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MM Food, MF Doom
MM Food
Release type: Album
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Duration: 48:47  
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Beef Rapp Lyrics 04:40 152 5,07 ˆ0.10
Hoe Cakes Lyrics
keep your hoes in check

i got this girl and she wants me to duke her
i told her ill come scoop her around 8 she said *super*
that sounds great shorty girls a trooper
no matter what i need her to do she be like
on his on throne the boss like king cooper
on the microphone he floss the ring
average mcees is like a T.V. blooper
mf doom he's like D.B. Cooper
out with the moola, i let her get a outfit
just to cool her off, she said niggaz ain't about shit
i wonder if she meant it, i doubt it
the way it be in her mouth she can't live without it
and cant live with this, handle your business
villainious stay on the scandalous hoes shit list
one pack of cookies please mr. hooper
its fun smacking lookies he is the
look like a black wookie when he let his beard grow
weirdo, brown skin and always kept his hair low
rumors has it its an s-curl accident
doom is always known to keep the best girls backs bent
some says its the eyes, some say the accent
a lot of guys wonder where they stacks went
i call her thunder thighs with the fatty swola
only mess with high rollers, do what daddy told her
no matter the city she with me to do the thang thang
workin' the coochie hoopdie, chitty chitty bang bang
same name on the titty as on the name ring
pretty like baby d off all in the same gang
keep my eye on her really dont trust her
but i treat her like a daughter
taught her how to bust a nut
add the heat to turn beef to horse meat chalupa
teach her how to hold it, of course he is the
see most cats treat her like fu fa
or lead her to a scoopa take it from the
he need to make her feel cuter
and lay down a G like loofa, everything will be
do for her, keep her in a new fur
so she look sweet when she go to meet the
got the boo to get to grin at dares
twist it, put it in her ear
come here, kiss it
listen here scooter, let her try to bag you
when shes on the rag, never let her fry the ragu
what you have be under some type of spell
crying dag boo her name on the back in a tattoo
wether a pudgey or a nerd hoe street chick
dont call her wifey if you met her at the freak-nic
you dont want her, dont waste her time ill dupe her
and be a father to your child like the
he keep his hoes in check
sends 'em out to get glows from all frozen necks
tell him, take his clothes, leave him posin' naked for real
better yet, get him from the check off the record deal
find out where he keep the tech and the blue steel
make sure for extra wreck make him know how you feel
and when hes runnin' down to all star weekend to ball
im comin with the u-haul
03:54 163 4,55 ˆ0.10
Potholderz (Ft. Count Bass D) Lyrics 03:21 177 4,22 ˆ0.10
One Beer Lyrics
I get no kick from champagne
mere alcohol doesn't... thrill me at all
so tell me why shouldn't it be true
I get a kick outta brew...

There's only one beer left
rappers screaming all in our ears like we're deaf
tempt me, do a number on a label
eat up all they emcee's, and drink 'em under the table
like...its on me, put it on my tab kid
how ever you get there, foot it, cab it, iron horse it
you leavin' on your face, forfeit
floss the mic, hold it like the heat, he might toss it
told em tell them they stole it
he told her he lost it
she told him get off it, and a buncha other more shit
gettin money, DT's be gettin no new leads
it's like he eatin watermelon, stay spittin new seeds
it's the weed, gimme some of what he droopin off
soon as he wake up, chokin like it was whoopin cough
they group been soft
first hour after open bar and they troopin off
he went to go laugh and get some head by the side road
she asked him autograph her derrier, read: too wide load
this yard bird taste like fried toad turd
Love Villain, take pride in code words
crooked eye, mold nerd geek with a cold heart
probably still be speakin in rhymes as an old fart
study how to eat to die by the pizza guy
no he's not too fly to skeet... in a skeezer eye
and squeeze her thigh, maybe give her curves a feel
the same way she feel it when he flow with nerves of steel
they call the super when they back...uh, plumbing fix
how is only one left? the pack come in 6!
what ever happened to 2 and 3?
a herb tried to slide with 4 and 5 and got caught like, 'what you doin' G?'
don't make him have to get cuttin like truancy
matter fact, not for nuttin, right now, you and me
looser than a pair of adidas
I hope you brought your spare tweeters
emcees sound like cheerleaders
rappin and dancin like Redhead Kingpin
DOOM came to do the thing again, no matter who be blingin
he do it for the smelly hubbies
seeds know what time it is like its time for telly tubbies
few could do it, even fewer could sell it
take it from the dude who wear a mask like a tarded helmet
he plot shows like robberies
in and out, 1-2-3, no bodies please
run the cash, and you won't get a wet sweat shirt
the mic is the shotty, nobody move, nobody get hurt
bring heat like the boy done gon' to war
he came in the door, and everybody on the floor
a whole string of jobs like we on tour, e'ry night
on the score, comin to your corner store
04:18 166 5,10 ˆ0.10
Deep Fried Frenz Lyrics
[Before we go any further]

