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Method Man

Blackout! 2, Method Man Blackout! 2 2009, Album
Tical, Method Man Tical 1995, Album
Wu-Massacre, Method Man Wu-Massacre 2010, Album
4:21... The Day After, Method Man 4:21... The Day After 2006, Album
Blackout, Method Man Blackout 1999, Album
Blackout!, Method Man Blackout! 1999, Album
How High, Method Man How High 2001, Tribute
Tical 2000: Judgement Day, Method Man Tical 2000: Judgement Day 1999, Album
Ticallion (Bootleg), Method Man Ticallion (Bootleg) 2008, Bootleg
Reflections (A Retrospective), Method Man Reflections (A Retrospective) 2006, Album
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Ghost Rider , Method Man
Ghost Rider
Release type: Bootleg
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Duration: 79:01  
Size, Mb: 108,81  


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M.E.T.H.O.D. Man Lyrics 04:44 192 6,50 0.10
Dangerous Ground Lyrics 04:07 192 5,67 0.10
Your All I Need Lyrics 04:12 192 5,75 0.10
Gravel Pit Lyrics 04:51 192 6,68 0.10
Redbull Lyrics 03:53 192 5,36 0.10
Nyc Everything Lyrics 04:17 192 5,89 0.10
Tear It Off Lyrics 04:13 192 5,78 0.10
How High Lyrics

Takin it from the top?
Tippy? Tippy?

How High?....
The Ultimate High....

Verse One: Method Man

Scuse me as I kiss the sky
Sing a song of six pence, a pocet full a rye
Who the fuck wanna die for their culture
Stalk the dead body like a vulture
Tical get, HMMM
Blacker than your blackest stallion
Hit your house'n projects
I represent the Shaolin my nigga
Hell yes, Apocalypse now, the gun blow
It be goin down, diggy diggy down diggy down down

Verse Two: Redman

While the planets and the stars and the moons collapse
When I raise my trigga finga all yall niggaz hit the decks!
Cause aint no need for that, hustlers and hardcores
Raw to the floor raw like Reservoir Dogs
The Green-Eyed Bandit can't stand it
With more Fruitier Loops then that Toucan Sam Bitch
Plus, the Bombazee got me wild
(Fuckin with us) is a straight suicide

Verse Three: Method Man

10 9 8 7 6 5 4
3 2 Murder 1 lyric at your door
Tical bring it to that ass raw
Breakin all the rules like glass jaws
Nigga, you got to get mine to get yours
Fucka, we dont need no rap tour
I'd rather kick the facts and catch you with the rap-ture
More than you bargained for
Tical, that stays open like an all nite store
For real, I keeps it ill like a piece of blue steel
Pointed at your temple with the intent to kill
And end your existance, M-E-T
Ain't no use for resistance, H-O-D

Verse Four: Redman

I bees the ultimate rush to any nigga on dust
The Egyptian Musk use to have me pull mad sluts
I shift like a clutch with the Ruck
Examine my nuts, I dont stop till I get enough
Your shit broke down, light your flare
Since the darkside tears you into hollywood squares
6 million ways to die, so I chose
Made it 6 million and 1 with your eyes closed
The blindfold, cold, so you can feel the rap
And shatter the glass and second half on your monkey ass
And yo my man (Tical) hit me now
Bitches use to play me now they cant forget me now
Forget me not, I rock the spot, check glock
Empty off a lickin off a hip hop
Fuck the billboard, Im a bullet on my block
How you dope when you payed for your billboard spot?


Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane
It's the funk doctor spock smokin buddha on a train
HOW HIGH? So high that I can kiss the sky
HOW SICK? So sick that you can suck my dick
Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane
Recognize, Johnny Blaze, ain't a damn thing changed
HOW HIGH? So High that I can kiss the sky
HOW SICK? So Sick that you can suck my dick

Verse Five: Method Man

Til my man Raider Ruckus come home
It ain't really on till the Ruckus get, home
Puff a meth bone, now I'm off to the red zone
we don't need your dirt weed we got a fuckin O
Check it, I brings havoc with my hectic
Bring the Pain lyrics screamin for the antiseptic
Movin on your left kid, and I'm methted, out my fuckin dome piece
Plus I got no love for the beast
Hailin from the big East Coast
Where niggaz pack toast
Home of the drug kingpins and cut throats
[Hey boy, you's the rude boy on the block
You try and stop the bum rush you will get popped]
As I run around with a racist
My style was born in the 50 stair cases
Dig it, eff a rap critic
He talk about it while I live it
If Red got the blunt, Im the second one to hit it

