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Rat In The Kitchen, UB40
Rat In The Kitchen
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All I Want To Do Lyrics

I don`t like the work but true i need the money
My life is like a joke but to me is isn`t funny
Peolpe all around, telling me what to do
And all I want to do is stay at home with you

Time after time I say to myself
Working all my life isn`t good for my health
Get old, get tired, get put on the shelf
I do all the work, someone else gets all the wealth
Wish I was on an island in the sun
Where I wouldn`t have to worry how to get things done


Day after day becomes more of a grind
Bills pile up, moneys harder to find
Trying to get ahead money`s harder to find
If I don`t give it up I`m gonna lose my mind
Wish I was on an Island in the sun
Where I wouldn`t have to worry how to get things done

05:33 320 12,73 0.10
You Could Meet Somebody Lyrics 04:51 320 11,13 0.10
Tell It Like It Is Lyrics
let me just tell you about one hell of a guy, his names mr. parker, and here is just why, that's him on that sign, him on that ad, that's him over is he looking insane? he's a motherfucker from the goddamned streets, raised and born, oh can't you see, duck and cover, cause here it comes, it's mr parker it's his last stand, he rolled in the bar around 6 or 8, took a couple shots, didn't hesitate, look right up, sucked it in, launched to the door, boy let in begin, looked on the corner, looked on the side, he saw a dealer, got it, ran and hide, duck and cover cause here it comes, it's mr. parker, it's his last stand, this is a man that we'll be talking about, hitting the bottle hitting the sack, heart of fire, once as one, the feeling of the rhythm strait trough his veins, cold heart beating some son of a bitch, legs are twitching, oh cant you miss, charlie, charlie we're waiting for you, look out what to do, it's his last stand
03:37 320 8,24 0.10
The Elevator Lyrics
1st floor decide what you`ll be one day
With a head full of comment and nothing to say
2nd floor mixed up it happens that way
Soon you realize that listening don`t pay
3rd floor in limbo, no easy moves
Up or down it`s time to choose


The elevators going up
Quick the door`s about to shut
Too late we`re full just hang around
It won`t be long - it won`t be long before it`s down

4th floor the job hunt and all that you ask
Is an honest day`s pay for an honest day`s graft
5th floor you may make a little more money
Now it`s apparent downstairs ain`t so fuuny
6th floor a mortgage, a collar and tie
2 weeks vacation in june or july


7th floor expenses and private schools
Pushing a pen you`re not turning the tools
8th floor position, respect and acclaim
Move up the 9th for fortune or fame
10th floor for investment and real estate
Recouping the redies before it`s tool late
11th floor the penthouse the final cut
With a head full of comment and a mouth that stays shut

03:24 320 7,82 0.10
Watchdogs Lyrics
You try to close your ears
And you try to close your eyes
But the blasphemies keep coming
Tempting you lies


Give thanks for you protection
Your watchdogs of the night
Who hold the hungry wolves at bay
And keep them out of sight, out of sight

You just don`t understand it
But it strikes a distant chord
So you look for away of escaping
And sanity`s restored


You focus your direction
Cloak tightly pulled around
But somewhere in the distance
You can hear a haunting sound


You`re in danger of corruption
And you`re always running scaerd
You cannot make decisions
You`re completely unprepared

04:18 320 9,85 0.10
Rat In The Kitchen Lyrics 06:59 320 15,95 0.10
Looking Down At My Reflections Lyrics 03:28 320 7,91 0.10
Don't Blame Me Lyrics 03:37 320 8,27 0.10
Sing Our Own Song Lyrics
The great flood of tears that we`ve cried
For our brothers and sisters who`ve died
Over four hundred years
Has washed away our fears
And strengthened our pride
Now we turn back the tide

We will no longer hear your command
We will sieze the control from your hand
We will fan the flame
Of our anger and pain
And you`ll feel the shame
For what you do in gods name


We will fight for the right to be free
We will build our own society
And we will sing, we will sing
We will sing our own song

When the ancient drum rythms ring
The voice of our forefathers sings
Forward Africa run
Our day of freedom has come
For me and for you
Amandla Awethu

07:21 320 16,83 0.10