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No Omega, ColdWorld
No Omega
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 25:12  
Size, Mb: 39,19  


Price for album: 0.96 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Gods And Eart Lyrics 03:22 231 5,55 0.10
A-Alikes Lyrics 01:48 246 3,18 0.10
Refuse To Lose Lyrics
I got so much trouble on my mind.
Refuse to lose.
Here's your ticket to a cold world that's wicked.
I never cared.
I never knew.
Until I found I was someone to you.
Now I'm so confused.
I don't know what to do.

You say you wanna know how I feel.
But I'm gonna spare you the guilt.
They say all wounds heal with time.
That's the farthest thing from my mind.

You're two facing me. You're not being real with yourself.
Get away from me (Get away from me)
I don't need your fucking help.
Pray for me like you do every night.
It won't do me any fucking good.
Now you say to me, you just want me to be alright.

From me to you.
01:57 230 3,22 0.10
Can It Be So Simple '05 Lyrics 01:37 191 2,23 0.10
Ice Grillz Lyrics
They never said.
They never said life would be easy for me.
When they left me all alone and sent me on my way.
What the fuck. I just can't come up.
In this place where everyones corrupt.
Try to work as hard as I can.
To be the better man.
But that's not part of their plan.

Never let my friends see the real me.
The one in pain, sorrow, and suffering.
And with my family, they never cared much.
They just watched while I get crushed.

They never said life would be easy for me. When they left me all alone.
02:46 250 4,95 0.10
Low Places Lyrics
You've got vision
Don't wait for somebody else to do it
One thought in your mind
Don't wait for somebody to prove it

Forward straight line, yeah wooh
Light speed, you're racin' away

Now you keep turnin' left, turnin' left
Turnin' left, turnin' left
You keep on turning left, turning left
Now you got me turnin' left, turnin' left
Turnin' left, oh yeah, huh, wooh

Wheel's keep on turning, oh yeah
Fuel keeps on burning, oh

Flat foot, headlights
Top gear headin' down the highway
Full speed, straight line
Can you tell me where you're really goin'
Two lanes but one way, yeah wooh
Faster past the red line

Well, you keep turnin' left, turnin' left
Uh, turnin' left, turnin' left
You keep on turning left, turning left
Now you got me turnin' left, turnin' left
Turnin' left, oh yeah, huh

Uh, uh, oh, wooh
Get it, come on

Turnin' left, turnin' left, uh
Turnin' left, turnin' left, uh, yeah
Turnin' left, turnin' left, uh
You got me turnin' left, turnin' left, woah

Yeah, watch it
Get it, huh, wow

We go 'round in circles
We go 'round in circles
We go 'round in circles
We go 'round in circles, ow uh

Yeah, yeah
Get it, get it, get it, get it, huh
Woah, yeah, oh

Round and round and round and round
02:23 225 3,83 0.10
Copernicus Lyrics
I don't know if I was caught into this trap.
Or born into it.
The more I look into my life.
The more and more I see my destiny.

To work every single day (destiny)
To never have my way.
To never see further than five feet in front of my face.
Until I'm layed to waste

Mother I'm scared of what's becoming of me.
Humiliation is all I can see.
I'll never be what I long to be.
It's hard coming face to face with my own destiny.
02:13 243 3,83 0.10
But You Don't Hear Me Through Lyrics 02:02 192 2,80 0.10
Survive Lyrics
where the fuck are we? struggling to death a world where you can't get ahead. its a race world of who hates more, watch your step or you'll end up dead. your soul lives on or so they say. you won't find out til' your dying day, and untill then you wish you weren't alive in order to find out you have to try to survive. you can hardly believe, tears clog your eyes. you live your life like you want to die, you'd lose control if you had it. you'd sell your soul if you believed in it. you know my pain is real, i've spoke of it to you. now tell me brother when im down and out is there a fucking thing i can do?
02:00 187 2,67 0.10
Gonna Bust Lyrics
I don't know who to trust.
Feel like I'm gonna bust
Everyone is changing around me.
I feel like I'm the same but who am I to say
When you're pointing the finger at me.

Quit giving me your excuses.
They mean nothing coming from you mouth.
You took something I that i love,
And turned it upside down
00:47 186 1,04 0.10
We Ain't The Same Lyrics 02:06 192 2,87 0.10
Cold World Lyrics
There's a war going on outside no man is safe from
You can run but you can't hide forever.
From the fact that we're all gonna die alone
No one's looking out for you
Every man for himself.
You have your friends by your side
But in the end are they gonna be there for you?

Love, hate, kings, queens
You die alone in a cold world
Greed, lust, envy, trust
You get crushed in a cold world
Drugs, money, power, sex
What'd you expect in a cold world
Fight, fuck, coke, dust
All fucked up in a cold world.
02:13 192 3,02 0.10