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Ghetto D: 10th Anniversary Edition (2CD), Master P
Ghetto D: 10th Anniversary Edition (2CD)
Release type: Album
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Duration: 96:56  
Size, Mb: 126,66  


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Ghetto D Lyrics
(*water bubbling*)
(*voice in background repeating "make crack like this"*)

[Master P]
Imagine substitutin crack for music
I mean dope tapes, this is how we would make it
(There it is right there)
For all you players, hustlers, ballers and even you smokers

("Ma ma ma ma make crack like this")

[Master P]
Ghetto Dope, No Limit Records
("Ma ma ma make crack like this")
Part of the Tobacco, Firearms, and Freedom of Speech Committee
Thank you dope fiends for your support, ha ha

Let me give a shotout to the D Boys (drug dealerss)
Neighborhood dope man, I mean real niggas
that'll make a dollar out of fifteen cents
Ain't got a dime, but I rides and pay the rent
Professional crackslanger I serve fiends
I once went to jail for having rocks up in my jeans
But nowadays I be too smart for the task
C-Murder been known to keep the rocks up in the skillet man
Waitin on a kilo they eight I'm straight you dig
What you need ten, ain't no fuckin order too big
And makin crack like this is the song
You won't be getting yo money if yo shit ain't cooked long
Overcook yo' dope it might come out brown
Them fiends gonna run yo ass clean outta town
But fuck that I'm bout to put my soldiers in the game
And tell ya how to make crack from cocaine
One - look for the nigga wit the whitest snow
Two - no buying from no nigga that you don't know
Make yo way to the kitchen where the stove be
You get the baking soda I got yo D
Get the triple beam and measure out yo dope
Mix one gram of soda every seven grams of coke
An shake it up until it get harder
Then sit the tube in some ready made cold water
Twist the bitch like a knot while it's still hot
And watch that shit while it can rise to the fuckin top
Now ya cocaine powder is crack
Nigga I hopes you strapped cause you might get jacked

[Chorus: repeat all 4X]
Ghett Ghett Ghett Ghetto Dope
Ma Ma Ma Ma Make Crack like this Ghett Ghetto Dope

[Silkk the Shocker]
My phone rang I picked it up
(Need some weight)
What you need
(Silkk bout a coupla K)
I had it all into powder but it ain't no thang
Gimme a coupla hours I have it all in a cake
Trust nobody got my gun and went an smacked Kane and Abel
You probably catch me choppin ki's choppin ki's up on my mom's table
I got a big order for some coke
I called some hoes up
I want ya'll but naked while you cookin up my dope
I told ya'll we some Tru G's
See me and P and C
??? with uzi's
Choppin up two ki's
Baby twenty-four oz's a piece
Cause see if it ain't about money
Then it ain't about me
Hella mail from sales
Hella yeah for scales
Come up short
My money jumpin yo ass like bail
First of all you gotta have nuts
Don't give a fuck
Cause when I bust niggas guts
They know if it miss it ain't by much
Thinkin short like I'm only seventeen
A coupla dope fiends
Some oz's
A triple beam
And then playa hit yo block
And tell a bitch nigga to raise up off the spot
That's why I acts like this
But I rides rims, them gold D's (Ma Ma Make Crack like this)
I made crack like this


[Master P]
Nigga Nigga never let a nigga front you no dizos
Start from the ground, work yo way up to a kilo
Get some killers on yo team, keep one up in the chamber
For the jackas and the dope fiends
Fools come short get rowdy
Kick down doors, show motherfuckers that ya bout it bout it
Break ki's down to oz's
Never buy any dope without weighin it on the triple beam
Fuck soda use V-12
Keep a stash for the tryin to take other niggas clientele
Check the man made junk for residue
Cause every fiend you miss want three or two
1. Never talk on the phone in ya house
2. Never slang dope out ya baby momma's house
3. Never fuck with snitches
Cause niggas that talk to the police is bitches
4. Keep a low key
And if you movin weight treat yo'self to an uzi
The first hit for free (damn)
But the next time you see me
You betta have twenty G
5. Never pay
Pimp hoes for the pussy
That's the 'Merican way
Clean up ya dirty money to good money
Cause legal money last longer than drug money

04:37 208 6,41 0.10
Let's Get 'Em Lyrics 05:48 224 9,10 0.10
I Miss My Homies Lyrics
I want ya'll to play this at funerals in the hood.
Til all this black on black crime stop.
Some say the blind lead the blind.
But in the ghetto you never know,
When it's gon be yo time.

