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Idlewild, Outkast
Release type: Album
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Intro Lyrics 02:13 192 3,03 0.10
Mighty "O" Lyrics
Mighty-I-de-I-de-I (Mighty-I-de-I-de-I)
Ode ode ode oooo (Ode ode ode oooo)
Mighty-I-de-I-de-I (Mighty-I-de-I-de-I)
Ode ode ode oooooo

[Verse 1: Andre 3000]
You ain't a hater can't tell
Either wish me well, go to hell or go to Yale
Study human behavior so that you know who the hell
You dealing with ain't nutty but the study going to unvail
My relative in jail (Ha) stay in engaged
To whatever make money now he married to that cage
Divorce is not an option and prenunptial is void
Eat up whatever after but I'm tangled in my cord (hum)
Bored, kind of like a night with the sword
Without dragon to battle so I'm running from a shadow
An immpossible feat and I repeat
An immpossible feat and I repeat
An immpossible feat and I repeat!
The damsel's in distress but they a mess
They only like my armor, and that I'm a performer
They read one magazine and think that they getting warmer
They only getting colder hell, maybe I should throw
A double diamond party in the north pole
Invite all the writers and journalists
Even biters will turn up us to see who can be me
Better than me it's a permanent, smile on my face
Because you said you don't like my style
But that's ok just make sure you don't touch that dial
And we'll be cool, touch it and you's a fool
Look, I'll get you hooked, y'all crooks might even move
To Atlanta, Georgia, get a wife and daughter
Start a new life, and all that wrong you do you make it right
But hell, all a dream I wear the crown I'm king
Respect is mandatory end of the story go fly a kite
Category ain't got none you know I'm right


[Verse 2: Big Boi]
Congratulations I'm a player
I thought you were one too but now I hear you loud and clear
Subliminal, criminal minded niggaz so be aware
Black dog broke out the pits and told yo` ass it's a bite a tear
Intimid by anyone filling out this application
And estimate is needed for your under estimation
I'm firing on the spot go back and check your calculation
Like a sniper in the bushes with that rifle ammunition
Waiting, now that's a virtue
Cause pussy nigga, I'll hurt you
Like the president's approval rating by serving your ass with words fool
Slam yo' back to the curve bruh like sanitation worker
Cause you're trash I'm taking out the trash and all trash
Get mashed and compacted because it's no longer valid
Go head recyled, repackaged and put it back in my cabinet
Boy thats germs, I'm fresh up out the store every time
That nigga that B-I-G go hard every rhyme
Crowns all around I'm right after Martin Luther
No J R period senior 'cause Bamboo is Antwone Junior
Dungeon Family and biologicals intact
Talk bad about the fam test diabolical attack
No gats or no raps, you get slapped about that
As a matter of fact, not fiction
Rumpelskiltsken you wack
Decipher words is like the Code of Da Vinci
Don't go against me, (Hey)
I want you to go out there and kill them marks boy is you with me
Mighty ighty ighty ighty ighty ighty O
The worse thing since Crack/Cocaine distributed to the poor
By the government, oh I meant, don't nobody know
Conspiracy theory, you be the judge, nobodys slow

04:16 256 7,83 0.10
Peaches (Feat. Sleepy Brown & Scar) Lyrics 03:10 192 4,37 0.10
Idlewild Blue (Don'tchu Worry 'bout Me) Lyrics 03:24 192 4,68 0.10
Infatuation (Interlude) Lyrics 00:48 192 1,11 0.10
N2U (Feat. Khujo Goodie) Lyrics 03:40 192 5,06 0.10
Morris Brown (Feat. Scar & Sleepy Brown) Lyrics 04:25 192 6,06 0.10
Chronomentrophobia Lyrics
The sanest days are mad
Why don't you find out for yourself ?
Then you'll see the price
Very closely

Some men here
They have a special interest
In your career
They wanna help you to grow
And then syphon all your dough
Why don't you find out for yourself ?
Then you'll see the glass
Hidden in the grass

You'll never believe me, so
Why don't you find out for yourself ?
Sick down to my heart
That's just the way it goes

Some men here
They know the full extent of
Your distress
They kneel and pray
And they say :
"Long may it last"

