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Rewind, Repeat, Miles Away
Rewind, Repeat
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Duration: 24:15  
Size, Mb: 38,64  


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100 Yen Lyrics
I opened my eyes
to a world of excessiveness
pettiness mindless greed
made the vow then and now
never break my stand
common goals not selfish ways
the road i choose to take
against the grain in such status times
these people i can't explain
driven by the dollar sign
00:43 217 1,13 0.10
Window Seat Lyrics
Lights are out, blinds are open
everyone sleeps my eyes cant close them
think about endless roads
that lead to empty landscapes
all i see are power lines
monotony no stranger to me
monotony no stranger to me
theres a thirst that i can't quench
got a taste like year old batteries
theres a place id rather be
scared to take those first steps
time the destroyer
watch over me
as i waste away wait to leave this room
leave my thoughts alone
time the destroyer
watch over me
trapped inside these four walls
watching life go by
01:15 233 2,10 0.10
Sailors Grave Lyrics
Sink or Swim!
drown in this life
or search for some meaning
drift with the tide
are you gonna sit back betray your own feelings?
in a city where everyone knows your name
hard to find the spark keep going strong
gotta shut it all out break free of self doubt
or just succumb to a miserable cycle
just a clone a clone i dont wanna be
fight the tide, the tide of narrow minds
set adrift water logged gotta take control
storms ahead, living in regret never helps your soul
fucking make me whole
sink or swim!
get lost in the waves or take care of business
drift with the tide
if im going under ill fight for survival
i cant stand it, i wont fake it
i wanna walk in fields of gold
i cant stand it, i wont take this
living life in a fucking sailors grave
02:01 236 3,40 0.10
Wake Up Lyrics
this time I'll pick myself up
I'll smile and dust myself off
you've always been so important to me
but I've been knocked down too many times

it's time to move on and start my own
but I don't want to be with anyone else
if you don't want me, I'll be on my own
it will be hard, but I know I can make it

it's so hard to see you out there
when I can't be the one to hold your hand
but it brings a smile to my face
when I think of the times we had together
I love you, I miss you, I wish you all the best
I love you, I miss you, I wish you all the best

please don't forget my face
I will never forget you
01:22 227 2,25 0.10
Cranford Ave Lyrics
Memories way back when
i thought i had it all
constant battles going on inside
always getting caught up in before
demons they stay hidden
but they come creeping back
when im walking ahead and i feel content
just backtrack
push self destruct when we had enough
brings me right back
to the place that i know
where i call home sits empty
to the place i know
the only place so empty
a witness to my life in a third person view
a witness to mu life i just cant take control
retrace my steps year after year
feel it in my soul im not content
push rewind hit repeat
alarm clocks ring and its groundhog day
i just cant figure out my wrong turns
lost in maps that represent my life
its dragging on, dragging on
im losing grip
dragging on, dragging on
ive lost my hold
sanctuary of dead ends
thats where ill be
sanctuary of dead ends thats where I...
02:14 230 3,67 0.10
Voices Lyrics
There are sometimes in my life
everything feels right
dont pay attention i give it all
there are sometimes in my life
everything feels wrong
im hearing voices they get me down
there are sometimes in my life
everything feels right
there are sometimes in my life
everything feels wrong
and they say all good things come to an end
i say fuck it they barely even started
drink to find comfort, drink to forget
eleven years later it hasnt helped yet
and they say always think about your future
well i dont care im living for the moment
worries for later those things dont phase me
until they start forcing direction
waiting for the day searching for a way
gotta find some place that i dont feel failure
what they what they say
doesnt make much sense to me
what they what they say
it puts me in a state of decline
what they say what they say
its always whats best for them
when you taech me how to feel
thats when i turn myself off
02:11 229 3,58 0.10
Rising Sun Lyrics
Weathered body saddened face
all the times shes been a phase
trophy life a useless waste
it will always be her pain
just an object used til dawn
yeah she knows hell never care
every day so fucking torn
its all shell every know
she settles for second best
every time every night
crying shame she aint the same
but it will always be her pain
just an object used till dawn
yeah she knows hell never care
wasting life spent as a pawn
its all shell ever know
try to give something get nothing back
wasted your a pride a cheap side
all she knows is how to be abused
gotta understand theres something more
lay it on the line lay it on the line!
shell never knows she worth so much more
lay it on the line! lay it on the line
shell never know shes worth so much more
youll never be the one his only rising sun
you say theres nothing you can do
girl theres nothing you cant do
01:41 228 2,74 0.10
Excursion Lyrics
Quit my job pack my bags
wave goodbye to all my friends
the open road tour begins
endless weeks without a rest
dont get me wrong i cant complain
traveled the world and seen real life
own nothing but thats just fine
wont forget these priceless years
toyko to long island
prince of wales Vancouver
and everything thats in between
we are nomads of our own design
not made of money but well never mind
sometimes when im miles from home
i feel cold so alone
then i realize where im at
with my friends in a van
these feelings cant be bought
memories forever shared
one day this will end
but im not scared no im not scared
01:30 230 2,46 0.10
Brainwashed Lyrics
If i blindly followed id be lying to myself
made the best of life with the cards that Ive been dealt
gotta say that Ive found peace within myself
wont waste time stand in a line your games i will not play
inside my head the coast is clear
i stand my ground you'll never change my mind
refuse to wait i choose my fate
and nothing!
nothings in my way
rules and regulations forced inside your head
follow the herd believe their words
live the fucking lie
inside my head the coast is clear
ill stand my ground got my own life to live
its a brainwash and i see strait through
suckers make you think you've got something to prove
your fucking brainwashed everything you do
following the leader like they told you to
brainwashed! you're fucking brainwashed
brainwashed! you've gotta break out
02:09 233 3,60 0.10
Outrage Lyrics
Cant avoid it enrage me
cross the line i wont stay still
got the bottle ill outrage you
your just a person that don't phase me

anytime you engage me
don't think that i wont fucking face you
every time you make me crazy
don't think that ill keep it shut

cant avoid it enrage me
cross the line i wont stay still
got the bottle ill outrage you
your just a person that don't phase me
00:36 229 1,00 0.10
Safe As Houses Lyrics
give your heart to someone else
when you're alone on the inside
I won't be there for you.
02:47 211 4,21 0.10
Affadavit Lyrics
Focused concentration levels never felt before
craving realization
train my mind don't lose sight
gotta keep the motion
forwards never look back
now Ive made this statement
tendered here for all to see
took so long to find myself
i intend to use this wealth and this time
i will rise sincerely
above the waste of yesteryears
changes i see clearly
right my wrongs without fear
confidently shading gaps Ive even left blank
furiously painting sign my name full top

this is my affidavit
my self mediation
mu inner arbitration
my sworn affidavit

find faith within yourself
live life for something true
don't ever waste those dreams
love like a newborn flame

find faith within yourself!
live life for someone true!
don't ever waste your dreams!
love like you cant explain!
02:56 233 4,89 0.10
(Rewind, Repeat...) Lyrics 02:52 176 3,61 0.10