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Red, Black Uhuru
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Youth Of Eglington Lyrics 05:01 160 5,76 ˆ0.10
Sponji Reggae Lyrics
You bum right here and you
bounce over there sponji reggae
I say you bum right here and
you bounce over there
sponji reggae
I say you rock right here and
you rock over there sponji reggae
I say you punch right here and you
punch over there sponji reggae

A keep trying very hard to succeed
I almost lost my reflex
My barefeet was burn
That I almost lost my nerves
My fingers are shaking as the
day start breaking
I could a never keep it no longer
I had to tell it to one another


You bum right here

Some say I am nuts zooky crazy
Want I to leave the music alone
They say go and look work
I and I are lazy
But I think for a while and
say to my self
It's a time for every style


I may not be a movie star
I don't drive a big fancy car
I can afford only a Winchester cigar
From the day I was born and
given life
I and I a actor genius name it
Genuine character

04:54 160 5,60 ˆ0.10
Sistren Lyrics
This one goes to my man old dirty, one love we be swigging brew
Trigger too, even Nas I be digging too
Let's see whose left Mobb Deep, oh yeah Meth
That brother's hot like curry, one love to Keith Murray
Rappers like Craig Mack quench my thirst for comedy
I'd love to hang with Red Man but I ain't messing with that bam bazee
The Brat, Lil' Kim, Foxy get that loochee
Especially that cutie representing for the Fugees, go girls
Even the NBA make rap dollars
Shaquille, Chris Webber, Cedric Ceballos
Talent's around the world Phoenix to Providence
No need to educate Chicago they already got Common Sense
Houston and Atlanta we love you
Peace to the West Coast they really set the Doggs loose
We always say the future's in today's children
If so, make sure Shyheim and A + sell a million
Peace to Eazy E, Stretch, and Mercury
Tupac, and Buffy, Notorious BIG
We gots to strive to make hip-hop survive
Brothers need to unify to keep the game alive
Rappers be coming out with one album then they gone
So with cats like Raekwon, support ‘em so they stay on
Then brothers like Smooth wouldn't have to hustle
It's an every day struggle, but hip-hop I still love you

We Entaprizin, got the hip-hop heads realizin'
East Coast, West Coast organizin'
Steady risin', money sizin'
What we specialize in

Verse 2
The fame in the rap game we all want it
In fact by now I hope the Luniz got a hundred on it
And if you're in it for the millions E-40
I hope you see 40, before you be 40
What it look like, the great paper chase for ends
Lost Boyz being found in Lex coups, Bimas and Benz
East Coast, West Coast unite, let's keep it tight
And everything's gonna be alright
But hold up, it seems we got some hip-hop cheats
Depending on just having catchy hooks and beats
Rappers using their skills recently I haven't heard of none
Me, I represent myself better than Collin Ferguson
And yes that I do, I'll shatter you
It don't even matter who, I'll make them all show gratitude
Fools, acting like they don't know the rules
Need to learn to listen when grown folks is droppin' jewels
Now they say, is Mr. Kane coming back to dominate
I used to listen to his music back in 1988
Damn he still pumpin', just when you think he ain't nothing
That kid just keep coming back, what is he the Terminator or something
Lord I skill it in a way to make you feel it
Finally I reveal it, party people they can't wait until-
Starts to boom out, so every rap consumer
Can bring that old schooler back just like alumni
I sting it, booyah, to stop the half steppers tryin' to wing it through ya
Don't make me have to bring it to ya'
Who gonna be the next clown to come step into my bounds
Right now get down for the crown, mess around get pound to the ground by the sound
And let the more experienced entertain
Kane, meet the microphone, microphone meet Kane
The legendaire, rap extraordinaire
Commutin' to your ear, yeah, looka here

Chorus 2x
04:35 160 5,25 ˆ0.10
Journey Lyrics
{Big Scoob:}
Hey yo, drop it like it's hot, Kane, drop it like it's hot
Yo, pick up the microphone and gimme what you got
{Big Daddy Kane:}
Hey yo, drop it like it's hot, Scoob, drop it like it's hot
Pick up your microphone, it's time to rock the spot


(Oh my god, tell me, is it really him?
The legendary lyricist makin matters grim?)
Because when I start to flow the results are so deadly
Rappers start shakin like the legs on Elvis Presley
Sayin (It's him, the great) that's how I intimidate
But I just came to get my shit off, so I give them a break
And pickin up the microphone after I left
Is like givin mouth-to-mouth to a corpse, a waste of breath
In other words, I don't leave no remains for you
(Forget the men, that's the evil that Kane'll do)
I bring it raw, gee, too hardcore, gee
The only way you could fuck with me is in a orgy
The magnificient, none can come swifter than
Cool as ???, but my skin color is different
We got the milk and honey
My rhymes are just like Abraham Lincoln's face (on the money)
Makin me freshest on the land, but let's not forget
That if I rapped under water they'd be Aquafresh
The best, oh yes, I guess... (wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
- You said that shit in '88)
Oh, I originate and create the great to dictate
And regulate chumps and set em straight
I get my point across because the boss is truly yours
The source to the force, so put it on pause
The one that assures applause, never took a loss
Stronger than some Olde E quarts to a can of Coors
In other words it's hazardous to your health
So don't do it to yourself

