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Home Invasion, Ice-T
Home Invasion
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Warning Lyrics 00:36 192 0,83 0.10
It's On Lyrics 04:51 192 6,68 0.10
Ice M.F. T Lyrics
Yeah! 1993, I'm back motherfucker, this is Ice T.
Got my nigga Ice Cube in the motherfuckin house.
Yeah! Up here in the ammo dump studios I got my
nigga Aladdin, SLJ's in the motherfuckin place,
behind the mixin boards,
we about to do dis shit like this here!

[Verse 1:]

It's goin down tonight in L.A.
Buckshot and uzis spray
Microphone blowa
The bitch checka
The ho wrecka
Ice motherfuckin T
Nigga step to me
But grab ya hoes quick
Cause the Syndicate's throwin that crazy dick
Punk motherfuckers run up
You'll get done up
We'll have your ass gunned up
Before sun-up
So what's the color I'm raggin?
Been a millionare for years
Still saggin
Left pocket's stuffed with the ???
.380 in my right so it sags a little bit
More than the rest of my gear
When I'm on tour
I empty clips
Bust lips
And break jaws
Cause I love to loc up
So punk motherfucker don't choke up
When you're talkin to me


Ice, Ice motherfuckin T [x4]

[Verse 2:]

Bush, Quayle and Clinton got a problem with me:
The motheruckin T
I give less than a fuck about any of them
Or their fuckin police friends
They'd like to take me out
Make me a goner
They even tryin to sweat Time Warner
For tellin the truth to the youth
That a lot of motherfuckers are hot
And want police shot?
You can't stop the shock (?)
The fires are out
But the coals are still hot
I got juice to bring pain
You tryin to fuck with the Ice
Are you insane?
This shit is bigger than me
Be warned
It's the calm before the storm
And every fuckin thing I write
Is gonna be analyzed by somebody white


[Verse 3:]

Run motherfucker, hide motherfucker, trip motherfucker, die motherfucker
You don't give love
And you won't get loved
You don't push
And you won't get shoved
No joke
I ain't here to laugh
I ain't here to cry
But every night of the week
One of my homies die
Eeny meeny mynie moe
Blood's pourin out the naps of your afro
It could be you
Could be you
Could be you
Could be your whole damn crew
It happens real quick
Screechin tires
Next thing you're hit
Your body's cold
Your body's hot
You feel your chest
You gasp for breath
You're shot
And now your homies is trippin'
Lookin for a gat to put they clip in
Street crime-
That's the thing I bring, Ice T
I rap ??? sing
They call it controversy
I call it truth with no mercy
The beats are phat Ammo Dump tracks
The kind that make speakers crack
Not made for squares
Or the weak punks
That made the bump trunks
Get the fuck out my fuckin face
I ain't got no more time to waste
A ho is a ho, a bitch is a bitch, a nigga is a nigga
And that's it
I'm through explainin the shit
You just makin me backtrack
The next duck reporter might get hit with a blackjack
Every one of my true fans
Totally understands
A nigga like me
03:35 192 4,90 0.10
Home Invasion Lyrics
All right! When we go up in this goddamn house
all I want is the motherfuckin' kids!
As far as pops I don't give a fuck what you do...
Bust him in his motherfuckin' head!
If he got any money, take it!
If there is money there, rob the motherfuckin' joint!
As far as moms bust her in her goddamn head!
Dumb bitch, that's the reason we're going up in there!
She don't know what the fuck she's talkin' about!

Everyone get back, this is a rap jack
I'm takin' your kids' brains, you aint gettin'em back
With a move of perfection, my dissection
Some call it lethal injection
I'm gonna fill'em with hard drums
Big drums, bitches, hoes and death, come on and get some
I'm not the nigga that you want to leave your kids alone
Cause I got my own opening-dome kit
And once again I'm gonna put them under my fuckin' spell
They might start givin' you fuckin' hell
Start changin' the way they walk
They talk, they act, now, whose fuckin' fault is that?
The home invader...

Yo, moms you can basically just suck my dick!
This is a home invasion...
Yo, pops that shit you talkin' is noise! Word! You full of shit!

