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Jurassic 5

Feedback, Jurassic 5 Feedback 2006, Album
Red Hot, Jurassic 5 Red Hot 2005, Album
J5, Jurassic 5 J5 2008, Album
Quality Control, Jurassic 5 Quality Control 2000, Album
Quality Control, Jurassic 5 Quality Control 2000, Album
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J5, Jurassic 5
Release type: Album
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Duration: 86:22  
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In The Flesh Lyrics
Chorus: repeat 2X

It's the J-U-R-A
Capital S another S-I-C
5 MC's in the flesh
Bound to catch wreck
Hit the deck
Cause we'll pop the trunk
Plus the tape on your cassette

I'm from the crew called Jurassic
Stretch like elastic
Live and on plastic
Step and get that ass kicked
From here to there
MC's beware
I represent that real ghetto urban warfare
Ah yeah
What you say when you see me in your town
Bucking off some rounds
Of that underground sound
You need to open your eyes
Realize and recognize
Throw your hands in the air lick a shot for J5
I'm all the way live
I socialize with the wise
Underprivileged spiritually deprived
At times in the flesh
Airwaves getting checked
The vibe is energized by the way I spit my dialect

I be the brain cell buster
Old school style kicking hustler
That'll rush ya like a wrestler
Elliot Ness ya
Bow to my pressure
Step to J5 you're getting played like Fester
I be the ever handy
Hard like rock candy
Down with Mork and Mandy
Won't date Sandy brown eyes
Tale of the physical trait
Intoxicated by the bomb as I start to sedate
Your mainframe
All speaking on running this thang
Five J's in the house and the styles to blame


Cause it's the J-U-R-A
Capital S another S-I-C
5 MC's in the flesh
Bound to catch wreck
Hit the deck
A prehistoric B-boy making beats in my cave

They call me 2-na
As in Fish in sea
Self efficiency
That's my mission see
Got me wishing we all
Could've puffed a spliff first
Shoot the giff first
And 2-na Fish becomes a gift horse
Look me in the mouth
Tell me what you see
No matter who I am
I am you as you see me
U is still Nity
COM squared and shit
I was put here to see if you came prepared and shit
I'm red as shit
My head is split from every crazy
Lazy kid we thought was chill
They was Swayze
Soon as they got a taste
Of what the U-N-I was like
Their eyes was like BLAM
From the surprise and fright

Now it's the vocal enhancement
Vintage reigning rocks
A hundred mines swing
Dig a few chains of black gold
Plus block the seven holes that froze
A nigga soul and bust blood through his toes
For acting like his shit was mega heavy weight
But he couldn't escape
The way we wet him down like it was watergate
Infiltrate flavor crack skull and stone
Rip through the carcass spit blood and bone
For all those
Who feel their crews forever tight knitted
When raps emitted
Islamicly transmitted
Is the brother a color
Yes the color's darkly tinted
No acts or gimmicks
And when the bullets imprinted it's whipped
It hibernates till it stretch the yellow tape
For Mister Doc key is caliber career, yea
With so many rhymes it can't a crew make me
Rock for 32 times like John Wayne Gassey

You need to put your hands together
Cause J5 is in the house
Because we're guaranteed to keep it live
When we kick the party vibe
We came to catch wreck
We got the fossilized flavor
For you fools who slept
And plus we got you sucka crews in check
Now come correct Nu-Mark
Hit 'em with the perfect blend
Cause it "don't stop rockin till I say when"

J-U-R-A capital S
Another S-I-C
5 MC's in the flesh
Bound to catch wreck
Hit the deck
Cause we'll pop the trunk
Plus the tape on your cassette

Cause it's the J-U-R-A
Capital S another S-I-C
5 MC's in the flesh
Bound to catch wreck
Hit the deck
Cause we'll pop the trunk
Plus the tape on your cassette
04:05 169 4,95 ˆ0.10
Quality Control Part 2 Lyrics 00:39 162 0,77 ˆ0.10
Jayou Lyrics
We be the crew, guess who, the Jayou
R-A-double-S, I-C, we're
in the place to be, it don't stop
We got the rhythm that makes your fingers
snap, crackle, pop pop, fizz fizz
We're known to give a show plus handle our biz-ness
Stress, we'll destroy
We're known to make noise as the original b-boys
in the flesh, greater to the depth
Creates the ill scenes when we manifest, yes

