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Low Birth Weight, Piano Magic
Low Birth Weight
Release type: Album
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Duration: 50:60  
Size, Mb: 116,94  


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Snowfall Soon Lyrics
Rain starts on you as your goodbye runs me through
goodbye is nothing new but it's last breath when said by you
And this world shrinks to a room - weather inside snowfall soon
No bookcase can rescue a man - only a letter of sorry can
Handle with care if only you dare
I'm sensitive, touch sensitive
Handle with care if only you are
I'm sensitive, touch sensitive
I have a photograph - mid-heaven, post-laughter
Eyes shine ridiculous - illuminate the both of us
In the fold of a camera's eye, in the time it takes to sigh, I open up an ashen heart, pour out a thousand whys
Handle with care if only you dare, etc
Write or I'll die
Handle with care, etc
05:02 320 11,53 0.10
Crown Estate Lyrics
Look at that rich girl twitch
like me she can't sit still
How would you want it seen?
Just like when you were ill?
When you hear the way they talk
the rosy cheeks of the ruling classes
You can argue all you like
they swear by early nights
Never meant to be like this
a lot colder but the people were warm
If anyone was coming to get you
armed only with a sugar bowl
Used to leave your back doors
Used to leave your back doors open
Used to leave your back doors
Used to leave your back doors open
All the houses on the Crown Estate
all look the same
That nut from four doors down
wandered in by mistake again
and said to your old mum,
"I think it's best that you sit down
I'll make a cup of tea
and you can show me what a woman looks like with her head turned inside out"
Used to leave the back doors, etc
04:33 320 10,44 0.10
Bad Patient Lyrics
05:00 320 11,45 0.10
The Fun Of The Century Lyrics
Could it be that you drove me into your fleet of hand-melt candy?
Could it be that you sent me falling off the roof backwards, gently?
Do not let my words depress you - I'm here to uplift you now (I'm here to uplift you now)
Her eyes have gone south - terrible lies she denies
Could it be that you broke me into a sheet of rain swept sideways?
Could it be that you wrote me a dead attempt?
It just plain scares me
Do not let my words distract you from all the fun you demand - from the fun of the century
No more glistening wet poems in your honour, captain of alienation, New York, money, compassion
05:01 320 11,51 0.10
Birdymachine Lyrics 01:26 320 3,27 0.10
Not Fair Lyrics
Run away when you see me coming and I can only say, "Not fair - this is not fair"
Miles away, reading, writing books
Look outside with imagination - I'm here and I'm sad
I'm here and I'm sad
04:13 320 9,63 0.10
Dark Secrets Look For Light Lyrics 04:52 320 11,16 0.10
Snow Drums Lyrics
Three on the backseat as we drive home from rehearsal
There's snow on the drums
The snare shudders like a cold ghost between my mittens
in the trunk, guitars slide like dead over dead
It's stopped snowing
We think we see foxes
I breathe a canvas on the window to write your name on the landscape
The sky is a grey flint from coast to coast with birds frozen in
Magic Trees share the dashboard with a Playdoh Jesus
Grapelli and Reinhardt lock horns on the radio
I draw a black skull on my jeans, not thinking, through to the skin
the headlamps come on at five
I miss you bad
04:59 320 11,43 0.10
Shepherd Are Needed Lyrics 05:20 320 12,24 0.10
I Am The Sub-Librarian Lyrics
I am the sub-librarian, come in on the council bus - Chalk Farm to Highgate Woods, sportsbag of borrowed books
A steady diet of Brautigan, 'Tapestry' on the walkman
Paranormal ill-health from dusting off the top shelf
I am the sub-librarian, counter girl, tea-maker
I am the sub-librarian, swan feeder, spectacle breaker
I am the sub-librarian
04:27 320 10,18 0.10
Waking Up Lyrics 06:10 320 14,10 0.10