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Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre, Current 93
Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre
Release type: Album
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Duration: 50:02  
Size, Mb: 68,10  


Price for album: 1.12 (discount 20%)  

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Voice From Catland Lyrics 00:21 152 0,39 0.10
Steven And I In The Field Of Stars Lyrics
Circles within circles
We ride through them all
Circles within circles
"In the midst of the Southern regions..."
There a man rests and weeps
This year, next year,
Never, oh never
If we think then that there is
No joy
But listen:
On the edge of winds
Is the rustling of the greens
All many greens, manifold and lovely
The sighing and crying of the wind
The lovely boughs
The lovely light
The lovely light
The lovely stars, jewelly nobles
The pitted starheads of a burning fire
Burn far brighter burn brighter --
Starry glory golden flamey and lambent --
Than any other fires we know
The moony wetmouthed cradle of bluenight
The plumed bird, lovely voiced
The streaked cat, rooted hairshine
Head of furlight
Purr of bright sound
Lovely and noble, jewelly lords
So sparkling, glimmering spitting lights
Little houses of fire
In little towns of fire
Open and shut their fiery sandsheet eyes
02:55 164 3,43 0.10
Teeth Of The Winds Of The Sea Lyrics 07:15 209 10,81 0.10
Moonlight, You Will Say Lyrics
I remember walking in the fields around York
Oh miserere
I remember sitting in a small room in London
And I remember thinking
I was sad
This was the stage of building brokengods
Oh miserere
This was the stage of reading the blackbooks
Amd possibly I rented my soul
Oh, but anyway
And if so I ask for pardon
And if not
I ask for pardon, anyway
I have seen this world as a great howl of pain
I have seen this world as a great ocean of blood
I have seen this world as the acme of suffering
I have seen this world as the great disappointment
I have seen this world as the great zero gape
In which all our hopes flicker out
Goodbye they say as they go
Goodbye they cry loss flies

Moonlight, you will say

'And what does it matter whether God
speaks to us from amongst the thorns
or the flowers?'

But still and still He shrieks to me
'Miserere miserere miserere miserere miserere'
Oh, wretched
Oh miserere
Moonlight, you will say
Moonlight, you will say
05:17 235 8,89 0.10
Into The Bloody Hole I Go Lyrics
Into the bloody hole we'll go
Oh no oh no
Into the sharp swords we shall go
Oh no no
Or be tugged anyway
Goodbye goodbye
Goodybye goodbye
Shake those tears from your eyes
Goodbye goodbye
Goodbye goodbye
You were the sudden summer of god
The jangling belldeath and the rain rains
I wished you would fall on me like a tended judging
Oh yes
Oh no
And still I do, my dear
01:00 177 1,28 0.10
Darkly Splendid World Lyrics 00:50 156 0,94 0.10
Cloud Of Unknowing Lyrics 07:28 181 9,66 0.10
Let Us Go To The Rose Lyrics
Mignonne, allons voir si la rose
Qui ce matin avait d?clos?
Sa robe de poupre au soleil
A point perdu cette v?pr?e
Les plis de sa robe pourpr?e
Et son teint au v?tre pareil
Las! Voyez comme en peu d'espace
Mignonne, elle a dessus la place
Las! las! ses beaut?s laiss? choir!
O vraiment mar?tre est Nature
Puisqu'une telle fleur ne dure
Que du matin jusques au soir!
Donc, si vois me croyez, mignonne
Tandis que votre ?ge fleuronne
En sa plus verte nouveaut?
Cueillez votre jeunesse:
Comme ? cette fleur, la vieillesse
Fera ternir votre beaut?
"The old willows wrecked again and again in the hold of the woods held
in close confinement all round into the struggle for existance where
the streams were constantly taken from their course by the roots of the
old trees in the woods allowing no mill stream the free course through
until the whole of these fine old trees had got their whole water
course directed by their own roots into each others roots in their own
devious ways & so each time the bad weather conditions came the dell of
the old popular willows received the whole rainfall & gave the roots of
the old popular trees the worst conditions they could not recover from.
The result was when the bad storms swept the ground downhill the whole
of the upright branches of the populars were wrecked & wrenched off as
none had sufficient root hold to do any good in holding as against the
winds forcing both root & trunks & branches to give way. The ultimate
result was as stated the cracking down of the branches & the breaking
off of the main trunk as it had no side branches to help its leaves to
support the whole tree. This gave the stubble growth of enforcing the
trunk low down near the ground to spray out the small side branches &
to develope in the trunk the further strength to enlarge the top of the
trunk to enable the heavy branch growth to develop & to give out a
large number of spray branches in all directions to keep control of the
wind and also to stop the wind from further to destroy the old trees in
its course the winds followed the well streams & then got the clear run
free of the trees until a run of heavy old tree trunks guided them out
again into the ground where the rising ground destroyed them by holding
them in face clear of the winds the night mist."
05:16 183 6,91 0.10
All The World Makes Great Blood Lyrics
Sorry then bird flight
Passes across my window
Sorry then dog crouches
Under the still sun
Sorry then moi je
Regrette tout ce que
J'ai fait
O le soleil se couche I
Lie me down I lay
With Your body under the
Suckled lovewing mine
You were
I was not yet dressed Tibetan red
And into You, as You'll recall
I fled

