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Instrumentalyst (Octagon Beats), Dr. Octagon
Instrumentalyst (Octagon Beats)
Release type: Album
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Duration: 71:56  
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3000 Lyrics
Three thousand!
Three thousand!

I crank up lyrical flows, spit spats, what's that
The pattern records, don't touch the DATs, yo
Check out the pro skills, medic fulfills
Contact react to style I'm back you lack
Channels and handles, Automator's on the panels
Turnin knobs you slobs suckers like Baskin Robs
Carvel don't tell your whole crew is ice cream fudge
Rappers that budge, makin moves step in grooves
And ride the pace like at thirty-three dark shades
Now you seein me
Rap moves on to the year three thousand

Three thousand!
Three thousand!
Three thousand!

Let me shuffle red red red see the black heart it ain't hard
Pick and choose you lose oops you lost
Check out the boss on Broadway down to walkways
Suckers with mics that end up with tooth decay
I, the Doctor, stop ya, in your world rock ya
Heads bop, forever tunes and they won't stop like hip-hop
keeps growing, sick of sick of showing
Scratches in matress business money reattaches worldwide
deep inside stops the diamond rocks
In a million world, billion world, quitrillion world
Rap moves on to the year three thousand

Three thousand!
Three thousand!
Three thousand!
Three thousand!

As space I've shown participator acts walk up clog up and mess up
water down the sound, that comes from the ghetto
In the middle the core you tour explore experience
what is real you feel, changing ways
Commercial rap's in the grave, stuff on disc that's very wack
that you saved, you think it's good won't go platinum
or even turn wood, sell the cassette
Your homey's tape deck gets wet
You my pet, my poodle chicken noodle's on the rise
Open your eyes and see my life
Rap moves on to the year three thousand!

Three thousand!
Three thousand!
Three thousand!
Three thousand!
03:31 320 8,05 ˆ0.10
Moosebumps Lyrics 01:48 320 4,10 ˆ0.10
Earth People Lyrics
She says you're the only one
But she's an 80's girl, and she can't get enough
Treat you so right till your supply runs dry

won't you please love my friends
won't you please

Vroom - in a brand new car, she drives to the beach
Knows the language well, the moves and the speech
Behind a blinding smile hides her empty eyes

won't you please love my friends
Won't you please suck my friends
Won't you please

80's girl needs a friend
Party down with everyone
80's girl needs a friends
Love you for the weekend

won't you please love my friends

She's so modern
She's so stylish
Mohawk on one side, long hair on the other
She's got all her bases covered

She always wants someone else
She's an 80's girl, looking out for herself
so where do you draw the line
Between a whore and a concubine?

80's girl needs a friend
Getting the goods and having such a good time
80's girl needs a friend
Love you for the weekend
80's girl needs a friend
Never, never let it happen again

Won't you please love my friends
Won't you please fuck
04:49 320 11,04 ˆ0.10
Real Raw Lyrics
{Kool Keith samples are scratched and repeated}

[Dr. Octagon]
With yellow eyes, my green face, my pink and white afro
I'm no toy kid, your style is made by Hasbro
G'niff gnapp, you think you got that real hip-hop
I saw the chart so quickly, watched your album flop
I'm Doctor Octo, curlin waste, tourin rhinos
Liftin horses, throwin cows at your fake forces
You know my gold style, rabbit fur coat style
You be freezin with the flu watch you keep sneezin
Like Breezly Brewin, your style I'ma have to ruin
Chop up your tactics, you gimmick groups need to practice
You be there, like Michael Jackson in my atmosphere
Gerbils for rectums, I break you off like Richard Gere
I'm so fantastic, your metal fist is still plastic
Compelled with no threats, your rhymes bounce off my shield
New York City, California, roll my Ampex reel
No corny loops and assemble with Timberland boots
I'm strictly monster with turtlenecks like Frankenstein
Drop that mic kid, you lost, so that ass is mine

Chorus: Dr. Octagon

I get real raw -- change arrangements on your face (3X)
Superspeed... flowin!

