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Radios Appear, Radio Birdman
Radios Appear
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Duration: 52:58  
Size, Mb: 76,71  


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Aloha Steve & Danno Lyrics
McGarret's on the line to Danno
We gotta pick up this guy
Put out an APB
Not much time to tell you why

Governor says it's top priority
Washington says so too
Tell Chin to get here fast
5-0 is on the move

Steve I want to sy thank you
For all you've done to me
My night is dark and empty
When you're not on TV

There's an agent in the field
I want to have him tailed
He's been staying at the Hilton
Yeah should be staying in the gaol

He's working for the KGB
And here's his dossier
Those Reds won't be happy
Till this guy gets his way

Steve I want to sy thank you
For all you've done to me
My night is dark and empty
When you're not on TV

Dark spectre of espionage
Hangs over fair Hawaii
McGarret's one cool guy
The guilty will not go free

Steve and Danno they made the scene
The agent had done his deed
Caught with a stiff and a silenced gun
Said Book him Danno Murder One
03:58 206 5,81 ˆ0.10
Non Stop Girls Lyrics 02:41 196 3,77 ˆ0.10
Anglo Girl Desire Lyrics
When you're walking down the street
You never know I'm around
But I am there and I'm watching
Everywhere you go
I'm the eye from outer space
And my hand is on your life
Your eyes reflect reflections
Of fires burning in my heart

Hey Dog
At night you hear my screams
From my distant lonely world
You feel my eyes touch yours
So lightly now
You can't be there where I am
Cos I'm there al by myself
Location 999
End of the night

Hey girl I watched you dancing
To the rocking bands
I have seen you do the Pop
And the moving change
You will never be the same
When your eyes meet mine
I'll be ready to show you
What you need to live

You know my love is more
For the ice and snow
And the night times and the fire
Burning in your mind
I will be there in the dawn
When you come to the end
Cos I'm the living eye
And my hand is on your life
03:08 212 4,73 ˆ0.10
What Gives? Lyrics 02:26 185 3,22 ˆ0.10
Murder City Nights Lyrics
* several different beats are used in this song
Like ice cube’s jacking for beats

(jigga my nigga-jay-z)
What’s my muthafuckin’ name
And who I’m rollin’ wit
All my killas
Uh uh uh labels better get it right
Rappers better gimme that beat fool
Clik clik you been robbed now
You didn’t know sticky fingaz on ya track now
Somebody said you number 1 in the streets
That’s why I’m coming for you first jackin’ your beat
I took ya beat and rearranged it on some dumb shit
Got robbed on the radio broad day public
The thugs loved it it’s not a game
Went solo on that ass but it’s still the same

(holla holla-ja rule)
Beat robba robba
Jackin’ rappers beats and make ’em hotta hotta
Stealin’ all ya spins plus ya dollas dollas
Killas if you feel me just folla folla (what, come on)
Take it to the streets hold ya gats and bust the heat
Even if it’s off your plate I gots to eat
I’m on some bullshit for no apparent reason
I want it wit y’all I’m ready to die breathin’

(hate me now-nas)
It’s the rappers I rob
The beats that I take
The labels I snake
For 30 grand help you perform at the wake
Touch ya life and everything I touch I take
Hate me now cuz later gon be too late
I merk you
Everything I spit is controversial
I’m the illest killa they ever signed to universal
F the fordham
I’m God son
As soon as they blink bet ya bottom dolla i’ma rob ’em

(how to rob-50 cent)
My sticky fingaz turn fists across ya jaw
Beat ya ass in real life at the source awards
The real fifty from brooklyn God bless he got outed
You just a fake clown who front and rout about it
I got a new deal
For a few mil
Shoot to kill
You fruity like dru hill
You spare change you ain’t even half a man cuz
Matter of fact you ain’t even half the man ya moms was

Oh you thought you was safe, ha
Though you could escape, ha
Cuz we label mates, ha
Oh you thought I wouldn’t get yo cake, ha
You thought that beat from the dirty south wasn’t gon get raped, ha
And birds wanna have sticky baby, ha
Dogs run around stayin’ sticky crazy, ha
He ain’t got no type of sense, ha
No tellin’ what I do
Might even jack my own crew

(throw ya gunz-onyx)
The original take ’em out bring ’em out dead
Comin’ at me wrong kid I put that thing to ya head
Sticky fingaz going for self call the cops
Don’t even talk to me about the onyx shit you’ll get shot

(play around-lil’ cease)
5 o’clock in the morning killas at ya door
Colt 4-4 I’m puttin’ chalk on your floor
Find you up the block from ya house dead in the store
Work the beat like pigeons and I’m bucking ’em all
Press ya luck and you’ll fall
Neva seen nothing this raw
I’m what the world been waitin’ for
Wait no more
This wack shit can’t take no more
Should’ve been banned the streets should’ve made it a law

(what ya want-eve)
I’m ready for war
What ya niggas want (what, what, what, bring it)
Can’t touch
All y’all niggas sweet even rob swizz beats
Nowadays producers gettin’ 50 g’s
Jack they beat kid I did my track for free
Jerk you for ya pub I ain’t payin’ a fee
I just loop it up on the mpc