[Sons of Funk, Mo B. Dick, O'dell]
Sittin at the ghetto thinkin bout
All my homies passed away (uuunnnggghhh!)
Candy painted cadillacs and triple gold
That's how me and my boys rolled
How could it be?
Somebody took my boy from me
My best friend's gone
And I'm so all alone
I really miss my homies
Even though they gone away
I know you in a better place
And I hope to see ya soon someday

[Master P]
I used to hang with my boy even slang with my boy
Used to bang with my boy, goddam I miss my boy
We started out youngstas in the park throwin birds
In your hearse, damn it's sad to see my nigga in the dirt
The game got me workin, got me perkin, never jerkin
Still blowin dolja fo ya cause I know you up there workin
Ya little baby's cool and ya baby's mama straight
But today's a sad day to see the t-shirt with ya face
From the cradle to the grave, from the streets we used to fall
In the park you liked to ball, put yo name upon the wall
In the projects you's a legend on the street you was a star
But it's sad to see my homeboy ridin in that black car
A lotta soldiers done died, a lotta mothers done cried
You done took yo piece of the pie but you was too young to retire
Why soldiers ride for yo name leave it vain
Some Gs never change, damn they killed you for some change
Smile for my homie Kevin Miller my boy Randall
The ghetto persons that lost they loved ones to these ghetto scandals

Take a minute to smile for the dead (uuunnnggghhh!)
Smile for the dead (RIP 2Pac, Makaveli)
All my homies who done made it to the crossroads
(Biggie Smalls)

[Sons, Mo B. O'dell]
How could it be?
Somebody took my boy from me
(It's like I can't believe you gone)
My best friend's gone
(Sometimes I feel like I can't go on)
And I'm so all alone
(Everytime I see something you done left
I really miss my homies
(It just remind me, more and more of you, dawg)
Even though they gone away
(I just keep reminiscin)
I know you in a better place
(Cause I know you alright)
And I hope to see ya soon someday
(And I keep smilin, knowin I'm a see you in the crossroads]

[Pimp C]
We used to grip on the grain and flip them candy toys
But I'd give up all that bullshit if I could get back my boy
Off in the club smokin weed til 3, hollerin at the hoes
Spendin $4000 on me on gators and clothes
When I turned to rap, he had to chase the game
Nigga told me, "C, leave that dope, cause rappin is yo thang"
I ain't gone even lie, some nights I ride and cry
Wonderin why the real niggas always the ones to die
So I just smoke my weed and try to clear my mind
I wish that I had the power to turn back the hands of time
I wonder if there's a heaven up there for real Gs
For all the niggas in the game that be sellin keys
I keep my memories, try to keep my head stromg
But baby it's hard to be strong, when yo main homie gone

[Sons, Mo B. O'dell]
Even though you gone away
(Even though you gone, you ain't never gon be forgotten)
I know you in a better place
(Cause as long as I'm here
You gon live through me and other TRU playas)
I really miss my homies
Even though they gone away
I know you in a better place
And I hope to see ya soon someday

I'm just sittin here dazed thinkin bout all the times we had
Thinkin the past, some was good and some was bad
Remember Dante?
It was a group of us, just a group of five
Now three dead, one in jail, it seem right now I'm the only one alive
To all my soldiers before me, may ya'll rest in peace
When He took three, took my soul, just the bodies
He at the crossroads guide us out to the rest of me
Wishin I could rewind time like demos
Me and you gettin girls, writin down numbers like memos
Makin million dollar bets, makin all our money stretch like limos
Even though I smile, it's sad, but they say gangstas can't cry
But if I close my eyes and visualize me together
Then I suddenly wanna smile
To see you laid down when it's yo time, when your time was up
You never seen your child, but he's here to remind us
Even though you was wrong, I never could belive that that was true
You was with me forever, you could check my rest in peace tattoos
See me and C and P forever gon be ridin and thuggin
Rest in peace to all the ones that didn't make it
And rest in peace to my brother
We gon miss you