Check this out, moms, I said time bomb
And they sit in your house and remain calm
Till you feed'em lies and the flip
Start talkin' crazy shit (Fuck you!)
Might call you and pops a fool
Tell ya that's why they hate school
Been offensive and askin' questions
Give your brain indigestion
Why? Why? Because I have indoctrinated the youth
Yhey're mentally intoxicated with truth
So they know the noise you talk are lies
Pretty damn soon they'll be by (I'm outta here)
They listen to me and i give'em the real
And every night caps get peeled
And every night a ho gets smacked
A fool gets jacked
Now, whose fuckin' fault was that?
The home invaders...

Yo! Yo! Yo!
All that shit you taught me, mom, was full of shit!
Know what I'm sayin'?
How the fuck you gonna tell me to run my motherfuckin' life?
Bitch! You dont even know who the fuck you are!
You talkin' about you don't like rap, you don't like how I dress!
Yo! Fuck you and pops! I'm outta here!
Both of y'all can kiss my ass...

All cops want me, so does the F.B.I.
Because my rhymes are fly
They still tryin' to stop m,e shut me down block me
Make motherfuckas boycott me
But that will never happen, it's impossible
I move straight through all obstacles
They say I'm fuckin' up the minds of little kids
But half of my fans are in college
P.M.R.C. suck my dick, please
You can kiss my ass while you're on your knees
Word! You're listening to the verbal assassinator
E's the crossfader, your factual updater
Until your cranium grows like uranium
Hard as titanium, parents, I'm blamin'em
For teachin' you lies about life, racist viewpoints
And other trite bullshit they learned back in the day
While I learned about death from an A.K.
But they'll never quite understand
Bam, bam, bam, no gat is the Walkman
Boom, bash, yeah, yo, it's goin' down
Me and Ice Cube are in town
But the fuckin' pigs cancelled the concert
They're just scared of some niggers that do work
What they do? What did I do?
Just say truth motherfucka and it's comin' through
I tell you what we did: we stole your fuckin' kids
The home invader...

All right! we got the motherfuckin' kids!
We outta here! C'mon...
02:59 192 4,11 0.10
G Style Lyrics
Yeah! Right about now motherfuckers is layin for a nigga like me Ice-T
to bust some freestyle shit... but I don't do that
I just cold lounge up here at the Ammo Dump
with my nigga Alladdin, SLJ, LP and my nigga Henry G
Yeah, we do the shit like this

[Verse One:]

The card after the ace is deuce
So cut the nigga loose on the 3
That's me
The motherfuckin T
I got ride on my surfboard
Rhyme hard
But only buy the shit that I can't afford
That's everything
That's why I truck big fat rings
Cause in the motherland gold is for kings
I got backup
To jack up
Punks who try to act up
Do a world tour
Watch the big bank stack up
Motherfuckers get dropped with the quickness
I got an ill left and a right fist
Make mistakes and you'll lose
Or you might die
Cause I'm the wrong Ice for your bruise
And that's no lie
Meanwhile the penile is stacked to the top with my niggaz
Mostly for squeezin triggas
I call em homies
Pigs call em crooks
So I write and put bucks on they books
I give a fuck about a cop or a G-man
They all talk shit
Their breath smellin like semen
I catch em in the alley all alone
Put em in the prone
Pop! Pop! Pop! To the dome


It's the G-style
Gangsta style

[Verse 2:]

G Style, The gangsta talk
I got a teflon .9
And it eats vest
I take a motherfucker out quick
Just for talkin shit
Ride Rolls
Catch hoes like a mitt
LA, Atlanta, New York
Yo, my shit rocks
Chi-town, Miami, Detroit
I get much props
Because I roll with the hardcore G
Every street's the same street to me
I don't bullshit
I don't quit
Writin a rhyme fit
KKK pray each day
That I get hit
Motherfuckers try to flip on the Icepick
Move and slip
Close the eyes and catch a fuckin clip
Not in the ghetto no more
But I do hang
Got a black game
And it's sittin on them thangs
I kick the game from the street
Not the slamma
Tighten up my knockas with a big lead hammer


[Verse Three:]

