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Project Pat

Mista Don't Play: Everythang's Workin, Project Pat Mista Don't Play: Everythang's Workin 2001, Album
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Murderers & Robbers, Project Pat Murderers & Robbers 2001, Album
Ghetty Green, Project Pat Ghetty Green 1999, Album
King Of All Kings, Project Pat King Of All Kings 2010, Album
Walkin' Bank Roll, Project Pat Walkin' Bank Roll 2007, Album
History Of Violence, Project Pat History Of Violence 2008, Album
Cut Throat, Project Pat Cut Throat 2009, Album
Belly On Full, Project Pat Belly On Full 2012, Album
P.O.L.O. (Horse Power), Project Pat P.O.L.O. (Horse Power) 2012, Single/EP
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Mista Don't Play: Everythang's Workin, Project Pat
Mista Don't Play: Everythang's Workin
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Chicken Head Lyrics 04:14 192 5,80 0.10
Out There, Pt. 2 (Skit) Lyrics 00:47 192 1,10 0.10
Cheese And Dope Lyrics
[Project Pat]
I been slanging on this green green that I done get cut
by these police making raids, jumping out chicken nutz
couldn't ball, down to none, got this weed is in my lungs
nigga's stick me for a bag, I'ma shoot 'em in his ass
I'ma show 'em who the boss, when you niggaz gonna learn
When you cross in this game, then yo ass will get hurt
When my turn? or my time? rock a what, for a dime
Takin' fair chance after chance, but I got to dance
Take the rules of this shit, that's why I keep a revolver
I've been heard you're robbers, don't want no other robbers boy
I done and scald ya, with pistol slapped cross mouth
Reach in niggaz pockets, and take yo money out
When you know what's goin', you got cheese, I got dope
For da 900th stone, I got peas, I got coke
ain't no credit give mang you could get from round here
Niggas robbing, niggas banging niggas slangin' down here


I got cheeeese, hoez, and a bunch of fucking dope
I got peeeeeas, coke, and some killaz at da doo'
hyyydro weed smoke, and a quarter ounce of dough
what yoooouuuu need brah, is to fuck wit yo boy

[Project Pat]
You heard word? what's the word? but you dawgs is da low
selling weed and this weed, but you won't complain a stoo'
I'ma go, I'ma pull, leave a rabbit out a hat
On some cane, mr.sugar, and some killaz strapped wit gats
Always trying to be slick, you done stepped in some shit
You done broke ghetto laws, you could tote a fuckin jaws
Nigga boy, he ain't know, cus da street never minds
Walk right up on yo ass, shoot you, right between the eyes,
you be stinkin' wit the flies
walking around on chrome, wit yo bitch, smokin' dro
fucking all in yo home, while she kissing on ma lips,
She be sucking on ma dick, grip the glock - sixteen booms as I dip
Through the streets of da hood, north memphis hollywood
Represent it, to da max, out this out of state facts
Trying to stack me some pape's, got my foot on you snakes
Trying to squeeze, hustle-in, for you niggaz that I fade

[chorus 2x]

You could duck from the tech, on da scaldae
Once I get my cheese, or my flow, then I must be paid
If you want to come against me dawg, bring your whole brigade
Get you suckaz sliced, like a dog, with a swisher blade
Sippin' on some pauly vision, like some sweet kool-aid
Strapped with me, an automatic gun, don't you violate
Niggaz ain't gonna snitch on me dawg, i didn't hesitate
Caught him, at the projects one day, sent him, to his grave
Playaz wanna come through the hood, but they got the fear
Knowing it ain't all to the good, you could get it here
Wrong place, at the wrong time, calling "sip" let's go
Wope fiends, keep me on the map, and my pockets full
Eyes red ass hell, cuz I ain't had a blink of sleep
Snorted a quarter ball, so that U, could stay on my feet
Trick's in this bitch, just as same as a nigga too
If you trusting hoes in this game, you'se a dammn fool..