{Kool Keith samples are scratched and repeated}

[Dr. Octagon]
Doctor Octo, mental disorder, person in alias
Fifty-five-six computer tracks on your ass cracks
Therapy patient ignored your rhymes in the train station
You don't want none, the vomit's on your cinnamon bun
You still rappin in the city talkin pig latin
In fact you no test, you tired man, won't you rest?
Take that sleep with NoDoz, that common style is cheap
You bought your mic cord, payola scams the Billboard
Slots that's not hot you settle for the nuts you got
Record releases, your crew is wack like chocolate Reese's
Urine stains are spread out, fly colours on your brains
You beware, orangutangs tappin on your window
Bulls and coyotes, while roaches walk around your poodle
Like Shakespeare, genius thoughts pumpin every year
MC's know, retire quick rap like ?? ??
Josie Merriweather with blocks on your skin is clever
Upright direction, I battle any yeast infection
Put missiles to work, my needles in your midsection
Hold upright, I burn your anus with the purple light
Use up your power, make phone calls for an hour

Chorus: Dr. Octagon

I get real raw -- change arrangements on your face (4X)

{double tempo and fast scratching}
{scratching slows and continues to over Keith samples}
{Keith samples end song}
05:34 320 12,78 ˆ0.10
No Awareness Lyrics
[Dr. Octagon]
Your organic medical talk propels off my arms
The atom bomb final Lionel Richie not couth for this battle
I battle sing-sing-sing like bing-bing-bing
ricochet rapid grab it like a poppa
Watch you jam like a techer with old energy it's me
lyrically bionically you're panicked B
You end up in the ?, as I begat
Fertilizin your chrome, dome boils sore medicated
All flows rose and have a tweakin speakin
Puerto Rican the powerful machine gun stun
Ba-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum, ambulence, lights bright
Paramedics fetish your legs with eggs chicken hatch
Can't find too they dead ex, but the skin don't match

Chorus: Dr. Octagon (repeat 3X)

And you say, no awareness, swift as gold

[Sir Menelik]
Bio-production is greatly increased, magnetic fields
Velocity of projectiles, electro-liquid experiments
Theoretical observances and critical procedures, cool
to seventy-seven Kelvins, by submerging, steel cylinders
Secure capacitated it in the cyrogenic containin the crude samples
One millimeter, in diameter
Since the last explosion, December 3rd, 1992
Reinforce mixin copper nickel-beryllium oxide
Concentric layers, proportional carbon density of the radius
Indisturbed existance if it does produce contradictory statements
or quantum, wave functions, mechanic mind out of matter
This behaviour is accompanied by concious experience
Remains astral, flexing as ever
Ask Copernicus about pushing limits


[Dr. Octagon]
Like a twenty-five, pep-a-pep-pep, pellets beebee guns
will stun buns, kickin up dirt dust, must you see me
hittin like beepers, beep beep, vibrate
Take swift shake swift with myth, while you smoke a spliff
Change strange and detour thought more
minds with signs of minds on 8 by 10
class when atomic lines
You keep a deep thought, bop bought
My planet court rehearsal is a must, lust my vital
is a point to bust my inhabitants, past.. tense
ever since Presidents.. Lyndon B.
Jerry, John, George and Carter like Optimus
deep silk reflects on a starter


[Sir Menelik]
Edge, dislocation specifically, opporunity to form
and ultimately fail, under stress depends, on science immobile
epoxy, or stock composites
New conductors maximum amp use much finer, filaments
Eighteen percent, of volume, minus . three six nine degrees
Celsius, a record for resistive, electromagnets
A hybrid design, seven-hundred thirty-thousand gauss
for all types of DC residents, absorbed in
flowin through fifteen=thousand one-hundred watt, lightbulbs
Tremendous heat is generated, driven by direct
but not oscillating, current
Extremely, powerful, fascinating
Engineering reflections, acoustic depth by analysis
Vulnerable, to legal talents
High exposure, requires, mental protection, replica
Artificial dynamic Microsoft tech
Heavy black cables Nova robot, demanding, battery power
Acids found, in Josephalia, the master gene
04:45 320 10,89 ˆ0.10
Blue Flowers Lyrics
He hides in his suit like a snake in the grass
His sales-pitch forked-tongue hissed
Now the wolves wear their name tags
They are hunting in packs
Herding their prey up the aisles and back
They’re smiling
Their teeth are showing
While the doctors and lawyers like vultures descend
They swoop down to the scene of the car accident
To pick the victims to pieces
Then there is the sly silver fox
Makes his money tele-scamming notch babies
He says, "The end is near, buy my policy
I’ll make you young again
I’ll make you young again"