(I love these fools)
I know you in a better place
(Every time I get on my knees)
And I hope to see ya soon someday
(I pray for you, I'm glad you in a better place
I hope I see ya soon, ain't no more killin
Ain't no more fights, and ain't no more tears)
05:26 176 6,68 0.10
We Riders Lyrics
[Master P]

The game of life did change
the old dope game is now called the rap game
in other words you can't trust nobody
money's the root of all evil
I can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare

(if you want me come get me how the fuck you gone take me
I got my true niggas with me and we riders)(2X)

Hit the road with motherfuckin casket closed
young nigga fourteen doing death row
look in the eyes of some killers drug dealers
from the projects young niggas
pulling hits in the ghetto to make change
that cop nigga blasting on other game
young villians in the ghetto starving
henicy and green with a young nigga balling
pull the plug if they shot me
just die every nigga and bitch that tried to stop me
just a young nigga tryin make skrilla
learnin double it up with the killas and the drug dealers

(if you want me come get me how the fuck you gone take me
I got my true niggas with me and we riders)(2X)

its hard times on the blocks in the projects
call my girl up in time to flip a county check
I got cocaine weed and enphadamine
Pac said P keep your eyes on your enemies
I ain't trusting no nigga or no bitch
that's the recipe in the hood nigga to get rich
thugs keep their gats right beside them
true niggas keep their gats cuz we riders
hold the gauge motherfucker while I blow his head
hit the horn motherfucker two niggas dead
R.I.P. tatoos weed and henicy
blow dust to the motherfucking enemies

(if you want me come get me how the fuck you gone take me
I got my true niggas with me and we riders)(2X)

In school with pencils pass and books
in the ghetto with in Tex in killers and crooks
I done seen bloodshed over blood money
I done niggas kill over drug money
got the game from some OG ballin
down here 3rd world cali or new orleans
I won't change till they bury me a paid nigga
I won't change cuz P is a made nigga
I got killers and dealers on my side
I got homies and jackals ready to ride
got the game in my vein cuz I'm bout this
how many niggas out there really doubt this

(if you want me come get me how the fuck you gone take me
I got my true niggas with me and we riders)(2X)


camaflauge and all that murder murder kill kill and shit
bad nigga from the bricks blood on my kicks
seen it all in the project halls and the street corners
never choked even when those folks ran up on us
solider rag sag on my eye no lie
fuck with me for sure die no lie
how many niggas follow my lead the envious swallow my feed
laying niggas down (lay em down nigga) like apollo creed if need
got my game from that nigga versal keep your enemies close
shoot first and show the fakers no mercy
never dance with them youngsters
in your life nigga you don't wanna live amongst us
we ain't right I was born in it y'all niggas was sworn in it
fuck around get your whole click torn in it
bullet proof vest cover my chest
so you best aim for my brain if you try to put me to rest (we riders)

(if you want me come get me how the fuck you gone take me
I got my true niggas with me and we riders)(2X)
03:59 192 5,09 0.10
Throw 'Em Up Lyrics 03:22 208 4,96 0.10
Tryin 2 Do Something Lyrics 03:24 208 4,81 0.10
Plan B Lyrics
-Check this out uhhhh
-I mean
-you ever had one of them gangsta relationships
-I mean like, nobody don't have to gisnote


I can be your nigga
He can be you man
You don't have to leave him
Everybody need a back-up plan

