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Project Pat

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Ghetty Green, Project Pat
Ghetty Green
Release type: Album
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North Memphis Lyrics
Yeah,it's on for the 1-9-9-9
Project Pat in this hoe
Putting this ghetto bump in ya speaker
Hypnotize done made it
You know the business hoe

Breaking down some reefa
Rolling up a sweeta
Riding through the streeta
Cheifing like heata
Reefa got me nizzoid
All because them blue boys
Searching by the nickel
Breath smell liqour
Mane it's Project Pata
Playa from the sizouth
Always pack the gata
Gold teeth in my mizouth
Hustle for the cheatah
Trying to make it betta
You respect the man
Or youse gets a bloody sweata
Down wit' Paul and Juicy
Hypnotize the label
Hoe got get off my nutsack
And let go my ankle
Chopping up keya
Riding on twentyas
Don't you wanna be a
Playa just like me a
Hanging out wit' killas
Creeping on a come up
Like the ones before me
Dog I'm trying to blow up
I don't give a fizuck
Mane I want that cizap
From yo' baby mama
North Memphis on the mizap

North Memphis,North Memphis...
Where dem killas hang
North Memphis,North Memphis...
Where they workin'-[repeat til' fade]
01:38 192 2,27 0.10
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Run A Train Lyrics
[girl] Aaaaaaaaaaaaa....[Dj Paul] Please [Project Pat] Yea
[girl] Aaaaaaahh Please! [Dj Paul] Say pretty please [girl] ahhhhhhh...
[Project Pat] Yea [sound of mix table]
[Dj Paul] Say I want some triple six dick
[mixing] Let's...
[girl] Oooo I want some triple six dick...[girl screaming]
[mixing] Let's call the boys let's run a train
[Dj Paul] Say I want some Hypnotize Minds dick [girl] I can feel it
[two girls screaming] Let's run a train
[mixing] Let's run a train
[Dj Paul] Spread it open, Let's run a train
[mixing] Let's call the boys let's run a train
[mixing] Let's run a train
[Dj Paul] I'm 'bout to claw it, 'bout to claw it
Let's run a train [2x] Let's call the boys let's run a train

[Project Pat:]
It's the drink player, ho layer, money making bitch breaker
Take a ho straight to the room and I save a spot for my row dogs
Drinking on eight ball,
don't ya'll wanna run a train on this bald head bitch
Sucking a dick quick, I spit mack shit, lick,
on a ho's mind fine with a big behind
I'm going to dick her down soon as she sucks a dick,
nut on her tongue, Juicy filming this porno flick,
enter with, man this ho is wild she ain't wearing draws
Dick in her ass with her mouth full of salty balls,
take a pause, let's call up my niggs, watch this ho get loose,
everybody hitting from the back, ass like a moose
The caboose of this choo-choo- train (choo choo)
Kiwi is her name, why she wanna call her self a freak,
it must be a loop or a twist to her answer
When I'm urging, can my nigga hit?
[girl] Aw naw I'm a virgin (never ho)

[mixing] Let's run a train (girls screaming and moaning)
[mixing] Let's call the boys, let's run a train [7x]

You a virgin, yea right, but you liking me,
Dj Paul, Juicy J and my nigga Heavy C
Want to have it all? spoil a bitch on the D-L, baby we can ball
'Cause we never kiss never tell, want the case and cream?
You can get it and no doubt,
but all that cum gonna white your fucking teeth out
(girls screaming loudly)
Get your teeth out of the way of your tongue and lips
Finger nail tips, nice switch and some big hips, as the train flips
You a nympho trying to look (girl screaming aw shit)
When the game spits you a freak ho, off the hook
Ready, aim, dick towards your mouth, then open up
You my main bitch if you think so freaky slut
Slap the buttcheeks real tight with a rubber on,
dick hard and her clit hard
She begin to moan (girl screaming yes, yes)
when it's on, and it's going down, you know what's up,
fifth of that crown and a ounce of that good stuff

[mixing] Let's run a train (girls screaming)
[mixing] Let's call the boys, let's run a train [7x]
Yea Hypnotize Minds in this thing finna give u a scoop
On some of these off the hi-zee free-zees in the M-town and down south baby
(The bitchy) Candy! We ran a train on the bitch!
(The bitchy) Tonya! We ran a train on the bitch!
(The bitchy) Shay Shay! We ran a train on the bitch!
(The bitchy) Kiwi! We ran a train on the bitch!
(The bitchy) Lisa! We ran a train on the bitch!
(The bitchy) Tammy! We ran a train on the bitch!
(The bitchy) Christi! We ran a train on the bitch!
(The bitchy) My main bitch We ran a train on the bitch!

