonight Ice T!!Who else?
Evil's on the cuts,Henry Gee's shot gun
Islam's my producer,Bambattas son
Bronx Style Bob's cold watchin' my back
Melle Mel's just layin' for some punks to act wack
Grandmaster Caz and Donald D ,Scott La Rock
Red Alert,Chuck Chill Out
If you're down with my crew you will be fine
But if you ill we'll get dirty-bring your 409!!


05:25 192 7,42 0.10
I Love Ladies Lyrics
Ya heard the Ice was rockin', ticket sales were high
Bought some fresh Adidas so you could look fly
Broke out from your crib rushin' to get here
Tripped ans stumbled almost broke your neck comin' down the stairs
Jumped into your ride, pushed the speed to the limit
Jumped out of your car faster than you jumped in it
Now you're at the jam but in for a shock
Stupid big line wrapped around the block
Through the walls of the hall you could hear me rhyme
Methodically you schemed a way to cut in line
But when you got inside the sight straightened your curls
Cause as you look around all you could see were girls

I love ladies

I think it's time that I tell the truth
I been dissin' females since my early youth
But you know that's a drag and there's no doubt
Cause females are the one thing that I can't do without
Female companionship is my one vice
I love to buy the girls things, love to treat em real nice
Homeboys you must admit the best part of each day
Is when a beautiful lady comes walkin' your way
Females possess that one commodity that no man will ever have
Not that hangs around me
They got it, we want it, they move it, and flaunt it
They shake it and sway it, we'll die just to lay it
We try to supress it until they undress it
And beg 'em to use it, and cry not to lose it
No man can deny it so don't even try it!!!

I love ladies
Ladies are you with me? (Yeeaahh!!)
I Love Ladies
Ladies are you with me? (Yeeaahh!!)
That sounds nice (You know we love you Ice!!)

I'm junkie for females and that's a fact
I'm not into havin' my homeboys rubbin' my back
Don't dig goin' to the movies alone
Or talkin' to myself on the telephone
Goin' to a disco that's packed with men
That's like tryin' to get a dance in the federal pen
Walkin' through a park with a gang of the guys
And a beach full of fellas never opened my eyes
And man if females are one thing that you don't need
You better get away from me at a high rate of speed
Cause if you don't like them you must like men
And homeboy that's where our serious problems begin
Because to me women are God's true gift
There's absolutely no question who I'd rather be with

I love ladies

I seen this fly girl walkin' down the street
Jammin' a box rockin' to the beat
The girl looked pretty, she really looked nice
So I said to myself she's got to be with the Ice
Walked over to her, started sayin' my rhyme
She said "Ice you're so bad, you damn near blew my mind"
I kept on rappin', runnin' my mouth
The next thing I knew I was at her house
Looked at her closely, said for goodness sake
The girl was cut like a diamond, had curves like a snake
Her top half was heaven, the bottom was the hell
I knew tonight that the Ice was gonna rock well
But then she started talkin' mess about love and romance
Until she noticed the bulge growin' in my pants
You should'a seen the girl's eyes as my body expanded
She grabbed for my leg, raw sex she demanded
My knees started knockin', I tried to run
She said "Please don't leave Ice, I want you to come"
This girl meant business I had no doubt
This is just about the time that the Ice passed out
The next day I woke the girl was through
Room still smokin', my legs black and blue
My eyes bloodshot, my hair pressed straight
My knees still knockin', I knew I lost weight
She was the best y'all, yes on this earth
I would'a paid a million dollars, that's what it was worth
If I had got her name or number it would'a been nice
But I'm here to let you know the girl went off on the Ice

I love ladies
Ladies are you with me? (Yeeaahh!!)
I Love Ladies
Ladies are you with me? (Yeeaahh!!)
That sounds nice (You know we love you Ice!!)