[chorus till end]
03:25 192 4,70 0.10
Whole Lotta Weed Lyrics
[Chorus 2x]
Real playaz like to smoke a (whole lotta weed)
Drinkin bottles of that liquor (all that we need)
This 9mm (will make you bleed)
I advise you niggaz (don't fuck wit me)

[Project Pat]
Real playaz like to smoke a
Stroke a offa in her throata
Bend ova let me poke her
Dont take me fo a joka
Hollows will make ya croaka
My hands around your throata
Grip grip tight and choke her
Hate hate me fo no reason
Beat beat yo like a ??
Pumpkin head whatchu getta
It must be killin season
For some droppas and suckas
Coward ass mothufuckas
Poppin off that cappa
Could get chu killed like othas
Maybe its not yo time
Maybe it could be mine
Then put me in a box and burry me wit my nine
Forty-Fo and my side
Hatas up in ??
Wishin they put tha bullets up in my body
But thats if im a gonna
When i smell the aroma
Of brown cold liquor and polted marijuana
Project Pat in this bitcha
Tryin to man get richa
The first hit off this dope is gonna getcha

[Chorus 2X]

Stay down about cho gama
Fama i never claima
For those who are a stranga
Strange couse i do not knowa
Chip chip on yo shoulda
Im knockin out yo teeths
Hits hard just like a boulda
Im creepin in the Nova
A nigga done got boulda
His life is gon be ova
Grey tape with clip bananna
I kidnap i can handle
He came to me with Anna
He should of mind his manners
I hit him with the tecca
Damn near tore off his necka
He prayin im gon squosh him
He shoulda prayed to Mecca
You hataz like to tick me
Squeeze triggaz till im empty
This weed turned me out
I damn near let it ??
Smokin nothin but that fire
(Damn that was my last line dog)
Nigga you's a lia
So you tryin to screw me
I told you not to do me
Im drinkin on that brewsky
This shit is goin threw me

Whole lotta whole lotta whole lotta..........
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey

Out the pen
One more get
Is yo dog stackin ens
Makin cheese fuckin hoes
Knockin ducks off they toes
Up the nose
Goes the white
Pimpin hoes take a flight
Like a kite like a plane
My nigga im the man
Mista dont take no shit
Mista well take yo bitch
Ten toes bout to bes
Cowards cant handle these
Scandle these ? north
Bout to bust on my boys
Check niggaz fo they grip
Pistols ? busted lip
Busted chops thats yo ass
Punk bitch wheres the cash
Money green chedder cheese
All bitches hit they knees
Serve em up ready to rock
Disturbute them ??
Always keep a mere glock
Place it up to your back
Fat sacks your smokin on
Mack man wit a tone
P-A-T bout the lout
Ridin by then i shoot
Whos to say cheefin hay
Hustlin to get pay
Round the clock
Round the way
Gettin minds every day
04:15 192 5,82 0.10
Don't Save Her Lyrics 04:20 192 5,95 0.10
If You Ain't From My Hood Lyrics 04:57 192 6,79 0.10
Gorilla Pimp Lyrics 03:52 192 5,33 0.10
Break Da Law 2001 Lyrics 04:24 192 6,03 0.10
So High Lyrics 04:30 192 6,20 0.10
201 Phone Call (Skit) Lyrics 00:12 192 0,29 0.10
We Can Get Gangsta Lyrics
[Project Pat (talkin)]
Hello, hello, hello?

[Boogelou (talkin)]
Pat, whats up man, whats up?

[Project Pat (talkin)]
Boogelou, whats up man?
Man yea man, a nigga done messed me off down here dawg.
I got caught for a weak azz pistol charge. Man dese folkz
gon try and make a nigga do a whole mutha fuckin calendar dawg.
I need ya to send me sumthin.

[Boogelou (talkin)]
I gotcha, what happened?

[Project Pat (talkin)]
Man, I was messin off wit my nigga, man dis shit fucked up!

[Project Pat]
I gotta call from my dawg, Gangsta Fred jus da other day
Met some nigga from da other way, wanna purchase llao (weed)
Said dey wanna get good shit for da low-low
Fred grew-up wit dis nigga by da bayou
Could be da po-po, dats da way my mind think
Thought about da shit for a minute, den I took a drank
Thinkin of a coma, knowin I aint gonna fall
Call up my cousin, Poncho, let em rob, assault
Den he ball off, wit da goods to a ron-de-vou, spot
Handed Fred back his dope, den we split da loot
Rudy-Poo's, always gettin, got, sumthin serious
Infactuated wit da game, very curious
Dat'll kill da cat, cause da game ain't to be told
Quit smokin crack, my nigg-a, it's to be sold
Gettin old, never worries me, I don't giva fuck
?? stayed on mind, call dat nigga up.

[Chorus - 2X]
If you hoes wanna go dere
We can get gangsta, we can get gangsta, we can get gangsta.
(Boom, boom, boom wit da trigga, I can...)
In da streets, we don't play fair
We can get gangsta, we can get gangsta, we can get gangsta.
(Boom, boom, boom wit da trigga, I can...)

