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Gimmie Trouble, Adult.
Gimmie Trouble
Release type: Album
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Duration: 39:13  
Size, Mb: 50,22  


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Gimmie Trouble Lyrics
Forward motion, frame me in
So much insulation, false accusations
If I could
No apologies, excuses
This is just to be expected
As it should

Alterations so implied
These suggestions just annoy
As they should
Double meanings get unnoticed
He says, just stay focused
If you would

Why don't you give me
Give me some trouble
I'm not gonna give you
Give you what you asked for

Second standing, seems inflated
Can't avoid it, can't contain it
Who could?
Too bored and no way around
Can't control suppress it down
Who could?
04:02 160 4,35 0.10
Bad Ideas Lyrics
Predictions are in, nonsense seems to win
The air can get so tense when directions make no sense
Common sense is then and not so common anyway
Could have figured it out right then
Don't speak another

It's just ringing off the hook, always telling the same story twice
Cover it up by being so nice
Just this once
Wishing for the worst, wouldn't be the first time
You've given me a
Bad idea

Lock into the same, piggyback the name
Leeching on, reaching in
It's just too easy to be so accident-prone
Should figured it out right then

You gave me ideas, bad ideas
Ideas I had never had before
I had never had bad ideas like this before
My ideas weren't like this
Do you know what it's like to have ideas like this?
Bad ideas, quite possibly the worst
03:01 192 3,96 0.10
Scare Up The Birds Lyrics 03:32 176 4,06 0.10
Thought I Choked Lyrics 03:33 208 5,10 0.10
Strange Mistakes Lyrics 03:31 224 5,25 0.10
Disappoint The Youth Lyrics 04:06 192 5,49 0.10
In My Nerves Lyrics 03:36 192 4,73 0.10
Turn Into Fever Lyrics 02:38 208 3,66 0.10
Helen Bach Lyrics
Helen Bach, it was all in my head
But then you left me, guess it makes sense
Since we never agree (we never agree)
Unspoken notions shouldn't be said

Helen Bach, makes me cheer in delight
Lurking by the window waiting for a good fright
Don't return the calls, I don't mind at all
It's time for celebration

Helen Bach, you're so bad
Helen Bach, you drive me mad
Helen Bach, stranglehold
Helen Bach, you never grow old

Helen Bach, it's an easy switch
Her shape shifts with every twist
An invitation to get rich
Burn out late in an empty ditch

Helen Bach, it was all a bad dream
The choices we make aren't as big as they seem
Casing the streets, looking for you
Helen Bach, can't seem to find you
03:22 176 4,02 0.10
Still Waiting Lyrics 02:31 176 3,14 0.10
Lovely Love Lyrics
She said "I love love, my lovely love"
Lets never part so we can be together for ever, and ever and ever
Forever 'til it's over and done
It's done it's done, my love

She said it woudln't be fair not to heed the warning
Said "and nothing's getting in the way of our love for a moment"
and sink, sink into the water. Nothing's gonna stop my love
I love lovely love.

Oh no, my love.
My love, my love.

Lovely lovely

You're so pretty as boiling blood
My love

I said:
You're so pretty as boiling blood
Lovely love
02:44 176 3,14 0.10
Seal Me In Lyrics 02:39 176 3,32 0.10