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Nostradamus  , Nikolo Kotzev
2001, Album
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Graveyard Mountain Home, Chroma Key
Graveyard Mountain Home
Release type: Album
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Duration: 53:18  
Size, Mb: 122,28  


Price for album: 1.12 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Yyy Lyrics
02:11 320 5,03 0.10
Give Up Lyrics 04:04 320 9,35 0.10
White Robe Lyrics
Come on along
in your white robe
come on to bed

Take off your head
you were right there
Come on to bed

The moon was so heavy you could put your mind to it
no one looked up and that's how you do it
no one can tell you that those were the days
that's what I see I pray
04:56 320 11,29 0.10
Mother's Radio Lyrics 04:15 320 9,76 0.10
Graveyard Mountain Home Lyrics
Automatic cameras
Coffee machines
Self-cleaning ovens
Fireplace screens
for you, for you

Renovated Basements
Isolated Years
Tables in the kitchen
This is what i'm thinking
And you, and you

She's just a quarter acre
but someone's gonna take her
Is it you,
in my graveyard mountain home?
02:32 320 5,81 0.10
Salvation Lyrics 02:40 320 6,13 0.10
Before You Started Lyrics
Before you started calling
I'd wake to the phone
now I never never walk
cause I know you're never home

(No one's home I guess
No one's home ring ring)

Baby's always comin' round don't that feel nice
baby's always comin' round ain't that great?
my sugar's always comin' by just in time man
here she comes now baby it's too late

I thought you had enough of me
I thought you had enough of me
I thought you had enough of me
I thought you had enough of me
I thought you had enough of me
I thought you had enough of me
04:25 320 10,08 0.10
Human Love Lyrics 06:02 320 13,81 0.10
Come In, Over Lyrics
They drove by in their car
and they were lost in their youth
Worried eyes looked ahead
Streetlights washed my face
05:02 320 11,52 0.10
Pure Laughter Lyrics 02:08 320 4,90 0.10
Andrew Was Drowning His Stepfather Lyrics 02:13 320 5,04 0.10
Sad Sad Movie Lyrics
My mistake is never knowing
By mistake I keep on going
Love is in the room but I don't know it
Love is in the sails but I kept rowing

Sad sad movie
Sad sad movie
sad sad movie
I see that now

My mistake is never knowing
by mistake I keep on going
love is on the rails but i'm still rolling
love is on the lawn but I keep on mowing

Sad sad movie
Sad sad movie
sad sad movie
I see that now
05:39 320 12,91 0.10
True And Lost Lyrics
Walking through the night
lost my path somehow
I am cold and dry
I am true and lost
I'm the right man for the job
You picked the right man for the job
you know it's gonna get better, baby
this is all gonna pass, maybe
and I might just let you stay, hey
02:30 320 5,75 0.10
Again Today Lyrics
And if you fall along the way
and people start to stare
I'll grab my mask
Put on my cape
and soon I will be there

For you...Hey
I'm so sorry again today
And hey
for you
I'll be sorry tomorrow, too

let's be sorry everyday
04:45 320 10,90 0.10