[mixing] Let's run a train
[mixing] Let's call the boys, let's run a train... [fades out]
04:00 192 5,50 0.10
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Choppers Lyrics
[chorus: 2x]

On the block we got them choppers
we got them choppers in the car we got them choppers
we got them choppers at the club we got them choppers we got
them choppers ain't no love we got them choppers we got
them choppers


Look chopper totin is my occupation set my
ground I'm representing in this situation
since I was young it been all about paper chasing
it was a trauma for niggas that been player hatin
I don't give a fuck call it short ten years I was facing
Bitch wanted B.G.z to get out but that ain't bout natin
B.G. a livin legend that represent the streets
t.v's is what i'm watching while i'm in my Mercedes Jeep
I don't check niggas then splittin niggas
I'm thuggin with project pat we all rich niggas
presidential Rolex wrapped around my wrist nigga
nigga hope after the show i'm fucking yo bitch nigga
act like a nigga Cash Money like to shine nigga
pay attention cause we hypnotize yo mind nigga
about my cash so I stay on the grind nigga
you wanna war look i'm ready at all times nigga
bout mine nigga get it right get it right


What you say B.G.z these niggas better get it right
everybody stay in line
Niggas totin gats and breakin backs but
in 98 we shine
in 99 it's nigga time
and i'm gone get mine
niggas incausterated doing time shouting fuck one time
got limo tents with rolie's that gone line
totin two nines shots from the front and behind
let bitch niggas know they can't take mine
i'm using my mind cause i'm enhancing doing crime
and you gone hear it in all my rhymes
i'm moving bricks to set tricks making sure
every hoe I fuck with suck my dick
my baby momma could miss me with that bullshit
I want the money, a rolex, a 99 roles royce kaneice slick
niggas bettin shoutin how you luv that? These other
niggas keep stealin but I don't understand that
not fucking these hoes with Project Pat
nigga tell me how you love that tell me how you luv that

[Repeat Chorus: 2x]

[Project Pat]

I'm yo dawg Project Pat ghetto section A housing
stomach pain growling got me on the prowling
streets got me wildin backstabbers smilin
now i'm catchin checks for some hundreds and thousands
i'm housing these bitches man dope try to down me
grew up in the hood so you hoes better crown me
get from round me i'm a thug be beside me(out of state)
wanna show love but they know they can't know they fake
when I touch ya dome won't be shit funny
like Baby and B.G. I want that Cash Money
the fast money i'm addicted to this fast life
just like a drunk i'm smoking crack out that glass pipe
yo ass might as well try to jack yo momma
I never had shit to run up and cacth troubles
a real nigga ya step ya die see yo ass
rather try crack before you try me

[Repeat Chorus: 3x]
03:52 192 5,32 0.10
Gold Shine Lyrics 03:55 192 5,39 0.10
Ghetty Green Lyrics
Man, Project Pat in the house
This go out to all the real niggas out there havin' money
Ghetty green, that cheese, that feddi, that loot
Better watch your back man
'Cause your friends out to get you for your shit
This is to all these niggas crossin' us here
Smile in your motherfuckin' face
Turn around and stab you in your motherfuckin' back
In a motherfuckin' heartbeat
If I ever catch one of you niggas man
That's a motherfuckin' murder off the top, boy!
Fo' sho', nigga

[(Chorus) 4x]
Ghetty green, ghetty green
I gotta get the green
Ghetty green, ghetty green
And that's by any means

I'm the man wit the plan
Wit the gaze, wit the mask
Steppin' up to ya fast
Layin' you in the grass
All your blood, ain't no love, on the street
Wit no police, everybody is a rat, everybody's 'bout the greens
You know me, I know you
We grew up in the pen, but it wasn't face to face
You was out, I was in
Doin' time off a crime I committed in the past
I'ma O.G. on the town
As a O.G. I'ma last
In the past I was known as that nigga who would snap
I was quick to bill a cap, but it had to be a jack-
Type move, real cool, yeah that's how he thought we was
Use ta kick it everyday, smokin' out on that bud
That's my dog, that's my nig', that's a bad young brotha
I just got out the pen, I'ma broke-lookin' sucka
Man, fuck that young busta
Eighty grand at his house
Seen his momma at the store
Stuck a nine in her mouth

[(Chorus) 4x]

Mastermind, that's the kind of a man that's in my nature
I'ma nigga you don't trust, I'ma killer, maybe raper
I can take a person's life with a knife or a tone
Used his moms as my victim then I called him on the phone
What's up John, where the green, and I ain't gon' ask you twice
Bring it over by yourself, or I'll take your momma's life
In the life of a dealer, they can never call police
Undercover knowin' this
Secrecy, that's the key
One two three knocks at the door
Somethin's lookin' funny
Then my dog let 'im in with his friend and the money
You'se a dummy if you think I'ma let you live sucka
(Aw man, thought we was straight!)
You'se a dead motherfucker!
Shot the joker in his mouth
Bullet went through his jaw
Had to take his momma out 'cause I'm down for the cause
Fuck the laws if they come
Then I'm goin' wit a blast
Looked his partna in his eyes, then I murdered his ass!

[(Chorus) 4x]

I'm the man doin' deals wit the man gettin' robbed
It's gon' be a violent crime
One that will not get solved
When I rob me a fool
It's a duh that his bitch front like I'm sellin' ki's
Then I'm game for the switch
Switcharoo on your ass
Duffle bag full of cash
Then my thugs pullin' up cockin' pumps in the masks
Hit the dash in the black tinted Chevy, trick it in
Now we on the 'spressway
Brought it down, tell my friend
Once again I done pulled off another master plan
Four days downtown
Found a Chevy wit a man's dead body
Somebody shoulda known betta, dog
O.G.'s on the loose
And we gettin' 'bout our hog
Y'all niggas slangin' dope
Should expect a jackin' car jack set up, bitch
Or a damn kidnappin'
But a nigga like me
I'm your neighborhood fiend
Thinkin' of comin' clean
All about that ghetty green, ghetty green
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