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Grind Your Mind - A History Of Grindcore (2CD), Various Artists
Grind Your Mind - A History Of Grindcore (2CD)
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 152:32  
Size, Mb: 241,39  


Price for album: ˆ5.76 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Society's Victims Lyrics 01:15 239 2,16 ˆ0.10
Victims Of A Bomb Raid (Anti-Cimex Cover) Lyrics 02:31 217 3,90 ˆ0.10
Kill Your Baby Lyrics 02:02 207 3,02 ˆ0.10
Cold War Lyrics
They have the power
To rule the land
They have the power
To rule with an iron hand
They have the power
But the mind of man

They have the power
To stock and deploy
They have the power
To seek and destroy
They have the power
To play with their toys

They have the power
The responsibility
They have the power
To end humanity

End gunboat diplomacy
Cold war
Fix the foreign policy
Cold war
Disarm the device
Cold war
Break the ice of cold war
01:16 214 1,96 ˆ0.10
Pestilent Decay Lyrics 01:05 184 1,42 ˆ0.10
The Stench Of Burning Death Lyrics 01:34 199 2,24 ˆ0.10
Horrified Lyrics 02:01 182 2,63 ˆ0.10
Master (Master Cover) Lyrics 02:24 199 3,42 ˆ0.10
Blind Army Lyrics 03:08 203 4,52 ˆ0.10
Dead Shall Rise V.06 Lyrics 03:33 208 5,30 ˆ0.10
Miserable Bastards Lyrics 03:14 197 4,55 ˆ0.10
Single Ticket To Hell Lyrics 01:35 201 2,29 ˆ0.10
Low Life Lyrics 02:30 244 4,33 ˆ0.10
Senile Fools Lyrics 03:13 222 5,07 ˆ0.10
Coconut Song Lyrics 02:30 239 4,25 ˆ0.10
Ultracore Lyrics 01:41 221 2,66 ˆ0.10
Life Lyrics 01:09 231 1,90 ˆ0.10
Oldest Trick In The Book Lyrics 03:05 188 4,13 ˆ0.10
Slumber Party Lyrics 01:08 226 1,81 ˆ0.10
Firing Line Lyrics 01:48 252 3,24 ˆ0.10
Americans Are Cool Lyrics 01:49 216 2,80 ˆ0.10
Mr. Parkinson Lyrics 03:15 203 4,74 ˆ0.10
Blotting Paper For Breakfast Lyrics 02:44 208 4,03 ˆ0.10
Overproduction Lyrics 02:47 205 4,08 ˆ0.10
Song X Lyrics 02:41 259 4,99 ˆ0.10
Random Intimidation (Exclusive Demo) Lyrics 01:09 213 1,77 ˆ0.10
Suck Your Shit Off My Dick Lyrics 00:35 200 0,84 ˆ0.10
E.P.I.A.F.T.B. (Unreleased Studio Track 1988) Lyrics 00:21 237 0,59 ˆ0.10
Fight Back Lyrics 02:50 227 4,56 ˆ0.10
Death To All Lyrics 02:41 227 4,37 ˆ0.10
Medley Of Songs From Demo 1989 Lyrics 01:53 247 3,35 ˆ0.10
Bio Hazard (Live Demo Version 1989) Lyrics 00:20 180 0,45 ˆ0.10
Bullshit Propaganda Lyrics 02:00 247 3,53 ˆ0.10
Zombie Holocaust (Live In Orebro 1990) Lyrics 01:20 174 1,67 ˆ0.10
Face Of Decay (Final Demo) Lyrics 03:15 233 5,42 ˆ0.10
Ominous Lamentation Lyrics 03:10 198 4,49 ˆ0.10
Slithering Maceration Of Ulcerous Facial Tissue Lyrics
Tenacious muck, your windpipe holds
Larynx numb, on clotted filth you choke
Your bloated corpse, a greenish shade of white
Flesh slips loose, your view of death revised
Body coated in clinging putrid waste
Septic clots urine and excrement
Stomach juices seep out of ragged cracks
Internal gases, gather in your torso
Your thorax filled, your corpse slowly ascends
Burst upon the surface, for the public soon to find...
01:11 208 1,75 ˆ0.10
Severe Catatonia In Pathology Lyrics
Cutting through your clothes, trying to reach your flesh
Let my fingers feel your pure white skin
I love to see your fears reflected in your eyes
We're going to have a party, you and me
My little hatchets edge is longing for your skull
It wants to see the texture of your brain
My surgery's a lark, I'm quite a wacky guy
Not cracked and weird like everybody else