I feel the vibe
I feel the vibe too
Cause it's the butter from the crew
Wanna tussle?
Flex for the muscle?
With the rhythm
The ninety-six stylism

Yeah, I shoot the gift puffin another cold spliff
Fools are coming quicker than Anna Nicole Smith
Malginant metaphors and ganja stay herbs
We conjugate verbs and constipate nerds LIKE YOU
I'm hear to end the conspiracy, fearlessly
So you can really see the real MC's AT HAND
I'm tuna fish on the stickshift
The eclectic hectic, desperate to set trip

And for the niggaz who feel, that they're 24-karat
Plus, the way you're livin get your undewater baptism
Believe it or not, it's the rugged and raw
Put a bullet in the head of four in Mount Rushmore

Yeah, release the beast from within, baptise gins
Keep company with friends that repel sin
I'm out to win ain't no pretendin, fuck the first amendment
My speech was free, the day that my soul descended

Earthbound, we might sound various
Some niggaz can rhyme, but they got no character
So we preparin you for war, don't give up the fight
You need to stand up for your rights

And grab a mic and get loose, produce the juice that keeps the head on
collosion with the New World Order opposition
Competition, none, there's only one in the universe
that knows the final outcome

We got incarcerated minds, men women and enzymes
Vibin off the rhymes sent from the di-vine ESSENCE
PRESENCE EFFERVESENCE, not to be contested
Some miss the message, GO AHEAD AND BLESS THIS

So don't mistake us for a crew that used to hit
We on some underground certified Wild Style shit

We be the crew, guess who, and it'll be
The Jayou, ninety-five A.D.

Be be causin ramifications, physicians
sendin brothers on grammar vacations, if they don't listen
Competition, bustin shots on people basin
But we can delete constipation

Jurassic, 5, MC's
And we got the cure for this rap disease
So come on everybody let's all get down

Cause I'm down by law and I know my way around
02:59 166 3,55 ˆ0.10
Lesson 6: The Lecture Lyrics 05:32 132 5,23 ˆ0.10
Concrete Schoolyard Lyrics
Now I'm a say this one time boy and that's my word
We rockin shots and not fire through the Hindenburg
The contribution is clear
You add water to bone
And get the Jurassic 5 on the microphone
Now if you like the tone
And how the harmony's done
And the sucka mc's die before they've begun
Well I'd like to know if
You've got the notion
Cause we're number one
I'm not trying to say my style is better than yours
I'm just on some other shit
I'm all about the beats and the lyrics
So when you hear it you can feel it
The vibe is energized by the presence of my spirit
No interference we persevere
The purpose is clear
We're here to leave your ear hurtin severe
You're lurking in fear
Cause we take it back like robbin loxly
Rockin from country sides to spots where hard rocks be
I often wonder if these MC's even know how it feels
To dedicate they whole life to this mic of steel
Its not about the bills
That's not keeping it real
A lot of tight rappers out here ain't got no deals
We appeal to the brothers with flow finesse
Cause it's the 100 watt blood shot game of death
Cause we're protected by the covenant of words and beats
Rewind and feel the heat
Recline and take a seat
So ah...

Let's take you back to the concrete streets
Original beats with real live mc's
Playground tactics
No rabbit in a hat tricks
Just that classic
Rap shit from Jurassic


Now I walk from Tranzania
Earthquake Transalvania
And on my way I kicked a whole through the wall of China
Just to get the right blend
Cause its schizophrenic of the pathway to livin
I fell into the deep end
You shouldn't have told me
The pyramids can hold me
So now a contest is what you owe me
Pull out your beats pull out your cuts
Give us a mic, whatup
And we goin tear shit up
I'm on some old and forgotten
Sun up to sun down
Like picking cotton
The nutty professor science droppin
Rockin Robbin's hood
From New York to Compton
Me and my three sons
Jabari, Shakir, and Kahsum

