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Hallam Foe, Various Artists
Hallam Foe
Release type: Soundtrack
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Release date:


Duration: 62:46  
Size, Mb: 77,21  


Price for album: ˆ1.28 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Blue Boy Lyrics 02:54 244 5,08 ˆ0.10
Here On My Own Lyrics 03:28 204 5,04 ˆ0.10
The Someone Else Lyrics 02:39 169 3,19 ˆ0.10
Broken Bones Lyrics
She was merged she was thin
The case was wide open
I see a heart on her shoulder
With his first name written

And what do lately
Consider to be yourself?
With your outsize hands
Your molten breath

October is the month
We'll pray for the summer
When trees are branching
A long distant murmur

And what do lately
Consider to be yourself?
With your outsize hands
Your molten breath

So keep writing her name
So it's setting in stone
You'll live in the shadow
Of these broken bones
03:44 196 5,20 ˆ0.10
Double Shadow Lyrics
You're two-faced
all sideways
you're dry-eyed
and nightfly
your thin chokes
and splits spokes
you're high-staked
you're right-faked
your floor creeps
and deep sleeps
you catch up
you young pup
you old dog
you bullfrog

double X12

you drive paved
you close shave
you hardball
you held gold
you last heard
you luck charm
you black diamond
your next kin
your lost twin
your short-step
your better rip
you cast light
you snapshot

yeah, you're my double shadow
you're my double shadowX2
you're my.. double
you're my..
double shadow
04:21 170 5,28 ˆ0.10
If You Could Read Your Mind Lyrics 02:59 233 4,97 ˆ0.10
Battle At The Gates Of Dub Lyrics 01:30 202 2,14 ˆ0.10
Lines Low To Frozen Ground Lyrics
by the coldest sea
i read your tear stained words
you said you can’t live this way
how you want to be free

and you just tried to hold on
is what you told yourself
your shoulders are weak
it’s hard to carry this weight

promise me that you’ll remember this day

just to reach to you and say
that there’s places in this world
like the bleakest northern light
frozen ground beneath your feet

where you can be free
where you can be free

hold on
05:13 160 5,93 ˆ0.10
Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow Lyrics
Breeze blows from treetops to tease sensation
wonder in your imagination
wondering where she can be
it feels so cold as you go when you leave
you're a dandelion blown on the breeze
wondering where you could be

the *whispers* the wind up
she whispers and into the air we fly
so fly oh dandelion fly
yes it's time
it's time for you to fly


You watch them for hours
from slates and clock towers
the *lines* below
but your life is *other*
and lovers and mothers oh wooh wooh

breeze blows from rooftops to your destination
trapped in your imagination
she's all you can see
black *lock hearted* you miss her
oh god how you miss her so
hallam foe oh dandelion grow
yes it's time dandelion fly
03:44 187 5,01 ˆ0.10
Tricycle Lyrics
This is not working out,
I showed you the door, just go.
You ask just too much of me,
And if its all the same to you,
I'll be alone.

Don't say anything,
You'll win me back with three simple words.
Don't try anything,
I need you now more than ever before my Love

Before long I came crawling back,
It was me that was wrong all along.
I just could not understand,
How you didn't even care I was gone.
Don't say anything,
Words would only ruin the moment
Don't try anything,
Nothing now could tear us apart my Love

You gave me my choices and I chose wrong.
I bet that doesn't surprise you.

Don't make me sad, cause I'll cry like a girl,
and don't think thats bad.
Dont make me mad, I'll lose my composure,
cause thats all I have.
02:44 196 3,83 ˆ0.10
Surf Song Lyrics 04:36 127 4,15 ˆ0.10
Also In White Lyrics 05:54 130 5,46 ˆ0.10
Salvese Quien Pueda Lyrics
Tengo una idea dando vueltas desde hace tiempo
?C?mo es posible que el progreso sea tan violento?
Una flor, un ?rbol, un aroma, los pajaritos
Son valores que se van perdiendo de a poquito.

Hachan, tiran, rompen, sacan, ponen y hacen ruido
indign?ndonos con sus proyectos sin sentido
Demolieron la manzana de al lado de la plaza
para hacer un centro comercial tan grande y grasa

S?lvese quien pueda. Quien pueda que se salve.

Cambian la fachada de la casa, les da verg?enza
no nos ense?aron el valor de nuestra herencia.
La vereda, el almac?n, el kiosco, los reconozco
si los quitan yo me siento sapo de otro pozo

S?lvese quien pueda. Quien pueda que se salve.

Las frutillas, los tomates, ahora no son tan ricos
porque les pusieron qu? s? yo qu? gen maldito
?ah, las rosas! eran espinosas y perfumadas
ahora no te pinchan, pero tienen olor a nada.

S?lvese quien pueda. Quien pueda que se salve.

Veo, oigo, huelo, toco, siento, pienso.
05:59 168 7,17 ˆ0.10
They Nicknamed Me Evil Lyrics 03:53 157 4,35 ˆ0.10
I Hope That You Get What You Want Lyrics 04:12 161 4,82 ˆ0.10
Ocean Song Lyrics 05:03 155 5,60 ˆ0.10