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Live In Bucharest (Bootleg) 18-04-1994, Anathema
Live In Bucharest (Bootleg) 18-04-1994
Release type: Bootleg
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Duration: 42:09  
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Lovelorn Rhapsody Lyrics
I hear your voice
It sings so softly
Curious to join in
A harmony to breathe forevermore

Joyous the one to hear a voice

In fields where grass grows tall
Golden carpets swell and whisper
Autumn trees will weep

Immune to pity, I've grown used to grief
The eternal tear reciprocates

In fields where grass grows tall
Golden carpets swell and whisper
Autumn trees will weep

Dawn breaks open like a wound that breathes afresh
In bleak misery, the lifeless lie in squandor

Love has left me, fleed from me
Fragrant lust waits beside and dies
Like flowers that wilt without refreshment
In midday sun I sit and bide time

Adorning me, a lovelorn rhapsody
04:35 128 4,20 0.10
Where Shadows Dance Lyrics
Oh, ready to un-
Let's go.

The shadows dance;
The culprits fall.
The cold brings shadows;
(They) dance and fall.
01:43 128 1,58 0.10
Sweet Tears Lyrics
In eachothers arms
We cried together
And your tears tasted sweet
All is not lost
And never to be forgotten
Like a shiver down my spine
The lonley nights keep falling
And I still want you
All is not lost
And never to be forgotten
Shes passed away but dreaming
Her soul's awake but screaming
The weeping willow is weeping
And beneath our hearts
All joy is sleeping
Our bliss is carried away
Sweet tears
04:30 128 4,11 0.10
The Sweet Suffering Lyrics
As a shadow is cast overhead
I rejoice in the coming of the gloom
Lifting my eyes to view what, to me, is beauty
I decipher what is read in the cloud
The verse is shouting out and ringing in my ears
The claps of thunder, scared? No, me I revere
in the enchantment of mother nature
Her caress it soothes and brings me joy

Kneeling to the rainfall
Wind's whispers beckoning
Inhaling the sweet scent
Elation is overwhelming
The way is dim but somehow I find it

One by one the victims of life are dwindling
Me, take me ... grief no more if death will save me

Take me, save me, show me salvation
Lead me ... a sacred path, reinstate creation

Show me joy, grief, pride
and how me your envy

The way is dim but somehow I find it.
07:18 128 6,69 0.10
Welcome To Hell Lyrics 04:24 128 4,03 0.10
Under A Veil (Of Black Lace) Lyrics
Will this night fulfill all the promises
And bury us in peace
Will it leave us free and forgetful
Or at least bring some sleep

Your eyes don't catch the little things
As they narrow on your fall
I'm checking your pulse 'cause you're so quiet
I'm kissing you but you don't feel it

Why do you do this to me?
Showing me all that i'm good for
Is to watch you sleep as lifeless as an angel
She was the most beautiful cloud
That ever passed before the face of a girl
Seems like nothing's too good for this life
Some things are too good for this world

And our names and our faces
Well they're just spare change
In memory of a soul
Kept dropping spare change

Why won't you stay?

In memory of a little girl
Who was far too much in love with the world
And who didn't really wanna stick around for the end

Why won't you stay?
07:59 128 7,32 0.10
Sleepless Lyrics
And I often sigh
I often wonder why
I'm still here and I still cry

And I often cry
I often spill a tear
Over those not here
But still they are so dear

Please ease my burden

And I still remember
A memory and I weep
In my broken sleep
The scars they cut so deep

Please ease my burden
Please ease my pain

Surely without war there would be no loss
Hence no mourning, no grief, no pain, no misery
No sleepless nights missing the dead ... Oh, no more
No more war
03:59 128 3,66 0.10
Crestfallen Lyrics

I cry a tear of hope but it is lost in helplessness
The darkness eats away at the very embers of my soul
For the deepest love I had has dissolved before my eyes
My sorrow is bleak, I beg for deliverance

Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer

All emotion is consumed by an inner silence
All grief is unassuaged by disconsulate tears
I want for nothing, I live for nothing
I am waiting to die but I am afraid of dying

Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer

Crestfallen emotion
Wallowing in guilt
and drowning for evermore

Falling deeper into fear
My inner self is now
a sleeper of stone

Help me.
07:44 128 7,08 0.10