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More Fish, Ghostface Killah
More Fish
Release type: Tribute (to Various Artists) / Album
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Duration: 58:26  
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Ghost Is Back Lyrics 05:04 192 6,42 0.10
Miguel Sanchez Lyrics
(Trife Da God)
thirty thousand feet up in the air, up in the Leer
dressed in a black tux, forty cal tucked, strapped in a chair
half-asleep hoppin' out of my seat, caught in a daze
turned around and saw a white man's face covered in shades
I must've passed out, can't remember shit before I blacked out
three more niggas approachin' holdin' they macs out
one spoke, gave me the keys to a boat, reached in his trenchcoat and pulled out a yellow envelope
which contained twenty thousand in cash, a photograph of a Columbian nigga with a long mustache
Miguel Sanchez, keep a gun hidden in his pants' leg with armed bodyguards, surveilance around his land spread
he runs a billion dollar organization under investigation, plus he's wanted by immigration
now I'm stuck, crazy look on my face, shocked in amazement, how the fuck I get involved with these federal agents? they knew my background, knew about what happened out in Sac-town, they knew about the rap down South, they laid the facts down
said I had two decisions, take out Miguel and his cartel, or spend the rest of my life in prison
a classified mission on some James Bond shit, 007-style up against some straight convicts
now I'm pondering, thoughts wandering, got my girl on the phone, tell her to kiss little J, 'cause I'll be gone again
"Honey I can't speak." she suckin' her cheek, "If everything go good baby I'll be home in a week."
pinchin' myself just to see if I'm dreaming, call up my team and meet me by the docks in Miami, I fly out this weekend

(Sun God)
I got you nigga, 4-4 pop two niggas, that druglord that we want got a spot for niggas, and if we kill him, it's back to the block my nigga, he carry Rugers, 34 shots I figure
he only holla at the kid when there's money involved, they pack shotguns, hollow tips, dummies and all
but me and Trife doin' right together, got no choice but give us ten, like we sellin' white together, left side 4-5 right black beretta, takin' trips overseas flippin packs for better, every flight a hundred stacks and better so grind hard, get your money up, get on your grillies, don't mind odds
fuck a cop car, throw on some chumpers and try drop charge, hit the block hard
it's kinda hard being G-O-D, if he owe Trife, he owe me, load up the mac rounds, M-I-A, call that the Jack-Town
tell niggas I'm on my way, comin' back down, Miguel Mr. Sanchez, it's a wrap now
Theodore extortin' your shit, handin' out packs now,
I used to listen to 50 and jam Back Down, now I sling 50 kilos where I'm at now, 50 a wop, purple top, nigga I'm back, clown, Cristal bottles, Grey Goose for the chat lounge, Channel 7 News, older dude murdered, gat found
02:52 192 3,71 0.10
Guns N' Razors Lyrics 03:15 192 4,37 0.10
Outta Town Shit Lyrics 03:45 192 4,85 0.10
Good Lyrics 03:41 176 4,42 0.10
Street Opera Lyrics 03:53 160 4,39 0.10
Block Rock Lyrics 02:33 224 3,83 0.10
Miss Info Celebrity Drama (Skit) Lyrics 00:44 192 1,01 0.10
Pokerface Lyrics 02:45 208 3,84 0.10
Greedy Bitches Lyrics 03:38 208 5,04 0.10
Josephine Lyrics 04:10 160 4,46 0.10
Grew Up Hard Lyrics 04:47 224 7,18 0.10
Blue Armor Lyrics 03:08 176 3,60 0.10
You Know I'm No Good Lyrics 04:24 208 6,11 0.10
Alex (Stolen Script) Lyrics
Yea.....that's right
Hardy Boys shit...uh huh
Smoke a Winston to this shit nigga
Word up bout to fuckin' throw ya head up, Yea