Loan sharks will circle, until they can make sure it's paid

Take the cash from my hand
Hear the register sing
And the roar of the lion logo on the screen
He’s hungry, I should buy some popcorn
So I exit the dark, feeling blind in the sun
And the bobcats look tired
They ate their fill of asphalt
Because we need more parking
With so many up at the pulpit
Rams and bugs
The news cameras capture guerrilla warfare
Eagles into buildings crash landed
Despair is all that there is now
In a cubical cage that smells like a rat
Whose smile gets bigger along with your debt

Don’t take it personal
It's just business
03:16 320 7,49 ˆ0.10
Technical Difficulties Lyrics
Chewbacca's not here I'ma do it for your circumcised
niggaz don't realize my format is a palm spectrum
to damage any rectum
This is the real dinosaur funk which permitted G-Funk
to play anally through the trunk a digital master
was given to Sam Cooke and Jimmy Castor
Kurt Cobain was here but Doc Oc' has novacaine
Theoretically keepin puppies in a pedigree
Small fetus brought Santa Claus to greet us
Rappers know I'm equipped with Clorox
and chemicals that'll burn off your lip
Intestines investments hide money in your stomach
Who can stop Pepto Bismol?
Only a Gremlin eatin in Larry Parker like Gizmo
As Dr. Octagonecologyst girls open legs for beer kegs
French toast and herbs were covered with giant eggs
Livin small, people unequal challenge my thoughts
No station or radio would understand
The perfect enzyme is me with your brain in my other hand
Suck my oil, yo Whoolio tell em

MP4, six spacecraft in the mix, kissin Mary J. Blige
on Earth was quite normal,
as Dr. Octagon, walkin through a polygon
My first impression was to give patients a lesson
Who's the best to put me to the test
I'll battle Ultramagnetic, my own self as well
Two mirrors in the clear, I'm floating deep in the atmosphere
Through Los Angeles heights I'll damage Hollywood lights
Woman know my sex computer condoms humpin on Ampex
My number 2-7-5-49-69 disconnected
My first black robot,
space connected while you listen to Keith Sweat (meow)
Your brain is caught up in a net
Two million thousand three billion wack records in the solar
The system's out of reach, niggaz try to preach
Why you tryin to act fly walkin up Venice Beach?
Zapp, like Roger, my funk is powerful then Troutman
Seven years ago like California was tooken from Mexico
Who knows this magnum five can't scope this
A&R's will go crazy tryin to find someone to duplicate Dr. Octagon
Yo chief administrator, suck my oil

"We are experiencing technical difficulties
Please stand by"

Auto four six seven five four three
Equals, the levels, of nobody in this trauma
World of unconciousness
Blackness and power, coming down through the urinalysis
Leaving hands with callouses
Right power
02:58 320 6,78 ˆ0.10
A Visit To The Gynecologyst Lyrics
Are you listening?
Hear the money talk
Said the screeching hawks
To the hand of God

When the colors change
Hear the TV set
Say, "No one's safe"
Say, "No one's safe"
There's no more time

Now you've stolen it
You can't give it back
Every coroner
Will be playing "Taps"

And the rich will weep
Like they did before
Say, "We want more"
Say, "We want more"

They won't take it laying down
You better get ready fast
Fuck war, I said fuck gas masks

Slay, rape, kill, now it's too late
We don't want to but we have to
Uniform, uniform squad

I want to fight in the war
I want to fight in the war
I want to fight in the war
I want it

Who's up for making some more
Who's up for making some more
Who's up for making some more
Blood money?