Scream to your heart's content
As your veins I happily shred
Systematically slicing up your cheeks
Drilling holes in your wrists to be chic

Intestines I entwine, dripping juices, sludge and gunk
Taking pictures to remind me when I'm bored and down on luck
What a thrill it is to feel the inside of your head
Your thoughts I seem to sense, but that's not possible as you seem to be
quite dead

Inserting safety pins,
Stimulated by my sins,
Your relics just for me

Cause I love you, can't you see?
Your pubes I pierce and slice
Punctured bladders my delight
Suppurating, shiny flesh
Bloody carcass quite a mess

Steam rising from the ruins of your corpse
The heat in this house is quite inadequate for this pathological cause

Maggots I dislike
They impose upon my fun
My merrymaking ruined
By these rancid little worms

Globs of bodily juices drop and splat upon the floor
As I drag your festering corpse, oozing sticky strings of gore
Your shoulder bones protruding, cracking as they hit the wall
Petrol sure in handy when you tire of it all
Rotting muscles slipping off, congealing lumpy mass
Blistering and frying as your cadaver turn to ash

Scooping up remains
Pouring into tins and jugs
Feeling clean and pure of mind
I'm a genius, not obnoxious...
02:56 220 4,63 ˆ0.10
Unreleased Tracks From The Head Ache Session 1991 Lyrics 02:02 229 3,34 ˆ0.10
Barbaric Cruelties Lyrics
Chopped off heads
Torn out nails
Ripped entrails
Torn out tongues
Intestines strung
Cut off nose
Eyelids sewn
Skinned alive
Plucked out eyes
Head is crushed
Brains are mushed
Castrated, Eviscerated
Limbs are chopped
Hung to rot
00:55 209 1,37 ˆ0.10
Embalmed Alive Lyrics 00:53 205 1,31 ˆ0.10
Religion Is A Fraud Lyrics 02:36 225 4,15 ˆ0.10
Big One Lyrics 00:58 222 1,55 ˆ0.10
Mutilated Regurgitator Lyrics 00:16 237 0,47 ˆ0.10
Christianity Regurgitator Lyrics 00:51 242 1,47 ˆ0.10
Another Needs To Be Fed Lyrics 00:23 238 0,67 ˆ0.10
Fucktoy Lyrics
if i could,
i would knock you down
kick your ass to the ground
don't you like to play
is there any other way

if i could, i would find a way
serve your ass for the day
would you say
is there any other way?

scribble your thoughts
as you'd like them to be
for it's foolish goals
you'll achieve
casting teh parts...
plotting your scams
compromise integrity
again and again
01:26 215 2,17 ˆ0.10
Dementia Lyrics
I like to see everything unwind, oh-ah
Just suppose that you’re on my mind, oh-ah
I need to sleep but my eyes won’t close, oh-ah
That’s the way keep me on my toes, oh-ah

She needs to go to her home
She needs to show everyone

Rosie’s on fire, can you see her?
Rosie’s on fire, can you hear her?

Oh-ah x2

I need to run but my feet won’t move, oh-ah
I need to reach but my hands are tied, oh-ah

She needs to go way back home
She needs to tell everyone

Rosie’s on fire, can you see her?
Rosie’s on fire, can you hear her?