Some of the times
I write my raps with extreme speed
Some of the times
I take the pen and make pads bleed
My mind clicks to Homocide
Bullets fly
Ladies cry
A lot of people die
Some nights I can't right
Stare at the blue lines
I think I'm a go blind
Then the beat becomes me
Sit in the dark
And write a whole fuckin LP
G Style, the gangsta talk
Never near soft
Hard as a knockout bout
It's no sellout
I keep crime in my rhyme
Cause it's my thing
Packed with guns
And drugs
And lots of street slang
A-B-C-D-E-F, and LAPD
Words from a motherfuckin OG
Ammo Dump pumps the sounds that you bump in your trunk
So turn it up punk
What'cha fraid of?
What'cha made of?
Pull the pin
Set the grenade off
Blastin sounds out ya jeep
On every city street, nigga
Straight gangsta beat


[Verse Four:]

Many like to dress the style, and act hardcore
Many motherfuckers are and they crack jaws
I like to lay in the cut
In a nightclub
Don't smoke bud
Drink suds
But I gets loved, mack, cool
I scope the freak with the mad backs
Hit her with the gangsta style
Cool, relaxed, bam
Put her in the Benz
Bump Too $hort, let her know
Right off the top, what's my sport
You think long
You think wrong
You got it goin on, baby doll?
But I won't sing you no love song
You either love me
Or you don't
You're either rollin tonight
Or you won't
She likes the style
Cause it don't bullshit around
Tounge in my ear, real slow
And then it went down
I gotta flip into a ill mode
Pack a clip full of hype tracks
And then unload
Music for the hardcore beatdown
No weak pop shit
Strictly underground
And if you don't like the style, as I get wreck
Ease back nigga, catch a knife through the neck

04:30 192 6,16 0.10
Addicted To Danger Lyrics
"Yo whats up man? Yeah I gotta trunk fulla this shit
Word, broads still with me man, comin over to grapevine right now
Yo I can't talk right now man, I gotta get off this phone"

Damn, how'd I get into this scam
Roll in a car with the trunk worth 5000 grand
I came up from the curb, word
First thing it rocks, now my ride's packin crazy birds
I gotta freak in the front seat
She got crazy game, might even have more than me
And thats why I don't trust, I ain't no busta
One wrong move and I'll dust her
But she knows that, keeps a gat
Works much plastic, always stays on phat
She said she loves me
Looks deep in my eyes, sometimes cries, all lies
She only loves my cash flow, long dough
The falso love of a pimp and a hoe
But me and her gotta job to do
Get this luggage back to the crew
She got scanner, I hadta listen to the pigs talk
And if they speakin about us then its jumpin off
But I ain't sweatin them at all
2 cops'll roll up and 2 cops'll fall
The lines on the highway, I'm makin my mind drift away
To my last jail stay
5 years for a 459
I'm never goin back, no matter what the crime
Surrenderin ain't me
Fuck that, I'm holdin court in the street G
For a nigga like me there ain't no ounce
My life filled with drug busts and shoot outs
Pure ghetto anger, pure ghetto anger
Pure ghetto anger, I'm addicted to danger
Some nights I crash clubs
Rollin with the posse made of well-known thugs
Cool out with the freaks
Truckin much jewels, beggin for beef
Thens some niggaz roll up
Lookin for a way to pump the reps up
But I ain't the one
I'm handin out beat downs, no need for guns
Sometimes I gotta ask myself
Is all this buck whylin good for a niggaz health?
I don't know why
Am I suicidal, do I wanna die?
The answerin, simple
A headache throbs in my temple
It says it ain't fair, it says it ain't right
It says its goin down tonight
We finally made it to the drop spot
King and Weston Ave, snoody fox
The posse was there, but it ain't right
Fuckin police lights
Its all goin down that road blocks
I never seen that many cops
It was a setup, my whole damn crew's gettin wet up
Big time, some motherfucker dropped a dime
But even in the flurry of gun shots
My adrenaline was boilin hot
I crash down on the floor of the ride
Punch the gas, drove that benz through they punk ass
Hit Vernor doin 90
Looked in the rear-view, no one behind me
I got on the phone
Called up the homies to see what went wrong
But no time to sweat that
I still gotta trunk fulla shit, I was on phat
I just need a cool place to hide
Dumped the benzo, slammed the G ride
Me and a freak hit a motel crash spot
The streets was hot
Rubbed me down, said she adored me
Said the gunfire made her horny
The she pushed me back on the bed
Licked me head to toe, toe to head
Then I closed my eyes real slowly
Is this love? No not me
Then I felt a pain in my chest
The smell of gun powder and burnt flesh
I looked in her face, opened my mouth
And then her badge came out
03:28 192 4,74 0.10
Question And Answer Lyrics 00:32 192 0,74 0.10
Watch The Ice Break Lyrics 04:25 192 6,05 0.10
Race War Lyrics 04:36 192 6,33 0.10
That's How I'm Livin' Lyrics 04:39 192 6,38 0.10
I Ain't New Ta This Lyrics 05:00 192 6,88 0.10
Pimp Behind The Wheels (DJ Evil E The Great) Lyrics 05:04 192 6,96 0.10
Gotta Lotta Love Lyrics
[ VERSE 1 ]
Woke up the other mornin, I heard a rumor
They said the gang wars was over
I told em they was bullshittin, they said it's real as hell
Can't explain the way I felt
Too many years I seen my brothers die
And I can't say that shit was really that fly
But I used to gangbang when I was younger
So it's really hard to tell a kid that he's goin under
I never thought I lived to see us chill
Crips and Bloods holdin hands, the shit is ill
But I love it, I can't help it
Too much death on the streets, and we dealt it
Van Ness Boys, The Hoovers, The 60s
Bounty Hunters, 8-Treys, all coolin out, gee
I pray the shit'll never stop
You used to see the wrong colors, and the gats went pop-pop
But now the kids got a chance to live
And the O.G.'s got something to give
That's love, black on black, that's how they made it
And if any busters flip, they get faded
L.A. is where I'm speakin of
Peace to all the gangsters, cause I got a lotta love

