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His Name Is Alive

XMMER, His Name Is Alive XMMER 2007, Album
Mouth By Mouth, His Name Is Alive Mouth By Mouth 1993, Album
Detrola, His Name Is Alive Detrola 2006, Album
Can't Always Be Loved (EP), His Name Is Alive Can't Always Be Loved (EP) 1998, Single/EP
Stars On E.S.P. , His Name Is Alive Stars On E.S.P. 1996, Album
Home Is in your Head, His Name Is Alive Home Is In Your Head 1991, Album
Tecuciztecatl, His Name Is Alive Tecuciztecatl 2014, Album
Patterns Of Light, His Name Is Alive Patterns Of Light 2016, Album
Ft. Lake , His Name Is Alive Ft. Lake 1998, Album
Mouth by Mouth, His Name Is Alive Mouth By Mouth 1993, Album
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Mouth By Mouth, His Name Is Alive
Mouth By Mouth
Release type: Album
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Duration: 49:51  
Size, Mb: 91,57  


Price for album: 1.36 (discount 20%)  

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Baby Fish Mouth Lyrics 02:35 256 4,70 0.10
Lip Lyrics
We sing together we sing mouth to mouth
The garden is a river flowing south
The bees are sippin honey
Our tongues know the steps so well
Twisted arms behind your back
Leaves you dry
My thoughts are smooth
Slide over each other
My thoughts are snakes
They play all the games
They know each other well
They know each others names
02:59 256 5,48 0.10
Cornfield Lyrics
Through the fields row by row
One plant at a time
Down the row field by field
This field will take a long time
There's corn from here to night
This field will take all day
Twelve hours and we'll home
Until then we'll walk the row

The sun is in the heart
And I am sending light and warmth

In the gold, city of gold
In the black, city of sand
The great lakes, the summer, the heat, the corn
The great lakes, the heat, mazola the oil
When the fish are jumpin, in the summer time

I've driven from the country to here
Its so much hotter in the city
Cause they ain't got god in the city
I'm so tired of this
03:17 256 6,03 0.10
In Every Ford Lyrics
Keep your black hands out of my mouth
Someone's got to put these people in the ground
Push me down and claim to be me
My body's borrowed have you seen it
Be grinning half breed grinning
A stove for your family
A wool head in every ford
I have lost my bearings
Instead to find these missing earrings
03:45 256 6,88 0.10
Lord, Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace Lyrics
Everytime I feel the spirit
When I pray
Everytime I feel my hearts desire
When I pray
O my soul
He sends down a fire
Make me a channel of your peace
02:20 256 4,27 0.10
Drink, Dress, And Ink Lyrics 02:32 256 4,67 0.10
Where Knock Is Open Wide Lyrics
My wet ear slides into your mouth
Fish me out
In the place to faith assigned
Where ask is have and seek is find
Where knock is open wide

In the dark
Your dark eyes always
Always reflecting
The tongue is the fish in the mouth
If I don't see you no more
I'll think about you forever
I write my senses
My soul prayer
Unites creator and I
02:48 256 5,13 0.10
Can't Go Wrong Without You Lyrics 03:16 256 6,00 0.10
Jack Rabbits Lyrics 01:56 256 3,56 0.10
Sort Of Lyrics
To hope until hope creates
From its own wreck
The thing it contemplates
Sort of immortal
Never say goodbye
You are here now
01:09 256 2,13 0.10
Sick Lyrics
So is there really something great?
Do you remember the things you said you'd send
Well I guess they never came anyway
And I'm sure you never cared anyway
Take my head and a hand
Smash me against the wall
Numerous times I think i've wandered
The black and stony hills
Are they really ours to decide when I return will I?
I've been trying to picture me with you
And there's a very strange wall
Built into the side of a hill
And it looks just like a sign or a clue
For somebody else
Its a signal to deliver
The final crushing blow
03:52 256 7,11 0.10
Blue Moon Lyrics 02:17 256 4,21 0.10
Ear Lyrics
Dear friend
As I write this letter
I hope you are okay
There's something on my mind today
I thought you'd like to hear
Eighteen Eighty Eight
Twelve Twenty Third
He gave her his ear
"Guard this object carefully"
And then he disappeared
A trail of blood led to his room
They found his body there
Razor in his right hand
He sliced through his left ear
Started high at the back
Hacking downwards fast
Left the upper ear attached
An ugly fleshy flap
02:05 256 3,80 0.10
Lemon Ocean Lyrics
I'm drinking to the light
To the lemon and the yellow
And I wallow in the ocean
And I'm feeling lemon yellow
And don't ask me why
No I don't know why
We would sail into the heat
Like the sun would never stop
Swimming in the waves
I'd drink a lemon ocean
I'd drink the other seven
I'd drink a lemon ocean

Sail across it lightly
Dreaming straight through
Saying nothing at all
Like there was nothing better to do
Like the thing was water
We'd sail when it was hot
Saying nothing at all
Like the sun would never stop
02:50 256 5,17 0.10
The Torso Lyrics
It whispers the sweet things
It says the sweetest things
It takes you by the wrist
Twists your arms behind your back
The storm in your eye
Suggests an inner calm
Soul sleeps soul snakes
Soul sleeps and soul snakes
The blood from her neck
Frames her head like a halo
Pony tail hangin down
I've got you upside down
Washed up on the beach
You were wet
You were drowned

Memory believes before knowing remembers
Memory believes longer than recollects
Longer than knowing even wonders
03:25 256 6,28 0.10
The Dirt Eaters Lyrics
I'd eat all the dirt in this yard for you
And all the dogbones too if you asked me

Do you know the
Smell of your own face?
Will you eat the
Will you eat the world?
Gone to a place thats rotten
Feast on whats in the way
Going to an open, to a clearing
The soil is sour and unforgiving
We buried our guilt
I think I left the shovel there
Any sick brain
Knows an unknown fellow
Makes me think about things
04:47 256 8,79 0.10
The Homesick Waltz Lyrics 04:01 256 7,36 0.10