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And One

Techno Man (Single), And One Techno Man (Single) 1992, Single/EP
Get You Closer (Single), And One Get You Closer (Single) 1998, Single/EP
Metalhammer (Single), And One Metalhammer (Single) 1990, Single/EP
Deutschmaschine (Single), And One Deutschmaschine (Single) 1995, Single/EP
I.S.T, And One I.S.T 2001, Album
Maschinensturmer (EP), And One Maschinensturmer (EP) 1998, Single/EP
Tanzomat [CD 1], And One Tanzomat [CD 1] 2011, Album
Monotonie (EP), And One Monotonie (EP) 1992, Single/EP
Treibwerk (EP), And One Treibwerk (EP) 2012, Album
Sitata Tirulala (Single), And One Sitata Tirulala (Single) 1997, Single/EP
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I.S.T, And One
Release type: Album
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Duration: 59:25  
Size, Mb: 109,02  


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Ego Lyrics 02:07 256 3,87 0.10
Murder Murder Lyrics
Your bright light keeps on shining
Your blue smoke hits my eyes
Another way of diving
So danger has no price

The feeling of your slowness
Traces out of sight
These ever returning spirits
Who lead me in the night

Murder murder, come inside
murder murder, hold me tight

Murder murder, please return
Murder murder, has to burn

Touch me while I treat you
We're leaving everything behind
It seems you're getting higher
Black toys inside my mind
03:15 256 5,93 0.10
Driving With My Darling Lyrics
Early Sunday morning
thousand drinks I've understood
driving with my darling
faster as I should

A green man stops me friendly
one look - he starts to smile
he says:"never let me see your face again"
I'm easy for a while

But I think, I'm a fool
try to breath under water

Driving with my darling
faster than I should
Driving with my darling
Forever if we could

Fool is on the road again
so danger isn't far
bang! deep green crashing metal
police just lost a car
02:59 256 5,49 0.10
The Only Guest Lyrics
I'm the only one guest in my room
should I cry or should I smile
I feel let down, I feel deceived, now
Like a needy in the crowd

Now I'm the only
I'm the only guest for me
I'm the only
I'm the only guest you see

I hear the sounds of trains and birds now
neighbours talking in the dark
pensiveness go up in big flames
I think it's time to play new games

Now I'm the only...
04:28 256 8,17 0.10
Dein Duft Lyrics
Diesen blick kenn' ich nicht von dir
setz dich und red' mit mir
Diesen duft kenn ich nicht an dir
deine augen gl?nzen merkw?rdig

Wer war er, der diesen duft geschenkt?
ein freund ?
Wer war er, der deine fehler hoffentlich
akzepiert wie ich

Schau mich an und steh dazu mein schmerz
Schau mich an und gib es endlich zu
Schau mich an
Nimm keine r?cksicht und sag wie's kam

Weisst du noch, wie alles begann?
Wir war'n wie neu geboren
Weisst du noch, wie wir beide uns
ewig treue schwor'n?

Schau mich an...
04:34 256 8,39 0.10
It Happened Last Night Lyrics
Fate would have it that she goes
she takes a breath to talk
rain beats on the windows
can't move her feet to walk

A shining light
it shines so bright

She takes her golden cross she says
time to pass away
she looks heavenwards to pray
to reach a better world today

Sick and tired of it
cancer blows her mind
you've got to answer for that
but you got it blind
05:06 256 9,35 0.10
When The Feet Hurt Lyrics
My long day through acid rain
following the hope
The right day to lose one's way
it's like yesterday - tomorrow is coming

My weaknesses can't hold you now
falling to pieces
The right day to lose one's way
It's like yesterday - tomorrow is coming

So, don't you know - how it feels when...
When the feet hurt

My wrong pray to you
lying for freedom
The right day to lose one's way
it's like yesterday - tomorrow is coming
05:41 256 10,38 0.10
The Secret Lyrics
Thousands of green trees become stunted
Big deep changes in oil paints
so never never say that's fate

Look at the good old forests
spending oxygen - play
destruct and cut-down essential areas
fall into oblivion someday

I have a secret
It leaves a trace at the place of delight
I have a secret
playing destruction the devil inside

Believer, believe me
I see your traces in dark
Reciever, recieve me
I see your faces in the dark

That's not my responsibility
and I should walk out
I'm deeply moved, now I regret
Now I know what I'm talking about

I have a secret
It leaves a trace at the place of delight
I have a secret
playing destruction the devil inside

Zeiten fordern wieder
was die Zeiten gaben
Drum ist es nur geliehen
was wir menschen um, uns haben
Und wenn die stunde schl?gt
die natur sich wirklich wehrt
Dann, mein freund ist es zu sp?t
So war es geliehen und nichts mehr wert
03:52 256 7,05 0.10
Fur Lyrics 04:11 256 7,63 0.10
Second Day Lyrics 01:18 256 2,38 0.10
Body Nerv Lyrics
Sister B sells happy pills
Sister B sells happy pills
into the future against your will
termination is a warm gun
millions of brain cells on the run

TV staions inside your soul
all your love on remote control
this world is coloured red
extinction level one inside your head

These pills make dreams so funky
while they turn you into a media junky
sister B will never stop
be a member in the deathbeat club

She hits your body nerv
She hits your body nerv
She hits your body nerv
She hits your body nerv tonight
03:55 256 7,20 0.10
Take Some More Lyrics
too much hunger in some days
how much longer must we wait
promised wonders everyday
take some more to feel o.k.

lay the table - act of grace
you're not able - lost of face
from the cradle to the grave
take some more to feel o.k.

take some more - to feel o.k.
take some more - carry the day

on your marks and keep ahead
with the aim to stay in the red
friend are cut out - it's your game
take some more to feel o.k.

take some more - to feel o.k.
take some more - carry the day (
talk about destruction)

depression comes in many flavors
feelings of sadness,
frustration and unhappiness
unnatural reactions to real life problems
but here are the statistics:
more and more teenagers
suffered by psychic diseases
caused by chemical and designer drugs
the suicide rate is increasing
the suicide rate is increasing

take some more - to feel o.k.
take some more - carry the day
03:15 256 5,92 0.10
Deutschmaschine Lyrics
Aus dem Tal der Vergangenheit
Vergessen, doch stets bereit
Kam sie, um sich zu feiern
Bis in alle Ewigkeit

Sie gl?nzt so wunderbar
Macht Deine Tr?ume wahr
Sie singt und tanzt und lacht
Denn Du gibst ihr neue Macht

Die Zukunft kauft sie sich
Daf?r verkauft sie Dich
So stolz doch winzig klein
Sie muss was Deutsches sein

Die Deutschmaschine lebt
Die Deutschmaschine lebt
Die Deutschmaschine lebt
Die Deutschmaschine lebt

Maschinen dieser Welt
Bek?mpft den falschen Helden
Ob Kreml oder Weisses Haus
Zieht uns den Stecker raus

Die Deutschmaschine lebt...
03:16 256 5,99 0.10
Heart Of Stone Lyrics
Loser means leave him alone
but leaders got a heart of stone
out of pity with their guests
buried alive and lay to rest

Seems like magic light
stars are shining bright

Holz, schlinge, schliesse meine augen
S?sslicher geruch bet?ubt meine sinne
Vergebung f?r mein sein
h?r' die b?ume schreien
Ich sp?re euren atem
06:14 256 11,40 0.10
Ghama Voodoo Lyrics 05:24 256 9,87 0.10