[ VERSE 2 ]
I got a lotta love, cause you're all my brothers
Red or blue, black's the color
We got a chance, so we can really sweat the real fools
Show those muthafuckas the real tools
Check the enemy, it ain't the family
Not 1-11, try L.A.P.D.
They gotta understand, they beat on a blackman
There's gonna be drama, know what I'm sayin?
And if we flip, let's all flip together
Cause I'm prepared, kid, for rough weather
And we gotta realize, the boys on the east side
You call em S-A's, I call em allies
Because the day that we all unite
Watch the pigs get real polite
Punk muthafuckas gotta learn quick
That we ain't takin no more shit
L.A. is where I'm speakin of
Peace to all the gangsters, cause I got a lotta love

[ VERSE 3 ]
Crenshaw Boulevard, Sunday afternoon
Folks sittin on things, mad systems boom
The girls are lookin better
The gang truce is on, so you wear whatever
At Venice by the ocean
Rag-top Trey hits the three-wheel motion
There's gangsters all around
Still crazy sets, but you just don't clown
I pray L.A. can stay this way
It's the first summer I can really say
I felt cool, we all chilled
Went to the park, and nobody got killed
Now if you got a problem, it's man on man
You don't need a gang to solve em
I seen the greatest thing I seen in my life
Two brothers in a straight up fist fight
Nobody pulled a gat, nobody jumped in
Nobody pulled a knife, nobody got done in
L.A. is where I'm speakin of
Peace to my city, cause I got a lotta love

[ VERSE 4 ]
G-a-t-e-s, I hope you wear a vest
Even after you're out the fuckin office
Cause we're on a totally different tip
Fuck that pig brutality shit
This unity is gettin to me
Every brother on the street is my homie
I'm rollin through a hood that I never been
And every brother steps to me as a friend
I love it, I love it
And nothin in my life will ever be above it
We wanna see our kids all grown up
We're tired of seein our hoods get blown up
L.A. is a great place
Fly girls, dope cars, life at a fast pace
But gangbanging was killin it quick
Another child got hit - bullshit
Pop-pop-pop, 10 on a weekend
We was goin off to deep end
But now we got a chance, my friend
To mend, and make the colors blend
Let's all go out on a picnic, kick shit
And squash all the static
Last year I lost about five homies
This shit is real to me
L.A. is where I'm speakin of
Peace to all the gangsters, cause I got a lotta love

