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Reverence, Faithless
Release type: Album
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Reverence Lyrics
Watch me ride...

Take the words and the bass,
Taste, and then swallow me,
You're chasing the devil,
Cos you're level if you follow me
For quality, and I make no apology
For linking my thinking with computer technology.
Cos this is like a modern day hymn,
For the new church,
I search for the truth,
I've got a hole in my tooth
I'm Uncouth, yes sir, I'm from the street university
Where we learn to earn even in times of adversity.
And always find the easy way out of a hard time
petty crime sometimes,
But now I'm inclined to find
A fresh direction,
Check out the funky section.
Cos this is the part where I start to rip up words,
A comfort coming straight from my heart,
I'm not a mystic,
My views are realistic, simplistic,
One special brew I get pissed quick,
And get sick so I don't do it no more,
I won't find peace of mind,
Rolling around on the floor.
The point I want to make is
you can never escape from your fate,
The mistake is to take without giving,
From within,
You know how I'm living,

I'm cool. I'm looking after myself,
And I could never place wealth before my spirit,
I feel it's unhealthy,
The devil creep around you so stealthy, stealthy
Till ya get bold, rush the gold,
And before ya time is over,
Ya soul is sold, where's it gettin ya?
Competition starts swearing ya,
Golddiggers setting you up,
Soon be forgetting your existence?
Do ya need a for instance,
I hafta admire your persistence
In sticking to a game plan,
That brings ya pain man,
And at the end of the day nothing is gained,
So listen to the voice within,
I'll see ya later,
Pay heed to the Grand Oral Disseminator.

I keep lying and trying,
Denying the call from inside
Ya can't hide responsibility
So decide from today just who it's going to be,
Thou shalt have no other od but me,
So set ya free see,
But you'll have to listen,
And who's that false idol
I see you kissing?
Money, success and untold wealth, good health
And all ya have to do is love yourself.
It's a fact you'll attract all the things that ya lack,
So just chill
And get off the race track
And take a pace back, face facts,
It's your decision,
You don't need eyes to see,
You need vision,
Continue to view the lord as being separated
And you're living a lie that's been perpetrated,
For many centuries, I wanna mention,
These facts in my rap,
I don't sing,
But I wanna share the peace that it brings,
My name is G.O.D.
The Grand Oral Disseminator...
07:40 256 14,03 0.10
Don't Leave Lyrics 04:00 256 7,33 0.10
Salva Mea Lyrics
How can I change the world
If I can't even change myself?
How can I change the way I am?
I don't know, I don't know

[Maxi Jazz]
I wanna take a look at the world behind these eyes
Every nook, every cranny reorganise, realise
My face don't fit the way I feel, what's real?
I need a mirror to check my face is in place
In case of upheaval, fundamental movement below
What's really going on, I wanna know
But yo, it don't show on the outside, so slide
Just below my skin, I'm screaming

I need a mirror for my spirit, yeah can you hear it?
When I get deep, wanna hear my soul speak
Not drowning; tumbling around and around in the voices
Like a crowd in my head so loud, I wonder what it's like
To be dead I hope it's quiet - noise in my head like a riot Any remedy you have for me, I'll try it
Just below my skin, I'm screaming

I'm going deep, so deep that I can't sleep
The pills ain't cheap and the bills are steep
So I lie up with the booze and a spliff, try to snooze
But who's dreaming? I ain't, this is win or lose
Put down the drink, try not to think, let it go
Fundamental movement below, and yo
Reality is dreaming
Just below my skin, I'm screaming

[Sound of a woman crying]
10:44 256 19,66 0.10
If Loving' You Is Wrong Lyrics 04:16 256 7,83 0.10
Angeline Lyrics
You've been out on the tiles,
Winning the smiles of men of low persuasion,
But I know you drink yourself crawling in the street until dawn,
Girl you look like a bad dream,
You've been places I've never been.

Come home, come home Angeline.
Come home, come home Angeline.
You've been places I've never been.