[Master P]
Jump in my 97 Hummer and riside
You be Ms Bonnie, I'll be Mr. Clyde
Together we be catchin g's
Flipping keys, smokin weed
It's all about you and me
Causing major pain on this dope game
You be Halle Berry
I'll be the ghetto Damon Wayans
In charge like the Lakers
You got your pink 380
I got my black nine for the haters
My homies call you that nigga
But you my bitch
Since we banging, I guess we one click
You be that nigga that I drink with
And you don't even trip if i was to let a freak kiss
You give me rubbers so I can stay strapped
You say you can't catch no fucking rat
Without a mouse trap
So we be kicking it like g's
Its a drought, but you got a connect on some keys
You roll up the ?? and drink 40s'
You'll whoop any bitch at any ghetto party
We walk past security cause you got the strap
And when my homies see ya
You the only female they give dap
You the only nigga that I'll kiss
Make love to and still do some gangsta shit with
Like Menace to Society we kick it
I'm Kane, you my thug like Ms Jada Pinkett

[Chorus x4]

[Mia X]
I lays back and chill
Why you ills with the hotties
I'm numero uno in your eyes honey poppi
Yo lady Gotti
Thugged out, hooriding ready to kill
Yet make me feel like others can't with my sex appeal
Be riding ghetto thrills
But still the bitch behind the trigger
The bitch about her scrilla
The bitch to smack her nigga
If the tone faintly rises in his voice
The choice is mine
When it comes to haters living or dying
Blueprinted crimes illustrated by your baby
The unlady like mistress
Be all about illicit business
Bitches witness us together looking tenderly
But to scared to tell wifey, for fear of me
I'm only trying to be the one with the green papers
Bounce on the dick and help me pull off a mean caper
That's why you praise the biggest mama and you care
Other hoes get x'd out in what we share yeah
I give you rubbers for your friends for show
Take me shopping tomorrow
Short change them hoes
Save them 3 more nuts for me
Alize, hot tubs and an ounce of weed
Please, there's not a jealous bone in my body
Take me off to Jamaica
Then take your wifey to (aloha) Hawaii
I don't mind being number 2
You keep more ice on my hands and wrists
Than an ink blue
And if it all falls through you still got me
Yout true bitch nigga down to hustle
From plan B

[Mia X]
Like that nigga

[Master P]
Like that nigga

[Mia X]
But only if you bout it
Master P: Only if you bout it

[Mia X]
I can be your mistress
You can keep your wifey
I understand
I'm all good with this back-up plan

03:51 176 4,50 0.10
Weed & Money Lyrics 04:05 208 6,05 0.10
Captain Kirk Lyrics
Intro: [Master P]

Are you ready to boldly go,
where no family has gone before?
The Ghetto Enterprise has landed.
Captain Kirk has arrived, I repeat,
Captain Kirk, has arrived.
Women, if you're lucky, Captain Kirk will save you,
and beam your loved ones to the fortune and fame you
are lookin' for. I mean the next generation, ya' heard me?
Are you ready? [Yes I Am!!!!]

1st Verse: [Master P -- Fiend]
Master P:
Somebody musta' told these hoes I was a muthafuckin' rapper,
but will they jus' tell them hoes that I was a muthafuckin'
All the bitches I done broke fo' they bank,
I got so many cocktales I need a muthafuckin' fish tank.
I got hoes like acorns fallin' outta trees,
No Limit niggas don't say hoes,
ain't no caps that be floatin' in the breeze...

Now, Now, Now P, all the time, I done put in work
I ain't know, I was livin' next door to Captain Kirk.
Captain Smirk on his face, lookin' like drug swappin',
come to find out, some bitch holdin' his money down hostage.
Got keys to his cottage, done changed the law and the act,
and all he get to do, is eat that funky hoe from the back.
On top of that,
the bitch fat!!!
Makin' a career off this nigga,
and all his homies gone, because they can't get it clear to this nigga,
go figga,
all she wanted was that man to change,
but if it was me, I done been done slapped that bitch in the brains.

Captain Kirk, can you save me?
Captain Kirk, I wanna have yo' baby.
Captain Kirk, can you save me?
Captain Kirk, I wanna have yo' baby.
Captain Kirk, can you save me?
Captain Kirk, I wanna have yo' baby.
Captain Kirk, can you save me?
Mr. Captain Kirk, I wanna have yo baby.

