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Nowhere... Fast!, Fury In The Slaughterhouse
Nowhere... Fast!
Release type: Album
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Duration: 44:21  
Size, Mb: 80,27  


Price for album: 0.96 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Balm For The Soul Lyrics 03:44 272 7,10 0.10
One Way Dead End Street Lyrics
Come on spin the bottle
Let it turn
And if it points to you
I'll make you burn
Spin the bottle
Let it turn
And if it points to me
I'll promise you nothing comes for free

This, is a one way dead end street
The only place where we will meet
We're on a one way dead end street
All alone and no way home all chances blown

Let's drink another
Or what it takes
To help me coverall of your fakes
So, that no one sees how desperate we are
Far out heading one way to the stars
04:16 240 6,96 0.10
Diggin' The Soil Lyrics 04:44 256 8,23 0.10
Romeo And Juliet Lyrics 04:24 240 7,54 0.10
What About Me Lyrics 03:36 256 6,38 0.10
Come On Lyrics
I guess we know each other now for seven years
Why has it always to end up with tears
A little problem and soon discussions start
We bang our heads and we always forget our hearts

Somehow, somewhere
I guess I had this all before
Somehow, somewhere
I guess I had this all before

Come on, come on let's go home
Give the sinking ship a drink
I think it's better if we go
Somehow my thoughts are running slow
Will feel sorry when I awake
So you better give me a break

Take your brown eyes and put 'em in a glass
Put some icecubes in and watch the rotting mess
Look in my blue ones and you know I never lie
Give me a drink and I say to you let's have another try

Somehow, somewhere...

You better give me a break
You better give me
You better give me a break...
04:03 288 8,14 0.10
Breaking New Ground Lyrics 03:44 224 5,83 0.10
Everything I Did Lyrics
it was the calm before the storm when we met
we've saved our lives and lost our hearts instead
we've lost our consciousness
lost everything we had

I thought I got you when I had you in my bed
everything I did was wrong
and now you're gone
everything I did was wrong
and now you're gone

and I was hoping, I was waiting,
I was calling out your name
and I was crying with your picture in the rain
I've told you fifty times a day that I love you
I knew you won't believe a word but it was true

I've lost my friends
and they all warned me cause they knew
that I was running deaf and blind into the blue

everything I did was wrong...
03:38 288 7,11 0.10
American Shame Lyrics 02:47 288 5,48 0.10
Frontpage Of The Sun Lyrics 03:15 288 6,54 0.10
Reality Sucks Lyrics 02:23 224 3,73 0.10
Ms Koenigsforst Lyrics 03:50 272 7,23 0.10