Chorus 2X

Hey, I'm 2na-Fish from U-N-I-T-Y
Do or die
Anti-illumaniti, why
Do the liquid from my vocals
Make the ghetto start swimming
Forever winning I'm in it
Like Medolark Lemon
I get goose bumps
When the baseline thumps
A sucka MC freestyle
He had mine for lunch
Marc 7even get you open like an attach‚
Briefcase in this case
The victor is no way
Ah, ah the tool spinners
Cooking the full dinner
Killing the first born of lyrical Yul Brenner's
When is it the academy
Rattling your anatomy
That'll be J 5 so kill all of your fake flattery
That'll be the day
When labels pay our way
2na what you say
when MC's come to play
Man fe dead
Cause we take it back like Spinal Tap
Preparing your intellect before your final nap
So ah...

Chorus 2X

You got beef now watch how I settle it
I'll fuck around and arrest your whole development
I'm eloquent
When it comes to digital display
I'm ready for the world while you earl off the Tanqueray
Tactics, my shits Jurassic 5
Fingers of death while you exhale and inhale
With a deep breath with my Chop-Sui style
Cause I'm a lyrical chef
I gets mines to the death
Cause I be cookin
From here to Brooklyn
Your shits annoying like fat-ass Bookman
On Good Times
When I rhyme
I hit the designated area
I hope you got your shots cause this is lyrical malaria
Spreading, beheading fools with the punishment
I live in America but fuck this government
A hundred and fifty times over silk with lead
While y'all drink the similack
My rhymes are breast-fed
No artificial nipples
I flip the real skills
I thought I told you once
I kick the lyrical windmills
And backspin Benedict
Strictly for my benefit
I step on toes when I flow don't get offended
Come and get with it
Comprehended when I kick it
I represent the real
From the beginning to the end of it
05:21 173 6,62 ˆ0.10
Setup Lyrics 00:30 168 0,62 ˆ0.10
Action Satisfaction Lyrics
I see dead man grins
Seven deadly sins
Couldn't keep his mouth closed in the house of chins
The all seeing eye that recognize the rap clones
Plus possess the pin to crack the pyramid stone
Its the call of the wild thats why my words rank high
Drop the verse for nine planets
That fell from the sky
Do or die you and I get fly with rap expressions
With the one two three four five

In the session with the lesson
Cause in bass and treble we trust
With the rebels orally ready in case we bust
And write a power chord and if the place be plush
We kick the old school like Julio Iglesius
Tapes we push be straps with no safety catch
We attack like a bullet till your face relax
And think about it
If you ain't got the class to flee
Be mentally ready for jurass-catastrophy

Now its time for me to rise
The lyric utilizer
Down like fertilizer
Quick to improvise
A style that can surprise ya
Your eyes is on the prize
We can go line for line
I ain't hard to find
While we break your spine
My mild style reclines
I'm laid back
All that talk you need to save that
The payback is all the reason that I'm flexing
The feds rocking like we x-men

Chorus: 2X
You say you want action satisfaction
The brothers with the positive reaction
The crew with style that?s on top of the pile
J5?s gonna rock a long long while

We get set
Who's up next to pull to a fast one
Lyrically connect the dots and then I blast one
Now who wants action satisfaction
Lyrics remind you of bass I'm everlasting
Casting plagues my styles crossing the switchblades
My momma shoulda named me grace cause I'm amazingly
Blazing with the fire and desire
I'm world renowned I gets down to the wire

If any child of mine gets out a line boastin?
My style of rhyme covers you like calamine lotion
Lifted out like vine motion I spend time stroking
You still drink a dime potion and dime boasting
But now my rhymes open brims a spirituality
We be giving power that you can share with your family
Aerodynamically cutting through danger
Ripping your narrow mentality nothing but flavor

Chorus 2X

The moral of my oral ammunition rendition
2na fish on a Marc 7even collision
We be forever keeping niggas on they P's and Q's
And the B's who snooze leave diseased and bruised
I see through your crews like an x-ray tube
And gamma rayed your function
Left you with assumption
That we be the butter clique
We smothered with the action satisfaction thats guaranteed to be jurassic

Chorus 2X
03:59 174 4,93 ˆ0.10
Sausage Gut Lyrics 00:19 157 0,38 ˆ0.10
Improvise Lyrics
[Jurassic 5 together]
Ayo, it's like this when Allah says "Let it be like"
We are some designated, poetical brothers with mics
For whoever had skills to possess the gift
Combinated with the flavor and it goes like this...Tuna Fish!