This is goin out to all the gangbangers
All over South Central
All over L.A., basically
East L.A.
It's basically goin down
Peace to all the Crips and the Bloods
Van Ness Boys
Rollin 60s
Bounty Hunters
And the Jungle
This is goin out to all the brothers over there in Watts
You know what I'm sayin?
Throwin it up
Grape Street
Nutty Blocc
Front Hood
And all them niggas out there in Compton
Rollin 30s
Ah yeah
Nickerson G's
Inglewood Family
18th Street
South Loc
And all the S-A homeboys
All the different sets
Every set, Crip, Blood
What doesn't matter to me
Cause I gotta love
You know what I'm sayin?
Hope the truce never ends
We can do this
05:24 192 7,41 0.10
Shit Hit The Fan Lyrics 04:47 192 6,59 0.10
Depths Of Hell (feat. Daddy Nitro) Lyrics 05:14 192 7,18 0.10
99 Problems (feat. Brother Marquis) Lyrics 04:50 192 6,64 0.10
Funky Gripsta Lyrics 04:45 192 6,54 0.10
Message To The Soldier Lyrics
Yo, Ice, you been down with the struggle for a long time, man...
Why don't you drop some knowledge for these brothers who
want to get involved in this war...

Take notes: real gangstas wear trench coats
Grey suits, black ties and they seek votes
And you're not to be misled
They'll kill you in your fuckin' bed
They don't sell dope, yo, excuse me, yes they do
But they don't look that much like me or you
But if you pull up the sheets and expose them
They'll crawl up like snakes and show fangs of venom
Now I've been soldier for years
Representin' the tattooed tears
Other brothas locked up with no choice
Left in the bowels of devil with no voice
My phones are tapped, my crib is bugged
My car is tailed from club to club
And this ain't no fuckin' joke
They want to see a nigga broke
You can't slip, if you slip you're out
You gotta know what you're talkin' about
Drop science every chance you get
Hit direct and indirect, speak in code
Cause you're never alone
That's why I use this low tone
Follow this and you might grow older
This is a message to the soldiers...

Now they killed King and they shot X
Now they want me, you could be next
All you gotta do is speak too loud
All you gotta be is be too proud
Cause once you let'em know
Who you are and where you're at
You better watch your back
Cause you might think you're just dope
While you're livin' in a sniper's scope
I'm not tryin' to scare you
But there's a danger if you get too deep
Some nights I don't sleep
All you wanna do is tell the truth
All you wanna do is save the youth
Ice Cube knows, Souljah knows, P.E. knows
They throw death blows
And if you got kids or a girl that's true
They'll move on them too
But when I'm gone I need you to carry on
You gotta be strong and fight for our salvation
But there will be retaliation, soldier...

To think that rap could be attacked
Is ignorin' the simple fact
That they never ment us to speak
They had planned to keep the black man weak
But rap hit the streets
Black rage amplified over dope beats
Now they want to shut us down
And they don't fuck around
Check the history books, son
Black leaders die young
They tell us that your words are scary
They're revolutionary
Because we speak the truth
About crime and drugs
And expose the real thugs
This info is not beneficial
To the groups that go by three initals
So they try to discredit
They'll dog you with an edit
Print the words the way you never said it
But we gotta make'em regret it, soldiers...

Word! I know a lot of brothas out there want to get in this war...
You know what I'm sayin'? a lot of sistas got a lot of knowledge
to drop on our people but right now they're movin' to shut down
all hip-hop! The first amendment had absolutely nothin' to do
with black people at the time constitution was written, we were
considered nothin' but property...The expectation of havin' black
people speak on records never came to mind, so we gotta move!
But belive me all the black leaders have been silenced and most
of the time it's been violent so if you choose to get in this war,
realize what you're in for but we gotta move on...
And we gotta stay strong...

Message to the soldiers, welcome to the struggle...
Message to the soldiers, be careful, soldiers...
05:36 192 7,71 0.10
Ain't A Damn Thing Changed Lyrics 00:37 192 0,85 0.10