Oh-ah x4

Rosie’s on fire, can you see her?
Rosie’s on fire, can you hear her?
02:05 203 3,01 ˆ0.10
Observer To The Obliteration Of Planet Earth Lyrics 03:11 225 5,14 ˆ0.10
Dying Will Be The Death Of Me Lyrics
Living here, in constant pain, I'm reaching out to you!
Feelings I have long suppressed, control my mental views
As I walk this lonely earth, searching for a sign
Something to make me want to live, cause' now I want to die
As I languish here, in this house of disease,
And decrepitude, feeling un at ease
Slowly I put up a wall, to block away the pain
Only to have it fall, the misery remains!
It rips the mind apart, scorns my soul with rage
Infects my heart, kills my will to be
My eyes cannot see, blinded from the sweat
I don't know why I, feel morose today,
Born with it all, rich beyond my means,
Lately something has been burning
In my gut it bleeds, making me despondent
A victim of me
Dying will be the death of me
It hurts when I smile
Only happy when, others are in pain
When I was younger, life was in my heart
Lastly vie been craving, suicide as an art
All the ways I’ve attempted, was placed in the psycho ward
In a straightjacket, dying cause' I’m bored
In the end, dying will be the death of me!
04:44 218 7,35 ˆ0.10
Lucid Interval Lyrics
You are paranoid, with delusions of grandeur
Somehow things ain't right, there's an imbalance in your mind
Chain reflex is slow, anxiety neuroses set in.

Breaking out in sweat, was it something that I said?
Is your asthma flaring up? Why are you so pale?
Hands are livid from punching holes in the wall.
(Thinking someone is in your brain.)

You never take your medicine, that's you're always sick!
Looking so afraid, should I call your mom,
I'm talking to myself, answer me, stop shaking.

Waiting from the ambulance, to get your some help
The deranged look you have, you will cut yourself
Don't grab that knife!

Why are you amputating me?
I am your second personality!
Suicide is not the alternative!

If your trephinate I will not die, we can live together,
Conjoined at the cephalic. I command you to obey.

Don't try to kill me, I have my own life,
To separate, will be our demise!
Smoke some weed and relax!
You're going thru a great deal of stress.

Fetid breath reeks, go brush your teeth,
You should get clean, your hair is full of grease!

This is a song about a man, with an unnatural appendage at the skull.
When they have no weed they go insane, now they are stoned and get along.
A lucid interval will straighten this place out
Fighting you tore down the walls.
04:12 229 6,87 ˆ0.10
Walk A Year In My Mind Lyrics
seduced of my virgin descent
raped of this primitive trust
instinct... an art of overridden wrath
twisted and bound into my own flesh
break down... this existence
a wish of death... a tired warm breath
disturb the subtle side of me
expression my quality
scratching this sanity
into my walled mind...
my sustain of pain
a slut of love... the lover in sin
let these beatings begin ...begin...
get out of my face...
disgrace to your race, your kind
left your own friends behind
...undecided oppositions fall...
complications... no money
need to borrow time... no help
can't seem to get a straight face
...a fit of intense anger...
thinking... planning...
switching the choices daily
seeing my life through frames
an urge that repulses love
and rekindles a pain
increase the purge for more...
your faltered game
listen to a word
actions speak-out...
wipe-out words that lie
emotional thief... held my grounds
reveal solutions to weakness
conform to the trails of man
breaking down of morals
punishment worse when younger
I can smell the aroma of life
the elixir of ill-forgot lies
taste that indulges in sin
waiting to be taken in...
youthful nightmares
made reality through diagnosis
crawling to these channels
of comfort through the stains
from beatings
playing these razor keys
to instrumental horror
the cities of living people,
the valleys of the dead
songs sung by the swarms
of flies over carnage
the kings that endure the life of filth
ripping through... digging deep
chasing me in my dreams
penetrate the dialect
a broken deep thought... learning lessbottle of cheap wine
the vintage mind
from a not so good year
expose a deep hidden need
you've left me... leave me...
i've left me for this reach on unsanity
speechless in this silence...
speaking louder...
screaming, no one hears
you're seeing nothing more than you
care to see what you don't want to see
garden sick creatures
the mind grows to fertilize
the concepts with shit
touch my hand... sink inside my dreams
reality distinct to the point of fear
repeating an idea to over-analyze disgrace
the strain... overload... blown in your face
confine this pre-made conception
force-fed the lie of hope... choke on it
these truths untold... behold... now pain
this solitude for a higher love
striving for some kind
of excellent emotion
I don't think you would like to be me
sexual repression has led to deviance
05:11 248 9,14 ˆ0.10
Information Superlost Highway Lyrics 00:24 242 0,71 ˆ0.10
Die & Get The Fuck Out Of The Way Lyrics 00:41 220 1,09 ˆ0.10
Dead Battery Lyrics
I can?t breath!
Somebody is converting my oxygen
On his contract signing table
I?m choking!!
Somebody is stealing my oxygen to fill their fucking pockets
The air i?m breathing has become a luxury for very few
The air i need so much has changed into a dirty business

