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Hot Rod, Various Artists
Hot Rod
Release type: Soundtrack
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Duration: 56:35  
Size, Mb: 82,81  


Price for album: 1.84 (discount 20%)  

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Ancestors Protect Me (Dialogue) Lyrics 00:06 109 0,09 0.10
Danger On The Track Lyrics
I was heading for the mountains
I had saved so much for you
And in the town I left behind me
There was nothing left to do.

I knew that you were waiting
For me to share your life
Cause I told you when I left, that
When I come back you'll be my wife.

But someone was waiting
In the shadows of the night
Someone was waiting
It just didn't feel right.

Danger on the track
Something told me there were
Strangers on my back
And I was so right.

Maybe I should surrender
Maybe I should give it up
But the strength I had inside
Told me you can never stop.

The men wanted to break me
Steal and bring me down
But I fought for you and later
They were lying on the ground.
03:44 203 5,42 0.10
A Gringo Like Me Lyrics 02:24 176 3,02 0.10
Never Lyrics
I feel your heart
It's beating time with mine
But love, love, love is on the line

He holds you down
But I know you want to run
You're hot, hot loaded like a gun

Oh you feel so trapped and confused
Start with nothing and you've got nothing to lose

You can NEVER never never ever hide your heart
Don't you ever ever ever ever try
If you don't give your heart wings
You'll NEVER never never ever fly

Break down the walls
You've got to cut the ties
There's pain pain burning in your eyes

It's time to fight
It's time for tearing free
Oh come, come running straight to me

Oh you know he don't love you like I do
Don't make believe that yo udon't feel it too

03:44 218 5,83 0.10
I Just Found A Bag Of Fireworks (Dialogue) Lyrics 00:04 115 0,07 0.10
Two Of Hearts Lyrics
I-I-I-I-I-I need, I need you
two of hearts
two hearts that beat as one
I need you, I need you
come on, come on
I never said I wasn't gonna tell nobody
no baby
but this good lovin' I can't keep it to myself
Oh no
When we're together it's like hot coals in a fire
hot baby
my body's burning so come on hear my desire
come on, come on

I've got this feeling that you're going to stay
I never knew that it could happen this way
before I met you I was falling apart
but now at last I really know that we are

two of hearts
two hearts that beat as one
I need you, I need you
come on, come on

People get jealous 'cause we always stay together
yeah baby
I guess they really want a love like yours and mine
together forever
I never thought that I could ever be this happy
yeah baby
my prayers were answered boy you came in the nick of time
woah woah woah woah
03:56 228 6,42 0.10
Cherokee Lyrics
They lived in peace, not long ago
A mighty Indian tribe
But the winds of change,
Made them realize, that the promises were lies.

The white man's greed, in search of gold
Made the nation bleed
They lost their faith
And now they hade to learn
There was no place to return
Nowhere they could turn.

Cherokee - marching on the trail of tears.

They were driven hard, across the plains
And walked for many moons
Cause the winds of change,
Had made them realize, that the promises were lies.

So much to bear, all that pain
Left them in despair
They lost their faith
And now they hade to learn
There was no place to return
Nowhere they could turn.
04:11 217 6,46 0.10
Skulls Lyrics 02:10 194 3,00 0.10
Street Luge Lyrics 00:47 188 1,06 0.10
Going On A Date Lyrics 00:09 126 0,14 0.10
You're The Voice Lyrics 05:03 222 8,02 0.10
Head Honcho Lyrics 04:18 235 7,23 0.10
Thrust Away Lyrics 00:28 157 0,54 0.10
And That's How It's Done (Dialogue) Lyrics 00:10 150 0,19 0.10
Chase (Hot Rod Edit) Lyrics 03:10 207 4,69 0.10
Cool Beans Lyrics 02:37 160 2,98 0.10
(I Just) Died In Your Arms Lyrics 04:39 210 6,93 0.10
I've Got This Acid (Dialogue) Lyrics 00:06 130 0,10 0.10
Dave On Acid Lyrics 01:15 184 1,62 0.10
Rock The Night Lyrics 04:05 203 5,93 0.10
Up Version) - Stunt Suite (Electric Mock-Up Version) Lyrics 05:24 191 7,35 0.10
Time Has Come Lyrics 04:00 196 5,61 0.10
Gods Of War (Dialogue) Lyrics 00:09 96 0,11 0.10