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Release type: Album
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Duration: 56:56  
Size, Mb: 130,51  


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Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Mother's Milk Lyrics 04:39 320 10,64 0.10
Pow R Sac Lyrics 03:38 320 8,34 0.10
Will Serve Lyrics 03:38 320 8,33 0.10
Her Lyrics
I'll walk with you
Through space and time
And when sleep is near
I will fold you in
I'll disappear with you
In clear blue flames
And when our time arrives
We will slide through space
08:44 320 19,96 0.10
Black Eyed Dog Lyrics 03:36 320 8,22 0.10
Amnesia Lyrics
The Sun Is An Acid Eye
We're Corroded With Pleasure Inside
There's A Hole In Your Thin White Skin
Now We'll Never Be Clean Again
Our Hands Are Two Broken Claws
We Scrape At The Ground For Hours
I Buried This Sound In The Floor
To Gain Control Of This Feeling

And This City's A Crowded Room
And The Earth Is A Closing Tomb
In My Hand Is Your Perfect Womb
When You Breathe Your Breath Is Obscene
My Heart Is A Lead Box
Ideas Are Shutting Locks
The Air Was Just Turned Off
And You're Sucking From This Machine

The Sun Will Not Rise Today
You Children Will Stay Where You Lay
The Oil Is Black And It's Thick
And Sex Is A Void Filled With Plastic
The President's Mouth Is A Whore
When There's Murder The Audience Roars
There's No Room Left For The Strong
Everything Human's Necessarily Wrong:
06:20 320 14,52 0.10
Love Of Life Lyrics
For The Love Of Life
For The Love Of Life
In The Light Of Life
In The Love Of Light
And The Strong Survive
For The Love Of Life
And The Strong Will Rise
In The Endless Light
For The Blood Of Life
For The Love Of Life
In The Bloodless Light
For The Love Of Light
In The Blood Is Light
In The Light Is Life
For The Love Of Life
For The Love Of Life

In The Endless Light
In The Blood Of Life
Now The Strong Will Rise
For The Love Of Light
In The Bloodless Light
Now The Strong Survive
For The Love Of Life
For The Blood Of Life
And The Heavens Come
For The Strongest Ones
In A Universe
Made Of Blood And Love
In The Blood Is Light
In The Light Is Life
For The Love Of Life
For The Love Of Life
08:34 320 19,57 0.10
(----) Lyrics 02:29 320 5,66 0.10
Other Side Of The World Lyrics 04:00 320 9,17 0.10
Rutting Lyrics 01:52 320 4,28 0.10
God Loves America Lyrics
And All Across America
The Poison Fires Glow
And In The Blood Of Our Procreation
Annihilation Grows
Yes Love Was Made For Slaves Like Us
Designed To Fetishize
Consumption, Waste And An Identity
Based On A Dying Lie
So God Forgive America
The End Of History Is Now
And God May Save The Victim
But Only The Murderer Holds Real Power

We Came Across The Seas
We'd Fill With Offal And Disgust
And Any Object Industry Required
We Bought, Enslaved, Or We Crushed
And Now Our Minds Are As Naked As The Paradise We Stripped
And Our Reward Is Our Entropy
Our Emptiness Is Our Gift
So God Forgive America
And Every Human On This Earth
And God Forgive The Ruined Lives
And Nothing Is What It's Worth
06:34 320 15,04 0.10
Omnipotent Lyrics 02:58 320 6,78 0.10