Yo, yo he got his stones from Greece
In mouth he had like thirty plus karats
Big ratchets, smoke cigars like a Bogart classic
Told niggaz if he dies he want a glass casket
Parents died when he was five years old
Made his way inside the US with Columbian Gold
A fake name and a passport
Benetton luggage, one sister, pretty thing, light skin
Niggaz will body over her like fuck it
With a scar by her left eye
Her brother Alex was extremely close, he sold coats and minks
Had trays put in toilets and sinks
Loved to roller skate, ninety nine did time up in Rahway
Came home blown, the thorough kings and soldiers
Never gave a fuck about that MC beef in Queens
Alex, he was a rich nigga
He had close to ten bodies under his belt
His man did the last one and got murdered himself
Took him a while to get his head together
Alex one day out in LA, made a call in New York
Told his man Oc, God it's goin' down, fly the whole team in for support
Remember that Ray shit that Jamie Foxx played? That was my shit
I never got paid, they got rich off a stolen script
In ninety eight I seen Charles on the Cali strip
Showed him the copyrights, his life in the real flick
In Braille, he read it in no time
Hit me with his math, said I'll give you some more lines
Real talk, stand up dude
Said how you like Jamie Foxx to replay you? He said yea that's cool
But under one circumstance, you think he can bow my walk, flip my talk and my hands?
I said sure why not, he can imitate anything trust me this young boy hot
Shook his hand then I bounced in the limo
Grabbed my cell, bit my cigar and then rolled down the window
Contacted Stony Brook and Roberts
Told them we got it in ten ?, yo Ray Ray signed it
Now we can move on and shoot this live shit
With mad options, Paramount and DreamWorks we shop it
Or Mandalay and New Line cop it
I go and get ten mil' and blow it on the independent market
But anyway down in PF Chains, I had a meeting with this rich investor
Said they'll throw twenty million on the kid's film only if he chose the cast
He was drunk, he was talkin' real fast
So I test his mouth, laid back then I put him on blast
Where exactly we gon' get this cash?
I gotta ill Gotti Gigante connect
Wise guys that kill Bulotti, catching bodies, earnin' respect
The waiter came in a dropped off the shrimp fried rice he ordered
I said thanks as he poured my water
Then out came the veggie rolls, sesame chicken and mint tea
Rice wine had me wanting to pee
Said excuse me I'll be right back, pardon me
Grabbed his glass and he nodded to me
Skated off to take a piss, the shit felt like a nut
Got back the dude vanished, briefcase, script, and all
Ask the waiter where he go, the motherfucker spoke Spanish
02:48 208 4,03 0.10
Gotta Hold On Lyrics 03:01 224 4,65 0.10
Back Like That (Remix) Lyrics
[Intro: Kanye West (Ghostface Killah)]
It's ya boy Ne-Yo, we gonna do it like this
The Roc is in the building, yeah (It's the remix yo)
Kanye is in the building
(Yo, the monster don is in the building) we in here
(Kanye West is in the building) Ghostface (Your boy getting fat now
I got the fat stomach and laid up, eating good now
Other girl all stressed out, my girl got the fat ass
Shorty mad, pulling her hair out) Haha
Yeah, pardon me, if I lost my voice
I just got off stage, I'm in Japan right now
Sorry bout it...

[Chorus: Ne-Yo]
Come through the block, in the brand new Benz
Knowing that me and that nigga ain't friends
(Ok girl) Yeah, what I did was wack
But you don't get a nigga back like that
Bouncin' around, when I'm up in these streets
Knowing that me and that nigga got beef
(Ok girl) Yeah, what I did was wack
But you don't get a nigga back like that, no

[Kanye West]
I'm high powered, put Eva Mendez to sleep
Yo pardon, that bitch been on my mind all week
But, back to you, mad gloss chick, you're way fit
How you have everything in this world and waste it
Prince told me it'll be ok, I'm so sick
Like Ne-Yo say, I'm laid back, like neo-soul
I holla back at this Creole hoe
She from the N.O., but she never told me, and oh so
We at the spot to chill, with a Fugee grill
So ordered the Kobe beef like Shaquille O'Neal
Second I walked in, the whole room got still
I don't know how to put this but, I'm kind of a big deal
And she conceited, she got a reason
She got her hair did, she got her weave in
And I'mma sweat that out, by the evening
You? I don't sweat that now, I got a new


[Ghostface Killah]
Oh girl, I can't believe you zoned out
Played me for this dude, nice shoes and a bottle of coast out Mont'
I'm that Don Wilson, first one
To put you up six suites in that Resident Hilton
Mink coach, colorful stones and big stacks
Yeah, I was fucking, but you don't get me back like that
Causing me grief, you know me and homey had beef
Now you got me losing my mind, out up in these streets
You'se flamingo, showing your true colors
Heard ya'll was ducking down low when you see my brothers
But it's all good, I move from ex to next
Got the baddest little chick to sign off of them checks
Fat bubble, her body's like one of the best
But I don't need to say nothing, ask Kanye West
She eye candy, smoother than Godiva chocolate
And you mad cuz you played ya self, it's your fault, trick


Shot through the heart, the girl caught me
Shot through the block, with him shot gun
He lucky, I ain't stop, copped the shotgun
Killah type cat, you better be glad, I'm not one
Had a couple stars up in my sky
She was my moon and my sunshine
Dude ain't even fly, he just some guy
You blamed yourself, I'm done, peace, one

[Chorus 2X]
04:01 224 6,25 0.10