[Project Pat]
We can set dis shit up, for a, secluded area
Tell em bring himself, and da duffle-bag carrier
Met him 4am, hit Creek Hill, at a Exxon
In a hot car, tech-9 and a rouger gun
Another nigga came, wit da nigga, dey got out of 'Lac (Caddilac)
Fred slammed da door, crossed da trunk, "Where da cheese at?"
Nigga took a sniff, and he seen dat da shit was straight
Said dat da loot was in his trunk, now I'm thinkin, "Wait."
"What's goin on?", partner took da dope off da trunk
Raisin up my tech, nigga in da trunk, raised da pump
Bullets popped off, Fred caught one, in da chest
Lucky for my nigg', he was wearin bullet proof vest
Shootin tech, but I coulda died, cause it jammed up
Pump at my dome, dat's when Poncho feet had slammed up
Shot da .45, blowin both niggaz azz off
Think we got em down, wit da cheese and da sawed-off.

[Chorus - 2X]
If you hoes wanna go dere
We can get gangsta, we can get gangsta, we can get gangsta.
(Boom, boom, boom wit da trigga, I can...)
In da streets, we don't play fair
We can get gangsta, we can get gangsta, we can get gangsta.
(Boom, boom, boom wit da trigga, I can...)

[Project Pat]
Two weeks later, still knowin bout da fuckery
Move dat a nigga pulled, spot a police watchin me
Watchin me, cause I fit description of a suspect
Pullin me, over, now he askin where my license at
"Officer, I done left my wallet at da house, sir."
Still took me Down-town, cause da police don't care
Down in lower-level, man a simple situation
Turned into, a 72-hour investigation
Ima ex-con, so I don't need a walk through
To dis jail shit, wonderin, "Who did dey talk to?"
Could've been my dawg, not my nigg', dat's a hell naw
Dey done found my tech, but I ain't got shit to tell ya'll
Feelin kinda sick, cause dey finna send me up da river
Couldn't be a snitch, cause I can't tell on my nigga
Tech, didn't match da gun, Woons(police) bout to let me go
Stuck wit da gun charge, violated my parole.

[Chorus - 2X]
If you hoes wanna go dere
We can get gangsta, we can get gangsta, we can get gangsta.
(Boom, boom, boom wit da trigga, I can...)
In da streets, we don't play fair
We can get gangsta, we can get gangsta, we can get gangsta.
(Boom, boom, boom wit da trigga, I can...)
(Boom, boom, boom wit da trigga, I can...)
04:01 192 5,53 0.10
Ski Mask Lyrics 04:30 192 6,20 0.10
Life We Live Lyrics 04:15 192 5,83 0.10
Y'all Niggaz Ain't No Killaz, Y'all Niggaz Some Hoe's Lyrics 03:08 192 4,29 0.10
Ooh Nuthin' Lyrics 03:52 192 5,32 0.10
We Ain't Scared Hoe Lyrics 04:15 192 5,85 0.10
Aggravated Robbery Lyrics
Stick 'em up, Stick 'em up
Raise 'em up, Raise 'em up

Buck 'em down, 'buck em down (Now that should be fun) [4X]

[Project Pat]
I'm Psycho- pathic, behind the trig-ga
I needed loot so, I had to rob ya
But face steel cause ya, a coward to me
I grab the pop ya, before ya do me
Ya high cap-pin friend, flex-in in my hood
I'm out here star-vin, you live-in real good
As long as I got, a toll I stay paid
You keep sell-in dope, there's cheese to be made
Pull up on the track, niggas start to bell-in
I pulled out my gat, that's my dope y'all sell-in
So check on in boy, break yo self on down
You got 10 dollars, that's more than I have
Could be petish thangs, bet-ter than noth-ang
Even you roll fools, go get me some-thang
Don't get your-self hurt, slaught-ered like a hog
I'm out on these streets, crawl-in like a dog

Stick 'em up, Stick 'em up
Raise 'em up, Raise 'em up

Buck 'em down, 'buck em down (Now that should be fun) [repeat 4X]

Open seas-ame, the safe in the floor
What I told the clerk, at the cor-ner store
A mask on my face, for cam-ras to see
A glock to his dome, bitch don't play with me
Ya don't know the code, his eyes I see fear
Cause it's bout to get ugly up in here
The boy blew my high, the gun blew his ass
Right off with his man-ager in the back
Ball-in off the lot, no cheese mad as fuck
Half-way down the street, some hoes from the club
Pulled up at the light, in benzo with rims
Now im act-in like, im holler-in at them
[Project Pat] Wussup with y'all? What y'all doin out this late
Girls: Shit! Just leaving the club. What's the business
[Project Pat] Let me get y'all number
And them rings, and that purse
All that mother-fucking shit around yo neck!!
Bitch!! Let me get this shit hoe
Drop it all!!! Shut up bitch!!! Shut up bitch