I can?t breathe, i?m crying again
Cos every wise tree is falling down

Maybe if i would stop breathing i wouldn?t buck anymore
I will stop to complain
asking for something that also belongs to me
Would someone notice?
But maybe if we all stop breathing,
somebody would get confused,
cos he would understand that
you can?t change the color green
for the color of death

I can?t breathe, i?m crying again
Cos every wise tree is falling down

Maybe if i would stop breathing i wouldn?t buck anymore

I can?t breathe, i?m crying again
Cos every wise tree is falling down
01:01 177 1,31 ˆ0.10
The Codex Necro Lyrics 06:07 255 11,13 ˆ0.10
I Hate People Lyrics
When you try too hard
to find meaning in what you see
You forget the origin of the landscape
so carefully laid out at your feet

Is it hard for you to understand?
Does it bother you that I don't fucking care?

I'm not here for you to read me
like an open book, so don't fucking ask
I'm just thinking, thinking loud
bringing words to tongue and moving fast
All this shit you take for granted
leads to nothing, makes no sense
Instead of waiting for being told
maybe you should tell yourself?

You're a slow learner, you'll never last
In a world so cold you're supposed to make it fast!

Disappointed - yes, but this is hardly news
You're disadvantaged from the start
There's no denying it and you are through...

I hate people telling me what to do - fuck you!
01:37 231 2,68 ˆ0.10
Time To Act! Lyrics
Tell me why I just can't fucking understand
Tell me why this doesn't seem to have an end
Work all day for a cause I've never understood
Hate this shit - I hate this fucking shit!

So do you think you make a difference?
Well do you? Good! It's time to act!
01:22 278 2,72 ˆ0.10
Scarlet Hourglass Lyrics
she rolls out of bed with the blankets wrapped around her dragging like the virgin's wedding gown there's a scarlet hourglass at the base of her spine four arms offer caresses four arms brandish knives her tongue twirls in her mouth spinning webs of lies
00:58 209 1,46 ˆ0.10
Cheerleader Corpses Lyrics
Semen tastes like gunmetal she said smiling,
the arms of boys drowning in fire reaching for the rungs of my rib cage.
These pills I take in the witching hour.
I imagine I am swallowing you.
00:37 195 0,86 ˆ0.10
Fatalist Lyrics
Though we later may walk
In a valley in a shadow of death
What should we logically fear?
Perhaps the complacent urge for a deity
To make us whole and guide us through
To fulfil an image that is cloudy at best

Where was the help previously
When appeals went unheard?
Huge effort expended in devotion
For nothing in return
Grimly clinging, predetermined
To prop up an image that is cloudy at best
Resigned rigid, predetermined
To covet a vision that is forced on the rest