No when it comes to partyin' the ladies know how
When I ask for a reply they always scream owww!!
It's the homeboys always tryin' to act real chill
Sometimes it's jealous MC's mad cause they ain't on the bill
Maybe they scared if they say ho!
They might lose their cool
But I got some news for you: a fool's a fool
But don't get me wrong, most fellas do rock
They put their hands in the air, they take the show to the top
They start rockin' with the ladies once the show begins
They don't stand lookin' stupid like some mannequins
They don't lean against the wall like they're I some trance
They did not come with no intention to party or dance
You know what? yo dead beats should just stay home
Leave me, my homeboys, and the ladies alone

We love ladies

04:47 192 6,58 0.10
Sex Lyrics
Sex I the morning,sex at night,sex in the afternoon's alright
Ain't a man on earth,that can stay alive
Without a drive

Sex [x4]

I was in a contest to rock the world
First prize was a virgin young girl
For four days I was up on the mic
All sucker MC's were on the bite
Bittin' my rhymes,stealin' my style
I rocked so hard,it wasn't true
I won the virgin girl,and her MAMA too

Sex [x4]

When I'm upon the microphone
All the fly young ladies want a take me home
When the party's over,take me to their house
Throw me in the bed,know what we're talkin' about?
Then they say,"Ice-T you are the best
I love your eyes
Your things,your chest
You put all my lovers to shame
I can't remember my boyfriends name
You made me feel all hot and wet
The way you move I can't forget
I came,I came,I came again it felt so good I told my friends
You can have my cars,my jewels,my wealth
I love you more than I love myself
After tonight fulfilled I'll be
No hundred men could match ICE-T

Sex [x4]

Then she turn out the lights,throw back the sheets
And then our two hot bodies meet
And all at once she felt the thrill
The caress of the best,the Ice-T chill
Start with her tongue upon the back of my leg
She didn't stop till I hollered screamed and begged
Then she rolled me over,took me to the stage
Like in the nasty book where you tore out the page

Sex [x4]

I put it in their blouse
In their brain their little panties that their boyfriend saw
I put it in their mini skirt and up their thigh
Deep,deep girls,I wanna make you cry
I move it in and out,know what I'm talkin' about
Then around your neck until you show respect
Then on your cheek until I reach my peak
Then in your mouth girl,no joke,I'll take it out
Don't want to see you choke
I'll run it down your back,might cause a heart attack
I'll put it in your butt until I get enough
And then I'll take it out and put it in my pants
'Cause I fuck with the beat,the only way to dance

Sex [x4]
03:00 192 4,14 0.10
Pain Lyrics
Deuce,deuce revolver was my problem solver
Had a def girl,really didn't wanna involve her
In the life of a gangster,use to rob bankster
But now I'm locked up,I'm just a punk low rankster
Jail cells know me too damn well
Seems like I've built on earth my own personal hell
No matter how high I climbed,somehow I always fell
I guess a lot of players got this story to tell
No matter how cold you roll you simply cannot win
It's always fun in the beginning
But pain in the end

Pain [x4]

Organized crimer,big trouble finder
In and out of institutions ever since I was a minor
But now I'm on the bricks,deep in the mix
Crime smarts searching hard for some new street tricks
I think I'll join a gang,sling a little cane
Put a beeper on my belt and get myself a name
Fresh sneakers,silk shirts,24/7 work
Nine to five to survive,you gotta be a jerki
I clock two grand a day,yet I was born to play
Who me at micky dee's?It wouldn't work,no way
I'm a big money haver but not the last laugher
For me infamy makes me no autographer
Custody haunts my dreams,nightmares of capture
Paranoid of surveillance,phobia of cameras
My banks bigger,but so are my fears
Past records proved players live limited years
But I'm unlike the rest,know to be the best
Fast money,true wealth my eternal quest
I hustle all night long,there ain't no gain in rest
12 gauge close range,bloods on my chest
I looked into his face,I thought he was my friend
My boy had me set up,this wound would never mend
No matter who you trust,you simply cannot win
It's always fun in the beginning
But it's pain in the end

Pain [x4]

Gold rope wearer,neighborhood terror
Can't hang around my mother 'cause she says I scare her
Got a light sunburn from too much pool-side sittin'
Coroless phone keeps me on 'cause there ain't no quittin'
Mind's in a money mode,seems like it should explode
Girlies on my jammie,got a female overload
Young street messiah,professional liar
19 gotta Benz,21 I'll retire
Crazy money it ain't funny,suckers lovin' my jock
But there's some people at my door that didn't even knock
Task force boomin',doggin' my crib out,can't shout
F.B.I. got a gun in my mouth!
Threw me on the floor,called my girl a whore
Pulled ten G's out my mattress and was lookin' for more
Cracked my safe with an axe,then illed out to the max
When they seem my money kickin' it in twenty G stacks
Booked me on ten counts,with bails of different amounts
The charges stuck like glue,some that I couldn't pronounce
They threw my ass the book,my life wa surely took
And then they gave my girl
Ten years for hangin' out with a crook
She played the game herself,fast lane quick wealth
No respect for the law or the city's health
The sweat of hustlers greed is not reserved for men
It's always fun in the beginning
But it's pain in the end