Verse Six: Redman

Look up in the, I got the verbs, nouns and glocks in ya
Enter the centa, lyrics bang like rico-chet
Rabbit, I brings havoc with an A-K matic
Rollin blunts an all day habit
I get it on like Smif'n'Wes
Punks take a sip and test
Who split your vest
The funk phenomenon
I'm bombin you like Lebanon
Blow canals of Panama
Just off stamina
Styles not to be fucked with, or played with
Fuck the pretty hoes, I love those Section A Bit-ches
Hittin switches, Twistin wigs with
Fat radical mathematical type scriptures
I dig up in your planets like Diga,
Boo, scared you, blew you to smithe-reens
Fuck the marines, I got machines
To light the spliff, and read Mad magazine
I fly more heads than Continental
Wreck ya 5 times like US AIR off an instrumental
Look I'm not a half way crook with bad looks
But I may murder your case like your name was Cal Brooks
I breaks em up proppa
Ask Biggie Smalls 'Who Shot Ya'
Funk doctor, with the 12 Gauge Mossberg
Look, I got the tools like Rickle
To make your mind tickle
For the nine nickle
[Yo Red, yo Red!]
Punk ass pussy ass
[You ain't gotta say no more man, that's it]
Word up Tical, We Out
04:41 192 6,42 0.10
Extorition Lyrics 03:31 192 4,85 0.10
Torture Lyrics
Through bein humbles
Tru Mast' on da track.. LIKE THAT y'know?
Been in this rap game for like the past
four bullets now, y'know?
Doin bids, yea yea
I done peeped a lotta cats come through
Courageous cats, stray cats, haha
Top cats with top hats, yaknowhatI'msayin?
But it all boils down to this: we talkin lyrics
Rhymes, line for line, numero uno
Who the best? I don't know
Check it

Flame on - I rain fire, when Johnny Storm
I'm shocking like live wire - you have been warned
I prolong this next chamber, to make it strong
And prove all them doubters wrong
Killin Em Softly with this song, addin on
Let them toes get they tag on, dead men run no marathons
On my shift, shootin that gift, knowin he snitched
on the telethon, runnin his lips, sinkin the ship
Give back what his mother gave him, mother made him
and now she can't even save him, Johnny Blaze 'em
Send him to his final restin
Back to the essence, Faces of Death - The Final Lesson

Torture (3X)
Motherfuckin torture, y'all niggaz know

Who got John Blaze shit? Suckin my dick to get famous
So I switch blades to Dangerous
Welcome to my torture chambers
Torture chambers where John Doe's remain nameless, hear me?
I know it's Def Jam, but think clearly
I made it possible for y'all cats to come near me
Keep your enemies, close and your heat closer
I slam just like my culture on all theories
Dead that - straight off the meat rack with this one
You get burned playin Nix-on, Hot Biscuit
Stand back - don't make me spit one, and paint pictures
On the walls of your mental, with hot lead from out these pencils
Iron Lung since I was young and not knowin
where the next meal was comin from, been troublesome
To all those posin a threat
If I go, everybody gotta go next, y'all niggaz know
The code of the street soldier, I'm watchin time
And time watchin me colder, Grim Reaper
Breathin death on my shoulder
Waitin for the day to take me over (take me over)

Torture (3X)
Motherfuckin torture, y'all niggaz know

That you can never touch my flow, go ahead and hate me
Still tryin to fuck my hoe, Johnny-come-latelys?
Got me in a world of shit, and now I'm pissed
Mama said there'd be days like this, tis the SeaZon
for Ducks and my pen's bleedin
Leavin' kids barely breathin for sneak-thievin
Famished from lack of eatin and lack of teachin
Banished from Rhyme & Reason for high treason, can it be
That the kid with the knot knees
Got G to make a grown man cop pleas, for this track
I got a Lovebug like Starsky, blow back
Until I drop Tical Part 3, ain't no stoppin
when you start me, John Jay
Pullin your card, mayday mayday
Niggaz owe they life to God, and now it's payday
Take it how ya wanna take it, fully clothed or butt-naked
I learned the hard way - ain't nuttin sacred
In this world - time to face it, Johnny Basic
Instinct, I'm sure to make it
While others fake it, fuck the spotlight, G-O-D already got light
Say what you like, just spell my name right
No doubt, this one goes out, to all you trout-fish
cake niggaz, keep my dick up out your mouth

Torture (3X)
Motherfuckin torture, y'all niggaz know
03:23 192 4,66 0.10
Box In Hand Lyrics 03:23 192 4,65 0.10
Duck Season Lyrics 05:43 192 7,84 0.10
Wu Wear Lyrics 03:53 192 5,36 0.10
Sub Crazy Lyrics

We can all get by if we want now
Get a phat piece of the pie if we want
Motherfuckers gettin mad high when they want now
I will survive, recognize it be Tical

Verse One:

Word up, our niggas is strapped, ready for war on the ill block
Things just ain't peace no more, fuck it
If you ain't with me then forget me
Niggas try to stick me, retaliation, no hesitation, shifty
Creepin niggas in the dark, triggas with no heart
Rippin ass apart, I'll be swimmin with the sharks now
Stay out my water or it's manslaughter
Kid, you oughta start reachin for that nickle-plated auto-
Matic, my thoughts get sporadic, loaded raps
Bustin mad shots to ya attic
They say this hazard, this flows a hazard
Straight from Hazard County with a bounty on his head, and it said
"Wanted Dead or Alive," I swear by the whites of they eyes
To never take a dive I will survive


