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Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish / Not To , Colin Newman
Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish / Not To
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 39:47  
Size, Mb: 73,03  


Price for album: 0.96 (discount 20%)  

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Lorries Lyrics
Always descriptive, lorries green or blue
Backwards from Italy or Czechoslovakia
Looking east, demand or fashion for Alaska or China

Soixante nouveau
Lieb diech, bateaux
Warsaw, Treptow
Venezia, Oslo, Moscow

Looking east, clearer green or blue
Come from this place, I think it's called Europe
Symbol fashion, a submarine Europe, a submarine Europe
03:52 256 7,05 0.10
Don't Bring Reminders Lyrics 03:28 256 6,34 0.10
You, Me And Happy Lyrics 02:37 256 4,82 0.10
We Meet Under Tables Lyrics
Of our own volition
Like cell division
Only one part smaller
The other is greater
It speaks and we marvel
We cluster around
As we see its position
Tales to tell children

Like what to say, where to go, who to know

We're blind to the event
We take our places
A trio or duet
We meet under tables
We speak in short sentences
Derive any meaning
From any more statements
03:47 256 6,93 0.10
Safe Lyrics
Barbie, does your mother know you're here?
Barbie, does your mother know you're here?

Barbie played with loaded dice
She gambled with her name
Rolled that seven more than twice
But lost the final game

Barbie, does your mother know you're here?
Your mother better know you're here!
02:35 256 4,71 0.10
Truculent Yet Lyrics
Gambits were pink
Pale purple, yellow
Orange savage baskets laid
One, two, three, seventeen, forty-two
Rain simple slide, exemplary blue
Not yet grounded, lisping a stir
An inch before midnight, flag facing northwards
Two sheep sheep sleep, not rising, not arranging
Not identifying, not reporting
Verbiage baggage

Truculent yet and indemnified
Self-portrait, that's offense
Smile is niggling, certainly not entertaining
Force is self-protecting, rain here now
Season now, murky
03:50 256 7,01 0.10
5/10 Lyrics
Wisdom hangs uneasily
Upon the long man
His look is straighter than most
His affection lost almost
Most he doesn't care for

C'est la vie
[Reba reba?]
Amoeba amoeba
Oh staunch believer

Five out of ten without grounds
Would dismiss him
As unfriendly and quiet
It's just another example
Of what made him
Careless for most
03:32 256 6,49 0.10
123 Beep Beep Lyrics 02:15 256 4,09 0.10
Not To Lyrics
A tiny facet, a twisted image of what might be me
A risk I've taken, a line that's drawn between the A and B
Although it seems a long time since we've all been here
We can't return, we can't stand still

Da-da-da-da da-da-da-da
There is no link
Da-da-da-da da-da-da-da
Not thought not breath

In peopled spaces, we shrink our lives as we make our dreams
Pretending action, reporting lives that are out of reach
Although it's been a long time, I've never been here
I have no wish to return and I'm not standing still

Da-da-da-da da-da-da-da
Under water over ground
Da-da-da-da da-da-da-da
No width no breadth
03:33 256 6,52 0.10
Indians Lyrics 03:06 256 5,67 0.10
Remove For Improvement Lyrics
A reply was not expected
The question was not asked
And then without warning
Glasses were raised in a toast
The guest turned on his shower
After writing a suicide note
And then without warning
Glasses were raised in a toast

A simple act of kindness
Missing a sense of loss
And then without warning
Glasses were raised in a toast
Graced by his presence
A handsome pleasance
A self-conscious past
Some room for improvement
Remove for improvement
04:07 256 7,55 0.10
Blue Jay Way Lyrics
There's a fog upon L. A.
And my friends have lost their way
We'll be over soon they said
Now they've lost themselves instead

Please don't be long, please don't you be very long
Please don't be long, or I may be asleep

Well it only goes to show
And I told them where to go
Ask a policeman on the street
There's so many there to meet

Now it's past my bed I know
And I'd really like to go
Soon will be the break of day
Sitting here in Blue Jay Way
03:11 256 5,85 0.10