[Chali 2na]
I'm amphibious, citizen with the lesson plan
Cashier at the J5 concession stand (Akil!)

The militant steel with the peripheral
Telegraphic skill bulid up crossfield (Mark 7even!)

[Mark 7even]
Fundamentalist brining my verbal gift
My style is packed Quik like cocoa in Swiss Miss (Zaakir!)

For the way my pen sticks to rhymes
Cause a million party people, it's about that time

[Jurassic 5]
And together, we'll show you how to improvise
Reminicent of the Wild Style '75
Cause it's the brothers on the mic occupying the drums
Taking four MC's and make them sound like one

I be the spark from the cannon, blaze the outstanding
Tug of war, with the poor, rich, and scandlous
Roadrunning bandit, race against advancment
Style winds cause storms when I perform

[Mark 7even]
I'ma park a giant robot and stomp your whole spot
And beat you whole crew to a bunch of whole knots
Dissect you from the inner then declare myself the winner
Once the style clears, you'll be (real like Finner)

[Chali 2na]
One of the black your contractor
Attacking your backdoor, you're trapped in my trash compactor
Move back, whore, swingings before the trap door
It's causin the capture of brothers who rap more

Yeah, check the shelling, rock niggas redder than watermelon
The grief-stricken, rotated 20/20 vision
Rap felon, hottest rebel with bad spelling
I pitch shift with unprecedented sharpness

[Jurassic 5]
Distributor, local street corner contributor
Word inhibitor, scientific impositioner
Rhythm commision DJ's for real
"He drives the crossfader like a cutmobile"

We prepetrate the fake, the fraud, the phony
Jurassic Masters of the Ceremony
You came and saw right before your eyes
In fact the old school flavor has survived, like this...

And together, we show you how to improvise
Reminicent of the Wild Style '75
Cause it's the brothers on the mic occupying the drums
We taking four MC's and make 'em sound like one

And together, we show you how to improvise
Reminicent of the Wild Style '75
So whoever bought the tape bring your butt right back
Cause you never in your life heard a cut like that

Hey, we flip fast phonographs 45 records smash
High was the forecast, ain't nothing they never had

[Mark 7even]
Make a move, never lose, competition quick to choose
New styles, hot rhymes, guarenteed to blow your mind

[Chali 2na]
(Who is he?) The subtle ?? fanatic for unity
Demonstratin the ghetto diplomatic immunity

Well I'm the style stimulist, sound photosynthesis
Super with the sentences in the Latin centuries

[Jurassic 5]
And together, we'll show you how to improvise
Reminicent of the Wild Style '75
Cause it's the brothers on the mic occupying the drums
Taking four MC's and make them sound like one

And together, we'll show you how to improvise
Reminicent of the Wild Style '75
Cause it's the brothers on the mic in the place to be
It's the J-U-R-A double S I-C
03:44 139 3,69 ˆ0.10
Blacktop Beat Lyrics 01:26 169 1,72 ˆ0.10
Without A Doubt Lyrics
You know we turn the party out (Without a doubt)
And show em what it's about (Without a doubt)
We'll win whether you like it or not (Without a doubt)
We make it hot (Without a doubt) (Repeat 2x)

We keep it heated like stones in Hell's Kitchen
MC's are wishing that they had a pot to piss in

Akil is on a mission to smash the competition
I whip my opposition with words into a sentence
And combat your verbal attacks with no assistance
I'm too consistant for you brothers to keep bitching
Pay close attention to my verbal composition
I keep it distant like my love for the business
You ask "What is this? Is it real or ficticous?"
I kill the wise and intelligent rebels with percision