Verse Two: [Silkk The Shocker]
See I met this bad ass trick,
I mean this bad ass bitch.
Tellin' her friends about month go by see I'ma be like buying her shit.
I bought her lunch the first time,
but see there trick that's nuthin' but game,
I hit it one time and they be callin' back,
talkin' bout' "Silkk, why you do all that playin'?".
And she had the nerve to tell me,
if I ain't a fuckin' trick I'm worthless,
I told her Bitch if you ain't suckin' dick,
then none of yo' clit defeats the purpose.
Figured she had game, tryin' to fuck a young balla nigga like my mind,
I figured lookin' at me she see nothin' but dollar signs.
Simply, a bitch might give you some weed,
a bitch might give you a buck,
man, but since you my boy you
better use a condom, before you try to fuck.
Take the game from this show bug,
cuz Silkk ain't no love.
I give'em a little somethin', but at the end I
take'em back and get the most love.
And ain't no beam'em up Scotty,
ain't no savin' hoes that ain't puttin' in no work.
It all depends on TRU niggas like us, no Captain Kirk (Bitch freeze),
all you ghetto hoes get yo' Lee Press-On Nails, fix yo' wig,
bring yo' Bebe kids cuz the Ghetto Enterprise is leavin' in
approximately five minutes.


Verse Three: [Mystikal]
my mama done got me bent.
What the fuck you mean, where I was?, who I was with?,
and where the fuck I went?
Bitch you be beside yoself, you probably WOULD,
if I left ya', but I ain't gon put you on no pedestal, jus cuz
you quick with that pleasure.
You smokin' my weed ridin' my ride,
I can't seem to satisfy you,
bitch she trippin' bout' the BILLS!!!
They really ain't paid, but you gotta hand it,
this bitch gotta be stopped!!!, Hope man done got it made
and ride my pockets to the top. But oh no, you
bitch, you ain't responsible, for what a nigga man
do give a fuck bout' what a nigga bout' to do,
give a fuck bout' what you and another nigga been through.
Get the fuck out my face, ya' fear too, stop runnin'
behind my G dues, can't wait to see that nigga that got
trampled like that cuz that ass whoopin' been due.
It's thinkin' like that, that make it hard,
for me and the rest of my niggas.
Mean these tramps they it like weed,
Lettin' dem' hoes sit on they ass, and come up off yo' hard work,
This Mystikal, Master P, Fiend and Silkk,
NOT NO CAPTAIN KIRK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Captain Kirk, you know I have six kids,
even though they ain't from you,
baby my kids love you.
Kirk baby, you know we need a... brand new color TV,
I know you pay the rent.
Even though I ain't gave you none in the last year,
baby we need a brand new car boo,
six hundred, S-E-L, Mercedes four door V-12.
Oh I took that extra checkbook,
I need my... hair, nails, toes did,
I want a brand new house,
a five karat diamond ring for my birthday, and
don't forget to pick up some pampers and milk.
Also I chose pickles, and Ice Cream.
I think I'm pregnant, smile Kirk, your finally
gonna be a father, oh yeah, and don't forget to
pick up your cape out the cleaners.

[Master P]
Mr. Kirk's enterprise will be beaming up out of
the ghetto in five seconds,

[Sound of airplane or some other aircraft taking off
and flying away]
05:05 176 6,23 0.10
Stop Hatin Lyrics
Look at all these haters surrounding me every day
hatin on a baller but they can't stop my pay
stop all the hatin I can't take it no more
Im just tryin to get mine you best get yours so what you hatin for

Verse 1: Master P

Pop the lock on the benz with the keys
To high to see his own enemies
his baby mama with him in a short skirt
his last ride was in a car, i mean a black hearse
his friend took his life for the mighty dollar
then ran through the alley must have been a coward
No more hit 'em up like in the old days
homies scrab with Mack 10s and AKs
that's why I roll by myself I mean I'm a loner
cause haters be all up on me
tryin to sniff you out for your cheddar and your cheese
and the same niggas wanna blow on your weed
set you up for a caper
dont wanna see you make no money then take ya
gotta figure out how to get what you got
cause haters be the same niggas on the spot