Slay, rape, kill, now it's too late
We don't want to but we have to
Uniform, uniform squad

I want to fight in the war
Who's up for making some more
Who's up for making some more
Blood money?
03:37 320 8,31 ˆ0.10
Bear Witness (Extended Version) Lyrics 06:45 320 15,47 ˆ0.10
Dr. Octagon Lyrics
Into cordouroys or jeans, chinos or capris
Sweater vest, no sleeves, Oxford or whatever you think
Whatever is going make you want me
Come on and dress me
I’ll be your mannequin
Make me attractive, so sexy and thin
I will stand still, pose me in any position
And when people pass by the window, I’ll be adored by them
I want to be one of the boys from the catalogues that you flip through
You’ll point and say, "He’s the one"
(Lick your finger, turn the page, slick gloss over images)
And you waste no time deciding
You grab the credit card, call, start ordering
But what’s new for fall by spring means nothing
I want to undress you in your walk-in closet
After you try on one of your new outfits
I know that six months later you won’t be caught dead in it
But for that moment you’re there with your shape hanging everywhere
And it looks perfect, just perfect
I don't think she likes me, not with this new haircut
I don't think she likes me, I shouldn't eat so much
04:35 320 10,52 ˆ0.10
Girl Let Me Touch You Lyrics
It's morning, seven o'clock, you at my clinic
It's me your orthopedic, gynecologist
You looking pretty and fine, go ahead, blow my mind
Girl what's wrong, come here let me take a look
You say you got burnt, your man shoulda wore a rubber
What type of partners you have, and who's your first lover
He never turned you around, showed you doggystyle
We got some things in common, honey lets talk awhile
Did he lick you there, percolate your atmosphere
I got a mask at home, boots and some leather gear
How about me and you in black, I'm hitting from the back
Tail in my face and all juicy brown booty
I'm the master lovin splits let me do my duty
Girl let me touch you

Girl let me touch you there I wanna feel you
(Can you tell me what's wrong)
Girl let me touch you there...

Girl let me touch you there I wanna feel you
(Can you tell me what's wrong)
Girl let me touch you there...

Sipping Mannish ever smooth, you're cute drinking Hennessy
Joking about two girls, your friend double teaming me
I got the office closed, you ready for the pros
Suckas ain't no good sticking coke up in your nose
My style is wild at home and on the kitchen table
Porno flicks and stacks, Playboy on the TV cable
I'd rather sign my address on your application
You can call late nights for lonely information
Where you come when its boring, no place where to go
I want you in a two-piece and freaky for a private show
You got my number, address, you know the rest

Girl let me touch you there I wanna feel you
(You can tell me what's wrong)
Girl let me touch you there...

Girl let me touch you there I wanna feel you
(You can tell me what's wrong)
Girl let me touch you there...

Only eighteen, bikini body bad and mean
Do you have cards in fact, I will take Medicaid
Your panties are wet, take it easy, don't sweat
You want some birth control, you could smoke a cigarette
Relax, lay back, your buns feel good to smack
You think you're pregnant your tests show negative
I got a movie camera, film that is positive
Turn around for me, girl take a picture
This is the way with 24 flicks on Kodak
Them young boys ain't ready so let me show them how to act
I put you in thongs and 6 inch high shoes and
strut your stuff in latex, my strategy is rough

Girl let me touch you there I wanna feel you
(You can tell me what's wrong)
Girl let me touch you there...

Girl let me touch you there I wanna feel you
(You can tell me what's wrong)
Girl let me touch you there...
04:21 320 9,97 ˆ0.10
I'm Destructive Lyrics 03:17 320 7,53 ˆ0.10
Tricknology 101 Lyrics 04:59 320 11,38 ˆ0.10
Wild And Crazy Lyrics
[Dr. Octagon]
A lot of rappers are wack, they cold booty from the buttcrack
Swingin skills to chill, that's how I pay the bills
Funk blaster, tweakin bass like I'm Jimmy Castor
Model H-3-oh-C, plus another thousand
Kickin lyrics for ASCAP, brothers that be housin
Splittin publishin, gainin points, rappin back again
My unique style, and certain words, watch me make em blend
Manifest vanish, spread out, with computer data
Suckers don't know, acute intelligence, what's the matter
Solo fiend, I cut your legs with the guillotine
Snap back, rip you to some props in your paperback
Gettin rectums, doin jobs like I'm Dr. Giggles
Servin em well, I stop their anals up with pickles
With operation to give, the room an atmosphere
Cyclops will walk, Frankenstein still standin here
Watch the hand out the ground, chill

Chorus: Dr. Octagon (repeat 2X)