[Charlie 2na]
It's a true conspiracy, battle for world supremecy
Huh, send me brothers they maybe try to contend with me
But me and my staff soon shine like a perfect half moon
And get you open like a public bathroom, paragraph doom
The vicious lyric solicitor
No comission keeping it different for my listeners
Taking no prisioners, sealing perimeters
Never singular, giving you something that you remember

You know we turn the party out (Without a doubt)
And show em what it's about (Without a doubt)
We'll win whether you like it or not (Without a doubt)
We make it hot (Without a doubt) (Repeat 2x)

We reccomend Jurassic 5 like daily check-ups
From waist to your neck up, so next man step up

[Marc 7even]
You're now the victim of a vocal verbal stick up
My style will make you get up and down just like a sit up
To those who want to get us, brother keep your chin up
What up? I roll with winners, beyond beginners
The average nigger squeezes triggers when your rap style's bigger
How you figure that you can disrespect my art?
I know the true MC's take this life to heart
Let's take it back to the start, Donnie Dew kick your part

And it's the outlaw about to rock y'all, now watch my hands go
Over the nickle full black tainted pearl handle
And watch it richocet, captivate the airwaves
Hit you with the ever blade connected with the wordplay
Mister Pro-fessional with the clever flows
Hear it on your radio, Donnie Brasco
With the defness, and the ways of the West
Represent the flavor breathless

You know we turn the party out (Without a doubt)
And show em what it's about (Without a doubt)
We'll win whether you like it or not (Without a doubt)
We make it hot (Without a doubt) (Repeat 2x)

Uh, no doubt, when J5 comes, that's right
03:00 174 3,74 ˆ0.10
Lesson 6 (Reprise) Lyrics 01:39 130 1,53 ˆ0.10
Action Satisfaction (Dub) Lyrics 03:55 132 3,69 ˆ0.10
Ignition Sequence Lyrics 01:54 150 2,04 ˆ0.10
Ducky Boy Lyrics 02:08 146 2,24 ˆ0.10
Verbal Gunfight Lyrics
Now what you hear is not a test
This is a verbal gunfight like the wild wild west
And if you got beef get it off your chest my son
Because the 2na's gonna show you how the west was won

We rolled up to the spot about a half past noon
Jumped from the horse, slid into the saloon
Walkin in the spot I heard the musicman stop
Danced up to the bar, a double snapple on the rocks

[Chali 2na]
Now mr. bartender told me strangers get flack (Really black?)
But they'll be fuckin with the black billy jack
Feel the mack, ??? you can never even got the chance bro
We move the crowd like we were ?????

And my drink he never passed it, he got real sarcastic (Fat Bastard)
You them niggas from the crew called Jurassic
Talkin mad shit as his face showed a frown
You niggas better leave before the sun go down

Cuz uh, we be the king of, the verbal gunslingers
You better bring a casket, a preacher and a singer nigga
We be the kings of the ones that brought static
I use my rhymes like a glock automatic

Ay yo, somethin lookin fishy yo I think we better watch
Yo, I'd make sure you got your trigger uncocked
Yo I'm sayin real niggas always deal a gun blast
Get the horse, kiss the girl, grab the mic and let's dash

[Chali 2na]
Cuz uh, we be the king of, the verbal gunslingers
You better bring a casket, a preacher and a singer nigga
Cuz when the lead locks on it don't let ya
I'm not a grifter more like a high-plains drifter

And as the plot kickened, thickened, niggas started shovin me
Muggin me, tuggin me, into the good bad and the ugly
Troubly doubly I grabbed a glass full of bubbly
Publicly rubbin me I told my nigga Chali cover me

[Chali 2na]
Yo, I gotcha back and I'm buckin I'm lookin back and I'm duckin
I'm tryin to get us the FUCK out the place
Brothas who was harassin we was doin the blastin
Yo suit go get us the bucks out the safe


Dead men never tell about the things they saw
The stakes is what can make a man become an outlaw
Hey, we be the peeps who keep the past alive
2na fish, and Akil from the Jurassic 5

