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Process Of Self.Development, Candiria
Process Of Self.Development
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Three Times Again Lyrics
don't forget the pain
your destination
break the core of lies in half
analyze this thought perception
plead before the jury of my vine
the fragments that define

synthetic man
the dna master key man made
tolerable excessiveness
manufacturing the human product while the duplicates
are paved
is thy pallet satisfied?

blood additives
snapping the vertebrae
revolve around the points
natural law
brilliant forces of attraction

incriminating substances spew cattle pressed abrasions
obligated to advancement
inspected thoroughly
oversized dependency
the state of art engines are running
most cunning
crawling pig
quench to saturate
caressing to obliviate

do not
surround yourself
with an assembly of resented fools
they will leave you plummeting to your death
never ending recycled pool
third world dissident
my teeth are clenching
terrorized in digital
in a state of importance

the plagued convenience
three times again
cyber health

evaporate the deserts dry
release the valves high pressure
pure mentalist
candidate that pacifies
send this up to the glands
one for you and me
rising strong
the unities
conquering the corrosions

run from nothing
run from nothing fast
blinded by the critical
the plots shall come to pass
grin down
choking you to death
the fall of empires to come
unleash the inanimated pest
05:54 320 13,48 0.10
Onefortyeight Lyrics 01:49 320 4,19 0.10
Pull Lyrics 03:58 320 9,05 0.10
Method Of Expression Lyrics
(This is the rap song which is track 4 from Candiria's Process of Self-Development, NOT Pull, which is track 3. People often get the tracks confused for some reason. There were a few parts I wasn't sure about, so I left them blank)

Chapter 1
Black in the proudest
No way on Earth would I ever allow this
I'll make your bones feel it like arthritis
Well I'll give you hepatitis
When you try to recite to bite the tightness
I'll give you Tropicana with a slight twist
I make Satan righteous
You touch the mic and I get nauseous
I'll join Iraq and blow a Fed office
And bring a Delta force like Chuck Norris
Yo, it's not to my own mystery
I wanna know like Black history
About the miseries
So I can take this flaming fire that I feel inside
Burning so strong
Telling me I can't go wrong
Like heartfelt song
And sessions 'til dawn
I saw it clashing
I own my side of the Earth like the mighty Alice
Move like a Dodge Stratus
Me and stylist diction be the baddest
And even in your palm you couldn't grasp it
Tell me what you fear here
The crossroad, the badge, or their bullet-proof gear
I'm young, Black, and don't care
It's easy addition
How the smallest world can cause the biggest friction
So listen, I give my thoughts and the decisions
Before this track is over let me mention
I'm Gemini in faith
And wanna be so rich you tie my shoelace
And bring it to court like Dred Scott case
Supreme high place
And at the trial with a big cool smile on my face

Chapter 2
Slap a fresh clip of teflon
And grip my firearm
Going out like Sadaam
Cuz these streets is like Vietnam
Nowadays my AK sprays for my freedom
Pulling out blades cuz indeed
We don't need them
Purjury and controversy
Getting pussy on the web
Met a chick named Deb
She offered to give me cyber-head
Daily I taunt the Fed
Over the net I gained Hell's map
Before I could clap
Savages begging to give me death
Slaughter law and order
For a quarter of a century
Trying to stay, Carley (Coma)
But this trickery is tempting me
A born thug
Hands sporting double blood
Playing my team
And get laid out in the club
I come to reach my summit
Saw my world plummet
For over 400
I'm done with it
We came, we saw
Jaws and drawers drop to the floor
Catch you on the Candiria tour
Smoke my peace so you know what I'm about
That's enough, motherfuckers, I'm out

Chapter 3
With a culmination of a vision
Explore beyond the limits of condition
Our process of development intuition
My style is stealth and runs rampant like change everlasting
And head to the mindset which come out blasting
(something in Spanish, ending in Benicio....para nada)
A Coma visionary father to the tactics
And as fast as in relation to the root of the stealth
The inner square equals self

Chapter 4(Forgive me that I missed most of these, they're mumbled too fast)
Quality control the evidence
...off of the internet....right into your hard drive
No one knows where you're going
Will you get there, I'm very sure
.......like a fish out of water, that's a lie, that's a lie
I bought a new home, I bought it from the ruler
....you and me
But my friends said it's not the right recipe
What you say son, what you say son?