Pain [x5]
03:38 192 5,02 0.10
Squeeze The Trigger Lyrics
Squeeze the trigger

Rampage on stage,my crews in a rage
Searched my posse,found the Uzi but missed the 12 gauge
Maniac,I'm a rhyme brainiac,livin' on the edge of a razor
Remember that
Cold rollin' thick as a shake,I'm rockin' hard as a quake
I can't live on bread and water or lobster and steak
My mino's a riot gun,there ain't none bigger
About to unload the ammo,"E" squeeze the trigger

They say I'm violent,they should watch their T.V.
They say I'm brutal,they should check their P.D.
You made me,now your kids rave me
I rap about the life that the city streets gave me
Murder,intrigue,somebody must bleed
Miami Vice is small time,L.A's the big league
From the rollin' 60's to the nickerson "G"
Pueblos,grape street,this is what I see
The jungle,the 30's,the V.N.G.
Life in L.A. ain't no cup of ter

Squeeze the trigger

I've been dogged out by cops,shackled and socked
Paid my dues to the streets,took my hard knocks
Disrespected by snobs,damn near trampled by mobs
Persecuted by squares workin' nine to five jobs
Like a panther I prowl ,like a lion I growl
Learn to see behind my back like the head of an owl
I'm the voice of the youth,the prophet of truth
What I speak is really though some
May say ruthless tactics are takin' by me to awaken
People to life but I feel no fakin'
No jivin',no lyin',no frontin',no playin'
Say exactly whats up,understand what I'm sayin'
Ban me,try it,you might cause a riot
What the radio won't play,the underground will supply it
I'm a MC pirate that's loud not quiet
Radical as they make'em,make a rule I'll defy it
Critics may say I'm wise,some may call my words lies
I've lived more in one day than they will in their lives
But most do respect the words I inject
Kick credit for realism and the truth I project
Because I could bust rhymes for fun,or cut MC's like a knife
But the topic I love is the drama of life
So don't diss me don't dare,I feel you should care
You may think I'm soft but you're just unaware
Of the wrath of the Ice enraged prepare
For a true nighmare

Squeeze the trigger

Cops hate kids,kids hate cops,cops kill kid's with warnin' shouts
What is crime and what in not?what is justice?I think I forgot
We buy weapons to keep us strong
Reagan sends guns where they don't belong
The controversy is thick and the drag is strong
But no matter the lies we all know who's wrong
Homeless sleep on the city streets
Waitin' to die with nothin' to eat
While rich politicians soak their feet
In the pools at their ten million buck retreats
People hate people for color of face
No one had a choice in the race we were placed
A brother in queens was beaten and chased
Murdered cold in the streets, a goodamn disgrace
Just because of his race,his life went to waste
And no one went to jail when the court heard the case
Justice or corruption?it's all interlaced
How can you swallow this?I can't stand the taste

Squeeze the trigger

I get paid for illin',cold makin' a killin'
My pockets keep fillin',I got dollars to the ceilin'
Got a safe in my floor,car got bullet proof doors
Every time I rock the mic I leave you wishin' for more
Because my raps ain't bull,got cold stupid pull
You wanna eat my rhymes like candy,till your mind's over full
But most MC's today ain't got nothin' to say
"A" to the mother fuckin' "K"

Squeeze the trigger
06:16 192 8,63 0.10
Make It Funky (12'' Mix) Lyrics 05:59 192 8,23 0.10
Sex (Bonus Beat) Lyrics 03:54 192 5,38 0.10
Somebody Gotta Do It (Pimpin' Ain't Easy!!) (12'' Mix) Lyrics 03:30 192 4,82 0.10
Somebody Gotta Do It (Pimpin' Ain't Easy!!) (12'' Mix) Lyrics 03:30 192 4,82 0.10
Our Most Requested Record (Long Version) Lyrics 06:44 192 9,25 0.10