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Herzklopfen (Only Released In Germany), Chris Rea
Herzklopfen (Only Released In Germany)
Release type: Album
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Duration: 53:40  
Size, Mb: 98,43  


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Josephine Lyrics
[Verse 1]
I'm a hustler, I'm a hustler homey
I got the product, narcotics for customers homey
Feins open they be smoking like a muffler homey
niggas phoney so I only got a couple of homey
If you a hustler I could, I could fuck wit you homey
You spend a couple of bucks I stay in touch with you homey
I get money I get 20 to K I got 20 strip although I'm 20 today
I get cake from buds and haze I'm making dubs
they hating cause I'm on the grind like I'm making love
with cops got the block hot like a jamaican club
cop wait, wait for a droute then I make a fllod
try to take my cake you gone take a slug
But you can take my information if you taking drugs
cause I can sell raid to a bug
I'm a hustler I can sell salt to a slug

I'm a hustler, I'm a I'm a hustler homey
I'm a hustler, I'm a I'm a hustler homey
Nigga ask about me nigga nigga ask about me

[Verse 2]
Married to the game, same bride just a new dru
I do more then just do to
cause my bills come in to soon, my son gone be two soon
royalty check come in like once in a bluemoon
but I'm getting my doe for doing shows
I made more money on the grind then on the road
that's why I stay fly and flying on hoes
car's are so cool,Aston no shoes
just a rubberband on my wrist, no jewels
I ain't got to prove I'm rich, I'm no fool
I know the rules I ain't got time for it
But a nigga will shine when its time for it
and they will hate you deal with the real cake
and they on the corner
from morning to real late
I deal weight and if you bastards doubt me
I'm a hustler ask about, ask about me


[Verse 3]
Yeah they made you got saved don't be spend the change
In fifth grade I was hustling my genesis game
I was dumb young selling chew gum to my classmate
on the cash chase moving at a fast pace
never been a dummy never did what the dummies do
so I had a mill to burn before I turned 22
more money , more problem is true cause the more moneyI make
The more problems for you
yeah I used dude voice props to the boy sean
he made it a hot line I made a hot song
So stop drawing man you got to respect it
I'm the best swizz got to perfected don't mess with
C-A-double S-I-D-Ycause I became the best when B-I-G died
the kid do it big like P-U-N cus
I'm nice P-A-C with the P-E-N and

04:29 256 8,19 0.10
I Can Hear Your Heartbeat Lyrics
Yea, hehe. Don Quan
A vision of God's Son Nas. That nigga Cass rules. Whattup baby

[Chorus: Quan]
Y'all niggaz is crazy. (To think) Y'all niggaz can't fade me
(Trick these) From the bottom to the top, from the booth to the block
Anyway I got to get it, I'm givin it all I got
Y'all haters can't hold me. (No Way) And y'all don't want to zone me
(Want it your way) So when I get, I'm gon' get it, in my life how I live it
and whips I be whippin, smokin on the exquisite

In the crib, two bricks of coke, liquor and dope
Pretty Hawaian bitches who eat choch and deep throat
Same niggaz that get down, remember them
California style, yeah I went back again
But much wiser, 'cause these guys are
Leave you up shits creek and won't lose sleep
So while we pack the heat, I got the heckler and koch
My man got the dot, five-oh block
It's like the movies shots as niggaz watch
But the American version
East coast, west coast as we connect these curtains
'Cause we ain't scared to buck, step on the Timbs and Chuck's
Is gonna happen, gun clappin, remember that
Now we on the soothern part of the map
Houston, party of the year, everybody there
Texas, no guestlist, only real players allowed
Me and my dudes make out rounds *Yall must be crazy*

[Chorus: Quan]

VA game spittin, platinum grill grinnin
Chrome rims spinnin, with wood grain glistenin
Any amount we sippin, passion for thugs livin
Free, fresh and out of prison
Flexin that new edition
Good grain gettin, shit and lovin the feelin
Bobby Womack singin, Marisa Rings gleaming
Hat cocked duce, puffin the quarter loosely
Poppin the bottle and tippin fifth of that to goosey
Shinnin for Swill and Halle, smokin for Lil' Shawney
Still reppin Bad Newz, and all my soldiers for me
Enjoy some better days, dispute burdens I carry
See cousin hookin money, for God momentary
Floss every chance I get, spread love freely
Still spittin gangsta shit, 'cause the streets need me
Still got that mack with me, for niggaz actin silly
still pimpin gangsta pretty, reppin in every city

[Chorus: Quan]

Yeah, I pray every day for a better life
I think it's gon' get better but it's like I'm never right
Make about it Christ, I'm on both of my knees
There's no hope, that why I'm smokin the trees
Damn, all for the chees, I lost both of my mans
That's why this toast is in the both of my hands
Damn, and I'll sell coke and birds 'fore I go to work
I go to the Range more than I go to church
My whole mentality twisted, but this reality isn't it
I ain't tryin to be fatality listed
And yo reverend, gettin dough is like goin to heaven
And goin to jail, like goin to hell
But before I go in the grave, I'll go in the cell
Just send my son mo' dough in the mail
Oh well, but I got god on my side so I'm beatin the case
This life crazy but I'm keepin the faith
03:30 256 6,38 0.10
Loving You Lyrics
The night was black with thunder
The streets were wet with rain
Another day goes under
A little bourbon will take the strain
And I'm waiting for my take-home French fries
She smiled and said 'take me away'
We always laughed but I think she means it
But I'm dreaming my life away
Loving you
Loving you the way that I do