as you call em, they call you when they need somethin
trees for the blunt, the g’s for the front
I found a way to get piece of mind for years
and left the hell alone, turn a deaf ear to the cellular phone
send me a letter or better we could see each other in real life
just so you could feel me like a steel knife
at least so you could see the white of they eyes
bright wit surprise once they finish spittin lies
asssociates, is your boys, your girls, bitches, niggas, homies?
close, but really don’t know me
mom, dad, comrade, peeps, brothers, sisters, duns, dunnies
some come around when they need some money
others make us laugh like the Sunday funnies
fam be around whether you paid or bummy
you could either ignore this advice or take it from me
be too nice and people take you for a dummy
so nowadays he ain’t so friendly
actually they wouldn’t even made a worthy enemy
read the signs: no feeding the baboon
seein as how they got ya back bleeding from the stab wounds
y'all know the dance, they smile in ya face, y'all know the glance
try ta put em on, they blow the chance
never let your so-called mans know ya plans
[How many of us have them]….a show of hands
is a term some people use loosely
I’m real choosy on what I choose to let crews see
you telling me, I try ta act broke
jealousy, the number one killer among black folk
fellas be under some type a spell like crack smoke
ghetto cinderellas lead em right to your stack loc
just another way a chick’ll lead to your end
I checked the dictionary for the meanin of Friends
it said: Person, one who likes to socialize with
sympathise and helper, and that’s about the size of it
most of the time these attributes is one-sided
to bolster the crime, they apt to shoot you through your eyelid
and they can’t hide it, goin wild like a white bitch
sometimes ya need to cut niggas off like a light switch
[click] an when things get quiet
catch em like a thief in the night [Bow!] what a riot
I first met Mister Fantastik at a arms deal
don’t let it get drastic, think of how yer moms’ll feel
when it get for real, the steel get to sparkin
everything darken, and ain’t no talkin
for somethin so cheap it sure buys a lot of trouble
ya better off focusin than tryin ta plot the bubble
or else it’d be a sad note to end on
the guns we got is… [One’s we can depend on]
some come in the form of co-dependence
alotta times only end up bein co-defendants
ten bucks say they tell for a lower sentence
and leave you up under the jail beggin for a penance
it don’t make no sense, what happened to the loyalty?
honor amongst crooks, trust amongst royalty
I’d rather go out in a blaze, than give em the glory
[How many of us have them]… a similar story
before lovers we used to have some type of overstanding
just so when I let her get the man thing, she know its no strings
we could do the damn thing, but hoe its no rings
just how the tramp swings, will she see em again?
that depends on how good was the skins
and could she memorize the lessons, it ain’t no need to pretend
even though she let em stab it, she know they just… [Friends]
04:59 192 6,85 ˆ0.10
Poo-Putt Platter Lyrics 01:13 164 1,44 ˆ0.10
Fillet-O-Rapper Lyrics 01:04 164 1,24 ˆ0.10
Gumbo Lyrics 00:49 191 1,13 ˆ0.10
Fig Leaf Bi-Carbonate Lyrics 03:20 154 3,64 ˆ0.10
Kon Karne Lyrics
darker then the east river, larger then the empire state
where the beast to guard the barbed wire gate
is on the job, not my fate...tired of the wait
till the villain bring deliverance from the dire straits
fire at a higher rate, why debate the liars
flyers scatter, buy a plate, isolate the wires
try the str8 pliars if not the vice grips
a real pricesaver way to acquire nice whips
what a steal for real on wheels of steel
stunna a funna summer number one meal deal bumma
a bizarre phenomenon is ya armor on
take ya cash calma, or break ya fast ramadan
tronzac song drama aww comon barnie
clack clack pardon me wack rap con carne
he came to feed the childrens like sally struthers
after that hes goin back to cali wheres the love is
wiler then the nile, hold power like the great pyramids of giza
an stay leanin like the tower of pisa
give em somethin he could feel not soft or squeeza
raw with the pen an on the mic off the heeza
get shot off that wide eyed talk
