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Project Pat

Mista Don't Play: Everythang's Workin, Project Pat Mista Don't Play: Everythang's Workin 2001, Album
Real Recognize Real, Project Pat Real Recognize Real 2009, Album
Murderers & Robbers, Project Pat Murderers & Robbers 2001, Album
Ghetty Green, Project Pat Ghetty Green 1999, Album
King Of All Kings, Project Pat King Of All Kings 2010, Album
Walkin' Bank Roll, Project Pat Walkin' Bank Roll 2007, Album
History Of Violence, Project Pat History Of Violence 2008, Album
Cut Throat, Project Pat Cut Throat 2009, Album
Belly On Full, Project Pat Belly On Full 2012, Album
P.O.L.O. (Horse Power), Project Pat P.O.L.O. (Horse Power) 2012, Single/EP
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Murderers & Robbers, Project Pat
Murderers & Robbers
Release type: Album
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Pimptro Lyrics 00:32 192 0,73 0.10
North North Lyrics
Yeah nigga. It's official. North North. It's on nigga.

[Chorus: repeat 4X]

Crackin' niggas jaws
Runnin hoes into walls
Niggas yellin "North North!"
Hoes screamin "North North!"

[Project Pat]
On the north side of town (North North!)
Lurk the killers and the thugs (North North!)
Those who never show no pity (North North!)
Come up short, feel the slugs (North North!)
Upper tone to ya dome (North North!)
When it's over then that's it (North North!)
Ain't gon' be no comin' back (North North!)
You's a victim of this shit (North North!)
Heard the clique (North North!)
Then the gun blast (North North!)
Then yo' body fall (North North!)
In a hood (North North!)
Where this gang shit wrote all on the wall (North North!)
You can call who you want (North North!)
But the police ain't gon' come (North North!)
Till the killers leave the scene (North North!)
And the shit's already done (North North!)
Any one of you lames dumpin stolars to yo' fo (North North!)
If it's anna on yo' chest, I'ma bring it to yo' do' (North North!)
Heidy ho, like I'm ?? (North North!)
Like I'm Lone Ranger (North North!)
Hollows in the chamber (North North!)
Now yo' life's in danger (North North!)
Project not a stranger (North North!)
To dra-ma-ci-dal life (North North!)
Get yo' ass blowed (North North!)
Off in front-of-kids-and-wife (North North!)
Nigga what's beef (North North!)
You can see me in the street (North North!)
I'ma show you what's real (North North!)
When the glock's in yo' grill (North North!)


[Project Pat]
You can die out here (North North!)
Motherfucker don't pay (North North!)
With the don't play (North North!)
Let the AK forty spray (North North!)
Dead body lay (North North!)
Who's to say (North North!)
Who's gonna get brains (North North!)
Blowed out (North North!)
In front of hoes (North North!)
You weak niggas (North North!)
Love to show out (North North!)
Bouts to slice up the blunt (North North!)
With the razor (North North!)
Fill it with 'dro and get blowed (North North!)
Somethin' major (North North!)
Page my dawgs who stay strapped (North North!)
With them youngsters (North North!)
Or bust on them rollers chief 187 soldiers (North North!)
Mass outta town (North North!)
We slang crack (North North!)
Till we flippin ki's glock to back (North North!)
Cuz for a mill (North North!)
We some dinner thieves (North North!)
Be's the player who runs game (North North!)
Kind of chickery candy paint and chrome twanks (North North!)
When I pickery (North North!)
Hickory dickory (North North!)
Gimme some (North North!)
Oh, you slobbering? (North North!)
That's how you niggas be gettin' caught (North North!)
In a robbery (North North!)
Possibly niggas squeeze on the trigger (North North!)
Then you peel away (North North!)
North Memphis (North North!)
This type of shit happen everyday (North North!)


["North North" till end with Juicy J ad libs]
04:11 192 5,74 0.10
I Get Da Chewin' Lyrics 03:24 192 4,69 0.10
Riding On Chrome Lyrics 04:11 192 5,74 0.10
This Ain't No Game Lyrics 04:17 192 5,89 0.10
Bitch Smackin Killa Lyrics
[(Chorus) 3x]
Pistol packin, never slackin, bitch killa
Pistol packin, never slackin, bitch smackin killa

As I slip into the back of my mind
and thinkin of gettin caught man how could I do the time
The crime is a murder heard you fuckin with my nig
The magnum's gonna serve ya, bitch I'm fixin to split your wig
I'm thinkin out ways to get lose without a trace
You see without a pistol man they do not have a case
Erasin a fool wait until he leaves the house
Walkin around his corner ride by and takin him out
the box on the blocks police ride up on the scene
witnesses saw the shots and I know they heard her scream
Redeem me the testimonies would not even last
In court because everybody they saw wore a mask
The blast from the gun was the hollow point tips
the kind that leave you dead in a damn perfect hit
I trips off a fool tryin me on the for realla
He's fuckin with a pistol packin, bitch smackin killa

[Chorus 4x]