Verse 2: Master P

How do hatin get started?
It started by the jealous people
and they get mad over the things you have
and the things they'll never have
Tell me if you hustle it really aint hard to get
You can get yours I got mine so stay out my mix
I heard you spreading rumors
Im really not impressed
I tell you only one time
with my scrilla fool dont mess

Verse 3: Fiend

I only get with a few cause these bitch made niggas is actors
see I dont had to many gun-ins, run-ins with these ass backwards
I'm strapped like P
or C
they ask for me
capture me
but im going out with a blast
I put that on some cash
I'm standing last
for some ass
yall young crazed punks are trippin
dont hate me nigga just go ahead and credit my ??
I'm admitting
that I'm not only on the thwat
but I know i got stopped
on tha ??
and its understood that I'm not
one of the best niggas that ever lived
but I got some advice to give
and that is


Verse 4: Silkk

I wonder why they hatin for? Probably cause we got G's,
mad cause we makin moves, cause we got keys
But really I cant fade them
Cause truly you need haters up on you to know you'se a motherfuckin playa
I know yall gonna kill me in a matter of lies
I got friend that will turn to enemies in a matter of time
I know most of my niggas can feel me
when I say TRU niggas will never try to kill me
But keep my eyes up on my enemies I gotta watch my friends
like when I'm sittin on top or ridin in a benz
Why dont yall go out yall's ass up and get something
dont worry about how i got mines
always tryin to point a finger and say thats not mine.
and kill me
it kills me
its digusting cause I got a few G's
they try to rob me
but they know they wont touch me
smile in your face and talk shit behind your back
but I just cant call it or catch
but i still got G's and Im still ballin

Chorus till fade

(Master P)
wassup Big Brandon and Big Timer
Wassup Underwood California we cant lose
wassup to all my boys in Richmond
all my boys in the Caliope
all my boys locked down in jail
this Master P No Limit Records
(Wassup Big Boz)
(Wassup Mean Green)
We Cant Be Stopped
I mean you player haters cant stop real TRU playas
even though you still hate you cant stop playas
(Beats by the Pound)
Wassup to all the players out there in New Orleansas
(Wassup to my little brother Silkk)
Texas (C Murder)
Atlanta (Wassup Fiend)
Chicago (Wassup Mystikal fool know you bout to drop real soon)
Cleveland, Kentucky, Alabama
(Wassup to Big Mama Mia X)
all them playas out there
California (Mr. Serv On)
East Coast (Sonya C)
Mid West, Down South
and anybody I forgot if you a real playa you'll understand
(Wassup Foxy Brown)
Yeah we did that Party don't stop
ah ha
Playas lookin up baby
05:04 208 7,31 0.10
Eyes On Your Enemies Lyrics 03:30 208 5,02 0.10
Make 'Em Say Ugh Lyrics 05:06 192 6,46 0.10
Going Through Somethangs Lyrics 04:42 208 6,59 0.10
Only Time Will Tell Lyrics
[Master P]

(Only time will tell nigga
when we die go to heaven or hell nigga)(4X)

When i die nigga don't wanna go to hell though
I been out here hustling trying to get dough
Got da game in my vein won't change
little homies on the street know my name
its the M-A-S to tha R-P
A young nigga tryin live in these ghetto streets
would I die, would I roll, would i retire young,
would a nigga get paid be the out come
its strictly for the G's so a nigga ball
thankin mama goddamn don't let your baby fall
i'm out here tryin to make me a little change
stuck in this muthafuckin dope game
would i lose tryin to keep my fuckin shoes
would a young nigga see P on the news
I done seen rappers get their fuckin cap peeled
say its mafia damn what a bad deal
so the game get hectic so i wanna cheat
grab my gat kill off my enemies
I'd do fair time nigga but fuck that
I'd rather sleep, split a wig with my crome gat
cuz I ain't goin less I take two niggas wit me
niggas want P they better come and get me
I ain't hard to find it ain't a rhyme
its gonna either be your soul or mine

