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Live In Barcelona, Elton John
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Release type: Concert
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Duration: 120:31  
Size, Mb: 165,63  


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Barcelona Introduction Lyrics 02:13 192 3,02 0.10
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On M Lyrics 05:42 192 7,82 0.10
I'm Still Standing Lyrics 03:01 192 4,14 0.10
I Guess That's Why The Call It Lyrics 04:33 192 6,26 0.10
Tiny Dancer Lyrics
I regret to inform that you've missed out on my better side
you think youve got this whole damn town
by the balls
you dont say so
so lets chalk this up
to being a little too tough
with all your friends
you never come around
to call me out
to show me what youve been bragging about

Brought down by your own pride
this is only getting worse
you'll regret your decision to run your mouth

another chance for me to turn it around
oh oh, oh oh
you better liven it up
ive got this whole place figured out

what now?
he's nearly dead
so what?
this wasnt a part of the plan
he had it coming
he doesn't
oh trust me
he'll love it

another chance for me to turn it around
oh oh, oh oh
you better liven it up
ive got this whole place figured out
when in doubt ill be there
by your side
in time we uncover all your lies

another chance for me to turn it around
oh oh, oh oh
another chance for me to turn it around
oh, oh.
another chance for me to turn it around
oh oh, oh oh
you better liven it up
ive got this whole place figured out

another chance for me to turn it around
oh oh, oh oh
you better liven it up
ive got this whole place figured out

when in doubt ill be there by your side
in time we uncover all your lies
And then he told us it'll all blow over soon
everyone makes mistakes right?
i'm bound to make a few myself if i dont show control
you need to show some control
06:22 192 8,76 0.10
Philadelphia Freedom Lyrics
I used to be a rolling stone
You know if the cause was right
I'd leave to find the answer on the road
I used to be a heart beating for someone
But the times have changed
The less I say the more my work gets done

`Cause I live and breathe this Philadelphia freedom
From the day that I was born I've waved the flag
Philadelphia freedom took me knee-high to a man
Yeah gave me peace of mind my daddy never had

Oh Philadelphia freedom shine on me, I love you
Shine a light through the eyes of the ones left behind
Shine a light shine a light
Shine a light won't you shine a light
Philadelphia freedom I love you, yes I do

If you choose to you can live your life alone
Some people choose the city
Some others choose the good old family home
I like living easy without family ties
Till the whippoorwill of freedom zapped me
Right between the eyes
06:16 192 8,61 0.10
Burn Down The Mission Lyrics
You tell me there's an angel in your tree,
Did he say he'd come to call on me?
For things are getting desperate in our home, living in the parish of the restless folks i know.

Now everybody, bring your family down to the riverside,
look to the east to see where the fat stock hide,
behind four walls of stone the rich man sleeps
it's time we put the flame torch to their keep

Burn down the mission
If we're gonna stay alive
Watch the black smoke fly to heaven
See the red flame light the sky

Burn down the mission
Burn it down to stay alive
It's our only chance of living
Take all you need to live inside

Deep in the woods the squirrels are out today
My wife cried when they came to take me away
But what more could I do just to keep her warm
Than burn burn burn burn down the mission walls
06:00 192 8,24 0.10
Simple Life Lyrics
There's a breakdown on the runway
And the timeless flights are gone
I'm a year ahead of myself these days
And I'm locomotive strong
My city spread like cannon fire
In a yellow nervous state
I can't cut the ties that bind me
To horoscopes and fate

And I won't break and I won't bend
But someday soon we'll sail away
To innocence and the bitter end
And I won't break and I won't bend
And with the last breath we ever take
We're gonna get back to the simple life again

When we break out of this blindfold
I'm gonna take you from this place
Until we're free from this ball and chain
I'm still hard behind the eight
My city beats like hammered steel
On a shallow cruel rock
If we could walk proud after midnight
We'd never have to stop
06:07 192 8,40 0.10
The One Lyrics
I saw you dancing out the ocean
Running fast along the sand
A spirit born of earth and water
Fire flying from your hands

In the instant that you love someone
In the second that the hammer hits
Reality runs up your spine
And the pieces finally fit

And all I ever needed was the one
Like freedom fields where wild horses run
When stars collide like you and I
No shadows block the sun
You're all I've ever needed
Oh Baby you're the one

There are caravans we follow
Drunken nights in dark hotels
When chances breathe between the silence
Where sex and love no longer gel

For each man in his time is Cain
Until he walks along the beach
And sees his future in the water
A long lost heart within his reach
05:56 192 8,13 0.10
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters 1&2 Lyrics 12:02 192 16,53 0.10
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Lyrics 04:00 192 5,51 0.10
Daniel Lyrics
I see you baby and you're looking so good
I got a feeling and I think that we should
Let's take it outside let's go for a ride
Let's do it whatever we want
Let's make it a crime let's do it in time
Let's do it wherever we want

Let's fuck

I wanna baby and I know that you would
I got it baby and I know that you're good
Let's do it for sin let's bring in your friends
Let's do it whatever we want
Let's do it for them let's do it again
Let's do it wherever we want

Let's Fuck

Let's go all the way
Let's do it all day
Let's do it whatever we want
Let's turn out the lights
Let's do it all night
Let's do it as long as we want

Let's fuck
Let's do it again
Let's do it whatever we want
Let's fuck
03:51 192 5,28 0.10
Blue Avenue Lyrics
I gotta quit this habit
It's like some drug for you
You've been my sweet sweet addict
I've been your little white boy blue

You've got the same obsession
We ain't no cat and mouse
You linger on my lips like confession
You laid the traps in this house

And it's no use each way we lose
You and me at the crossroads of Blue Avenue
Hit and run hearts collide here
True love passes through
Looks like we've got a wreck babe
Up on Blue Avenue
Up on Blue Avenue
Blue Avenue

Two hearts get entangled
Dirty minds they go to town
Everyone's got an angle
Little lies get spread around

Let them say what they want
You and me we already knew
Takes more than hocus pocus babe
To save you from Blue Avenue
04:17 192 5,88 0.10
The Last Song Lyrics
Patrick Adams can't play guitar
Patrick Adams can't play guitar
03:26 192 4,74 0.10
Funeral For A Friend - Love Li Lyrics 10:08 192 13,92 0.10
Sad Songs Say So Much Lyrics 12:29 192 17,12 0.10
The Show Must Go On Lyrics 04:13 192 5,78 0.10
Saturday Night's Alright For F Lyrics 05:09 192 7,05 0.10
Sacrifice Lyrics
It's a human sign
When things go wrong
When the scent of her lingers
And temptation's strong

Into the boundary
Of each married man
Sweet deceit comes calling
And negativity lands

Cold cold heart
Hard done by you
Some things look better baby
Just passing through

And it's no sacrifice
Just a simple word
It's two hearts living
In two separate worlds
But it's no sacrifice
No sacrifice
It's no sacrifice at all

Mutual misunderstanding
After the fact
Sensitivity builds a prison
In the final act

We lose direction
No stone unturned
No tears to damn you
When jealousy burns
05:19 192 7,30 0.10
Song For Guy - Your Song Lyrics 09:34 192 13,14 0.10