As I ride through the hood with some undisputed niggas
Pain sellin, dope smokin, cold-blooded killers
Trigga, my nigga from the north Frayser area
Down with the Patster causin mass hysteria
Well ever stoked out best we leave with no doubt
Ridin through the other side ready to take a punk out
Assed out sucker types you gonna learn your lesson
Let me see your gangsta friends shootin Smith and Wessons
Testin the clan just to see if you can get enough
You's a foolish man I'll be damned if we don't fuck you up
So whassup with your posse with your fuckin game punk
Fuckin with these hitmen you gonna get your ass dumped
Pop the trunk, get your pump, let's see what you made of
Watch me kill a bitch with a .38 bullet slug
Sell your drugs I don't care if you a dope dealer
Best pack a pistol bitch cause I'm a killer

[Chorus 2x]

You say I need to take care of my business
well why are you pussy-eatin motherfuckers in it
You about to witness a mafia called Triple 6
Real niggas that don't fall all over bullshit
I'm tired of these motherfuckers lickin and my Joesta
Let me ride up on ya with the tec and Imma show ya
You don't know me well punk bitch nigga bring it on
Niggas dont fight no more junk niggas carry tones
I tried to be done at first now I'm just another devil
walkin with a psychotic mind and a piece of metal

[Chorus 4x]
04:09 192 5,68 0.10
Murderers & Robbers Lyrics 05:05 192 6,99 0.10
Red Rum Lyrics
Total f/ Notorious B.I.G.
Can't You See 12", Total, New Jersey Drive soundtrack

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Give me all the chicken heads from Pasadena to Medina
Bet Big get in between ya
Then pick the prognosis, doses
Blends and Bends like Twizzlers
Biggie's fitting to hurt
What's under that skirt?
(Slow down, son, you're killin us)
Who fillin 'em with octane?
Got 'em gassed up
'Bout to get blast up, sup
The last one, word to your mother
Brother, listen
I've seen it when he kissed 'em at the way
Made his body shake
The high tide it 8 50 I's smoke tank
Rap terror whore crow and terror, true
Fly by the rivers but this is conspicuous
Bad Boys slipped in ninety-five ridiculous
My rap's rhymes is like land mines
One step, ka-boom, black suits fill the room
To whom it may concern, Junior Mafia's the click
Act up, I'll have my honeys Total bust your...

In the middle day now baby
I seem to think of only you, hey, oh yeah
Never thinking for a moment baby
That you've been thinking of me too, yeah, so

1 - I can't wait for the day
That we can be together
I can't let you walk away
Can't you see you and me
Were meant to be, oh baby
And there's nothing left to say

2 - Can't you see what you do to me
Our love was meant to be you were made for me, oh baby
Can't you see what you do to me
Our love was meant to be you were made for me

Every time I see you
I get this feeling, oh yeah
Telling me you are the one
Oh what a feeling, hey

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

Take me away, so far away
Oh what you do to me, oh
I wanna be alone together
Somewhere just you and me
Oh, oh

Repeat 1 until fade
03:11 192 4,40 0.10
Fuck A Bitch Lyrics 04:34 192 6,29 0.10
Easily Executed Lyrics
Easily Executed [X4]

[Verse 1]
Cracking niggas jaws, running hoes into walls
Punks begging for they lives, mothafucka I don't pause
When I blast on yo ass I'm gone empty this clip
Nigga live by yo rep, but I ain't taking shit
When I slip in my disguise, letting you know what I'm about
And I'm blasting at the dark, that's gon blow yo brains out
Of yo head, leave you dead, in a pool of yo blood
Niggas died, niggas scared, cause, I don't show no love
Ain't no fear, when I hear, that the police got a witness
Now they looking for a suspect in North Memphis
Whose this realistic killa wit no conscience
Full of that alcohol, never smoking blunt junts
Get the pump, known as the seven shot scatter gun
Splatter some suckas head open, then I break and run
To the car, parked round the other corner of the street
Hit the gas fast, dog a nigga gotta beat the heat

Fuckin wit the nigga like Pat, you can die hoe
When I come out wit the gat, I'm a ?try? hoe [X2]

Easily Executed [X8]

[Verse 2]
Bow down and recognize, nigga it's a homicide
Fuckin wit the nigga like the pastor, that's a suicide
Mission that yo ass on, besta pack a chrome tome
Suckas play that role, like they killas bring it on jones
Roaming in ya neighborhood, and I got my sawed-off
Caught cha getting yo shit, I got my junt and blew yo ass off
Fool, I'm fo real black, caps I'm gon peal back
Not that psychopathic crazy nigga, but I'll snap
You in half wit my bare hands, trick this ain't no candy land
Hoe this ain't no game, they gon find you in a trash can
Down-town fulla flys, blood drippin from yo eyes
?dig? a hoes body for days, and they can't decide
who did it, who done it, police on that okey-doke
say it's drug related cause I did like them white folks do
late at night, wit no witnesses around bro
letting yo ass know, if you step, you can die hoe

Fuckin wit the nigga like Pat, you can die hoe
When I come out wit the gat, I'm a ?try? hoe [X2]

Fuckin wit the nigga like Pat, you can die hoe
When I (When I) come out wit the gat, I'm a ?try? hoe [X2]
03:15 192 4,45 0.10
Puttin Hoez On Da House Lyrics 03:23 192 4,65 0.10
Outhro Lyrics 01:22 192 1,86 0.10