an if he had a pot hed still piss on the sidewalk
cant take the street out the street person
lookin for the perfect beat cohersin him to heat bursin
they couldnt spot him on a spot date
got the only tape that come wit a free hot plate
whoever do get the see me sing, with the 3d ring
sittin stationary like b.b. king
could see how it really sting, it aint no front row
standing room only at the moto cross stunt show
the roughest aint up to snuffulufugus
me an sub is like the brown smothers brothas
vaster then the seven seas, bigger then mount kilaminjaro
if they dont know, fill em in tomorrow
on the horror show a mental note, return bobs record
swear to god before he gets a job he robs eckerd
blessed wit a hot flow, tested it got doe
invested in stress the best to finesse a opto
as i reminisice never forgot when i was very broke
shot the henny str8 couldnt afford to cop a cherry coke
or should i say broke wit wealth
to know enough to give em just enough rope to yoke theyself
plan b before i take the ring an pawn it
the long arm of the law couldnt even put they fingers on it
dog gone it, do the statistics
how he bust lyrics, thats too futuristic for ballistics
an far too eccentric for forensics
I dedicate this mix to Subroc, the hip hop Hendrix
02:52 185 3,79 ˆ0.10
Guinnesses (Ft. Angelika & 4ize) Lyrics 04:42 154 5,16 ˆ0.10
Kon Queso Lyrics
give it a sec for the pain to start
this wreck right here, it ain't for the faint of heart
they thought they saw the worst verse
from the team of G men who seem like nerds at first
once they get to know us people dig us
leaders in the fight for equal rights for niggas
inventor of the more demented'r flow no bout it doubt it
this go for if ya bout it bout it or route it route it
whatever's clever, the master foe
who every hooka heard'a, but now a hoe know
if we see tomorrow the next day classes
the Villain in the back with the X-ray glasses
have no fear the Ninja here
feelin like the tinge in ya ear from drinkin ginger beer
when it's on loco head gon' lay low
and heat it like beef patty coco bread con queso
if you say so, lace the whole case load
they say he wear a metal mask in case his face show
he told em they flows is bitch talk and ayo's
his whole crew walk with pitchfork and halo's
say HO if you never worked a J-O
and keep more cash then a stash in a peso
okay yo y'all know who to follow
tie em up in the crib and leave they place hollow
oh shoot! the goose she’s loose
so wild you couldn’t chase it down with straight fruit juice
frown like the first time you taste cous cous
stash the deuce deuce
troops askin truce truce
today on intense wreck week
we have The Supervillain in his own defense to speak
it's all part of my mental techniques
available to freaks.. and pencil neck geeks
train the same brain to a insane train of thought
on a campaign trail he came to gain your support
charge cash for a autograph
say some shit to make ya daughter laugh
then slaughter the ass
see 'em on the big screen like Steve McQueen
do somethin and never be back once he leave the scene
keep more medicated pads then Stridex
for his own side wreck with no known side effects
before you press charges use ya noodle
so what when he grab the mic he crush ya cute cuticles
keep ya mouth shut everything'll be beautiful
it would be awfully rude of you, now get back to ya hooty hoo
damn it.. it ain't worth the drama can it
from the calm bandit, eat rhymers like pomegranate
soon as he stepped in he lit the room
Boom! reschedule my noon with Britt Hume (Doom)
in love with Mary Jane she's my main thing
pulled her right from that webhead, what a lame brain
maintain, say it don't spray it
you wanna see ya girl again ya might as well pay it
if I had a dime for every rhymer that bust guns
I'd have a cool mill for my sons in trust funds
when I was broker than a broke dick dog
I always kept a L to smoke in thick fog
when it rain, it sure do thunderstorm
I got more rhymes in the summer than musty underarms
one two microphone checker
first learned to neck off a Home-Ec homewrecker
this is back when he was like crib age
when he hit the stage its like a gauge to the rib cage
break the mic like a rock star break a guitar
and jump off the stage like yee haw
04:00 162 4,63 ˆ0.10
Rapp Snitch Knishes (Ft. Mr. Fantastik) Lyrics