Ay yo peeps has been grand, but understand we in a hurry
Emergency currency, many niggas that wanna murder me
Heard of me
And 2na fish ??? capacity keepin the west blazin like Sundance and Butch Cassidy

[Chali 2na]
Man, we need some type of plan cuz peeps is skanless
Thinkin that they can make a man hush with the ambush
My man bust til you crack the safe
Yo back is safe and we gon take the back escape

Now if you don't know who we are, I suggest you better hiiiide
Or look down the devil's eye, sing a lullaby
And the picture on my poster make my left side my best side

[Chali 2na]
I'm on my last two rounds I let a thousand free
I heard the bartender called for the cavalry
Now they outside, waitin on my ????
Verbal gunslinger forever and proud to be

Cuz uh, we be the king of, the verbal gunslinger
And now they got the casket, the preacher and a singer cuz they
????? at the ?????
Stay alive yo!
Rhymin with our back to the wall, tryin to survive the fall
Cuz dead men never tell about the things they saw
The stakes is what can make a man become an outlaw
Hey, we be them peeps that keep the past alive
It's 2na fish, and Akil, from the Jurassic 5
03:52 139 3,84 ˆ0.10
Rubber Tires Lyrics 04:06 140 4,11 ˆ0.10
Long Road To Glory Lyrics

(Chali 2-na)
He who is without sin
Cast the first stone
Blast the verse
No matter the class
I'm vers'tile
Kickin' it for you hipocritic berzerk ohms
I'm hopin' at worst
Hopin' the words that touch home
And clutch domes
Ya' think
Electrical sockets and wet feet
How you infinitely get sleep
The minute we get deep
Ladies and 'gents peep
One hundred percent heat
Up undersea mistreats
Now I'll leave you mince meat
Yes I'm from UNITY
My last name sits in the middle of opportunity (Huh)
With two-laid plans and new-made fans
My crew raid lands and punch like the Kool-Aid Man

It was a long road to glory
Battle for territory
Just to be called the masters of the ceremony
With the rhythm
Keep it goin' on

The epitomy
Five-hundred thousand so convincingly
Street ministry
J-5th-a-tune infantry
Finna be
About to be
The best kept commodity
Twelve incher LP
We're representin' properly
Now possibly the knock could be
That old school philosophy
That if it doesn't rock a beat
It's not considered property
Remember me
Remember us
Ice Cold
Cold Crush
1920 Gold Rush
Rollin' up
Hold up!
Now aint no need
For you to be surprised
When we impliment and improvise
With each and every verse that I
Get busy with
Lacing it with murder talk
Turn a 'sault
Razor sharp
Tribal walk

Fresh gear
We're makin' our beds
And we're doin' lots of things
That we never did
We went to Paris in the spring-time
Bahamas in the fall
We thank Alla
We're doin' it all


Pick a paragraph and phrase it
Mentally you save it
Kick it to the world and
Suddenly they crave it
Thats the way it is
In this verbal warfare
Workin' hard for the love
But there aint no wars here
Years been puttin'
On a play with your foot in
Cause you'll be comin' back
Like the brother Dwight Gooden
Seven's back again
Slappin' men and askin' them
If they really wanna fuck wit' the style we tappin' in

Hey yo, I just couldn't wait
To grab a piece of my own cake
So I can elevate
And hold my own weight
My mind state be the ghetto
Street corner heavy metal
Black like the pot and tea kettle
My street credibility
Minus negativity
Multiplied energy
What attends a few
Ability sililoque
Of a real MC
Tastin' the grammar
J5 slamma jamma


(OH) (Here we go)
Metabolism with the rhythm
Keep it goin' on


(OH) (Here we go)
Metabolism with the rhythm
Keep it goin' on

03:52 163 4,51 ˆ0.10
Ghetto Diplomat Lyrics 03:45 138 3,70 ˆ0.10
Lesson Four: The Radio Lyrics 05:29 150 5,86 ˆ0.10
Jayou Remix Lyrics 03:20 138 3,26 ˆ0.10
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Wake Up Show Promo Lyrics 01:44 120 1,50 ˆ0.10
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