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Live, Horslips
Release type: Concert
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Duration: 87:12  
Size, Mb: 120,64  


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Mad Pat Lyrics
Mad Pat

There was a country fiddler,
A jester, a riddler, a joker,
A singer of songs,
In every town he passed
He'd stop to help the dancing master
Entertain his straw-rope-foot throng
And from a green cloth on his back
He'd take his fiddle
And some goodbye snow
Now singing high, now murmuring low
Now in the middle with his magic bow
And all the people would know.

Mad Paddy's gone back on the road
A wire string fiddle is his only load,
He's kicking up turf everywhere he goes
And he's on his own.
From the houses all the people they stare
At his Horslips and his emerald green hair
You know he keeps on moving
he just doesn't care
When he's on his own.

First he'll play a slow, slow air
So fair, to drive away your cares
And bring a magic sleep
Then the pace will quicken
As you burst out of your slumber
And find yourself up on your feet
But then his magic tune will change
To something strange, there's something wrong
What's going on.
And through the tears you cry
You'll look, you'll sigh, you'll feel like dying
Cos the fiddler's gone
Mad Paddy's moving on.

Mad Paddy's gone back on the road
A wire string fiddle is his only load
He's kicking up turf everywhere he goes
And he's on his own.
In the corner there's a smile on his face
His fancy is taking him to some distant place
You know his tunes keep changing
He can't keep the pace
And he's on his own
Mad Pat's on the road.

06:49 192 9,42 0.10
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More Than You Can Chew Lyrics
People say you're dressed to kill.
You're not a girl to come on slow.
Once you get the bit between your teeth
You don't feel like letting go.
But before you hit off
Let me say you've bit off
More than you can chew.

I recall just how you laughed,
And you tried to make a fool of me.
How you thought you could get away
Without me knowing is hard to see.
Though things may look doubtful,
You've got yourself a mouthful
More than you can chew.

You can give me back my pride
And I will trade you all that's due.
Cos like a spider I'm creeping back
Gonna spin my web all over you.
And if you take it in haste
You're gonna waste
Aah you can't taste
More than you can chew
03:07 192 4,30 0.10
Dearg Doom Lyrics
My love is colder than black marble by the
My heart is older than the cold oak tree.
I am the flash of silver in the sun.
When you see me coming you had better
>From Dearg Doom.

You speak in whispers of the devils I have
By the fire of my silver Devil's Blade,
And still you dare to flaunt yourself at me.
I don't want you, I don't need you,
I don't love you, can't you see
I'm Dearg Doom.

And when the stars go out
You can hear me shout
"Two heads are better than none,
One hundred heads are so much better
than one".

I'm a boy who was born blind to pain
And, like a hawk, I'll swoop and
swoop again.
I am the flash of hawkeye in the sun.
When you see me coming you had
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