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Nihil, KMFDM
Release type: Album
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Duration: 48:54  
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Ultra Lyrics
When you peel back my eyes
I see the pain and feel alive
My hatred heaps upon this fire
That burns inside and you blow higher
But I don't need you anymore
You cannot hurt me anymore
Keep it away from the fire unless you want it to burn
It burns - Wildfire
Set on fire
You caught on fire
And when you take me in your mind
Into this dirty sodden shrine
I do not need you anymore
You cannot hurt me anymore
04:33 256 8,35 0.10
Juke Joint Jezebel Lyrics
I can't reject this empty hole
I cannot count the bloody cost
I can't believe this wretched soul
Come penetrate all this loss
Come on and kill this sense of life
And be the one who is denied
Now show me one more upturned knife
And fill the emptiness inside

Be mine sister salvation
Juke-Joint Jezebel is coming for my cremation
Be mine sister salvation
Closer now - See the revelation

If I could leave my burning skin
That has been used up in your sin
Is there a tiny part of me
Untouched - Unsoiled by misery

Be mine sister salvation
Juke-Joint Jezebel is coming for my cremation
Be mine sister salvation
Closer now - See the revelation

I am the city that will lie
You are the one that blame passed by
This is the place where I will weep
The loneliness of sweet conceit

Be mine sister salvation
Juke-Joint Jezebel is coming for my cremation
Be mine sister salvation
Closer now - See the revelation
05:41 256 10,38 0.10
Flesh Lyrics
You're so perfect that you're putting me off
And I don't want you in my hair ooh ooh ooh ooh
You say I'm no where well I'm not there
But really I don't care ooh ooh ooh ooh
You can wear lace or paint your face
But you're not rock and roll ooh ooh ooh ooh
If nothing else matters
You can do what you want
And my fate will thrill your soul

We're all crazy now
We're all crazy now
We're all crazy we're all crazy we're all crazy now

I'm just a kid from the wrong side of town
And I'm never gonna get better ooh ooh ooh ooh
All I wanna do is be were I am
And the uptight stuff won't let ya ooh ooh ooh ooh
It gets me mad and I wanna be bad
And I don't really have to try ooh ooh ooh ooh
Cuz when I get down to the club to lead the band
It always gets me high

We're all crazy now
We're all crazy now
We're all crazy we're all crazy now we're all crazy now

The girl was standin' on the ledge
The crowd is screaming up
Hey man come on and jump
And as I teetered on the edge
I heard a voice say
Come down baby
We're all crazy now

We're all crazy now
We're all crazy now
We're all crazy now
We're all crazy now
We're all crazy we're all crazy we're all crazy now
05:01 256 9,21 0.10
Beast Lyrics
My youth is wasted - I'm evasive and vague
I'm a headless beast - I'm a subtle plague
I'm a cheatin' liar - I am naked terror
I hurt - I wound - I'm a fatal error
I'm a non-believer - I refuse and resist
I don't play no more - I'm a terrorist
I'm a radical pig - I exploit and abuse
I am total chaos - Strange and abstruse
I don't make sense - I got my pride
Don't need no meaning
I feel no shame - I will not believe
I got no choice - I'm out of control
And I love it
I'm a man who's sick - But I got class
'Coz you only get respect - When you're kickin' ass
Non-compliance - Non-aggressive
Non-contagious - Non-involvement
Non-productive - Non-religious
Non-resistant - Non-subjective
05:06 256 9,36 0.10
Terror Lyrics
Day after day innocent people are being deported,
interrogated and tortured - Put through the third degree
Fundamentalist forces are undermining the integrity
of liberal and democratic political structures
Radical anarchists, fascists and terrorists are
responsible for the violence

