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Pink, Boris
Release type: Album
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Duration: 55:23  
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Farewell Lyrics
It's long gone, gone away
Words were almost lost and gone
I felt it was far away; even if it was near
I felt I could reach at least
Ready made answers are here,
sitting like a gu deposit
And always tries to deliver
I turn away from those kind of things
Get up and go, my will
Just wave a good-bye
07:33 256 13,25 0.10
Pink Lyrics
I knew that, but I chose it
You knew that, but you chose it
You chose it after ignoring why, with no time to look back
No eyes to meet, but a smile you made
What color would I use to paint all over
To open your eyes
In a line, trying to kill off the dizziness
In an agony, trying to make the reason
In a line, without averting the eyes, as always
Knowing the reaction, making an empty attempt to make the reason
'The reason why...well, I can't tell'
And such a smile
'My eyes are...just reflecting'
And such a smile,
painful smile
Following the line, It's all so superficial, all these eye-cntacts
that are going back to the lies
In a line, as always, without averting the eyes
Knowing the reaction, making and empty attempt to make the reason
'Already, I knew it.'
04:20 256 7,74 0.10
Woman On The Screen Lyrics
Lowered winding look, and obscure wet sound
The more swirling the more craze in your dance
Winding slowly, you give a gaze
It's partly because you are weak,
isn't it better to have your fingers in your mouth?
Lies coming rear, I think I'm going to be broken up
Throwing away all the mirrors, tack them back of the door
Anyway, after some violent moments, you'd be cracked
It's won't take too long for you to stop
You'll vomit, trying to to seize a headless image of future
I'll open the doors
And I'll stub you
That will fill your fantasty
Hey, I'll penetrate it.
02:38 272 4,90 0.10
Nothing Special Lyrics
It sits here, the dark anxiety
It sits here, now it's waiting
Somewhat flippant, somewhat damp, it's mid-day
Quite right, you can blame the night when you see it
Just like me
It sits somewhere, it's sits somewhere far
The darkness now sits
This is the end
you know
It sits, the anxious darkness
It touches and it turns red
Somewhat flippant usual day, and this is the end.
02:18 256 4,24 0.10
Blackout Lyrics
By-standers, who claim to be innocent, who are just looking on
Look at this, I'm gathering up all the filth, I will show it to you
You can't change anything
Black out
04:49 224 7,41 0.10
Electric Lyrics
01:45 256 3,19 0.10
Pseudo-Bread Lyrics
Mornin' and dizzy
Shaken and awaken
Not such a good start
my head not very clear
Starvin' and lookin'
Kicken' at these empty boxes
Where's my cereal? No room for cherry-pickin'.
Crampin' reason
Floodin' guesses
Here's the pseudo-bread
Puttin' it on a chipped plate
I've eaten the side I can see
What's inside? Not yet
I line of glasses, you're made to buy them.
Who made you buy them? With these designs that everyone knows.
Shut the fuck up, I already knew that!
(the water in the glass goes silent)
Shut the fuck up, I already knew that!
(The water in the glass spills out.)
You think you see, well what do you see?
It's me that I see now
"Generally" is doubtin'
"Basically" is betrayed
"Better than nothing" is not fun
I've eaten the side I can't see
What's inside? Insane butter
La la la, betrayed it.
04:30 224 7,19 0.10
Afterburner Lyrics
When you feel the chill -- 'flame, watered-down"
It's always like this -- "too lazy"
When you feel you're going insane -- "flame, watered-down"
It's always like this -- "just pour it down"
Take a sip
Now, look at me
You'll be knocked out
It's been like this,
I've always found it's like this
Image, can't control, let it overflow -- "indeed"
Image, can't control, let it overflow -- "isn't it?"
a bunch of them falling down happily and randomly
When you feel the chill -- "disappear"
When was it that it was like this -- "disappear"
When was it that it was like this -- "flame, watered-down"
04:22 240 7,11 0.10
Six Three Times Lyrics 02:53 272 5,51 0.10
My Machine Lyrics
02:01 144 1,91 0.10
Just Abandoned Myself Lyrics 18:15 256 32,95 0.10