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Front 242

Headhunter (EP), Front 242 Headhunter (EP) 1988, Single/EP
Still & Raw, Front 242 Still & Raw 2003, Album
Animal, Front 242 Animal 1993, Single/EP
Endless Riddance (Single), Front 242 Endless Riddance (Single) 1983, Single/EP
Tyranny For You, Front 242 Tyranny For You 1991, Album
Tragedy For You (Single), Front 242 Tragedy For You (Single) 1990, Single/EP
Front By Front, Front 242 Front By Front 1988, Album
Tragedy For You Two (Single), Front 242 Tragedy For You Two (Single) 1990, Single/EP
Politics Of Pressure (Single), Front 242 Politics Of Pressure (Single) 1985, Single/EP
Official Version, Front 242 Official Version 1987, Album
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Commando Mix Lyrics
I wanna survive..
This is the warning
Principles are dead
Morality can wait
You've got to survive in this jungle
Stick it in your mind

This is the warning
Enemies are watching

Open the window
Jump on the roof
Danger can come
From everywhere
My skin is damp, I'm shivring
Am I scared or am I cold
The tension rises

You've got to survive
Stick it in your mind
It's your Leitmotiv

09:29 256 17,01 0.10
Deceit (Behind Your Face) Lyrics 03:50 256 6,80 0.10
Lovely Day Lyrics
It will never be like before
Lovely day
He never expected such a lovely day
Be sure he'll find you back someday

It was a lovely day
The day you walked away
Revenge came out to play
When you refused to stay
He walks through empty lanes
Cold anger, bursting veins
Now that I've lost your track
How could I bring you back

Be sure he won't forget
'coz the last words you said
Dissect his heart like golden scissors
Disrupt his head with morning quivers
Make him regret each moment spent with you
Make him regret what he intended to do
Too late to stop this agony

Lovely day
He never expected such a gift

It was a lovely day
The day you walked away
There's too much on my mind
To leave it all behind
Just hoping that I find
There's too much on my mind
Wait now for the night
The prey, the kill, the flight
Return then of the light
Won't reveal any displeasure

Don't ask me for more
It will never be like before

See the clouds gather low
He's walking in the lanes
His new life is so cruel
When there's sun it still rains
05:27 272 9,98 0.10
No Shuffle Lyrics
There is no shuffle
There is no shuffle here
Here on the North Pole
On this quiet dome
Sunshine on crystal
And milky walls of ice
All seem so fragile
Under the polar sky

Cold in head
But warm in the heart
You could find pleasure
You could find displeasure
There is no sound here
But the rumbling waves
Of the polar sea

I know this anger burning inside of you
And I'm afraid I can feel it too
I know this anger burning inside of you
There is an ice-floe between you and me

This is the place
This is the only place
Cold in the head
Warm in the heart

There is no shuffle
There is no shuffle here
Here on the North Pole
On this quiet dome
Remember what they said
You've got to go ahead
Always ahead
03:58 256 6,94 0.10
Special Forces Lyrics
Mental wires are sucking our bones
See how tha insect hooks
Towers open fire
Burning the records
Please enter the garden
The green garden of delights
No more trouble
No more answers
No mer songs of joy
The sugeon plies the steel
If we do well, we shall
Drink the juice and eat the pill
From red insects we dissect
From dark ah ah we reject
Descend lower, descend slowly
Find your own conception
Descend lower, descend slowly
Find your knife construction
Mental wires we must freeze
Lethal fires burn our knees

Garden of delights / Green garden
Garden of delights / G.O.D.
05:29 256 9,57 0.10
S. FR. Nomenklatura (Part 1) Lyrics 04:27 272 8,35 0.10
S. FR. Nomenklatura (Part 2) Lyrics 02:11 256 3,96 0.10
Body To Body (new Version) Lyrics 04:15 256 7,53 0.10
See The Future (Live) Lyrics 06:21 256 10,99 0.10
In November (Live) Lyrics 02:39 256 4,68 0.10
Special Forces Demo Lyrics 04:50 240 8,09 0.10