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Post To Wire, Richmond Fontaine
Post To Wire
Release type: Album
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Duration: 47:00  
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The Longer You Wait Lyrics
He took her on a trip
After she got suspended and was put on review
Down 395 in the middle of the night
He picked up a station from Bishop while she slept
Unsure of how to handle her unsure of what to do
With her brown hair fading gray
And their only son two states away

The longer you wait the harder it is

The night just falls along
All the times he stood right next to her
Only to make her go through life alone
Now her heart sits a thousand miles away
It's been two months since he kissed her face
Twice as long since he held her

The longer you wait
02:38 192 3,62 0.10
Barely Losing Lyrics
Three day vacation three days away
The turd club race book and I'm barely losing
While you're sitting next to me laughing and
I'm barely losing

Souvenirs we are buying t-shirts and snow globes
We're getting our pictures taken underneath the sign
Lounge bands we are watching while playing video poker
46 ounce margaritas we are drinking
We're having dinner at the Santa Fe and
We're walking underneath lights and
We're staying on the seventh floor of the Fitzgerald
We're walking along the railroad tracks
At five in the morning
Wishing we could always be like this
That we'll never have to go back
02:47 192 3,84 0.10
Montgomery Park Lyrics
I'd never been so uncertain or scared or alone
In such a big city with no family
And only one guy did I know
So I stared up at that big old Montgomery Park sign

I worried all night and I stayed u all night and
Just stared up at that big old Montgomery Park sign

Everything I thought I did right used to come out wrong

And every thought I thought I thought right
It used to come out wrong maybe everything I do is wrong
So I stared up at that big old Montgomery Park sign
03:00 192 4,13 0.10
Walter's On The Lam Lyrics 01:08 192 1,55 0.10
Through Lyrics
You walked with a limp and I worries about that
But it turned out alright turned out that you were okay
They pulled the car up and they helped you to the ground
Never met anyone like you that wasn't always
So fucked up and blue

I know that I can feel that way too
I won't get so bleak and I won't feel so through
I know that I can feel that way too all I got to
Do is figure out how not to feel so through

The three of us left but I was trailing behind
With it all set up like that I thought I'd never see you again
You can find me in the corner or in the back
Under any sorta red light but I can make it outside
I can make it there alright
04:30 192 6,19 0.10
Postcard From California Lyrics 00:48 192 1,10 0.10
Two Broken Hearts Lyrics
When it was hot they'd go to the reservoir
See they were in love and it was the first time
In her life she felt easy around anyone
It was the first time in his life that he ever
Felt right because He'd never felt right

Two broken hearts together might not be broken

They swam in the cool water and they sat on
The bank and with broken glass they cut their
Palms the blood mixing together as they held
Each other's hand and she told him "I won't be
Careful anymore with you and I won't be careful anymore"

Two broken hearts

In the evening they walked through their neighborhood
Like they'd always do and a man came from his house
With white spit on his lips and his tattooed arms
Were trembling as he ran after them because he'd
Always been after them
03:22 192 4,63 0.10
Hallway Lyrics
Put down the gun looks like you've been up for days
You can't keep hiding in the hallway
There's no one outside
You can't keep living this way

Put down the gun you look so tired
There's no one hiding in your place just looks like
You took a knife
And cut those liens into your face
03:21 192 4,59 0.10
Postcard Written With A Broken Hand Lyrics 00:53 192 1,24 0.10
Post To Wire Lyrics
I don't care anymore who was right
And who was wrong and who was left and who was leaving
I'll overlook everything if you can overlook everything
I know you're worn out but you know I'm worn out too

If everyone screws up and I know that we both do
Doesn't it make sense me with you?
If you and me if we blow it when it's
The last thing we should do
Don't you think we should stick together?
Don't you think we should be the ones who go
Post to wire months to years
Days to nights and minutes to hours?
02:14 192 3,05 0.10
Poleroid Lyrics 04:19 160 4,96 0.10
Always On The Ride Lyrics
Maybe you'll wake up on the floor somewhere
Or maybe in some sort of sanitarium or
Maybe you'll call from a dry out center
From a payphone in a suburb

But I hope you're always on the ride
But I know that the ride always ends and
When it leaves it takes you luck it could be
Any morning or any night
In any city or state and you're left with nothing

I heard about Ray he's in Fairview now
He lost his leg in a wreck
Harlin's in jail in Rawlins, Wyoming
Doing three years for breaking and entering
Junior's in California he's living with his brother
In an abandoned house

But I hope you're always on the ride
03:37 192 4,96 0.10
Postcard Postmarked Phoenix, Lyrics 00:57 192 1,32 0.10
Alison Johnson Lyrics 02:23 192 3,29 0.10
Willamette Lyrics
My brother left home one night no one knew where he went
No calls of letters were sent
Then it was just my mom and me alone in that house
She'd lock herself in her room and she'd only come out to
To go to work and at night she'd come home
Sometimes with three men she'd lock herself in with them
So I'd go down to Jackson's and I'd hide in his yard
He'd sneak me out beer until his house was clear

At night at night we'd sit on the banks of the polluted
Willamette River and we'd try and we'd try to piece together
Our lives away from there

My brother came home two years later when I was sixteen
He said he'd gone to California and was a merchant marine
He rented us a house a house with a yard and a
House with a porch and at night we'd sit out on it
He'd tell me of Thailand and Singapore and of Hong Kong and
Vietnam and the money he made and the women he had and
The miles and miles of sea and sand the miles and miles of

I still have his car and his horse shoe chain and the
Letters that he wrote me but he never would send and
I still have the tattoo Harry gave both of us and
I still have his leather boots and his pocket knife but
My brother's been gone for three weeks and no one knows

Where he went or even why or how

Now Jackson stays at my place 'cause he can't stay at home
Now Jackson stays at my place 'cause he can't stand his folks
07:52 192 10,81 0.10
Valediction Lyrics 03:15 192 4,48 0.10