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Never Funny Vol. 1 (Mixed by DJ Just Dizle), Various Artists
Never Funny Vol. 1 (Mixed By DJ Just Dizle)
Release type: Bootleg
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Release date:


Duration: 78:01  
Size, Mb: 97,16  


Price for album: 1.12 (discount 20%)  

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Dig A Hole Lyrics 03:26 183 4,48 0.10
Desire Lyrics 03:03 173 3,77 0.10
Keys Open Doors Lyrics
Verse 1: Pusha T]
Make ya skin crawl
Press one button, let the wind fall
Who gon' stop us? Fuck the coppers! The mind of a KILO shopper
Seein' my life through the windshields of coppers
I ain't spend one rap dollar in 3 years, holla!
Money's the least, drag a bitch by her dog collar
Now ho folla', this is my +GHETTO STORY+
Like Cham, Ice-P is the Don Dotta
Open the Frigidaire, 25 to life in here
So much white you might think ya Holy Christ is near
Throw on your Louis V millionaires to kill the glare
Ice trays? Nada! All you see is pigeons paired
The realest shit I ever wrote, not Pac inspired
Its crack pot inspired, my real niggaz quote
Bitch never cook my coke! Why? Never trust a ho with your child
At you make believe rappers I smile! HA!
Canals treatin my style, like you internet sharing my files
You, My Space, niggaz!
So kill the comparison, I'm South Beach sippin on Sara Fin'
Wellfy check nigga, I never been! Cook money clean through Merryl Lynch,
Shit, accountant just gasp at the smell of it! (Gasp!)
Meet the dealer, ain't a bitch realer
So you ain't gotta question why Pusha don't feel ya!
Now get the fuck off!

[Chorus: Pusha T]
KIs open doors
KIs open doors
KIs open doors
KIs, KIs open doors
KIs open doors
KIs open doors
KIs open doors
KIs, KIs open doors
KIs open doors
KIs open doors
KIs open doors
KIs, KIs open doors
(Check it!)
KIs open doors
KIs, KIs open doors

[Verse 2: Malice]
Throw it on the scale, feed ya God damn self
Get it how you live, we don't ask for help (No)
Word on the street is you gon love how it melt
And I don't come with a pitch neither, the shit sell itself!
I yell Re-Up til I'm locked like Ma-Mia
And get it cross the state with the grace of Maria
Keep on toys, you gon know us when you see us
Living street tales worthy of Don Divas
Keys in the floor, mistress in Dior
Bitch tell me she love me, but I know she's a whore
Shit could get ugly, she could talk to the law
Its just what I get, its the roses of war
Fuck the Bureau! Rather be spending Euros
And get fed grapes, fuck hoes in plurals
Just like Heaven as I gaze at the mural
What a piece of mind when you copy some Shapiro's
Cheers to the future as we toast to life
I prevailing in Miami, I'm a socialite, nigga!
The cars is big, the cribs is bigger
The kids are happy, the perfect picture
Gemstar razor, the fruit of my labor
And I walk with a glow, it's like the Lord's shown favor
These bitches fake like the hoes on +Flavor+
But I don't mind spending, all it is is paper! Yes!
03:37 185 4,78 0.10
Music Is 4 Life (Feat. Nas & Marsha) Lyrics 02:55 173 3,61 0.10
Da Shit Lyrics 01:53 181 2,45 0.10
Don't Hate Me (the N)
Lyrics 03:13 185 4,23 0.10
On Night Lyrics 03:59 167 4,73 0.10
Imagine (Feat. Dr. Dre & D'angelo) Lyrics 04:15 177 5,34 0.10
Ride Around Lyrics 04:22 133 4,14 0.10
Get Low Lyrics 02:28 183 3,21 0.10
Boss Life (Feat. Akon) Lyrics 03:31 195 4,89 0.10
Help (Feat. Keri Hilson) Lyrics 03:15 170 3,94 0.10
Trouble Lyrics
Do you see heaven
Like I do
Or is it just me
Wanting you

Tonight I'm special
Like no one else
I hope you need me
For yourself

Does it make you happy
To be so free
The times we shared
You loving me

And as you leave
And walk away
Your eyes they tell me
Someday you'll stay

What's going on here
What must we fear
To live in this fantasyland in your mind
Who'll carry the load
For dreams left untold
Can you live in this world all mine

I would walk this journey
To say goodbye
To have you close would
Make me high

All the good things
That made you see
It was the strong thing
Being with me


Just look high above
And you'll see where we should be
And if tomorrow makes
If tomorrow breaks us

Then you stand still and I'll
Show you me

Like you never knew
Or is it just me
Wanting you
So as you leave
And walk away
I knew you'd come back
Now let's play

03:44 179 4,76 0.10
It's Me Bitches Lyrics 02:23 177 3,01 0.10