Life becomes an exercise in cutting down your options
Existing becomes a joyless parade to the end

Life becomes a platform from which to attack free thought
Existing becomes a prison where self-discovery's forbidden

The fatalist

Any fool starting afresh would surely ditch this
After two-thousand years of schism
Only irreligious hearts can do the saving
02:52 188 3,87 ˆ0.10
Slaughtercult Lyrics
The Necromaniac arises from the grave
To re-open the abscess, disembalm and deprave
Dissecting and defiling the deadest of the dead
Another quagmire of flesh whose life ended deep red

In peace you`ll never rest
To the fucking death!

Excreting innards in my human slaughterhouse
A sepulchral slaughter for the dead to divulge
Your decrepit crescendo is a new lesson in pathology
Gore fucking Metal is the only funereality!

The dead shall never rest
01:37 256 2,96 ˆ0.10
Death Walks Behind You Lyrics
Strike my name from the book of life
Inscribed forever in the book of death
Destroyer, life-taker, the end and the omega
Death walks behind you, waiting to find you to dismember...

The bloody work of death is not too great a task
All this and more, I now hold in my grasp
Like the fear that holds you fast, like the last breath you cannot gasp
Your end comes slashing down, your death revealed at last...

Ends such as yours are the trade that I ply
Stricken by death as your life flashes by
>From an autopsy, to a cemetery, then to the grave, your final destiny
Carnage and sin are my blood, kith and kin, and to your end, they will be...

As all begins, so all must end, now your end I shall begin
>From dust to dust, return again, life ends in sin
The circle turns back on itself, life ends in death and pain and hell
And dead men have no tales to tell, nor souls to sell...

[Lead - Matt]

Death walks at my right hand, and there's a knife-blade in my left
Turning living into dying, soon to be friends and mourners crying
Dispossessing the flesh, leaving death
But no clues for the finding...

The bloody work of death is not too great a task
All this and more, I now hold in my grasp
Like the fear that holds you fast, like the last breath you cannot gasp
Your end comes slashing down, your death revealed at last...
03:32 231 5,84 ˆ0.10
Immortal Remains Lyrics 01:26 138 1,40 ˆ0.10
Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead Lyrics 04:12 239 7,17 ˆ0.10
Foreshadowing Our Demise Lyrics 03:58 234 6,63 ˆ0.10
Deathwork Lyrics
And I'm runnin' for an earhole
Looking for the exit sign
To outside my mind

Everybody wants to talk, and I want peace
When I want to be alone, you call on me
And I'm tryin' to breathe through Brillo pad lungs
When I want to go to sleep, that's when daylight comes
And I ain't ready for tomorrow, or is that today?
You insisted that I borrow, then refused to let me pay

And I'm runnin' for an earhole
Lookin' for the exit sign
to outside my mind
And I'm runnin' for an earhole
Lookin' for the way
to that neon garden
where I used to play

When I'm lookin' for an answer, you confuse me every time
When I get off on probation, you go and do a crime
And I'm tryin' to see through extremely blurry vision
When I start not to care, you start thinking with precision
When I'm stallin' for time, why do I live so fast?
And you're hoping for a future, while I'm livin' in the past


All my childhood pictures had sunny skies and sparking eyes
Not being allowed to feel can kill
Why do we let it get so real?


I was just a kid
I was just a kid

Were you there?
Were you there?

Hey, were you there?

Were you there?

03:30 236 5,91 ˆ0.10
Euphoric State Of Butchery Lyrics 01:00 226 1,62 ˆ0.10
The Yawning God Lyrics 02:06 245 3,66 ˆ0.10
Creepy Crawlies Lyrics 02:06 236 3,52 ˆ0.10
Hydrophobia Lyrics 01:41 173 2,08 ˆ0.10
Kunt Lyrics 02:44 199 3,89 ˆ0.10