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Corey Smith

Hard Headed Fool, Corey Smith Hard Headed Fool 2007, Album
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Hard-Headed Fool, Corey Smith Hard-Headed Fool 2007, Album
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Hard Headed Fool, Corey Smith
Hard Headed Fool
Release type: Album
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Duration: 49:23  
Size, Mb: 60,34  


Price for album: 1.04 (discount 20%)  

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Beautiful Things Lyrics 02:22 155 2,61 0.10
Technology Lyrics 03:24 182 4,43 0.10
Maybe Next Year Lyrics 04:04 160 4,66 0.10
What Happened Lyrics 03:37 179 4,64 0.10
I'm No Hank Williams Lyrics 03:51 179 4,91 0.10
Happy Ever After Lyrics 03:56 173 4,88 0.10
Hard-Headed Fool Lyrics 04:17 175 5,36 0.10
Could Have Been Friends Lyrics 04:00 180 5,14 0.10
Too Good For Me Lyrics 04:06 144 4,22 0.10
Together Lyrics 04:01 164 4,72 0.10
Goodbye Dixie Lyrics 03:30 175 4,38 0.10
Stand Our Ground Lyrics
Will You take me up to rose hill
When you lay my body low
wrap me in a flag and throw some flowers on the ground
say a few words and then let me go,
there's no need to defend my honor
or justify the life i gave
there's no need for the pictures of my happy childhood there please
don't pour salt upon my grave
i knew long ago that i would be the one
to brandish my sword should they beat those battle drums, ohhh

I stood my ground
i stood for something,
worth falling for

Ask my father to forgive me, i know he didn't understand
he worked too hard for way too many years to lose his boy in a foreign sand
there is no doubt he is angry, theres no doubt where he'll place the blame
but don't let him fall apart mama, don't let him go back to those pills
only time will ease the pain, i died a patriot a soldier just like him
fought like he taught me to until the very end, ohh

i stood my ground
i stood for something
worth falling for yeah yeah
worth falling for

i hope this war is worth dying for
i hope this war is worth dying for
i hope this war is worth dying for

Take my strips and take my medals
take my cross and these dogtags too
put em in a package stained with your tears
send em up to pennsylvania ave
my last regards to the man in charge
let him know i served my country well
yeah he was right behind me all the way to kandahar
the night my broken body fell
don't let a day go by without a peaceful prayer
for my brothers and my sisters still fighting over there

they stand their ground
they stand for something
worth falling for x2

i hope this war is worth dying for
i hope this war is worth dying for
i hpoe this war is worth dying for
04:30 182 5,82 0.10
Sweet Little Boy Lyrics 03:47 169 4,58 0.10