Stick 'em up, Stick 'em up
Raise 'em up, Raise 'em up

Buck 'em down, 'buck em down (Now that should be fun) [repeat 2X]
Robbers we hang, in hoods where they clean
Jack-in any-one, from creature to fiend
Addicted to this, just like it was crack
You sniff in the stream, my tones to your back
I'm out on the lake, while you on a date
Your bitch looking good, you clean so I hate
You take-in your time, to wine and to dine
But times on my side, so I'm goin goin hide
In bushes your house, pull up we jump out
With mask-is and gun, then duct tape your mouth
The girl you was with, gave us the info
That you was a head big nig-ga with doe
A kidnap can turn into a murd-er
Now where is the stash, 45 will serve-ya
We take-in the loot, never think-in twice
Either it's the cheese, or either your life

Stick 'em up, Stick 'em up
Raise 'em up, Raise 'em up

Buck 'em down, 'buck em down (Now that should be fun) [repeat 4X]
04:28 192 6,13 0.10
North North Lyrics
Yeah nigga. It's official. North North. It's on nigga.

[Chorus: repeat 4X]

Crackin' niggas jaws
Runnin hoes into walls
Niggas yellin "North North!"
Hoes screamin "North North!"

[Project Pat]
On the north side of town (North North!)
Lurk the killers and the thugs (North North!)
Those who never show no pity (North North!)
Come up short, feel the slugs (North North!)
Upper tone to ya dome (North North!)
When it's over then that's it (North North!)
Ain't gon' be no comin' back (North North!)
You's a victim of this shit (North North!)
Heard the clique (North North!)
Then the gun blast (North North!)
Then yo' body fall (North North!)
In a hood (North North!)
Where this gang shit wrote all on the wall (North North!)
You can call who you want (North North!)
But the police ain't gon' come (North North!)
Till the killers leave the scene (North North!)
And the shit's already done (North North!)
Any one of you lames dumpin stolars to yo' fo (North North!)
If it's anna on yo' chest, I'ma bring it to yo' do' (North North!)
Heidy ho, like I'm ?? (North North!)
Like I'm Lone Ranger (North North!)
Hollows in the chamber (North North!)
Now yo' life's in danger (North North!)
Project not a stranger (North North!)
To dra-ma-ci-dal life (North North!)
Get yo' ass blowed (North North!)
Off in front-of-kids-and-wife (North North!)
Nigga what's beef (North North!)
You can see me in the street (North North!)
I'ma show you what's real (North North!)
When the glock's in yo' grill (North North!)


[Project Pat]
You can die out here (North North!)
Motherfucker don't pay (North North!)
With the don't play (North North!)
Let the AK forty spray (North North!)
Dead body lay (North North!)
Who's to say (North North!)
Who's gonna get brains (North North!)
Blowed out (North North!)
In front of hoes (North North!)
You weak niggas (North North!)
Love to show out (North North!)
Bouts to slice up the blunt (North North!)
With the razor (North North!)
Fill it with 'dro and get blowed (North North!)
Somethin' major (North North!)
Page my dawgs who stay strapped (North North!)
With them youngsters (North North!)
Or bust on them rollers chief 187 soldiers (North North!)
Mass outta town (North North!)
We slang crack (North North!)
Till we flippin ki's glock to back (North North!)
Cuz for a mill (North North!)
We some dinner thieves (North North!)
Be's the player who runs game (North North!)
Kind of chickery candy paint and chrome twanks (North North!)
When I pickery (North North!)
Hickory dickory (North North!)
Gimme some (North North!)
Oh, you slobbering? (North North!)
That's how you niggas be gettin' caught (North North!)
In a robbery (North North!)
Possibly niggas squeeze on the trigger (North North!)
Then you peel away (North North!)
North Memphis (North North!)
This type of shit happen everyday (North North!)


["North North" till end with Juicy J ad libs]
03:13 192 4,40 0.10
Fuckin' With The Best Lyrics 05:22 192 7,39 0.10
Mission Impossible (Pt. 5 Million) (Outro) Lyrics 01:54 192 2,62 0.10