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Duration: 43:25  
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Myrrhman Lyrics
Place my chair at the backroom door
Help me up
I can't wait anymore
Blessed love
The love I've seen
Stair by idle stair
Faith one path & the second in fear
A half wit am I read

And tread dependence beneath my feet
Step right up something's happening here
05:32 256 10,16 0.10
Ascension Day Lyrics
05:59 256 10,98 0.10
After The Flood Lyrics
Sang soulless loud
Herding step on flesh
And nothing else
To well
To drown & drown
Sleight of reason
How they come
Cain in number
The crowd
Spurning step by state
Blame something else
Within without
How they run
Slain in number

Shake my head
Turn my face to the floor
Dead to respect
To respect to be born
Lest we forget who lay
09:38 256 17,66 0.10
Taphead Lyrics
When do you know
You know you learn
D'you die in sin
Born again
With will to wind & wander
Climb through needle neck to consent

When do you know
You know you learn
Arrive at spring once again
And still to rise beyond the tide

And mortal track
Fretful or fair
By straw
By strap
Dust to dust
For what is worth upon me
07:40 256 14,02 0.10
New Grass Lyrics
There's a piggy waitin' outside my door~
Who's a knockin' and a yellin' that he's gonna use force~
Well, I moved to town just a while ago~
But I got in a mess, and I can't lay low~

Back home all I had was my guitar~
Livin' in the backwoods on daddy's farm~
Sittin' on the front porch 'til the evenin' come~
Livin' in the backwoods on daddy's farm.

Well, my old girl was a cadillac~
She was long and sleek and dressed in black~
But I caught he cruisin' with another dude~
So I shot 'em down with my blue .22~

~Repeat Chorus~

But now they got me runnin' and they got me to my home~
But I won't go, I won't go!

Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, and I hit the floor~
Two little piggies bust down my door~
The first little piggy went down~
The second little piggy started poppin' off rounds~
I make a break for the parking lot~
I heard some people talkin' how somebody got shot~
They're never gonna see it my way~
So I break for the truck and headed on the highway~
I must have got it up to 108~
Before three little piggies headed me off the interstate~
It's gettin' hot, I'm gettin' hot~
I don't know where to go, I don't know what I got~

~Repeat Chorus~
09:40 256 17,71 0.10
Runeii Lyrics 04:58 256 9,08 0.10