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Oedipus Schmoedipus, Barry Adamson
Oedipus Schmoedipus
Release type: Album
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Duration: 55:51  
Size, Mb: 102,47  


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Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Pelvis Lyrics
(Save me from my own hand)
Ooooooh, set the controls for the heart of the pelvis
Haven't you heard my name rhymes with Elvis
And one thing I know is this
That your mouth is telling me to give you a big kiss
(Now my guard's down)

(Save me from my own hand)
Ahhh, can't you see what's on offer
Yeah babe it's going cheap today
I enter a room and all the girls say
C'Mon Jarv, can I be the first?
Oh you make us so hot we feel we're gonna burst
(Now my guard's down)

So please, so splease
Don't leave me alone in this double bed
It smells of damp towels and asthma inhalers
Say you're gonna call back later
Save me from these glossy photographs
Save me from my mother's laugh
(Now my guard's down)
That's right girls
That's right girls
Save me from my own hand
05:40 256 10,37 0.10
Something Wicked This Way Comes Lyrics 04:33 256 8,34 0.10
The Vibes Ain't Nothin' But The Vibes Lyrics 04:48 256 8,80 0.10
It's Business As Usual Lyrics 04:30 256 8,23 0.10
Miles Lyrics 05:30 256 10,09 0.10
Dirty Barry Lyrics 07:30 256 13,74 0.10
In A Moment Of Clarity Lyrics 04:15 256 7,76 0.10
Achieved In The Valley Of The Dolls Lyrics 04:28 256 8,18 0.10
Vermillion Kisses Lyrics
Once upon a time a very handsome prince was walking along dead man's trail. Once upon a time a very Handsome Prince was walking along dead man's trail. Morning had just about broken and the wings of tiny birds cut through the rays of the sun casting slithering shadows as they went about their pleasure. The Handsome Prince was preparing to engage in this splendor when all of a sudden he noticed a beautiful and quite voluptuous maiden travelling towards him in slow motion. "Oh my god" thought the Handsome Prince with shameful excitement "She's incredible and so very... stimulating." As the Beautiful Maiden approached him he gathered all of his resources, plucked up courage, and gave her one of his special curtsys that would hope to see him in with a chance when he realised she was very tearful if not completely crushed. The Handsome Prince swallowed a wave of guilt as the Beautiful Maiden now openly stood before him sobbing her heart out. Realising something was terribly wrong the Handsome Prince put all of his hangups on the shelf and asked "What are you so inconceivably sad about if I may be so bold to enquire?". The Beautiful Maiden gave a big sigh, which seemed to last a lifetime, as the Handsome Prince sat upon the edge of his metaphorical seat in preparation for her answer. She announced "I've just seen my Therapist, who is convinced I have a borderline personality disorder with narcissistic traits which means I'll be unhappy all my life as nobody will be able to measure up to the fantastically high standards that I just can't help but impose on them." The Handsome Prince's heart exploded with joy as in this moment he fell strangely and completely in love. "Why that's outrageous, who is this Doctor of misery?". The Beautiful Maiden had broken into the tiniest of smiles and seeing she had the Handsome Prince by the short and curlies she began to weave a little magic here and a little magic there "I've never met anyone like you before. Not only are you compassionate but you're also very handsome. I've lost my purse and the keys to my hovel and it looks like storms and I was wondering..." The Handsome Prince floundered slightly and then ejaculated "You're so very beautiful, I think I might die if I don't invite you to my castle at the end of this trail."
"Would you like to kiss me my Handsome Prince?" His knees began to knock as he lent towards the voluptuous maiden in implicit expectation. When they kissed the Handsome Prince felt a wave of nausea and a pain in his chest as blood began to now pour from it and the tiny birds dipped in the morning light and said "Goodbye" to the Handsome Prince, who folded into a heap on Dead Man's Trail. The Beautiful Maiden exclaiming there is one born every minute.
03:02 256 5,58 0.10
The Big Bamboozle Lyrics
"Everything I tell you today
I'm gonna show you it in black and white
I'm wanted for murder, kidnapping, robbery, armed robbery, conspiracy, threatening New York."

[You have nothing to worry about Mr Adamson]
03:37 256 6,65 0.10
State Of Contraction Lyrics 01:38 256 3,01 0.10
The Sweetest Embrace Lyrics
Our time is done my love
We've laid it all to waste
One thousand moonlit kisses can't
Sweeten this bitter taste
My desire for you is endless
And I'll love you 'til we fall
I just don't want you no more
And that's the sweetest embrace of all

To think we can find happiness
Hidden in a kiss
Ah, to think we can find happiness
That's the greatest mistake there is
There is nothing left to cling to babe
There is nothing left to soil
I just don't want you no more
And that's the sweetest embrace of all

Oooohhh where did it begin
When all we did was lose
There's nothin' left to win

So lay your weapons down
They serve no purpose in your hands
And if you wanna hold me
Then go ahead and hold me
I won't upset your plans
If it's revenge you want
Then take it babe
Or you can walk right out the door
I just don't care anymore
And that's the sweetest embrace of all

Oooohhh where did it begin
When all we did was lose
There's nothin' left to win

It's over babe
And it really is a shame
We are losers you and me babe
In a rigged and crooked game
My desire for you is endless
And I love you most of all
I just don't want you no more
And that's the sweetest embrace of all
04:49 256 8,84 0.10
Set The Controls Again Lyrics 01:34 256 2,88 0.10