It's wild and crazy..
The moon is out, tonight it's time for experiments
It's wild and crazy..
A fetus in the jar, I got the little baby

[Dr. Octagon]
Two o'clock, still dark, my flashlight, huntin suit
Right in front of your building with live bear every year
Takin horns, from moose and wild bulls and capricorns
I got your face in the frame, inside the living room
While kids watch 13, I'm in the back smokin zoom
Sesame Street, you play that beat, I'ma step to Pete
with nuclear bombs, and word to mom, I'ma blow his arms
Six shot rhyme, my forty-four is made by Charter arms
I put some diss in the steps, and damage all your reps
Get off the hooks in project style like Bernard Goetz
What's the matter, kid you scared, come and do the bid
Inmates'll damage your tapes, you're nervous liftin weights
I open cell block C, go battle Mr. Silly
I don't see nothin, I think, they raped the rapper really


[Dr. Octagon]
Walkin streets with shopping carts, a live alligator
Hold your pitbull back, let's spend some money on the elevator
Your dog is bound to loose and have a funeral
You can call landlords, injects on my rent checks
Bug Man is back, you project people better watch their necks
Spittin flim-flam, rappers still smokin crack
Suckers get pantylined, and spots on the hiney crack
I do much work, on heavy stomachs like Levert
Put up some money, I bet my tools'll make your rectum hurt
Black exposed em, for you don't want to mess with me
I seek in your girl's box, and cover your publicity
Sequence first, and drop the facts on DAT

04:32 320 10,38 ˆ0.10
Blue Flowers Revisited Lyrics
Dr. Octagon, paramedic focus on the East
for priests my anisthetics prescribe a certain fertilizer
Homegrown computer wise on the microphone
Utilizing tracks inverted by animical
High typical force, space sex intercourse
You get lost, and memorize to the Enterprise
Scotty the Captain, Mr. Spock keeps rappin
4212, the shit moves at warp speed
Dynamic 7, navigation of the coppers
Moving in crystals, operating lightspeed
I see the plants, they're growing

Blue Flowers (2X)

Cyber analog through virtual reality
Different colors of earth rocks in variety
Medical equal, with helmets on the space people
Galactic at 8, the verdict can't demonstrate
You be confused, and disobeying planet rules
Biochemistry, with stars for publicity
Megasonic bass, with data chips in your face
Nuclear lend drums, that bang hard on dark tracks
Reacting reverb, concious spots on your nerve
I take a break like James Brown to the bridge
*singing* Sailing, takes me away
To wherever I'm really going.. shoobedowop
Up, up, and away!
In my beautiful, balloon!
Optical biofeedback, magnetic borders
X-Ray you see skeletons fly North for the next day
We give passes covered with dioxalyn gases
*singing again* Here's George Jetson!
Back with intriguing positive minerals
You enter the center search and raiding at random
with no condom, no rubbers will reach the testicles
and effect em, by animal means, I'm in your spectrum
As I walk through the garden of orange tomatoes, I see

Blue Flowers (3X)
04:39 320 10,61 ˆ0.10
Waiting List Lyrics
It's not like you said it was
Nothing like you said it was
It's a dirty old place and I can't go back
It's not like you said it was
Nothing like you said it was
I've been misused and I can't go back

It's a dirty old place and it's full of lies
And I can't see a thing through virgin's eyes
It's a dirty old place and it's full of lies
And I'm still seeing through virgin's eyes

Tonight, and I can't go back and I can't go back

I had a young boy's dream
But I can plainly see
It's a filthy world and I can't go back
Now I can't go back
Now I can't go back
I've been misused and I can't go back

Everybody here is out to get me
Or at least that's how it seems to me
Everybody here is laughing at me
But now I know my weakness is my strength

And I want to go back and I can't go back

It's not like you said it was
Nothing like you said it was
It's a dirty old place and I can't go back
It's not like you said it was
Nothing like you said it was

It's a dirty old place and it's full of lies
And I can't see a thing through virgin's eyes
It's a dirty old place and it's full of lies
And I'm still seeing through virgin's eyes

Tonight, and I can't go back and I can't go back
05:32 320 12,67 ˆ0.10
On Production Lyrics 03:01 320 6,93 ˆ0.10