You took the small change from the job in the hall,
Be back in an hour but you're not back at all.
The children are crying, the flowers are dying,
There's no food on the table,
I don't think I'm able to cope,
You've been places I've never been.

Come home, come home Angeline.
Come home, come home Angeline.
You've been places I've never been.

Cheap perfume and alcohol, dancing on tables,
With kissing for strangers all laughing and howling,
And jokes and tall tales that ain't funny at all,
Bluffers and smugglers, boozers and gamblers,
Jump old queens and tarts at the babbled bar.
Oh, they've been pushing you too far.

Come home, come home Angeline.
Come home, come home Angeline.
You've been places I've never been.
Come home, come home Angeline.
Come home, come home Angeline.
You've been places I've never been.
03:45 256 6,87 0.10
Insomnia Lyrics
I only smoke weed when I need to,
And I need to get some rest,
I confess, I burnt a hole in the mattress,
Yes, yes, it was me, I plead guilty,
And on the count of three I pull back the duvet,
Make my way to the refrigerator,
One dry potato inside, no lie
Not even bread, jam,
When the light above my head went bam!
I can't sleep, something's all over me,
Greasy, insomnia please release me,
And let me dream about making mad love on the heath,
Tearing off tights with my teeth.
But there's no relief,
I'm wide awake in my kitchen,
It's dark and I'm lonely,
Oh, if I could only get some sleep,
Creeky noises make my skin creep,
I need to get some sleep,
I can't get no sleep....
08:38 256 15,79 0.10
Dirty Ol' Man Lyrics 03:05 256 5,65 0.10
Flowerstand Man Lyrics
'Bout a month ago
I'd never seen your face
I'd never heard your voice
'Bout a month ago
I am a careful hunter
And I had to search
Before I found your love
'Bout a month ago
Are you my boy or the Flowerstand Man
You bought such colour to this place
Are you my boy or the Flowerstand Man
With you I am laid back
I don't care if every River runs so dry
I don't care if every Species were to die
I don't care about the Ozone layer
I wouldn't notice if it wasn't there
Oh no I don't care if we sell Coke to Africa
I don't care about apartheid
I wouldn't notice if it all get better
I don't care about the starving who've died
Your my boy when the way you live and breathe
I don't care about anything but you
Your my boy when the way you live and breathe
I don't care about anything but you
Take me home
03:22 256 6,18 0.10
Baseball Cap Lyrics
Uhn, smack, there goes my baseball cap I'm on the floor,
I think I took a bruse to my jaw,
Jumped me from behind at least three, maybe four,
I never see my hat no more.

Oh, smash (..smack). There goes my baseball cap,
It's gone, gone, gone, gone,
I can't get it back.
Oh, smash (..smack), there goes my baseball cap,
It's gone, gone, gone, gone,
I can't get it back.

14 years old and hard to the core,
I'm walking home making plans for war,
My hands was cut, my uncle says 'what's up?'
Let me guess, your clothes are in a mess, you're in distress,
Sit down, take five and let me look at your knees,
Your still alive son, please take it easy
Sometimes you have to let the world know you ain't bluffing,
But enough is enough, don't loose your life over nothing,
Scuffling in the street is no way to die,
And I don't want to have to meet your mama's eye,
So try and listen hard before you fall into the trap
Of making war over a baseball cap.


I sat back, had a think
My uncle poured a drink
I had a little cry, my eye started to blink
'cause what occured from his word to me
sounds absurd, but I
Heard the love in his voice for me
I made a choice, It was like Snap,
What's a cap when I got something real like that
I can measure it, treasure it, and at my leisure
sit down with those who mean the most to me
The baseball cap was a ghost, this is real to me
"You got steel, son" My uncle's talkin'
"Takes a champion to walk and keep walking"
"Drink your drink, and let the words sink in,
Say goodnight to your mom and think again"
So I took my 14 years up to bed
Everything he said taking root in my head
I shed all my tears, and let my 14 years

02:55 256 5,35 0.10