The twig-smashed landscape
Is rolling and waving
Wolf wild wide wind walking
Soft smoke star space stalking
This is the comic book end
We have waited for
And not believed in
Oh nearly not at all
Oh nearly not at all
Once when we were young
Oh once we were so young
And the rainways licking the glass
Made us the observers of the distant distance
We there watched the sky's goddy tears
Only once did GoodGod cry black
And then all the clockmovements start
To crick crack crick
By the hairs on my head
By the stare in my eyes
By the pain in my heart
I shall whisper through signs:
All this world makes great blood
All this world makes great blood
All this world makes great blood
All this world makes great blood
All this world makes great blood
All this world makes great blood
All this world makes great blood
03:55 185 5,18 0.10
Great, Bloody And Bruised Veil Of The World Lyrics 04:15 173 5,27 0.10
Into The Menstrual Night I Go Lyrics
Into the menstrual night we'll go
Hey ho hey ho
Into the blue woods we shall go
Hey ho ho
Into the blue woods we shall go
Hey ho hey ho
Beyond the blue gates we shall go
Hey ho ho
Beyond the blue gates we shall go
Hey ho Hey ho
Into the lovely green sea we shall go
Hey ho ho
Into the lovely blue sky we shall go
Hey ho hey ho
Lipped love light shall lift the skies
Hey ho ho
Sounds love life lifts the skies
Hey ho hey ho
The masque has nearly begun my dear
Hey ho ho
01:15 185 1,66 0.10
Dormition And Dominion Lyrics
In the mind of god
The dead sleeping lie
And the little cogs though unmoving
Hover over the turning wheel
All life's a farce
The broken bird is draped over the paths
And paths and paths and paths
And those who say this world is not
The bloody gleaming paradise of blood and jewel
Opal and pearl bloodsocket castings
Ruby jasmine jasper and onyx
Chalcedonthrone and ambergriscrown
Golden green leafwork
Scrolled with the farstars
Pitted with the moonworlds
Mother alldewey
Arrayed with the twinkling lights
The wovengold spungilded blinking godeyes
The spearshafts of heaven
The souldwelling rockhomes
Dormition and Dominion
Dormition and Dominion
The Mother is dead
The Mother awakens
She sleeps
He rules
She sleeps and rules
In her starry bodied glory
The Mother sleeps
The Mother loves
Dormition and Dominion
I wait
...Are the holders of the world and its dreams
I say there is no death
No death
We have lived before and shall live again
And again

We have slept before and shall sleep again
We have danced through the shallow pools
And shall rejoice once again
To those who say there is no hope
I say liars
Liars you are
Over the starry dancing stars
There is a land
Under the sweatribbed brow
There is a land
And this is the globed world of the Pantocrator
Finally I have understood
I have understood
I have understood
Though when I slip sleeping and silently
From this ribbed room of sighs
You shall not find the history of His personal visit
Sewn into my linings perhaps
Nevertheless I have understood
Where the logician watches god hinge all on a die
Nevertheless I have understood!

That all this is the breathbetween moment
Our eyeslids open and close
Between is the land
Between the time I first was accepted
In between Your brightboned body
Between then and there and the time You wept:
"Goodbye my love goodbye to you"
There there was the land
In the pearls of our heart
There is the immaculate heavenly loveland
In the middle of the forest Acton is slain by his own hounds
In the middle of the forestEustace meets the crisscross Stag
There is the land he has reached paradise
There is no death
There is no death
There as the stag turns and smiled loved
There he was takencaught by the prey
All the flowers are blossoming
And all the world calls to you:
"Dormition" - so you sleep
"Dominion" - so you rule
Dormition - oh You sleep, Mother
Dominion - Father, You rule
06:19 205 9,26 0.10
So : This Empire Is Nothing Lyrics 01:08 153 1,23 0.10
This Shining Shining World Lyrics
"Consider the lillies of the field"
Consider the carnage and massacre
Consider the love and embraces
Consider the hangingred skies
Consider the pain of your enemy
Consider the hatred of your friend
There, oh there, there is the land
All the musics shall combine
All the daughters are no longer brought low
They are araised
In brightfiregodgiven they rejoice
And those who deny this world
Is the soul of the unbroken one
This is indeed Paradise
(Come I shall show you where
The stars give birth and sleep)
And all around you is the warm bluegreen breath of heavens
Do not fear
Around you is the vast blueblack space of stars
Do not fear
This is the great ocean
On which the endless waves crash down
God is not dead
There is no death I say
(Come I shall show you where
Dreams go to when they die)
Hurry now; the sun is descending
The shadows wait to play
02:52 157 3,20 0.10