Our societies are saturated with bloodlust,
sensationalism and violence as a result of alienation
from oneself's reality
How much longer do we tolerate mass murder
Hand-cuffs and shackles won't frighten us
Neither cattle-prod nor electrical-whip will silence us
We shall use all peaceful means to overcome tyranny
Persist and march on
They can't use our shame against us
Regardless of race, social status or gender
We're all affected
I try to keep my faith alive
I'm close enough to trip the wire
I cannot keep my hate inside
I'm gonna set myself on fire
I get closer beat by beat
To get the thing I really need
I'm fucking terrified
Will you be ever satisfied
04:49 256 8,85 0.10
Search & Destroy Lyrics
Will we close our eyes - Will we fall for those lies
Or will we make the conclusion
That this life's a delusion
Will we do what we're told - 'til the day that we're sold
Or will we raise our voices - Make alternative choices
What's up
Our silence is death - We shall resist the violence
And we'll never give up - Only death is silence
Are we victims or winners - Believers or sinners
Do we sit in the saddle - Or are we just cattle
Are we wretched or bold - Garbage or gold
Can we make the right call - Can we change it at all
Acceptance is surrender - Vile and vicious slander
We don't want to be ruled - By a handful of fools
03:26 256 6,30 0.10
Disobedience Lyrics
This is the throne where hatred keeps
What is sown is never reaped
This is the blindness that you need
This is the vein on which you feed
This is the dignity that you felt
This is the gutter where you have knelt
This is your wretched, heavin' high
These are the shamed, the damned, the blamed
I can smell the slowly spreadin' stain
Oh, the burden of shame
Surrender - It's just one twist
I will surrender - My aching wrist
I can't remember - It's never enough
I will surrender - It's never enough
Oh my darling
Give me reason
Give me something
To believe in
Close your eyes
One for all and all for one
The quest for truth
Disobedient yet responsive
Out of darkness there will be light
It's a war with no winners
When violence hits home
Ignorance is your religion
Take this spear and heal thyself
One too many lies
It's the greatest swindle
Everything falls into place
Take these words and feel thyself
04:43 256 8,63 0.10
Revolution Lyrics
In fear of my life
I went suddenly crazy
Surrounded by beasts
In a world of disease

I'm in fear I'm in anger
I'm in a desperate state
I will be careful now
And I will make no mistake

If there's a hard way
It's gotta be mine
But I learned my lesson
And I'm gonna be fine

What's gonna happen
I need to know
I don't want to suffer
Is it yes or is it no

It's the end of this world
Something's gone wrong
Give me one last kiss
Revolution has begun

It's the end of this world
Something must end
Time is right for a change
It is all in our hands
04:27 256 8,15 0.10
Brute Lyrics
Between the liquor, the bed and the noise in my head
Between your mind and my crime
And me in the grime
Between the gun, the lead and the lies that I said
Through your sweet breath
Comes the dawn of my death
Touch me - Hate me
Give yourself to me and break me
Cut these eyes and I will see
Kiss these lying lips for me
Stroke this skin and I will kneel
Brutalize me I will heal
Between the bullet and my lip
And the lies you let slip
Between the dirt of this soul
And your heart that's a hole
Between the place where you hit
And this face where you spit
Through your sweet breath
Comes the dawn of my death
04:26 256 8,09 0.10
Trust Lyrics
We both know it's your game and I'm just playing along
I'll just be your monkey and be made to believe I'm paranoid
Cuz that's easier for me than to believe what I have seen
So ooh-ooh-ah-ah-ooh-ooh-ah-ah when I ask for you and
you don't condescend to respond

The rules of the game change
But the banana stays in the cage
You can squeeze your hand between the bars
But you can't have your hand back

When one you love has grown tired in such a substantial way
Too bad we're each no more strong than we are
and there's just nothing to say
But if you really insist on squashing me like a bug
Couldn't you be merciful and just stomp on me instead of
this prolonged smear

My 8 mangled legs kick and twist
My 5 dozen eyes reflect back on themselves
But insects don't eat bananas
06:46 256 12,39 0.10