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Make It Funky - The Big Payback: 1971-1975, James Brown
Make It Funky - The Big Payback: 1971-1975
Release type: Album
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Duration: 152:42  
Size, Mb: 175,91  


Price for album: 2.08 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Escape-ism Lyrics 04:01 160 4,65 0.10
Hot Pants (Parts 1 & 2) Lyrics 06:55 160 7,94 0.10
I'm A Greedy Man Lyrics 07:07 160 8,19 0.10
Make It Funky (Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4) Lyrics 12:44 160 14,62 0.10
King Heroin Lyrics 03:55 160 4,52 0.10
I Got Ants In My Pants (And I Want To Dance) Lyrics 07:26 160 8,53 0.10
There It Is Lyrics 05:47 160 6,66 0.10
Get On The Good Foot Lyrics 05:44 160 6,60 0.10
Don't Tell It Lyrics 08:25 160 9,67 0.10
I Got A Bag Of My Own Lyrics 03:45 160 4,34 0.10
Down And Out In New York City Lyrics 05:20 160 6,15 0.10
Think Lyrics 03:11 160 3,69 0.10
Make It Good To Yourself (Interlude) Lyrics 02:18 160 2,68 0.10
The Payback Lyrics
Gotta gotta pay back!! (The big payback)
I'm mad (The big payback)
Got to get back!
Need some get back!! Pay Back! (The big payback)
That's it!! Payback!!! Revenge!!!
I'm mad!!

Get down with my girlfriend, That ain't right!!
Hollarin' cussin', you wanna fight
Payback is a thing you gotta see
Brother do any damn thing to me

Sold me out, for chump change (yes you did!!)
Told me that they, they had it all arranged
You handed me down, and thats a fact
Now you're pumped, You gotta get ready For the big payback!! (the big
That's where I am, the big payback (the big payback!!)

I can do wheelin', I can do dealin' (yes you can!!) But I don't do no damn
I can dig rappin', I'm ready!! I can dig scrappin'
But I can't dig that backstabbin' (Oh No!!)

The brother get ready!! Thats a fact!!
Get ready you Mother,
For the big payback (The big Payback!!)
Let me hit 'em hit'em!! Hey Hey!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Took my money, you got my honey
Don't want me to see what you doing to me
I got to get back I gotta deal with you!! [x4]
Hey let me tell ya!!
Get down with my woman, that ain't right! You hollarin' and cussin', you wanna
Don't do me no darn favor,
I don't know karate, but I know KA-RAZY!!!! (yes we do!!)

Get ready thats a fact, Get ready you
Mother for the big payback (the big payback!)
Hey!! I'm a man! I'm a man! I'm a son of a man, but don't they tell ya then
hop again
Get ready for the big payback (the big payback!!) Hit 'em again!!
Get ready I need it, I need a hit again!! Say it once [x2]
Hit 'em again!! (the big payback!!)
Sold me out for chump change
Said my woman had it all arranged
Tryin' to make a deal, she wants to squeal But I had my boys on her heals
Saw me comin', told a lie
Went down like you wanted to cry
I don't care what she does, she'll be doin' just like she was
Take your kids and raise them up,
Somebody think I have a right to be tough
Take her, take that woman, it's one place she found
Just run that mother out of town!!
Got to get up!! Got to get up, get out!! [x2]
I'm mad!! I want revenge,
I want revenge (the big payback!!)
I want revenge [x3] (the big payback!!)
Give me those hits!! I want some hits!!
I need those hits, hit me!!
07:35 160 8,73 0.10
Stoned To The Bone Lyrics 04:03 160 4,68 0.10
Mind Power (Alternate) Lyrics 04:04 160 4,69 0.10
World Of Soul Lyrics 05:44 160 6,59 0.10
Papa Don't Take No Mess Lyrics 13:49 160 15,85 0.10
Coldblooded (Undubbed Version) Lyrics 05:03 160 5,83 0.10
I Can't Stand It '76' Lyrics 08:10 160 9,40 0.10
My Thang Lyrics 04:15 160 4,89 0.10
Funky President (People It's Bad) Lyrics 04:09 160 4,77 0.10
I Feel Good Lyrics 03:02 160 3,51 0.10
Problems Lyrics 02:51 160 3,29 0.10
Turn On The Heat And Build Some Fire Lyrics 06:06 160 7,02 0.10
Hot Pants Finale (Live) Lyrics 07:19 160 8,42 0.10