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Maschine Zeit (Limited Edition), Funker Vogt
Maschine Zeit (Limited Edition)
Release type: Album
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Duration: 65:03  
Size, Mb: 89,51  


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Sins Lyrics
they all emerged one by one
hoping for feedom but there is none
see the men in uniform
they send you out to fight the storm

look up in the charcoal sky
want to see the sun before you die
so please tell me what happened here
all the sove is rplaced by fear

an unknown soldier without a face
went back home in a wooden case
he was a hero for just one day
now his body foats in the bay

they only wish to forget
all they can do is regret
so please tell me what happened here
all the love is replaced by fear

let past matters fade to shadows
our future shall begin
when we are walking down the meadow
we will deplore our sins
06:22 192 8,77 0.10
Gunman Lyrics
now the race is on the run
so look out for your man
try to catch him in the woods
and kill him if you can

come on play the game
and catch the man
this is your aim
so do what you can

now the race is on the run
so look out for our girl
try to catch her in the woods
and take her if you can

come on play the game
and catch the girl
that is your aim
so do what you can

no the race is on the run
I am looking out for you
I catch you in the woods
and kill you if we meet

come on play the game
and fight for life
this is the game
where I will survive

I see with the eyes of the hunter
no one can escape
I am a devil of a gunman
for you it is too late
04:44 192 6,51 0.10
Black Market Dealers Lyrics
bombed ruins form the skyline
burnt places - all around
people trading their possessions
a keepsake for some bread

crowded trains full of people
remindful of a cattle transport
families get separated
on the way to their new homes

still the children search for cover
when they hear the airplanes
their bags are always packed
just with dolls, books and pencils

the first black men they ever saw
were among the foreign soldiers
some of them were really kind
bringing food and sometimes sweets

no more sirens in the night
which made you run into the basement
no more fear of foreign soldiers
who came to search the house

it is the summer of fourty-five
black-market dealers are in the streets
but we all feel so alive
now we get again what we need
05:31 192 7,58 0.10
Maschine Zeit Lyrics
Der Mensch als Traum - nicht Wirklichkeit
Gedankeng?nge kontrolliert
Das Du im Ich in Raum und Zeit:
Gef?hle noch einmal installiert

Dekaden voll Abnormit?t
Verstand, ein Feind des Ichs
Die Ewigkeit ein dunkler Feck
Dein Herz zerf?llt f?r mich
Wohin f?hrt uns dieser Krieg
Voll Schmach und Grausmamkeit
Selbstverachtung ein Leben weit
Gefangen in Maschine Zeit

Dies is der Preis f?r Ehrlichkeit
Pein - die Wunde der Vergangenheit
Falsche Moral, kein Ideal
Das Zeichen des Greuels in Wort und Tat

a transmission though time and space
right into the core of my heart
a message sent by machines of time
a prophecy of a new start
the total collapse of our past
disappearance of morality
the old time tunnel will explode
for new life in infinity
06:20 192 8,71 0.10
Nuclear Winter Lyrics
I look toward the ocean
see reflections on the water
a glossy illumination
of the city lights

far out in the waves
is the shape of a whale
hear it singing its old song
like it has always done

it was just a dream
which comes and goes
as do the old seasons
while the wind still blows

it will take a hundred years
waiting for the summer
and no one just yet knows
if we'll hear the whales again

nuclear winter covers the world
for almost 20 years
all what we own are dreams
and hope for the next generation

open the door, step outside
walk on the frozen ground
look in the sky - a grey cloud
winter is still around
04:09 192 5,70 0.10
Under Deck Lyrics
the sea was calm
and the night was hot
we wer staying under deck
when the first boat shot

no suprise to us
that it hit us not
we were drinking under deck
when the second boat shot

the third boat loaded weapons
before its cannon shot
we were dancing under deck
when the fourth boat shot

we never will be hit
led by the hand of god
we were sleeping under deck
when the next one shot

the wind blew hard
and the sea was rough
we were laughing under deck
when the last one shot

aboard our ship
down to the sea
we'll always be safe
god set us free
we seize upon the enemy
we win the fight
we're supposed to win
because we have this right
05:46 192 7,93 0.10
Cold War Lyrics
somewher down in mother Russia
they make plans to take the world
thousands of veiled secrets
hidden deep inside their rooms

with all their special agents
trying to fool each other
each side wants to be the smartest
in this abnormal war

but you always have to hear
both sides of the story
it isn't just one country
which we have to blame

I can go on with these stories
until the last one is bored
but ignorance and stupidity
will survive forever

spy versus spy
is the name of the game
whe we are all left
there is no one to blame
getting the power
is the aim of the game
lying to each other
all for the fame
04:48 192 6,62 0.10
The Journey Lyrics
ten miles above the landscape
I can watch the stars
power plants and city lights
illuminate the night

I must keep going on
now I've reached the sea
I feel that I'm too far above
to hear the torrid waves

suddenly the landscape changes
I fly through buring clouds
one hundred miles an hour
I'm going down

underwater I travel onward
sinking toward the ocean floor
the light fades out very slowly
on the way down to hell

I see my life in front of me
it all floats by my inner eye
from my birth until now
I can't help but wonder why
05:52 192 8,07 0.10
Nothing To Include Lyrics
thinking nad learning
calcuating and computing
reading, memorizing
talking and apologizing

3D and efficient
appraising this attitude
four steps, comprehend?
here is nothing to include

brain dead no excuse
leaving a useless shell
control of the system
only with your mind

acting without moving
illustrating without speaking
turning into transforming
your body into mind
06:30 192 8,91 0.10
The Last Lyrics
see it emerge from the ocean depths
its dull black eyes staring into yours
without fear it confronts you
as it did before the dawn of man

overpopulation is a threat to mankind
they always depended on the same food
some may call it controlled resources
just another phrase for extinction

deep in the forest they are still alive
a tribe as old as mankind
isolation has kept them alive
never heard of any disease

high tech gives us some control
revealing even the latest secret
we can't step back we've gone too far
is much to late for revelation

the last will not know that he is the last
only we will mourn his loss
his massive dead body cut into pieces
left dying on the moss
04:40 192 6,40 0.10
Zeit Lyrics 04:48 192 6,60 0.10
Horizon Lyrics
I wandered around
for twenty-five years
and still haven't found
what I am searching for

I watched them all
passing my way
I saw the falling
and getting up again

people get married
and divorced in time
some try to disregard
what happened to them

I see my horizon
a blue sky appears
I will go my way
into a bright future

so please tell me what this is all about
this md world we are living in
a horizon always covered by a cloud
where does it end where does it begin
05:36 192 7,71 0.10