Verse Two:

Shit's gonna happen if niggas start actin
Like they want problems, you want em, you got em
Rap contact, is writin this exactly, the way it should be
Attacked, Killer Beeeees on a swarm
So what my martial law drops bombs like Qur'an
The ism helps to stimulate my pugilism
I bust rhymes like jizm, impregnate the rhythm with the wisdom
Decipher the flow, I be hyper, I bring all the styles
That rekindle like old flames
Saliva, check the wicked flows I deliva
Oops, I mean deliver like the Hudson River
Styles be tight, trite like a thief in the night
I be the sneaky-ass nigga bustin nuts in yo wife
Blasted, buggin off Bacardi and acid
Flippin on the mic, it's a classic
02:15 192 3,09 0.10
Ice Cream Lyrics 04:02 192 5,55 0.10
N 2 Gether Now Lyrics 03:54 192 5,38 0.10
Buck 50 Lyrics 04:01 192 5,54 0.10
Bulworth Lyrics 04:25 192 6,05 0.10
Spazzola Lyrics
[Method] Uhh
[M. Killa] Deadly Medley part two
[Method] That's my word!
It ain't safe no more... bitch!

[Masta Killa]
Yo, yo
Brain gets punctured and drained through the nasal
Hour of assassination be upon you
Movin with the tiger strike, bound, gagged and shot
Red the head in, dapple light centered
East remains hot with police
But I keep a lease for my, four-fifth automatic
Extended clip rewind, bust mine
Anytime you reveal your snakeish ways and actions
Observe the magnetic attraction

[Method Man]
And it's time for some grid...

[Street Life]
...iron rap, action-packed grudge match
Tough act to follow, hard copy novel
Throw you off the Verrazano
We swimmin with these sharks, yo I rate bodyguard
Stamp my initial in your birthmark
P.L.O., bust like a calico, tally hoe
Black expo, Tecs in afros, we back yo
It's Dolemite, crash your windpipe, with the mic device
Fatal strike, daily mic fights, shoot out the street lights

[Method Man]
Sight beyond sight, late night, city light
Tight like a virgin, mergin with my A-Alikes
Splurgin, dirty to the grain, no detergent
Filthy, innocent until I'm proven guilty
Submergin, deeper in the lecture I'm servin
Truth or consequences, life or death sentence
I'm hurtin, your person, I'm certain, it's curtains

Chorus: Method Man

It ain't nuttin like hip-hop music
You like it cause you choose it
Most DJ's won't refuse it
A lot of sucker MC's misuse it
Don't think that Wu can't lose it
Too much to gain to abuse it
The name of the game is rapture
This one is complete, it captures bass

[Inspektah Deck]
Yo, I bring chaos to blocks like the riots in Watts
Rapid fire shots ripple through Kevlar, 9 Glocks
Technique of rhyme pop machine gun ammo
Sporadic flow buckled a foe, intro to outro
Calico, throw verse, but slide my dough first
I make thousands in the club with no shirts, go bezerk
From the Shao' borough, whylin out on the furlow
Commando, styles thorough, solo inferno
It burns slow, thermonuclear degrees
Heads are underseas down to the youngest seeds
Wannabes clone, they light like summer breeze
Hundred G's for the Garden, them fans stampede
for the top cats, hit the mic like the iron-palm blast
Equipped to perform the task
S-I-N-Y, and what, head or gut
The head rush, will cause your cerebellum to bust

[Killa Sin]
We be the world's most fabulous
Hazardous, to fuck with these ravenous
Killers get you stuck to the wall like wooden cabinets
Extravagant, je-wel drop a helicopter high
Up into the sky, lines philosiphize, I got stocks to buy
Watch my pockets rise, to the bottom bust confide in God
In Sin I trust, the villianous, criminal minded killers rust
I intend to build and fortify in men
Mastermind rhymin, navigate the globe then retire quick

Aiyyo fluid rap bend through it black, buluga black Ac'
Tackle that, ghetto tabernackles throw it in your lap
Slang A-K, national, geographical
Mathematical, slide up in your work casual
Nike Air Dog, who wear it all, plus down to brawl
All a thousand with a bloody hair, flammable
Rap mayors, who clap Himalayas pinky fingers
Ever glacer, lacer, hand laser touches grail bomb blazers
Sly-workin, network bezerk, mad hurtin
Killer whales, fucking up sales, crash Bloomingdales
Masqevendo, John Lennon tenor break, mad descendo
Fuck y'all niggaz carve my ice through your Benz window

*door creaking open*
*gunshots followed by a car alarm*


[Method Man]
Uhh.. Spazz-Ola.. (Spazz-Ola)
S-I-N-Y 10304
Lock your doors
Crack your jaws
Drop your drawers
It's all day everyday with this rap souflee
03:54 192 5,37 0.10
It's In The Game Lyrics 01:45 192 2,42 0.10