(Only time will tell nigga
when we die go to heaven or hell nigga)(4X)

Niggas Die to make covers of magazines
I'd rather be unknown then dead and famous with green
The black hearse roll through da ghetto streets
I made the sign of da cross, glad it ain't me
Not fearing death, just not ready yet
two stones to my brother, may his soul rest
retaliation is a must fool (huh)
some niggas don't play by no fucking rules
in this game get so deep so we gotta ride
Mama don't trip, don't even cry
when its my time to go then I gotta leave
but while I'm here I'm gonna drink henicy and smoke weed
is there a heaven for a gansta niggas callin
trying figure out if they up there ballin
My young niggas getting paid left da earth
goddamn six feet now he's in da dirt
church bells rangin hoes sangin
my nigga's up there for gang bangin
slangin dope, pushin cocalies
got me stressin down on my knees
its a risky life wit a fast pace
but where soliders go when they get took away

(Only time will tell nigga
when we die go to heaven or hell nigga)(4X)

[Sons of Funk]

I seen angels crying so many soldiers dying
Tell me when will it end will I get to heaven
will I see my friends or will i go to hell
only time will tell


Head first in this world with my eyes impeel
unaware that these niggaz on tha streets is real
will i survive or will the cold streets shake me
will them niggas break me before the lord take me out
this son of a bitch I never want it never asked to come
trapped in a double face not a place to run
get the gun and buck it let'em know I ain't the one to fuck wit
I stuck with this rough shit
screaming tell god to make space them niggas killed my ace
and now they tryin make waste of my face
but I'm strapped up and only fifteen full of hatred
i couldn't be the next rapper faced with waste
cemetary gates all black suits and limos
family tears and flowers no more shows and videos
after parties hoes come to a cease
young thug caught one slug rest in peace

(Only time will tell nigga
when we die go to heaven or hell nigga)
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After Dollars, No Cents Lyrics 03:35 144 3,65 0.10
Gangstas Need Love Lyrics
-Master P- (talking)

Yo, Boo, uh, I know I ain't never told you this before but, uh, I was just
trying to get my hustle on. But you know what? I just need you to be there for
me, cuz, uh, gangstas need love too.


Since you've been away I've been down and lonely
Since you've been away I've been thinkng of you
Trying to understand, the reason you left me
What were you going thru?
I'm missing you (gangstas need love too)
Tell me where the road turns (echoed)

Verse 1 - Master P -

Uhhhh, I got you livin' in mansions
Jumpin' out of Benzes (honk, honk)
DKNY clothes but get fake president's Rolex watches
You used to wear Swatches
Done took you out the ghetto, now your name is Miss Versace
Alligator Purses, M?et with your Reeses, Hershey
Miss Rev-e-lon when yo' lips an' hair an' toes on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Even though I'm livin' wrong, tryin' to get my hustle on
I want you in your birthday suit when I make it home
So I can Uhhhh then squeeze ya', tease ya'
You wanna rub me? let the Ice Cream Man please you
I ain't got no nine to five
Hustle just to stay alive
Keep you on your game
Give you a pistol with your cute .45
Heiffers decieve ya, cuz they wanna be ya
Tell you I'm a thug and they can't wait till I leave ya'
So think about what I say and fuck what them hoes say

Chorus -Lawand and Mercedes-

I'm missin' you
Tell me where the road turns (echoed)

-Verse 2 - Master P-

You was a high school queen
Met me sellin' ice cream on the corner went double-up servin' Fiend
Even though I'm a thug, ya love me
If sex was a game, we'd a play rugby
I got you flyin' first classes on planes
Jumpin' offa' trains
Takin' cruises on boats, sippin' champagne
Rollin' out the red carpet when they see ya $10,000 mink coat
That's why them hoes wanna be ya, but they can't
Taking trips in Land Cruisers
Droppin' off cash to the bank
But they don't know what you done see
The shit i done put you thru
??? you done take for ya' boo
The FED's harass you
The lies you dont told for me
And when i went to jail you found a way to visit me
Runnin' up ya phone bill
Sometimes the kids didn't even have a decent meal
It ain't no limit to this ghetto love
Even though i mighta' slangin' drugs
You still showed me love
That's why I'm here for ya', Boo
But just remember (uuuhh) that gangstas need love too