Chapter 5
Hey, yo yo yo, yo
Explicit graphics
The bones snap
These brothers are doing backflips
While the skulls crack
Multiple fools, skills they lack
Pull the flesh back
Leaving the subject exposed to the sky (?)
Son, is your heart heavier than stone?
And if you're not running from the system, yo
You probably can't relate
And if you're not running from the system, yo
You probably Candirate, Coma fashion
Check these circles out for false reactions
This third-world disciple
718 jungle survivalist
(...) ration the cannibus
Mental abbacus

Go against the fan, and you (...)

Smokin' weed, herb bisquits; Candiria, 718 - Just in case you didn't know, we're the ones, we run this show: Brooklyn
03:58 320 9,08 0.10
Temple Of Sickness Lyrics
welcome to the temple
it devastates
devastates inside
obscured to be simple
eager to confide
elevate in madness
abstract darkness
the temple shall posses
stubborn and left thirsty
fear embraced
death seems endless

in vehemence
downpour of
aching needs
paradise within

empty all the voices linger deep
weep in everlasting consumption
all the temples of society
sicker than the locusts of the earth
burn within the temple of the blind
scream within the temple of the
deaf blackness

crush thy skull
bring it forth
wake up
you disgrace

spiral illness
chained to the skies
chambers in black
conceal the outside
find the menace
in thine own eye
the criminal

exquisite torture
crawl within the shadows
temple of sickness
eve of hate has cometh
the voices persuade
persuading the webs of mental

linger with thee
find the darkness
impurity breeds
of the vilest
all the weakness
thoughts are aching
passion burns deep
seeds are fertile
mental penis
penetrates all
through the kingdoms
of subconscious

fall into the arms
in all of its
purest of the ways
are spoiling
forsaken temple
lies sacred
06:24 320 14,64 0.10
Mathematics Lyrics
global blinding has come in full
suffocate the remaining percent
all is expendable
a thousand points of heat
bacteria son of disease
mourning breath ammonia thirst quenching leach
tapping the network of veins
genetic harvest in vain
licking the wounds uncontrollably
systems of gain
sour heart reeks casualties

all the bread has molded fungus dwells inside
convincing with their graphic pride
the mask that suffocates bleeds in me
all is to believe but we are pawns poisoned
in quantities
arsenic hysteria
like fleas on a dog irritating
microwave insomnia
no strength
no heart
no option
blugeoned with diversions
concentrated dose
exterminate the addiction
high vantage point
chlorine infliction death
no microchip
shall rest underneath my flesh
i'd prefer the obstacles of death
i will fill the tombs worthy of consequence

epileptic cancer causing agents
lack of nutrition
will you live this life on calloused knees?
neck broken in?
particles of mass deception forced in
corrosive sting
the all seeing eye sees all
the most relevant faction
foundations fractured
economic death
sarcastic devotion runs in excess
sew my lips and burn my opened eyes
one soul divine
the engines are running mind altering
the most vile of things
man has ever seen
to know all these
my eyes are leaking viciously
dissecting the harsh anatomy

the devils suck the life out
injecting america with blood disease
the reason and cause my friend, no room for vacancy
decrease the numbers with crack and poverty
cling to this massacre of excuses
fully aware of the hidden agendas

silent warfare germ gestapo
all of the seeds condemned
controlling and disabled
the greed infection in disguise
behold united lambs of slavery
rhythm of extremities amplifies
the source is nameless
06:40 320 15,23 0.10
Work In Progress Lyrics
my love despises hate
and hate despises love
catastrophic tone
transforming the structures
in which we live
activate the severed episodes
different pose
same physique
which one in life does wisdom seek?
the ultimate utility
disturbing the behaviors
in such ways that can't be reached
unless the mold
was cracked a thousand times
enhancing the developments

infinite third eye expansion
this thing of ours
steel foundation
deep rooted
fractured skulls are opened