(the party is goin’ on over here-busta rhymes)
Long as you live neva seen nothing this while
Took ya beat and flipped it right in my style
Just payin’ back niggas be bitin’ my style
And if it’s dead in the crowd I put some life in the crowd
God’s gift to the underground
Running ’em down
Fucking ’em down
Empires be tumblin’ down
The end of the world is comin’ around
Throw ya ass in the ground
Nothing to lose
Changing the rules
Playin’ for keeps
I’ma shark in the waters it ain’t safe in the streets
Sticky fingaz and I’m jackin’ for beats
02:24 206 3,55 ˆ0.10
Man With Golden Helmet Lyrics
Man with Golden Helmet
Drinks water from the faucet
Man with Golden Helmet
Drinks water from the faucet

Stares across the hall
At the pictures on the wall
Of hieroglyphic scrawl
And no ones cares at all
That he is waiting

Man with Golden Helmet
Drinks water from the faucet
Man with Golden Helmet
Drinks water from the faucet

Walks on down the street
Leather boots, leather coat
Gloves of shining leather
Sidewalks and gutters and freezing weather
Empty streets full of no one

Man with Golden Helmet
Drinks water from the faucet
Man with Golden Helmet
Drinks water from the faucet

Plays with tiny children
On his way home from work
He doesn't wear a smirk
He can't revive it
Having different kinds of fun
With fourteen ancient nuns
Under circling sun
And his wonderful collection of guns

He's the top man in the language department
05:41 223 9,00 ˆ0.10
Descent Into The Maelstrom Lyrics
Took a ride on the ocean
Started swimming out
Lost sight of land
Time ran out
Arms getting heavy
Exhaustion's setting in
Waves getting bigger
Life's getting thin
My brain was screaming
My mind said no
My mouth was bleeding
Said you gotta go

Hit the high side
Monster / wave
Buried at sea
In an early grave
Free fall dive
Thousand foot pit
Cliffs of water turning
Adrenachrome hit

Death-like animals
The death of slaves
The death of humans
Getting sucked away
Ship trucks and planes
A million screaming heads
Agonised moaning
From the island of the dead

I'm going down
Into the maelstrom
Going down
Gonna drown

Alive alive alive

I'm alive
04:22 196 6,11 ˆ0.10
Do The Pop Lyrics
Come on baby it's time to move
You been saying there's nothing to do
Don't be afraid of bustin' out of your cage
Gonna cruise around gonna burn up the stage

Do the Pop

Come on baby I said squeeze the weez
On your feet or on your knees
So messed up I'm gonna do some dives
Gonna do the Pop gonna burn alive

We saw the Stooges and the MC5
Drove themselves insane alive
Nova, blow-torch, A-bomb eyes
The Pop's the way, the truth and the light
02:33 200 3,67 ˆ0.10
Hand Of Law Lyrics
Fear and terror, watch out boy
The sun is getting low
After sundown we'll be ready
And who could ask for more

On the third day of the seventh month
Is when we'll ride the highway
Night descends, daylight ends
And like the light we'll fly

Hand of law is coming down
Hand of law is coming down
Hand of law is on us now
Hand of law is on us now

Black killers, Earl Flinns,
Demons from the sea
Midnight train, self insane
Man of mystery

Gonna all burn now, do you hear
In a nuclear flame
You're gonna never be the same
Coz you're gonna be rearranged

All the mirrors sucking people through
Down to an unknown world
All the fears that you ever knew
Are alive in that world

It's coming from the nor nor west
The endless eye warns
A hole in the sky mirrors
And the light that never never warms
Hand of law is on us now
04:44 196 6,62 ˆ0.10
New Race Lyrics
There's gonna be a new race
Kids are gonna start it up
We're all gonna mutate
Kids are saying yeah hup

Yeah hup
Really gonna punch you out

We're sick of waking up late
Gotta get some control
The kids are gonna mutate
From an endless roll

Scared of circular time
It keeps faking us out
Kids are gonna eject
Cos now it's time to punch out
02:44 216 4,22 ˆ0.10
Love Kills Lyrics
She smokes long cigarettes
Ashes on her jeans
Came out of Chicago
Looking cold and mean
She said nothing's there
Nothing left to try
Drinking down at the old Town Bar
I told her when I lied

Drove out to her sister's place
Out on Island Park Drive

Love kills your mind
Love kills your time
Love kills the film on your eyes

Sinking in her grey eyes
Singing 'We Will Fall'
Staring out the hotel window
At the pictures in the hall
Driving out to Detroit Metro
The snow driving on the wind
The sky was grey and white
The road was to the end
Ice was flying through my eyes
My heart was cold as sin

Love kills your mind
Love kills your time
Love kills the film on your eyes
03:43 182 4,81 ˆ0.10
Monday Morning Gunk Lyrics
I was lying on my bed
Feelin' like I was nearly dead
Got my soul on fire
Mama you can't mean it

I was bleeding from my pride
I was bleeding from my eyes
Got my soul on fire
Mama you can cream it

Early morning rise
Got my guts in my eyes
Got my soul on fire
All right
03:06 194 4,29 ˆ0.10
Hit Them Again Lyrics 04:29 195 6,21 ˆ0.10
TV Eye Lyrics 04:21 204 6,34 ˆ0.10
You're Gonna Miss Me Lyrics 02:44 222 4,35 ˆ0.10