Verse 3 - The Shocker

I got a ??? and i wonder why and i wonder what she in me
And man I can't lie
Cuz i'll be hustlin' , hangin' wit my homies all night ch'all
I'll be hustlin' from the morning to the night fall, aight ch'all?
It's kinda hard tryin' to stay clean
Tyrin' to chase dreams
Tryin' to make it happen
But this rappin' ain't what it seems
Know what i mean?
Now thru thick things ya' stood beside me
When I was on the run, you help me on the real
Tryin' to make a mil but on the real
That's tight but a little money can't buy me
I need someone who could be trusted
Take this hundred g's in case a nigga like me get busted
Ya' blame it on my mom's lifestyle
My thuggish-ruggish friends
Ya' keep tellin' me
My fine lifestyle gonna havta come to an end
Ya' gotta' realize I ain't tryin' to be no broke fart
I'm takin' the chances now
Cuz it's gonna be hard for our future sons and daughters
I'm tryin' to take trips to Reno
Cash chips like casinos
Live life as a high roller
Silkk the Shocker make moves like Valentino
I only got one chance, so I got to take it
If you could just be patient
Down for the silent 20 just for waitin'
Yo' mom think I'm a thug
She still don't like me
Ya' friends think I'm a ghetto thug
But this is ghetto love that they can't see, G
I know when it rains it pours, one day i gotta stop
And when I do ima be sittin' on top
And gonna be sippin' champagne on yachts
Cars and tennis bracelets just a thang (meanwhile)
I'll be home tonight
So keep it tight for this gangsta
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Pass Me Da Green Lyrics
This is a ghetto public announcement (weed smokers)
Roll your blunts tight
And light your joints
Inhale...slowly exhale
And that's how you get high.
(clip from Friday)
I know you don't smoke weed... I know this
But I'm gonna get you high today
Cause it's Friday, you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do
Pass me da green, I need some weed with my Hennessy {*repeat 8X*}
(Inhale....exhale) Eyes selling red, got my dank from the Bahamas
Went to see my girl smoke some green with her mama
Jumped in my Cutlass on the way to the liquor store
Picked up some blunts, got ten on the 2-0
Fix these palm trees wit some green leaves
Got a nigga's head spinning like the seven seas
Puff, puff, pass, nigga that's what Simon say
Fools that hog the green or da weed gonna get carried away
Fingernails burnt, lookin like a tweeker
Ears steadily poppin, but not from the speakers
Green got me hungry, fiendin for them munchies
cause real smokers don't blow no fuckin green on empty stomachs
Pass me da green, I need some weed with my Hennessy {*repeat 4X*}
Green trees pack wood, make cabbage
I like to get high but it ain't a bad habit
Speed up with that weed smoke comin out my 'llac
Got a hottie in the front and one in the back
Blowin shotguns to me and my homie
I feel like this weed make a young nigga horny
I stopped the fuckin lac at Holiday Inn
I ain't even trippin, told the girls to come in
Laid her down steady cause she know I'm ready
Choppin up weed like motherfuckin spaghetti
Hoes down south must know voodoo
cause every time I hit the weed I'm lookin for Isuzus
Pass me da green, I need some weed with my Hennessy {*repeat 5X*}
Y'all high yet?
Pass me da green, I need some weed with my Hennessy {*repeat 3X*}
Damn nigga y'all chokin, get the fuck out of here nigga
Pass me da green I need some weed with my Hennessy
Nigga I said are y'all high yet?
Pass me da green I need some weed with my Hennessy {*repeat 3X*}
Oh, you think you trippin now huh?
You thinkin you hearing voices nigga?
Well, if you is then you high nigga, but if you ain't
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