The weekend cars are leaving
In a spray of wind and sound
The bar-talk, make believing
And the drinks go easy down
It's back to the all-night take-away
She says 'Here comes the man of my dreams'
We always laugh but I think she means it
And I'm spending my time
Just loving you
Loving you the way that I do
03:46 256 6,90 0.10
Ace Of Hearts Lyrics
Could this be true
Could this be me
The one who kept himself so high and free
Caught up in the highest game of all
And all my defences tumble and fall
Only the ace of hearts can save now

I wake in early hours and call your name
It's your face I see pressed up against my window pane
And suddenly I realise
As the tears start to fall like rain from the sky
Only the ace of hearts can save me now
Said only the ace of hearts can save me now

Ace of hearts tell me what's this game we're playing
Ace of hearts it's all down to you
I'm lost, lost like a child in a strange dream
Open your doors and pull me
Pull me trough

And I'm flying like the wind in the dead of night
Flying so high searching for those landing lights
I've never been this high before
But darling all I need is your love more and more
And only the ace of hearts can save me now
04:30 256 8,22 0.10
On The Beach Lyrics
Between the eyes of love I call your name
Behind the guarded walls I used to go
Upon a summer wind there's a certain melody
Takes me back to the place that I know
Down on the beach

The secrets of the summer I will keep
The sands of time will blow a mystery
No-one but you and I
Underneath that moonlit sky
Take me back to the place that I know
On the beach

Forever in my dreams my heart will be
Hanging on to this sweet memory
A day of strange desire
And a night that burned like fire
Take me back to the place that I know
On the beach
05:05 256 9,33 0.10
Goodbye Little Colombus Lyrics 04:16 256 7,82 0.10
Wired To The Moon Lyrics
Sleep tonight little girl
Go right in through
No-one can wake you now
You're falling through your dreams
Sliding down every beam
'Cos you don't know how

Don't know how to hurt
Don't know how to lie
You just don't know how to do it
You couldn't if you tried
'Cos you're wired to the moon

You innocent light
Will be shadows too soon
Sleep little angel
Stay wired to the moon

Faraway in the night
I saw my mother
She was looking at you
She said to me "My son
Don't you wake that little girl
Though I know you're wanting to
'Cos you're wanting to laugh
And you're wanting to play
Leave her in sweet dreams
She may lose them one day
Keep her wired to the moon"

Like a girl I once knew
She was once happy too
Sleep little angel
Stay wired to the moon
05:22 256 9,86 0.10
Stainsby Girls Lyrics
Some girls used to kiss and run
Never knew what they had done
Some girls always wasted time
Keep you hanging on the line
Some loved horses and always stayed at home
But the Stainsby girls loved the Rolling Stones

Now some had games that you had to play
Making rules along the way
Strange attractions newly found
Pride and passion kicked around
Some girls stole your heart
Like most girls do
But a Stainsby girls could break it in two

And I fell in love, I fell in love
I fell in love with a Stainsby girl

Deepest water Stainsby blue
Names and faces fade away
Memories here to stay

And I fell in love, I fell in love
I fell in love with a Stainsby girl
03:53 256 7,11 0.10
All Summer Long Lyrics
All summer long we were happy we were one
We didn't think of an ending to our play
All summer long nights of wine, days of song
It couldn't last, our ageing sun had to go
I will always remember you

Watching the waves in the wind
The beach dogs hiding from the rain
Suddenly my colours have turned to grey
Will I ever see your face again

And all winter long I will walk my lonely road
Waiting for you and your return
I will always remember you
04:10 256 7,63 0.10
Touche D'Amour Lyrics 03:29 256 6,37 0.10
Reasons Lyrics
Set my sails out on a sunny day
Pretty soon I was on my way
Though what for sure it was
I could not say

Two thousand reasons
Maybe more
Eight hundred chances on faraway shores
Searching for something
Searching for more
Deep down inside me burning
Reasons for the learning

Now you can pick up reasons so easily
Where you've been and where you've got to be
And when the truth don't show you'll always see
Lots of reasons

And pretty soon you've got a heavy load
Dragging those reasons down an endless road
I got to thinking and I got to see
So many reasons coming at me

The one that leaves you high and dry
He says you still owe him, there's a reason why
He'll leave you crying till the tears run dry
He's the one, always the one with all the reasons
So many reasons the come and they go
The reasons for them I'll never know
I've seen so many, they've come and they've gone
I've turned all mine in and I'm happy with one

So don't talk of friendship, do it to me
Make me an offer and make it for free
Don't give me reasons 'cos I wrote that song
I only want love now so I'll just take the one
03:48 256 6,96 0.10
It's All Gone Lyrics 07:28 256 13,66 0.10