the temperatures are rising
motivate the self to form
up from the down
recycled norm
unaware of the excrements
slapping you down
arrows spewing breathing evolution
cycles astound
the years shall go on 365 days
plant the seed
planting the seeds
tap in to the master kingdom
comfort the seas
essence of all the dynasties
arms embracing
the rivers overflow
weaving frames stronger
than mountains
iron whole

lost all the glimmer in the eyes
lacking luster
gloating with intent
they the vicious
an aftermath of visual sensations
favoring the intelligence
wandering in search of understanding

columns of three
increasing with the presence of degrees
constant elevating
mental state
competing with the cattle
sponge, soak, consume
an assortment of the
many flavors that pursue
the suggested connection
bursting into an emotional collapse
this thirst has reflection
multiplied by all these things
all these keys
and all they bring
unlock the doors to your excellence

i will inhale this green redemption
fulfilling the true essence
face first
in opposition
the stepping stone to progression
radiate in this splendor
calculate the strategies
disrupting the existence
keeping the balances
can you see my vision?

take this stone
pile of brick
my backbone unbreakable
legions of demons in heat
my war is spiritual
chasing on the heels of my
charred feet
burning me with breath
the vinegar posture pours
it infests

within yourself
while the truth has you dying alone
hate behind these eyes holds a destiny
i use the pain to fuel the fire inside
your choices have you trapped
where every step leads to a path
that has you back at the start
you might escape defeat
in a world out to get you
but the finger on the trigger is yours

if i come of one
will you understand the depths of me?
i can only belong to the man in me
they no longer believe in a cause
they amputate
persuasive speech to entice
the human flaws
I move to associate
we believe in the vision
we believe in the goals
we believe in the universe
and the hands that touch the soul
persecuted for my gaping jaws
bleeding the gums
walking with the dogs
the ultimate reality sense of all strength
heals the sores

injustice prevents me
from the goals I set for me
overwhelmed by boundaries
power trips
these demons fuck my mind
and have tried to suck my pride
robbed me of my success
driven me into unrest
but I shall not lie for them
show them that I do intend
to exceed beyond the trends
break the limits I've been sent
07:00 320 16,03 0.10
Matter.Anti.Matter Lyrics 05:35 320 12,79 0.10
Cleansing Lyrics
victim of atrocities
my razor blade
the oceans shall rise sky deep reach inevitable
chaotic pace
smoke stack pollutes digestion
is the end of man upon us friend?
if it is so
wrath of mother earth upon us friend?
thy soul shall crumble
the cleansing process
suffocate the infectants

i'll send my swollen dreams
sunami thereafter
i'll clean the still and fragile plate clean
better fools than me
i'll cut it off
run it off
set it off
anticipating thieves

dire wraths haunt this garden of never-smile
volcanic magma spiteful lava
spitting venom and bile

my veins pump masochistic visions
in some morse-code rescue transmissions
confusion cutting circles
in the crops and high plains
raising cain, the king of pain
as catastrophic reigns
i drown the desert
shout down the sky
command the forces of nature
to bow down before me and die
03:40 320 8,40 0.10
Elevate In Madness Lyrics
Lickin' the gun lickin' the hand that feeds you
Lickin' the gun finger lickin' fun

Senator husband goin' for broke
I've gotta prove I'm not a joke
We smoked the stuff in '69
Now it's different it's a crime
Kids today don't understand
Kids today need a guiding hand
I get a sticker if it rhymes with buck
When the law suits fly I guess I'll duck

Watch religion come and go
Watch corruption on their shows
Buy your silence money for blood
Out of the ark and into the flood
Crazy men with Russian guns
My words never killed anyone
Kissing babies lickin' the gun
Ain't political nah just having fun

Eat it up law down and die
They'll shoot you up and they don't know why
They're doing a job and they enjoy it too
They're protecting us from me and you
We smoked the stuff in '69
Now it's different it's a crime
I don't care to wait and see
If I'm cool enough to make history
05:13 320 11,93 0.10
Down To The Last Element Lyrics 05:50 320 13,36 0.10
The Process Of Self.Development Lyrics 08:29 320 19,43 0.10
Leaving The Atmosphere Lyrics 04:22 320 10,00 0.10