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Clan Of Xymox

Blind Hearts (Single), Clan of Xymox Blind Hearts (Single) 1987, Single/EP
Out of the Rain (Single), Clan of Xymox Out Of The Rain (Single) 1997, Single/EP
Emily, Clan of Xymox Emily 2009, Single/EP
In Love We Trust, Clan of Xymox In Love We Trust 2009, Album
Medusa, Clan of Xymox Medusa 1986, Album
Creatures, Clan of Xymox Creatures 1999, Album
The John Peel Sessions, Clan of Xymox The John Peel Sessions 2001, Bootleg
Live , Clan of Xymox Live 2000, Concert
Hidden Faces, Clan of Xymox Hidden Faces 1997, Album
Darkest Hour, Clan of Xymox Darkest Hour 2011, Album
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Medusa, Clan of Xymox
Release type: Album
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Duration: 42:20  
Size, Mb: 77,62  


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Theme I Lyrics 02:54 256 5,33 0.10
Medusa Lyrics
I have seen the lights in your eyes
And now
I am gloryfing my tragic destiny
Dreams can be wholesome for me
Life is a tormented dream for me

Mesmerize me, enchant me
Mesmerize with your eyes, now
Enchant me, hypnotize me
Enchant me, mesmerize me
Enchant me, hypnotize me

I found the lies in your words
And now
I am gloryfing my tragic destiny
Dreams can be hard and mean
I still wonder if you are aware of this
Dreams can be hard and mean
Life is a tormented time, now
Medusa, Medusa
Enchant me, mesmerize me
Enchant me, mesmerize me
Enchant me, hypnotize me
Enchant me, mesmorize me
05:55 256 10,80 0.10
Michelle Lyrics
I heard your lured howling
I can't resist temptation
I can't resist your smile
I cought your raddle eyes

My hagridden goblin
My mellow

I must be insane
It's not me to blame
She loves only fame
Michelle caused my really pain
02:59 256 5,47 0.10
Theme II Lyrics 01:43 256 3,15 0.10
Louise Lyrics
Its been a long time I know,
Ill always remember your name.

I crawled on my knees,
Begging you to stay,
You make me shiver me Louise,
You make me quiver.

I do the strangest things,
I think such lonely thoughts,
Forgetting all,
Been Forgetting You,

Anything at all,
Not to think of you,
Anything at all,
Damn these eyes you took,

I feel Im getting weaker,
A life full on lonely ways,
I feel Im diving deeper,
Into the darkest scapes,
Theres nothing at all,
To find the way.

Louise, Louise,
My heart used to beat,
Now it only weeps,
Louise, Louise,
Uncared the city sleeps,
Im twisted in the streets.

And I shiver,
I quiver,
In to these strangest things,
Lonely thoughts,
Forgetting you Louise,
And you promised me,
You promised me,
Youd solve the antilius(splodge),
Leave me here,
Leave me here,
No longer meant to be here,
05:17 256 9,70 0.10
Lorretine Lyrics 03:33 256 6,51 0.10
Agonised By Love Lyrics 05:18 256 9,73 0.10
Masquerade Lyrics
I'm here, laying underneath
But there is nothing left to say
You slowly went your way from me
Felt your softness fade away
Who am I?
To make you stay
Oh, here we go again
Entering the masquerade
This is tha place
Dreams will shatter
Cover your face and care no more
She don't care no more

These narrowed eyes I don't know
Nothing is there behind
The mask you wear
Now it feels so unreal
Cold as ice
This face I see

Masquerade, masquerade
Let me out
Masquerade, masquerade
Care no more
She don't care no more
Masquerade, masquerade
Let me out to save her
03:54 256 7,16 0.10
After The Call Lyrics
Actually it's overpowering after your call
It took me beyond the truth
And pushed me further into a void

Actually you're taking refuge in your imagination
Here and now a rupture grows through each day
Unwilling flows
Than in lustre of season
Piles, away every whistle
Here and now the rupture shows again
Through which the almond grows
There is unrest beside some sides and
Certainly searching for a meaning
Clouds as they've floating past in the present
As much more thoughts part in the present days

Oh, keep calling... me,
Oh, keep calling... my name
Oh, keep calling... my name
Oh, keep calling

Come and see me falling
Foolishly following your mind
Come and see me falling
Falling into your mind

Wait for me, wait for me...
05:56 256 10,85 0.10
Back Door Lyrics
I am shrouded in darkness
I crouched in wasted years
I lingered, I can't get through
Dazzled between far and near
Like the elegies relate to days beyond recall
I lingered in many memories

And again I stumbled through the back door
Seeing you, a misty shadow
I feel my repression
I can't go on
And again I am falling backwards
Tomorrow I will be here again
A silent mute of a black desire
Tomorrow I will be here again
Tomorrow I'll be here again
Be here again
Be here again

I am tired of tears and laughter
Or what may come hereafter
I am weary of days and hours
Desires, dreams and powers
Although it makes me weep
It is you
I wanna keep
I wanna keep
04:52 256 8,92 0.10