Don't do it to yourself, don't do it
Yo, you better not do it, you better not


(Stop right there, you better freeze, cease
Don't make me put my Timberland boot to your grill piece
Big Scoob from Brooklyn comin through, don't start me
Don't make me turn your jam into a tec-9 party)
Hey yo, what in the world would ever possess you
To think that you could touch me
Or even try to come above me
Or even think that you could flow this lovely?
Nobody, and I mean nobody on this whole planet can stand it
I rip it apart, and flip up the art cause I'm the best, damn it
I crush rappers for the hell of it, defeat, I never tell of it
So anything else you heard is irrelevant
(You're not on the level) man, you're not even close to me
(Step to the Kane) and get bagged just like grocery
So spare yourself the misfortune and proceed with caution
Cause I don't just burn rappers, I torch em
With a skilled-out style that's mad diesel
And I got hemorrhoids from shittin on so many people
I crush those who oppose with blows to your nose
When it comes to my crew (that's the way love goes)
The Chocolate City for Black Cesar Incorporated
(And all of the soft get faded)
So before you step to me use your head
And you better think about it more than Special Ed
Cause trust me, kid, it ain't like goin against anyone else
I'm tellin you, don't do it to yourself

05:22 160 6,15 ˆ0.10
Utterance Lyrics
What a joy to hear the
utterance of a Rasta (Repeat)

Long long ago
They use to say
Rastafari going around
taking little children away
But now time is at hand
I and I know those
saying was wrong
And that Rasta let them
know their homeland
And seek their culture

What a joy to hear the
utterance from a Rasta (Repeat)

I and I was granted
To drink from the fountain of life
I God will make I hold tight
I and I knee will not
wabble I and I
a V.I.P international
And now they putting
Rasta on the air
Before that they used
live in fear

What a joy to hear the
utterance of a Rasta (Repeat)

There is a way that
seemeth right to man
And yet in Jah Jah sight it wrong
It's not what you do is
how you do it
It's not what you say
but how you say it
You going be shot with shit
Go down In It

What a joy to hear the
utterance from a Rasta (Repeat)
03:36 160 4,12 ˆ0.10
Puff She Puff Lyrics
Puff she puff no bother puff
pon Rasta
Tough she tough no bother
puff pon Rasta
Puff she puff
no bother puff pon Rasta

Makinq love on hungry belly
I couldn't cope too long
With my bare long hands
I am embarrassed most the time
But it's not no crime
Children crying day and night
can't find mummy

A puff she puff no bother
puff pon Rasta she puff she puff
She just a puff pon Rasta

She say rude
Tough she tough hard she hard
A no soft she soft
Puff she puff
She just a puff pon Rasta
Anough she nough you
kinna nough pon Rasta

Money I Can hardly find
And white scrawl a bite
Simple things are so serious
In these time
The things that you do and
upset some day and regret

Tough tough tough she tough
A puff she puff
No bothcr puff pon Rasta

Puffy puff
Claim she tough
She just a puff she just a
puff pon Rasta

Many a times when I check
my life style
A been a living in another
foot step of another man
I no man man a fallure

She just a puff
She just a puff pon Rasta
She puffy puff
She claims she tough she
just a Chuck
No bother chuck pon Rasta

Man find himself doing all
manner of evil
I and I a ion's

So no bother come gwaan
bout you tough
A nuff you nuff
05:10 160 5,90 ˆ0.10
Rockstone Lyrics
Throwing rockstone upon a
dumper truck
Throwing rockstone upon a
dumper truck
Men standing over I and I and
we are not wild
Forcing jack hammers
through the concrete wall
That's the only way a dread
can make a bread
Satta dread satta you time soon

Throwing rockstone upon a
dumper truck
Throwing rockstone upon a
dumper truck

I and I fore parents did
have all the riches
Now it's taken away
And dem work iniquity and a
burn bad lamp pon dem wanna
Dem a burn bad lamp and
work iniquity wo oh
Everytime I work on this
truck mi tear off mi shirt
I trod it ital but duckie
stich his own up
We fling rockstone upon a
dumper truck
Throwing rockstone upon a
dumper truck
Throwing rockstone upon a
dumper truck
Packing up rockstone upon a
dumper truck

The Queen would like to know
I and I know that for sure
Cause we down yea
We are the slave
We are the slave
Digging digglng
Down a sandy gully
We do the holly gully
Enjoying plenty of collie
04:35 160 5,26 ˆ0.10
Carbine Lyrics
{Big Daddy Kane:}
Hmm yeah, this sound kinda funky, this sound real funky
I'ma get busy on this, man, with ehm, let's see -
Like 8 bars, then I want you to come in with a scratch -
{DJ Mister Cee:}
What? nah man, we ain't havin that!
Just trip, I'm tired of every record we do
I got to be jiggin-jiggin this, jiggin-jiggin that
You know what I'm saying?
Yo, it's time for me to get busy on the mic by myself
On the solo tip, you know what I'm sayin?
So yo, step back and let me show you how a real DJ rocks
As I kick it like this:

{DJ Mister Cee:}
A DJ gets no damn credit
Don't look at me funny, Kane cause, yeah, I said it
I'm always in the background
Supplyin the sound, but my props is yet to be found
Besides, when you're kickin a rap
The only other people you can see is Scoob and Scrap
So y'all get the girls, okay
But I bet you wasn't gettin skins scratchin for Shante
And the first time a record skips
You catch an attitude and always tryin to flip
Now ain't that a bitch
I swear one of these days I'm gonna pull the power switch
Cause I'm always breakin my neck
10 in the mornin you were sleepin on my sound check
And when it's time for the show
I'm supposed to go (Big Daddy) (hell no)
Am I a man or a machine?
Or just a fat kid who don't supposed to be seen?
Don't you know you wouldn't be so amazin
If I wasn't helpin you out, you black raisin
And you got the nerve and try to complain
Makin a record sayin 'it's hard bein the Kane'
Hmm, but all you gotta do is rap
Try carryin some console cases on your back
Well, I'm through with breakin my neck
Until you learn to show your DJ some respect
Because without me you'd be butt-naked
So from now on, spin your own damn records
Now put your weight on that shit here
Yeah (yeah) (x5)
I'm outta here
06:05 160 6,98 ˆ0.10