Why don't you find out for yourself ?
Then you'll see the glass
Hidden in the grass
Bad scenes come and go
For which you must allow
Sick down to my heart
That's just the way it goes

Don't rake up my mistakes
I know exactly what they are
And ... what do YOU do ?
Well ... you just SIT THERE
I've been stabbed in the back
So many many times
I don't have any skin
But that's just the way it goes
02:13 192 3,04 0.10
The Train (Feat. Sleepy Brown & Scar) Lyrics 04:11 192 5,73 0.10
Life Is Like A Musical Lyrics 02:15 192 3,08 0.10
No Bootleg Dvds (Interlude) Lyrics 00:50 192 1,15 0.10
Hollywood Divorce (Feat.Lil' Wayne & Snoop Dogg) Lyrics 05:24 192 7,40 0.10
Zora (Interlude) Lyrics 00:16 192 0,38 0.10
Call The Law (Feat. Janelle Monae) Lyrics 04:51 192 6,68 0.10
Bamboo & Cross (Interlude) Lyrics 00:54 192 1,25 0.10
Buggface Lyrics 02:45 192 3,80 0.10
Makes No Sense At All Lyrics 02:53 192 3,98 0.10
In Your Dreams (Feat. Killer Mike & Janelle Monae) Lyrics 03:35 192 4,92 0.10
Pj & Rooster Lyrics
- Hey Percy Junior, Percy Junior, what's that you playin?
- Working on somethin' new.
- Sounds like some bullshit. I mean, you really think the audience is gonna...
- ...Well Rooster said I could play what I want.
- No, nevermind anything that Rooster tell you. And we'll play the stuff I like, k?

(Andre 3000)
Ain't nobody like my style, yeah.
I like my fire, yeah.
They glow without it.
And don't nobody wanna feel like that, no.
Monkeys on my back crawl.
And watch them all fall. Go fall, Look out!

Nobody wanted to dance when I had a lot of time on my hands.
Now I got a lot of hands on my time.
And everybody wanna be a friend of mine, whoa whoa!
I wouldn't mind a friend, the fellas back at home all trying to win.
Moon keeps shinin' on bootleg bottles
Cops in the street keep ya feet on the throttle
Selling what ya got can't afford a model.
Yellin go PJ go!

Ain't nothing idle, everything is wild yeah.
You can be hit now, yeah (Soon as you turn around)
He in the ground, yeah (Boy is 6 feet underground)
And ain't no bible, at this here church, no.
You won't find God no, Might meet him first, aw.
Oh God, Look out!

Nobody wanted to leave, house so packed that we couldn't even breathe.
And ain't no better place to fall in love, Angel sent from heaven above.
Swing down and help change your life, you might make a baby might meet your wife
But watch your thing that you wanna say, deep down south that's a lil old place.
Them Idlewild cats man they don't play
Don't make me send the telegram to Rooster, he'll shoot ya.

- You better come harder than that sweetie...this ain't no mortuary!

(Big Boi)
And you don't want to take it to the gat so soon.
-???- waiting in the upper room
Tell ya make ya say ya prayers you some players but you made up mashed potatoes,
That potato, blast you hater, blast the gator.
So you might just wanna kick back and drink goose,
Take that to ya home and relax, break loose
-???- But if she choose, she gone walk away from you straight to the Rooster
Because he's cock-a-doodle-cool, what they do fool
Moon shine run the small town clap shootin all time
-???- gotta match your suit and hat.
All casper suing kind robbers out the wild
Time to break it on break it on down now
Percy'll that it on out

(Andre 3000)
Say woah mammy, woah mammy,
Say woah pappy, woah pappy,
Say woah mammy, woah mammy,
Say woah pappy, woah

Everybody get up. No, no, no, no get down (repeats then fades out)
04:29 192 6,14 0.10
Mutron Angel (Feat. Whild Peach) Lyrics 04:18 192 5,91 0.10
Greatest Show On Earth (Feat. Macy Gray) Lyrics 03:07 192 4,28 0.10
You're Beautiful (Interlude) Lyrics 00:29 192 0,69 0.10
When I Look In Your Eyes Lyrics 02:44 192 3,74 0.10
Dyin' To Live Lyrics 02:08 192 2,92 0.10
A Bad Note Lyrics 08:47 192 12,07 0.10