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Ian Hunter (Limited Edition), Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter (Limited Edition)
Release type: Album
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Duration: 58:20  
Size, Mb: 86,11  


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Once Bitten Twice Shy Lyrics
Well the times gettin' hard for you little girl
I'm a hummin' and a strummin' all over God's world
you don't remember when you got your last meal
and you forgot just how a woman feels
you didn't know what rock n' roll was
until you met a drummer on a Greyhound bus
I got there in the nick of time
before he got his hands across your state line

well in the middle of the night
on the open road
and the heater don't work and it's oh-so cold
you're gettin' tired, you're lookin' kinda beat
the music of the street, drive you off your feet
you didn't know how rock n' roll looked
until you caught your sister with a guy from the group
half-way home in the parking lot
by the look in her eyes she was givin' what she got

Once bitten twice shy, babe

Woman you're a mess gonna die in your sleep
all the blood on my amp and my Les Paul's beat
I can't leave you home cos you're runnin' around
my best friend told me you're the best lick in town

You didn't know that rock n' roll burned
so you bought a candle and you loved and you learned
you got the rhythm, you got the speed
mamma's little baby likes it short and sweet

Once bitten twice shy, babe

I didn't know ya got a rock n' roll record
until a saw your picture on another guy's jacket
you told me I was the only one
and look at you now, well it's dark as it's dumb

Once bitten twice shy, babe

04:44 208 6,96 0.10
Who Do You Love Lyrics
Driving off in the rain and snow
Oh the jets ain't jumping cause the clouds too low
I wanna know
I wanna know
I wanna know
The ice on the window the highway the sea
Who do you love is it him or is it me
Hey hey I wanna know

I called Detroit city on the telephone
The man on the line tell me you ain't home
I wanna know
Who's that voice
What's [...?]
There's a deep red glow in the early morning sky
Who do you love better make up your mind

Don't wanna buy love
Don't wanna try love
I just want your love babe

Hey alright!

Well its five in the morning and the place is dead
I'm gonna rest my body on a empty bed
Who do you love
I gotta know
What's his name Karen
What's your game
Make up your mind are you his are you mine
When you get back I ask you one more time
Hey hey!
Hey hey!
03:51 224 5,80 0.10
Lounge Lizard Lyrics
Well I picked her up on a Saturday night
Pool hall poison but she felt alright
Oh dear what a sight when I saw her in the light of day
She was a speakeasy sleazer of the highest degree
Oh you should hear the stories she was laying on me
We really got it on as she held my point of view

Oh! She's a lounge lizard
Coming on strong
Who you fooling
Its me you're with
Lounge lizard
Come on come on
You got to be joking
Give give give yeah

Well I don't care if your sisters a john
I don't mind where your momma come for
Just give it to me
Just pull it through me

[Golly?] is a dolly got makeup on
I don't mind just keep your raincoat on
No hesitation no reputations to scale us

Oh! She's a lounge lizard
Coming on strong
Who you fooling
Its me you're with
Lounge lizard
Come on come on
You got to be joking
Give give give

Hey hey hey hey hey hey

Oh! She's a lounge lizard
Coming on strong
Who you fooling
Its me your with
Lounge lizard
Come on come on
You got to be joking
Just give give give

Oh! She's a lounge lizard
Coming on come on
Who you fooling
Its me your with
Lounge lizard
Come on come on
You got to be joking
Give give give

I said give give give
Give give give
Give give give
Give give give
Give give give
04:30 208 6,47 0.10
Boy Lyrics
Genocidal tendencies are silly to extreme
After all you're still quite small you don't know where you've been
You was only swearing yesterday
Oh you want to win the world away
But now you got nothing to say-ay-ay

Boy you're getting out of hand
You've got to make a stand
So put the coke away
Boy you got the do the show
Got to let the people know
You've got the strength to stay

I can see you run
I can see you hide
Oh your heart is aching
Lost in a dream of what might have been
You're the guide
You're the number one
And your knees are shaking
Stand and deliver in an endless dream

Schizophrenic, photogenic, aggravates me so
Only yes-men
Have a guess man
Watch the spirit go
Batman zips the monster as he bleeds
And gets off on the buzz he needs
And a kid on the street just reads
and reads and reads and reads
and reads and reads and reads

Boy its them hard case city blues
Cagney is the news
Does "The Giant" ring a bell?
Boy its the Hudson East River cruise
Its the Empire State of booze
Oh you know the story well

Do you have to run
Do you have to hide
There's a new tomorrow
Yes you're a mess
But you're more than less
When this battle's won
You can look inside
All you did not borrow
Yes you're the best
But you still can't rest
You know you know
The carnival is closed
Your streets are lined with ghosts
But a princess don't look back
Don't look back don't look round
Your vision is your fight
Through long electric nights
When a woman helps you write
Na na na
Na na na
Na na na
Na na na

Cheer up mate put the dramas in the past
See you did not have to fast
Euphemism lasts and lasts and lasts
And lasts and lasts and lasts
And lasts and lasts
Boy if you've got an axe to grind
Be thankful for this time
For it gives you what you need
Boy you've got an eighty-eight to play
It'll tell you what to say
It'll tell you when to breathe
Boy take a turnpike heading west
Turn the people on to Beau Geste
Cause that's what you did the best
Boy play the pipes till they're old and worn
Sing the words till they fall forlorn
Like the pieces of a jigsaw jet
Boy don't let the earth get in your face
its a middle-aged displace
Its the middle ages snide
Boy we're a million miles away
And to think its so insane
Take a chance on a one way ride
Boy shoot a rocket clean out of your mind
Oh these people ain't your kind
No they ain't your kind at all
Boy shoot a rocket clean out of your brain
No these people ain't the same
You can hear another call
Boy the [other book?] starts with [no?]
They don't show us how to grow
They only show us how to win
Boy the secret's in the bicycle shed
Ain't no answers now they're dead
To seek is a mortal sin
Hey you know boy let your madness be the clue

08:53 208 13,08 0.10
3,000 Miles From Here Lyrics
Fare thee well, gentle maid,
I'll see you on your way;
And the sun will rise tomorrow
And wash my sins away.
For I know that I've abused you
But I only had a day.
And I know that's why you left me
In your own sad little way -
I am gone - disappeared
But I hear a young dove crying
3000 miles from here.

Some would say you were a loser
'Cause you play a loser's game,
But then if I am a winner,
Why then am I so ashamed?
If you hear a young dove crying,
You'll know it's me to blame.
For I never got her number;
I never knew her name.
Now she's gone - disappeared.
But I hear a young dove crying
3000 miles from here.
02:46 208 3,91 0.10
The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nuthin' But The Truth Lyrics 06:12 208 8,84 0.10
It Ain't Easy When You Fall/shades Off Lyrics 05:45 208 8,52 0.10
I Get So Excited Lyrics 03:50 224 6,10 0.10
Colwater High (Bonus Track) Lyrics 03:10 224 4,88 0.10
One Fine Day (Bonus Track) Lyrics 02:20 208 3,38 0.10
Once Bitten Twice Shy (Bonus Track) Lyrics 03:52 224 5,80 0.10
Who Do You Love (Bonus Track) Lyrics 03:16 208 4,69 0.10
Shades Off (Poem, Bonus Track) Lyrics 01:37 192 2,15 0.10
Boy (Bonus Track) Lyrics 03:41 224 5,53 0.10