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Front Line Assembly

Fallout, Front Line Assembly Fallout 2007, Album
Epitaph, Front Line Assembly Epitaph 2001, Album
Tactical Neural Implant, Front Line Assembly Tactical Neural Implant 1992, Album
No Limit (Single), Front Line Assembly No Limit (Single) 1989, Single/EP
Mindphaser (Maxi), Front Line Assembly Mindphaser (Maxi) 1992, Single/EP
Comatose (Single), Front Line Assembly Comatose (Single) 1998, Single/EP
Plasticity (Single), Front Line Assembly Plasticity (Single) 1996, Single/EP
Improved Electronic Device, Front Line Assembly Improved Electronic Device 2010, Album
FLAvour of the Weak, Front Line Assembly FLAvour Of The Weak 1998, Album
Shifting Through The Lens (ep), Front Line Assembly Shifting Through The Lens (ep) 2010, Single/EP
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Gashed Senses & Crossfire, Front Line Assembly
Gashed Senses & Crossfire
Release type: Album
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No Limit Lyrics
"Back against the wall, now!"

"Well, I don't need to stand for any of this shit!"

Cancel the time
Stop the disturbance,
Turn out the lights,
I don't want to see
Shut down the mind
End all its functions
Destroy all the rules
Block all emotions

Stop interference,
Just be cold
Leave me alone -
I don't want it
Find someone else, to be your slave
It's too late

"Well, I don't need to stand for any of this shit"

"Hands against the wall now!"

The damage is done [x9]

Throw out your thoughts
Start again
Malicious redemption - the options are few
Blow up the world
And start again
Move through the night with caution
The damage is done

The damage is done [x9]
04:56 272 9,37 0.10
Antisocial Lyrics
Get up, do what you want
Before, before its too late
Don't, don't worry yourself
Of others I don't think

Kick down the door
To hell for more
Severe injections - a lethal dose
Kick down the door
To hell with poverty
Clench your fist and shout at them all

Its just a lost cause
Clenched, clenched fisted shout
We're souls, souls in ignorance

Break, break all the windows
Shout deliverance
Break all the doors
?innocent? victim
Do what you want

Clench your fists
Clench your fists
Clench your fists
04:33 256 8,25 0.10
Hypocrisy Lyrics
Inside illusions
A breath of air
A shadow falls
But noone is there
A great big sound
No word is spoken
Discount contempt
Until the end

Until the end

Reflecting glimpses
The tension's there
Unspoken words
They fill the air
Subliminal flashes
Advanced warnings
They need time to reflect
False information

The conspiracy lingers
No death threat is there
Denial retractions
But who really cares
Subliminal flashes
Advance warnings
They need time to reflect
False information
A state of siege
The final turmoil
Address the nation
With a platform of lies
Address the nation
03:50 272 7,26 0.10
Shutdown Lyrics
"Red three six, this is red three six Charlie, over This is read three six,
over Roger, we are taking automatic weapons fire from our right flank "

"Dear God, what is it you will have me do?"

He watches them
They don't look back
He was chosen
But he's getting old
No one understands him,
He wants to be noticed
Too late for regrets
It's too late for regrets

Nervous hands,
A trembling heart,
Evil eyes,
Bloodstained hands
Lost again, inside
Wait til you catch me,
But then it's too late

He just watches them
They don't look back
He was chosen
But he's getting old

He was chosen
But now he's getting old
He watches them
They don't look back
He was chosen
But he's getting old
05:28 256 9,65 0.10
Prayer Lyrics
"What do you believe?"

" some kind of sacrifice"

"You haven't got a prayer!"


"Please, right now sir?"

"Sing "
03:36 256 6,48 0.10
Digital Tension Dementia Lyrics
You can't say yes, you can't say no
You're living in a fascist world
Violence is your point of view,
It always makes the best of you

Freedom is a luxury
Of self induced hostility,
My back is up against the wall,
And everywhere dead men fall
Efficiency - redundant fear but don't you see?
The power games that they play,
The methods which they put in your way

"The charges aren't justified"

Violence is your point of view
It always gets the best of you

Redundant fear but don't you see? - Efficiency

You don't get time to look around
You keep your face to the ground

You can't say yes, you can't say no
You're living in a fascist world
04:47 288 9,52 0.10
Big Money Lyrics
this might just be a waste of time
but there's no one i'd rather waste my time with than all of my best friends
so start the car up, we'll all take turns but not for the worst
we're all "hasbeens" and "never-were's"
and we're all in the back singing "Roxanne" just watching life pass us by
pass us by
as if we cared, enough to try and catch up
enough to make up for lost time
we've been down, we've been out, we've been hanging 'round
tip our glasses to having no direction
start the van, get me out of this one horse town, waste this night
04:15 272 8,14 0.10
Bloodsport Lyrics
The time has come to make a stand
No compromise in sight
No more words it's time to act
The battle has begun
The battle has begun

I can't hold back the rage no more
My brain is on fire
No more words and no more lies
Take what you desire
Take what you desire

For long enough you've cheated yourself
And now it's time to act
More power to society will only drag you down
Just stand up for yourself
With both feet on the ground

Believe in what you try to do
Don't let them bring you down,
More power to society will only drag you down
05:58 256 10,72 0.10
Foolsgame Lyrics 03:38 256 6,45 0.10
Sedation Lyrics
Sweet, sweet sensation,
Across my back
I will be following you,
No retreat
Turning back now

At night time
Just to cross the trails
Flood control
On that wall
Sealed between cracks

Hide, hide the violence
He returns the gun
Retreat within yourself
Retreat within yourself
Switch the station
Across my back
And we turn them back


He is coming back
Hiding with no one else
No chance to acquire
Retreat within yourself
03:59 272 7,48 0.10