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Psycho Magnet, London After Midnight
Psycho Magnet
Release type: Album
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Duration: 51:16  
Size, Mb: 94,06  


Price for album: 1.04 (discount 20%)  

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Psycho Magnet Lyrics
Such a wretched waste of time-
such a fool to be so blind-
serpents hide behind your eyes- and I'm their prey tonight-
Here we go another game-
designed to butcher someone's brain-
is that emotion I see feigned?-
all reason's lost on the insane-
Sincerity has not been found-
beneath your self appointed crown-
these bitter tears in which I drown-
will soon be yours to drag you down-

Can we end this mind fuck please, your treachery's beyond belief-
must you bring us to our knees with your psychopathic tendencies?-
Please be gone and rest assured I see you as you are, perverse-
with all your lies and empty words-
I fear for you there is no cure.
04:17 256 7,86 0.10
Where Good Girls Go To Die Lyrics
Step into this picture
release all your light
I think God has gone mad here tonight
You can't believe your eyes, control is so hard to keep
obsession can be hell
from which you'll never be free
It's all for the taking, here tonight
Where good girls go to die
that's where I'll be-
Waiting for my love with my heart on my sleeve
Forget about the future
forget about the past.
My heart beats so, my hands are cold
please God make this moment last
You seek to fill me
with virtues I lack
I'll turn your pure white wings to pure black.
You've pushed too far and now you've lost control can't you see
You thought you were the master but you're down on
your knees. It's all for the taking, here tonight
Where good girls go to die that's where I'll be,
remembering our love as if it were a disease.
Forget about the future
it wasn't meant to last
My heart beats slow my hands are cold
Oh God it's the end at last.
04:19 256 7,91 0.10
Innocent Lost [intro] Lyrics 00:27 256 0,84 0.10
Kiss Lyrics
In a motel room, with the Bible out
Combing scriptures for answers about
What's happening now

'Cause I cant believe my eyes
And I just don't trust my ears
But I've heard a man can always come find
Some solace here

And Lord, I know that we dont talk
Often at all anymore
But desperate folks do desperate things
So I'm stapling this note to your door

Please, turn the ship around
And lock the course in place
And keep the train tracks nailed to the ground
Or pull the emergency break

'Cause I've lost my faith in man
Just like I once lost faith in you
And I've been covering all kinds of ground
Thinking hard 'bout what else i could lose

And I know how I look
To come crawling back
Acting like you owe me proof
But this is bigger than me
I think it's bigger than you too

So if this gets to you
Yeah if you ever come home
Just know I won't be awaiting the postman
I will not be glued to my phone
I'll know a change has come
I'll know that you exist

When all our bombs stop exploding
And when all of those landmines are stripped
And we stop blowin' up strangers' houses
And making orphans of innocent kids
And people stop thinking the world's theirs for the taking
'Cause your world once told them it is

'Til then, i'm gonna shake my head
I'm gonne bite my tongue
When people tell me, 'Have faith and be patient,
We're waiting for God to show up.'

Yeah 'til then, it's one more skeptical song
And i'll be glad as hell
If you come and prove me wrong
06:21 256 11,65 0.10
Shatter (All My Dead Friends) Lyrics 06:09 256 11,25 0.10
The Bondage Song Lyrics
Innocent child, how you thought you knew me,
understood my ways, my dark needs, the hunt is not the thrill I'm after,
I want the kill, the conquest, to be your master, wrap your arms around my pale skin, it's too late to back out you're in,
on your knees and praise your new lord,
deeper now, and here's your reward,

take me to bed and rip me apart...
01:56 256 3,55 0.10
A Letter To God Lyrics 02:59 256 5,48 0.10
Carry On Screaming (Ruins) Lyrics 05:06 256 9,35 0.10
Theme From The Film Love And Affliction [remix] Lyrics 02:59 256 5,46 0.10
Hate! Lyrics 04:49 256 8,83 0.10
Where Good Girls Go To Die [remix] Lyrics 04:19 256 7,91 0.10
Kiss [ra Mix] Lyrics 04:32 256 8,32 0.10
Hidden Track Lyrics 03:06 256 5,65 0.10