There are many things left
that i would like to
I'm not willing to give
I've got you where I want you

Its the closest you'll ever be

I have given up on everyone


(chorus repeat)


02:52 186 3,83 ˆ0.10
Vomitspit Lyrics
it's the beat, he hear it in his sleep sometimes
blare it in ya jeep so ya peoples can stare at them rhymes
real rhymes not your everyday hologram
even when ribs was touchin never swallowed the ham
he'd rather eat a sand sandwich salad
it might need salt like ya man's bland ballad
a lot of stuff happens that the news won't tell you's
blues on L Juice, snooze all hell loose
break it, take it like the Good, the Bad, the Ugly
break it rollin through ya hood in the caddy buggy
butter softy, leather flossy, fatty juggy
always threw me off when she told me "Daddy Funk Me"
I'm like anywho's
seeds walkin all out in the street without any shoes
I guess it's better than some funky socks
ya need to get her some skips before she catch the monkey pox
instead she wanna hear the beatbox
take pills and make fake crills that sheet rock
sing it, bring it back to your laboratory
while he's in his oratory glory it's like a horror story
the mask is like Jason
they told the place not to let the basket type case in
he could be some kinda wacko
waitin for the chance to heat the pipes like a crack ho
he busted in "Blessed be the Lord
who believe any mess they read up on a message board?"
if so, I got bridges for the lolo
same bitch'll go dry snitchin to the po po
here, orange peel stog's for the whole tier
feel like I been gone over a year came home to old gear
it was the shit when I first scooped it
at least I get to sit out in New York and curse stupid
plead the fifth, sip wine stiffly
patiently come up and be spiffy in a jiffy
gift of the grime, criminal mind shifty
swift with the nine through a 59-50
well edamucated, he heard it when he meditated in deep theta
let her hate the creep later
dedicated cheap skater who keeps data
say he stay self medicated to sleep later
side effects is similar to sugar pill
whoever go next on the mic he put a booger ill
and made his exit on some calm shit
begged em on the regular for kegs of more vomitspit

02:48 143 2,85 ˆ0.10
Kookies Lyrics
one lonely evening alone home
end up with carpal tunnel syndrome
here I am known for givin heavy backaches
grown and livin offa Little Debbie snack cakes
supposed to be checkin e-mails
all I got is messages from ass nekked females [cookies]
I don’t know no Jenny, she said it’s free
and I won’t owe her a penny
and that’s the last time I saw her
but thousands of more horrors are on line, Gomorrah
and Sodom, they got em with they curls out
and they got a better sales pitch than the girl scouts
I wonder what I owe her for?
a whole box of caramel coconut somoa
okay honey, sweet dreams
now it get very serious like peek freens
a Metal hand fills, squish it on the quilt
misses wakes up and I'm kill't over spill't milk
locked in, lookin at ya picture
fully clothed, but then I’m right there wit ‘cha
thinkin about the last time I split ya wishbone
a man could only wish you do the same til he get home
fat chance, at least he got snacks
that’ll have to do til the brother get back
until then, smack one-eyed jack
I hope one of his peoples could hook em wit a tri-pack
that’s three different flavors
chocolate, vanilla and strawberry wafers
he actin all hard bout ta get beat up
I show em what time it is once I get this sheet up
so on as he fell off the beat down
all I hear is…[thirteen cell, put the sheet down]
damn C.O., what the hell do she know?
besides the fact she want her back dugout on the deelo
a workaholic with a fountain in the ink pen
house in the mountains and he stop drinkin again
in the wee hours he's gotten farther
livin three showers bein hot and bothered
the wiz with her leg bent, pregnant
God bless the day she wonder where her egg went
he got the L, but it’s hard to drink without it
and could use some cookies, but try an not to think about it
watchin BET on jazz for knowledge on file
every other commercial, college hoes gone wild
soft batch, he prefer the other bunch
like they got for lunch, chocolate fudge butter crunch

don’t mess with the Ritz bits
Wheat thins, Saltines and Trisquits
Matzoh's and Cheeze-its, catch sugar fits
every time I see a nice pair of Chips-ahoy, double chocolate chunk
somethin with the bubble in the junk in the trunk
even the oreo no matter what the weather
always kept em dipped in milk and stuck together
in the game he shameless
even uses a codename: Famous Amos
cheaper than a short stay at the Days Inn
and good like twenty five cent oatmeal raisin
give it up to em whoever invented the camera
never mind the gingerbread man or the Grandmas
sshh! make sure she don’t wake from her dream
she’ll a get caught wit a handful of cream filled
it might seem ill
[go wash your hands!]
04:01 196 5,64 ˆ0.10