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Government Commissions, Mogwai
Government Commissions
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 67:20  
Size, Mb: 154,33  


Price for album: 0.80 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Hunted By A Freak Lyrics
04:07 320 9,44 0.10
R U Still In 2 It Lyrics 06:18 320 14,45 0.10
New Paths To Helicon Pt II Lyrics 02:52 320 6,56 0.10
Kappa Lyrics 04:24 320 10,06 0.10
Cody Lyrics
Of all I knew
I held too few
And would you stop me?
If I tried to stop you?

Old songs stay 'til the end
Sad songs remind me of friends
And the way it is, I could leave it all
And I ask myself, would you care at all

When I drive alone at night, I see the streetlights as fairgrounds
And I tried a hundred times to see the road signs as Day-Glo

Old songs stay 'til the end
Sad songs remind me of friends
And the way it is, I could leave it all
And I ask myself, would you care at all
06:09 320 14,07 0.10
Like Herod Lyrics 18:30 320 42,37 0.10
Secret Pint Lyrics
Aint no good life
Not the one that I lead
'Cause the more I fight the sadness, yeah
It only seems the more that I grieve
Well I look back on the good times
As some lost part of me
I wanna know, tell me why is it so
Well just because I don't pray
Lord, that don't mean I ain't forgiven
Just 'cause I'm alive
That don't mean I'm makin' a livin'

I'm gonna get myself together
I'm gonna try a dyin' attempt
Talkin' about the good times slippin' by
Yeah I tell ya
I don't even know where last month went
Well I can't make no money baby
Well 'cause my money's already spent
And I know where it went
I said it went on that damn rent
Well I don't mean change, baby
I mean foldin' money
Well I want lovin', said I don't need a buddy
I don't need nobody, now

Ain't exactly my idea
Its sort of old, borrowed and blue
Just tryin' to say
Don't try that straight life buddy
Oh you'll find it kind of hard on you
Women, don't try to cook nothin' up, ooh
Brother you know you'll only wind up in your own stew
Just don't let nobody tell you, oh what you oughta do
04:44 320 10,80 0.10
Superheroes Of BMX Lyrics
the following lyrics are taken from what sounds like a telephone conversation, probably between martin and the band's manager (although this is not confirmed!).

how're you doing? (martin's voice?)
yeah 'bout the phone or something.
really, how you doing? ok?
not bad and you?
aye, pretty good like, what you been up to?
ah this and that you know (~~~~~~~~?)
what's that? i'm a wee bit better.
aye! i had a pretty good night that night.

... vocals are then drowned out by music
07:30 320 17,16 0.10
New Paths To Helicon Pt I Lyrics 08:12 320 18,75 0.10
Stop Coming To My House Lyrics
04:40 320 10,67 0.10